Goodnight Lois, Goodnight Clark


Summary: A poem in which the author says "goodnight" to all things "Lois & Clark" (because "goodbye" is too hard).

I wrote this after the series finale, I couldn't bring myself to say "good-bye" so I looked around and said "goodnight" to everything claiming an "S".


Goodnight stars, goodnight moon,
Goodnight hours that end too soon.

Goodnight pictures on my wall,
Goodnight kites and cards and all.

Goodnight playsets, punching bag,
Goodnight shirts, worn to a rag.

Goodnight plates, cup and bowl,
Goodnight tapes, episodes full.

Goodnight Hallmark telephone booth,
Goodnight romance, not so smooth.

Goodnight picture on AOL won,
Goodnight Krypton's surviving son.

Goodnight hat and socks and ring,
Goodnight jewelry, everything.

Goodnight Tempus, Church, others,
Goodnight pin-ups, mag covers.

Goodnight Alt-Clark, find your Lois,
Goodnight masquerading Clois.

Goodnight theme song, never weary,
Goodnight friend, editor, Perry.

Goodnight Alice, glad you're together,
Goodnight lightning rods in stormy weather.

Goodnight Jimmy, goodnight Ned,
Goodnight blanket on my bed.

Goodnight promos, shattered dreams,
Goodnight Lois' "help me" screams.

Goodnight WHAM's and goodnight WAFF's,
Goodnight VCR, power now off.

Goodnight dancing, floating toes,
Goodnight ABC and Warner Bro's.

Goodnight mishaps and champagne cork,
Goodnight chocolate covered fork.

Goodnight Jonathan, I love your son,
Goodnight Martha, Grandma's begun.

Goodnight "Tornado," quirks and ways,
Goodnight marriage, 8 months, 8 days.

Goodnight Kerth, Pulitzer and such,
Goodnight Scardino, you weren't much.

Goodnight stickers, goodnight books,
Goodnight poker and pre-view looks.

Goodnight voices that I'll miss,
Goodnight Mayson, you ruined *the* kiss.

Goodnight Ellen, goodnight Sam,
Goodnight bliss that just began.

Goodnight pillow and mouse pad,
Goodnight kids, yet to be had.

Goodnight Metropolis, goodnight Smallville,
Goodnight frequently used window sill.

Goodnight Jaxon, Leslie and Lex,
Goodnight muscles and gorgeous flex.

Goodnight Kryptonite, green and red,
Goodnight quotes, millions said.

Goodnight bubble bath and tattoos,
Goodnight decision I wouldn't choose.

Goodnight lessons that we were taught,
Goodnight Dean, lookin' oh-so-hot.

Goodnight Teri, and the baby on board,
Goodnight Superman, how high you soared.

Goodnight proposal in the park,
Goodnight Lois, goodnight Clark.