Grocery List

By Mary Potts <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: December, 2005

Summary: A grocery list??? Seriously??? Well, yeah, kind of.


Clark, please pick these things up while you're at the store

—Lois (xoxox)

1. Chocolate.

2. Milk—Low fat. Whatever you do, don't get whole milk. Not *all* of us have your ability to eat whatever and not gain an ounce, Buster! And don't get soy milk either—that stuff is awful! I don't care what they say about it being better for you. What kind of lunatic thinks of getting milk from beans, anyway?!

3. Eggs—Yes, I know we bought a dozen just yesterday. I—uh —had a little accident while I was getting something out of the fridge.

4. Butter.

5. Sugar.

6. Chocolate.

7. Flour—I know what you're thinking!! Just trust me, okay? I found a recipe that is absolutely *foolproof*, so stop laughing!

8. 1 lb pecans.

9. 3 tbs Molasses.

10. Coffee.

11. Chocolate.

12. Cereal.

That should be about it. You may have noticed I didn't add "pads"; this wasn't a mistake. We can talk about it when you get home. Surprise! ;-)