The Good Kind of Argument

By Renee Charles

Summary: Lois and Clark have a marital spat.



Clark Kent landed on top of Lois Lane the moment she screamed. She had awakened him, rather rudely, from a very, very nice dream. It involved the two of them and… He focused his mind on the present. "Oops," he said, blushing, fumbling in the dark to get off of her.

She kicked, not very amused. "Get off of me, please!," she said, angrily. He was too happy to oblige, Lois thought. *Got up rather fast, Clarkie boy…*

Actually, he wanted nothing else but to stay there, but he wasn't going to push it. Clark stood up and glared at her. "What's your problem, darn it! I miss you!," Clark screamed, hands flying to his sides.

*Ooh, he looks cute*, Lois thought. *Shut up*. The louder voice had won again. She felt her face grow hot with anger. "Oh. Oh. Are you trying to say that I don't miss you?" She glared at him, daring him to argue.

He laughed, bitterly. Maybe slightly amused, but a cold laugh nonetheless. "Yeah! That's exactly what I'm saying. I miss you and you don't miss me." Clark crossed his arms, looking at her smugly. A face that said 'Ha ha, I'm right and you're wrong.'

"That is so not true. You've got to be blind to think that I don't miss you." She rose from the bed, hands on her hips. "You really think it's a one sided thing, Kent. Well, you're wrong."

He looked at her, arching an eyebrow. "Am I?"

"Yeah," she said, looking at him with contempt.

"Oh yeah?" Clark taunted, wanting to know what she would say next. His heart raced, tripping excitedly. She wanted him. He knew it, she knew it. He wanted her. She knew that too.

"Yeah. I miss you more." She stuck her tongue out at him, and Clark stepped closer.

"You wish."

"Do I?" She inched closer to him. She could feel the electricity between them. The previous day of that crack pot marriage counselor had built up too much. They stared at each other.

Clark opened his mouth to speak. "Lois, I…" He blinked.

All previous reservations behind, Lois leapt into his arms and gave into what was quite possibly the best, most passionate kiss yet.


This was brought to you by me, Renee Charles, an unfortunate victim of LCWS, especially when there is a really GOOD episode coming up and it is only Monday. (10/16/95)

There is a time when all innocence dies, and mine bit the big one a *LONG* time ago. From me to you, have a nice day. =)