I Imagine You There

By Lara E. Taylor <Chyronguru@aol.com>

Rated G

Submitted March 11, 1998

Summary: A poem sprung from Lois's heart while Clark was on New Krypton.


There are no stars tonight, Only flashes of lightning and Thunder which sounds like Cannons being shot in the night, And I picture you up there On a planet I cannot see, Fighting a war I cannot fight.

There is no moon tonight, So I pray my love will guide you And that it will bring You back to me before I rest, And I imagine you there Saving a world I'll never know, Living beyond both of our dreams.

There is no wind tonight, Only moments of forevers That may never come Like the stillness inside my heart, And I think of you up there Rising above our earthly dreams, Forsaking love for destiny.

There is no rain tonight, Because tears are lost on hopeless Fears that try to hide The better part of who we are, And I know that you're up there Missing me like I'm missing you, Loving me like dreams do come true.