Getting Nowhere

By Catherine Bruce <>

Rated: G

Submitted: January 2007

Summary: It was love at first sight!

This was BR'ed by Dave, but the mistakes are still miiiiiiine! And I cling to and claim them with a fierce sense of ownership! Growl!

Asterisks (*) replaced the Fanfic Board's [] tags for italicized words. So, when you see them, they're either there for word emphasis or thought denoting. (Hee, is that even how you *use* that word?) It should be easy to figure out, but I could be wrong since I'm biased to the story.


He watched her quietly from across the conference table, enraptured by her most recent tirade. Her passion never ceased to amaze him, and he often wondered just *how* she drudged up the energy to be so *adamant,* so *sure* of herself. Of course, he knew she was probably on her third cup of coffee.

His mind drifted as he watched her, remembering the first day he had started at the Planet. Eager to please, he had presented his portfolio to Perry, sure that his work would set him above the other candidates. His pride had taken a serious bruising when his work had been handed back to him and an apology issued. He was licking his wounds when the door behind him burst open, and a whirlwind of chocolate brown hair and fierce determination nearly blew him to the floor.

He wasn't sure how he'd never read any of Lois Lane's work before then. The name was familiar; she was a legend in the newspaper industry. She had hardly paid him any attention as she laid into the Chief about some injustice that she felt had befallen her, but *he* had watched *her,* taking in her thunderous personality.

That night, instead of going home, he'd looked up everything he could find in the newspaper's files that she had written and read them. Everything had been done with the same amount of passion as he had seen earlier, and as he sat the last clipping aside he had felt the beginnings of a large goofy smile before promptly cutting it off.

After that he, redoubled his efforts, looking for something, for anything, to give him the edge that he needed to get hired by the most respected newspaper in the country. Odds that he would be hired with as little experience as he had were probably not that great, but he had wanted, more than anything, to work with her.

Finally, after several weeks, he had found his niche, and after presenting his work once more to Perry, miraculously, he was hired.

And he got to work beside Lois.

Actually, it was more she told him what she needed and he got it for her as fast as he could. He wondered if she knew that he would drop whatever it was he had been sent to do when she needed help.

One day he walked into the office, Lois was there on another tirade, and so was another new guy. And he recognized the look of awe on the young man's face.

*Trust me, buddy,* he remembered thinking, *You'll get nowhere.*

Jimmy sighed as Lois' rampage came to an end and she sat down next to her husband. He sighed again. *Well, *some* of us will get nowhere.*