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Submitted: June 2015

Summary: Sometimes even Superman isn’t fast enough. #5 in the At First Sight series.

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Author’s note: Fifth in the series started by At First Sight, and set at the end of ‘Requiem for a Superhero.’ Thanks goes to KenJ And Trina for beta-reading

This story is the fifth part of the “At First Sight” series. Please visit the Series Guide for links to all the stories in the series.


I wasn’t fast enough.

I wasn’t fast enough, and it almost cost Lois her life.

Luthor saved her.

Now I have to be grateful to a man I despise for saving the life of the woman I love.


This week proved to be a turning point in my relationship with Lois Lane.

She’s an incredibly complex woman, a collection of contradictions that both fascinates and mystifies me.

This week I met her father, and their fraught relationship made me realise something: with the exception of Perry White and Allie Dinello, I don’t think Lois has ever had any male figure that she could rely on or trust. Not her father, not a friend, and from what she told me in my first week at the Planet, not a lover either. It makes me wonder if she’s always been so... so alone.

Her grief at Ally’s murder made me want to comfort her, something I knew she wouldn’t allow. But she let me see her when she was vulnerable, something I know she doesn’t allow lightly.

And I had to accept that what I’d been feeling for her — that feeling of rightness, of belonging — was love.

I am in love with Lois Lane.

Whether any good ever comes of it is up in the air. After all, she is human and I am... not. The gulf between me and the people of this planet has never seemed so massive — or so insurmountable.

To know that she was in danger and to get there just a fraction of a second too late, to see the smug look on that slimy, despicable excuse for a human being’s face at my failure, was galling beyond measure. And it was compounded by Perry’s question.

Where was I?

Not that I could admit it to Perry, but I was outside, doing part of my job — catching the bad guys. But saving people is the other side of my job, and today I failed at it.

I know it’s not the first time, and I know it won’t be the last time. But if it happens again — if Lois is hurt or even killed because I wasn’t there — I don’t think I’d be able to forgive myself.

I can’t — I won’t — let that happen.


This story is fifth in a series and follows “At First Sight,” “A Matter of Time,” “Evil Lurks” and “Invisible” (awaiting upload).