Let's Have a Super Halloween

By anonymous5658

Rated G

Submitted November 1998

Summary: Lois and Clark take their four-year-old son shopping for Halloween costumes.

This was written in about 5 minutes and it's my first completed fanfic. It has no A-plot, or any other kind of plot for that matter, it's just a cute story that popped into my head. Comments or suggestions are of course, quite welcome!


Lois Lane-Kent was awakened by her son jumping up and down on the end of the bed.

"Mommy, isn't it time yet for us to go get me a Hawwoween costume?"

Lois still had to hide a laugh every time she heard Lane say "Hawwoween". It was just the cutest thing!

"Well, it's only 5:30 in the morning, not quite time for you to even be awake!"

"Pwease, Mommy?"

"Don't give me those sad eyes. Where's your dad?"

"Downstairs fixin' bweakfast. He said to come see if you were awake, and now you are so, come on, let's go!"

Lois threw on some clothes, thanking the stars that today was her day off and it didn't matter how she looked, and headed downstairs.

She and Clark had stayed up late last night pondering a question that had been plaguing them since before Lane was born. How do you tell your child that their daddy is Superman? And when do you tell them when you figure out how? A decision had been made. They'd wait at least until Lane was 11, before he might develop powers of his own. That gave them a good 7 years to figure out a way to tell him.

The smell of pancakes and sausage led her to the kitchen where she saw her husband fixing breakfast. She never got over how much she loved him. Or how seeing him doing little domestic things like this always gave her a thrill. The flying and the super powers were great, but they were nothing compared to the wonderful man he was.

"Hey honey," Clark said with a grin, "You're up early."

"Well, it's not by choice; the munchkin wants a 'Hawwoween' costume."

"I know, let's eat and see if we can get him one."

A few hours later, the Kents were standing in a aisle full of urgent parents trying to help their little ones decide what to wear for Halloween.

"Lane, how about this, you could be a jack-o-lantern."

"No, Mom, I was a jack-o-lantern last year."

"Well, how about this, this is a really neat looking ghost."

"No, Dad, that's Casper! I don't wanna be that."

The Kents continued to look through the disarrayed costumes, trying to find the perfect one for their little boy when all of a sudden they heard Lane yell, "Mommy, Daddy, here's what I want to be! I can't believe they have one left!"

"What is it honey?" Lois said and just then she saw what her son was holding. A Superman costume, complete with red cape and boots.

Lois looked at Clark and they exchanged a look that only they could understand. Their little boy had just taken the first step in following his heritage.