TAG! You're It!!

By GG Cain

Rated PG

Submitted February 1, 1998

Summary: You never know what Lois will suggest when she's bored!


Clark and Lois were sitting on their love-seat and they were both bored out of their minds. They'd been sitting like that for about 20 minutes, when Lois jumped up.

"You know what Clark?" she asked.

"What, Lois?" he answered.

"This is really boring — in case you hadn't noticed — you wanna play a game?" she asked, looking hopeful at him.

"Um … okay, what kinda game?" he asked cautiously — he never really knew what his sexy wife had planned — until it was usually too late.

"Oh, Ida know … how bout Tag??" she suggested.

"Tag? Okay … sure why not?? Who's "IT" first?" he answered.

"How bout me?? I like the idea of chasing you around the apartment," she grinned and leaned in to tag him.

"Okay with me!!" he agreed … getting up from the couch. He knew she was gonna tag him if he didn't watch out — -so, he started running away from her.

As he started running, she started chasing him around and laughing as he'd go running in one direction and then abruptly go the other way.

Finally, she managed to corner him and then she tagged him. Immediately, she realized the error of her ways because, he caught up with her and instead of tagging her, like the rules said he was supposed to do, he kissed her instead.

Well, needless to say, after she kissed him back, they both forgot about their game of Tag.