The Kents

By Samantha Junieth <>

Rated G

Submitted August 1998

Summary: A day in the life of the growing Kent family, set in the 7th or 8th season.

My story takes place in what would be the 7th or 8th season. All the characters do not belong to me I am simply borrowing them from DC comics and Warner Brothers.

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On 348 Hyperion Drive, a little boy at the age of 3 ran down the stairs. "Daddy! Daddy!" Boom! He tripped and fell to the ground.

Clark went over there at superspeed and picked up the screaming child. He had a little cut on his forehead but nothing extreme. Lois came walking slowly down the stairs to see if her son is all right.

Clark, knowing what she was thinking, said to her, "He's fine."

The little boy stopped crying and looked up at his father. "Daddy, when is the baby coming?"

Clark looked at his son then at Lois. "In a month or so."

Lois picked up her son from her husband. "C.J., are you all right?"

"Yes, mommy."

Lois put C.J. down and walked into the kitchen. Ten minutes later, Clark came in the room holding C. J. It amazed Lois how much he looked like his father. She couldn't believe that her and Clark made such a perfect and beautiful being. And another on the way.

Clark put C.J. down and served him cereal. Finally, Clark kissed Lois softly on the lips and sat down himself to eat.

"Clark, what time is that interview with Professor Harold?"

Clark replied, "at 1:30. Why?"

"Because we have a doctor's appointment at 1:00 to see if the baby is doing well."

"O. k. I'll call Jimmy and ask him if he can cancel the interview."

"O. k."

C. J. got up out of his seat and ran upstairs. Five minutes later he came down dressed in a pair of jeans, a Bills jersey, Bills cap, and tennis shoes carrying a football. "Daddy! Daddy! Can we play some football?"

Clark looked at Lois knowing that C. J. wasn't supposed to play ball in the house. But to his surprise, she nodded a yes. Clark kissed her forehead to saying thanks and then kissed her abdomen.

Lois stood up watching the two men in her life play football. C. J. made a pass to Clark and Clark tried to run to make a touchdown. C. J. jumped on his father. And Clark fell playfully showing C. J. that he was tackled. C. J. was laughing hysterically and so was Clark which made Lois laugh. Lois asked herself what did she do in life to deseve this. Such a wonderful life.

Three weeks later, Andrew Benjamin Kent was born weighing in 7 lbs. 5 oz. Everthing in the Kents like was perfect. Lois and Clark were a family and the love they cherish for one another is going to last forever.