Red, Wanda, Lois and Clark

By Jenny Andrasko <>

Rated: G

Submitted March 5, 1998

Summary: A story that describes what might have happened had Red decided to go the hospital after Wanda, and found Clark there!


When Red heard that they found Wanda, he rushed down to Metropolis General. Actually he had seen what happened outside the club and was called in to be questioned on what happened. As he got there, Superman was just arriving.

"Wanda? Is that Wanda Detroit?"

Superman ignored him. He headed for the ER.

"This woman is hurt. She was hit on the head by a falling rock and she was hit by a car and fell and hit her head on a fire hydrant."


"Just trust me on this! She was kidnapped."

"And her name?"

"Lois Lane."

"Oh! Wasn't she on the front page of the Daily Planet?"

"Always," he whispered and took off to save someone.


"Wanda!!" cried Red from a distance down the hall.

"And who are you?" the nurse asked .

"I'm her boyfriend."

"Of whom?"

"Wanda Detroit."


"The woman Superman just brought in."

"Sir, have you been drinking lately?"


"You sure smell like it. Go have a seat or leave."

"You have to understand, there is this crazy man after her. His name is Clark. He's dangerous."

"Sir, please don't cause any trouble."

"But she's my girlfriend."

"Sir, do you want her to live?"

"Yes! Of course!"

"SIT DOWN! And let us do our job."


Later that day.

Clark had just arrived. He had seen Lois. He was currently talking to her doctor. He was relieved to find out she would be okay. Deep in his heart he knew something was wrong. It turned out she had amnesia.

"God, she doesn't remember me."

As he stood by her beside as she slept. What if she never comes out? *I need her to survive.*

Just as he was thinking, Jimmy and Perry walked in. Clark started crying right before they came.

"I need her Perry, I'm lost without her."

"We all are … we all are, son," confided Perry.


Downstairs Red Dixon was arguing with the person at the admissions desk.

"I need to see Wanda Detroit! There is this psycho guy after her! It's life or death!"

"I'm sorry sir there is no Wanda Detroit in the register. Are you sure you have the right name?"

As he turned around he saw Clark, the creep that hounded Wanda. Fortunately Clark was accompanied by Jimmy and Perry. Red's attention was on Clark. He ran over and grabbed Clark by the collar of his shirt and tried to pick a fight with him.

"Where's Wanda?!" yelled Red.

"Who?" replied Perry.

"You know who! What did you to her?" steamed Red.

"Look son, you have got the wrong impression. Her name is not Wanda, it's Lois," corrected Perry.

"What??" Red said in amazement.

"She has amnesia. That's why she can't remember anything, of her real life, that is," said Jimmy.

"You're lying! She hates you, Clark! She told me so herself!" said Red.

"Look son, I don't know what you have up your sleeve, but it's insane!" Perry added.

"Clark, you know what you did to her!"

"What?!" he asked.

"You left her in a car with a trunk of cash and thirty state troopers on her tail. You rob gas stations, remember?" explained Red.

"No! Lois is living like the character in her secret novel," remembered Jimmy.

"Yeah, right! What kind of stunt is that?" Red said as he took his eyes off Clark and on to Jimmy.

"You see a couple years ago, before Lois dated CK … er … Clark, she wrote this novel on her computer at work about him … and her too," informed Jimmy.

"LOOK! Lois is my wife! Well supposed to be anyway … "

"And who are you to say that?"

"I'm Clark Kent, a reporter and her partner at the Daily Planet."

"I don't believe you ! And who are you two?"

"Perry White, Editor in Chief of the Daily Planet."

"Jimmy Olsen, I'm Lois and Clark's assistant."

"Then Wanda is supposed to be who?"

"LOIS LANE OF THE DAILY PLANET!" they all said in unison.

"I have no idea what you are up to but stay away from our Lois," said Perry.

"Well, she told me she was Wanda Detroit." Red then went into detail into all she had told him about her life. "Why wouldn't she remember you?"

"She has amnesia!! That's why! Look, she was kidnapped by her ex-fiance, Lex Luthor. He had a clone made of her right before our wedding, on February 11. He switched them minutes before, leaving me to marry the clone and taking Lois out of the country. Now you'd understand me when I say I would never do anything to hurt her. She is my best friend," Clark said, pouring his heart out.

"Ohhh … I'm so sorry," pitied Red.

"She is part of me. I couldn't stand to lose her again. I can't live without her," cried Clark literally.

"Come on, son. Let's go upstairs and check on her," guided Perry as Jimmy followed, leaving Red in the lobby, thinking about what he had just done.

*That Clark Kent is one lucky guy* he thought as he left. Wanda didn't need him anymore.