Good Luck Finding Something

By Bek <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: July 2023

Summary: Clark Kent has spent his whole life not quite finding what he’s been looking for. But now that he’s arrived in Metropolis, landed his dream job at the Planet, and fallen in love at first sight…now he’s having trouble finding someplace to live.

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Author’s Note: This ficlet was a (failed) attempt at the 824-word challenge (Kerth Challenge #1; Of course, I couldn’t keep it to 824 words, and when it was finished, I didn’t want to make it shorter, so… Here we are :) For those of you who are watching the new cartoon My Adventures with Superman, I wrote this shortly after the first two episodes were released, and I think the vibes are there. Thank you to KsaraSara for BR’ing, and for help with the title and summary and…all the things, really. Hope you enjoy!


“Eight hundred twenty-four dollars?!”


“Per month?”

“Yup. Take it or leave it. I’ve got three others who want to look at it first thing in the morning if you’re not interested.”

Clark glanced around the small apartment. It really wasn’t quite what he was looking for. It needed a lot of repairs, and despite his exclamation at the cost of rent, it was the cheapest apartment he’d found yet. But…

He sighed and shook his head. While he was definitely itching to get out of the dump of a hotel he’d been staying at, this just wasn’t right.

Turning to the landlord, he shoved his hands into his pockets.

“I appreciate your time, Mr. Littleton, but I think it’s not quite what I’m looking for,” he said.

The man scowled. “Suit yourself. Good luck finding something cheaper.”

As Clark walked the few blocks back to his hotel, he felt a heavy weight on his shoulders. Sure, he’d landed his dream job, and he’d found a safe way to use his powers for good. But he was a bit concerned he’d never find a suitable place to live — at least not one he could actually afford. He’d known it was going to be expensive, living in Metropolis, but he’d naively thought that once he’d gotten a job, he would be fine financially. Or at least able to afford a place to live that wasn’t…so obviously not what he wanted.

He knew he had to just keep looking. Something would turn up. And…there was no chance he’d give up this opportunity, this job, this…new life. Especially since…

His spirits lifted just a little then, and, on a whim, he ducked into the nearest alley, quickly changed into his superhero costume, and launched himself up into the air. Within seconds, he hovered up over the Daily Planet, looking down with his X-ray vision, hope flickering in his chest as he found what he was looking for.

She was there. Of course she was there, despite the late hour, despite the fact that they’d just broken a huge story together the day before, despite the fact that she was the last one left in the newsroom.

She sat at her desk, typing away at her computer. Her eyes darted across the screen as she wrote, and he felt an unfamiliar warmth spread through him as her lips curled up into a soft smile.

God, she was beautiful.

He wasn’t sure quite how he’d fallen for her so hard, and in just days…minutes…seconds, actually. As soon as he’d seen her, he’d just…known. Something, some fire deep inside him, had ignited, and it was like nothing he’d ever felt before.

Wanting to be around her now, even if just…nearby-ish, he dropped down into the alley next to the Planet building and changed back into his regular clothes.

A few minutes later, he emerged from the elevator and immediately heard her heartbeat, strong and steady. She was at the coffee station now, pouring herself a cup. She glanced up at him as he approached, and her eyes lit up.

“Just couldn’t stay away, Kent?”

He shook his head. “I thought maybe I’d…”

He’d had a train of thought, he really had. But he’d gotten lost in her eyes as he started to speak, and he forgot whatever it had been that he’d been going to say.

“You thought you’d…?”

“Hmm, uh, I mean, I…I was in the area and…”

Her smile widened, and he suddenly felt much too light on his feet.

“Come on, Kent. You can help me with this research. I’ve got a list of names to sift through and cross-reference. And I ordered a pizza. Did you already eat?”

Speechless, he shook his head, and she motioned for him to follow her to the conference room. A few minutes later, they settled at the table, eating pizza and chatting as they skimmed pages of printouts, crossing off names as they went.

He truly wasn’t even quite sure what they were looking for amidst all this research. Something about corruption in the mayor’s re-election campaign. Maybe.

He was a bit too distracted by the way her eyes still lit up, the way her smile seemed to brighten the room, the way his heart couldn’t keep a steady rhythm in his chest.

And when she finally yawned, leaned back in her chair, and suggested maybe they pick it back up tomorrow, his heart stuttered again.

“I’d like that,” he told her, his own smile growing again.

“You know, Kent, maybe I underestimated the benefits of having a partner,” she said, grinning at him as they packed up her research. “We got through much more of that than I’d have managed alone.”

“Anytime, Lois. I’m happy to help, you know,” Clark said, trying to keep his voice even. But as she smiled at him again, he nearly floated right up off the ground.

He helped her carry the folders to her desk and pack what was left of the pizza into the employee fridge, and then, they rode the elevator down to the parking garage in relative silence. Clark escorted her the rest of the way to her car, and she shook her head, still smiling, as he reached forward and opened the door for her.

“That’s very chivalrous of you,” she teased, but he saw a glint of something else in her eyes, something a bit more…appreciative, maybe, just before she blinked it away and climbed in. “Do you want a ride?”

He did. He wanted to say yes, but he found himself shaking his head lightly, and with a weak smile, he explained, “I’m just a few blocks away, and it’ll feel nice to take a little walk. But…I’ll see you tomorrow?”

She started to speak, but then just nodded, her cheeks tinged pink, as she ducked her head adorably and managed to mumble a quiet “Okay.”

Carefully, he shut the door for her and then stood back and watched as she pulled out of the parking space and drove off.

Then, he headed to the stairwell, shot up into the sky, and took flight, grinning from ear to ear as he flew, no destination in mind.

Maybe he’d have to settle for an apartment a little out of his price range. Maybe just a little more than eight hundred twenty-four dollars a month.

But he was sure. He belonged here, in Metropolis, at the Planet…and with her.

Luck had been on his side after all, and everything else would work itself out…in time.

Because he’d definitely found what he’d been looking for.