Operation: Magical Place

By Eboni Briscoe <ebriscoe@hotmail.com>

Rated PG

Submitted March 2000

Summary: Perry and Sam make plans to give Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Lucy a romantic get-away.

These characters don't belong to me. I am just borrowing them for this story.

Script Form:











It was two weeks until the world-wide televised view of the wedding of the century. The joining of "the HOTTEST TEAM IN TOWN", Lane and Kent. Everyone was antsy so Perry White, editor of "The Daily Planet", being a sentimental softy, planed a vacation for his duo and their close friend, Jimmy Olsen. All three had just finished a story which finally proved Lex Luthor was nothing but a Czar, planning on controlling the world. Jimmy usually didn't report on stories, but Perry decided it was time for him to try after he promised him as a wedding present. Yes, Jimmy found the girl of his dreams in the form of, Lucy Lane, now Lucy Lane-Olsen. Now back to the subject on hand, Perry had to find a way to get these couples to this much needed vacation, The men already knew about his surprise, but the tough part was getting the women there without them noticing something was up.

Clark, Jonathon Kent, Sam Lane, and Jimmy, trying to think of a way to get their women on a "Magical" vacation …

PW:Ok, men, we're on a mission called Operation Magical Place. We, the men, have been debriefed…

SL:(interrupts Perry)Perry, we're not spies; just tell them what's going on.

PW:Alright, for Elvis' sak. Men, I brought you here today because we want to send an early present to you, Clark and Lois, for your wedding.

CK:So Perry, why, tell me, isn't it a surprise?

PW:I was getting to that, I'm telling you because we want you in on it. We've been trying to get you and Lois on a vacation for quite some time. Now we want to surprise Lois and Lucy…

J:Wait, why Lucy?

PW:Don't you guys shutup? I'm getting to that, OK. Now we're going to surprise Lois and Lucy because 1.THEY BOTH NEED A VACATION, WITH THEIR MEN. 2.IT WILL GET YOU GUYS A CHANCE TO RELAX. Finish it up Jonathan.


SL:and 4:IT IS OUR DUTY AS FATHERS. Yeah, Perry, you too.


CK:Ok, so does Mom and Ellen know about this?

SL:Jonathan, I'll handle this, Clark, no is the anwser, that is if Ellen and Martha knew they would run directly to Lois and Lucy so now do you see why we didn't tell them?


J:Okay so where are we going, when do we leave, how we going to get the girls there?

PW:Good question now, where is Disney World…

CK:(interrupts)Isn't that a place for kids, Perry

PW: Of course, that is why you are going there to be the kids that you are and have fun, now no more interruptions. Now when is tomorrow evening, on LexAir flight #316 at 6:30, and to how, we have set up a plan to where you both tell Lois and Lucy that I have partnered you up on a story then you both fly out tomorrow and I'll tell Lois that I need her on a story in Disney World . I'll come up with a story to get Lucy to come too. Then you guys will have rooms next door to them. You guys will be there for two days together all expenses paid.

J:Wait why mystery guys ?

JK:Well, when they get to the hotel, they will be given a letter from Perry that says there will be two men that they are to meet at the Magial Palace at 7:15 P.M., and that their story is to have fun with these men and to figure out who they are. Sam …

SL:Now while this is going on we'll take care of Martha and Ellen, and finally tell them what's going on when Lois and Lucy leave. So the whole time we want you guys to wear clothes you usually wouldn't wear, hear me.

CK:We all know I'm Superman now, huh, what about him?

PW:Already taken care of we have your mom's laser decive to help us with sigthings of you. Ok, NOW I want you guys to go home pack and .

LL:Hi, Perry, what are you guys up to?

CK:Nothing just a little briefing on the next story.

LL:Oh, and I wasn't invited.

Lois smiles the SMILE Clark can never resist and he almost tells her the whole plan. Before he can, Jimmy kicks him.

CK:Huh, to tell you the truth Jimmy and I were partnered up.

LL:OH, I see

J:Look, Lois, Clark and I will tell you and Lucy about it over dinner, ok.

LL:Sure, I just think you guys are up to something. Well, see you all later, honey I'll see you later.(Lois briefly kisses Clark)

All the other do ohs or ahs.

CK:(bright red)ok see ya'.

J:Clark, since we're eating at your place I'm staying the night and to keep an eye on you.

PW:Clark, Lois has you like Priscilla had Elvis, wrapped around her little finger.

SL:Well, we do know the Lane women I'm just glad now I'm not the only one that's "WHIPPED".

CK:Wait one minute, I am not whipped.

J:Five bucks says you crack at dinner and need me to keep you from telling the whole plan.

CK:That's an easy five bucks. Ok you're on.

SL:Jimmy, you're no different but Clark, I think he's right. Lois is a little more MANipulative than Lucy. So good luck.

JK:Son, don't get to cooky, ok. Now that everything is in order, let's go.

PW:Just one thing, after you guys leave tomorrow, you'll be on your own so good luck guys, and I don't want to see you step a foot in here tomorrow. Now get.

J & CK: OK, bye.

Meanwhile Lois and Lucy are at Clark's apartment, fixing dinner. Provided that Lucy is doing all the cooking while Lois is on with Martha and Ellen…

LL:Martha, I think the guys are up to something MK: Like what, dear?

LL:I don't know but they got really quiet when I stepped in to tell Perry I was leaving early.

EL: Oh, Lois, you are just imagining things; now go eat your lovely dinner, and relax. Now hang up so I can talk to Martha, OK, dear?

LL:Sure, Mom, bye, Martha.

MK:bye, dear.

Lois hangs up and Ellen talks to Martha.

EL: OK now that she's off, what are we going to do about Sam and Johnthan?

MK:I know they must think we don't know their plan. Ok, I got it. We just go along with it, and just nudge the outcome. And finish the planning of the wedding. Sound good to you?

EL: Fantastic. Okay, talk to you later. Bye, Martha

MK:Bye, Ellen, talk to you later.

The women hang up and the scene goes back to Lucy and Lois in the kitchen talking, all of a sudden the guys walk in.

LO:So, Lois, where are you and Clark planning to go on your honeymoon. I'd say probably the hotel room and that's it.

LL:Actually Luce, that is precisely where we're staying, provided I last until next week.

LO:I don't know how you and Clark waited.

Clark and Jimmy walk in…

CK:Waited for what, Lucy?

LO:Huh? Nothing. So, Jimmy, how was your day?

J: We see you're trying to change the subject but I'll let it go for now. Today was fine, darling.

Jimmy walks over to Lucy and hugs her from behind and gives her a kiss.

J:I got an assignment with Clark, we're leaving tomorrow.


CK:Sorry, honey, that's short notice but that is the assignment Perry gave us, and he gave us the day off.

LL: That is no fair! How …

Lois was getting pretty angry when Lucy said,

LO:Dinner is served.

J: Good thing I'm starving.

CK: Shall we, dear?

LL: Fine but we'll talk about this later.

They all sit down to a lovely dinner and afterwards both couples head to the living room and cuddled up to watch some T.V. when Lois asks …

LL:Clark, now what about this story?

This caught Clark off guard and he almost told her everything when Jimmy came to the rescue

J: Ah, Lois, Perry said not to tell anyone not even you two. So since we have the day off tomorrow, I'm staying here with Clark tonight. If that's alright with you, sweetheart?

LO: Fine by me, but I do think Clark and Lois want to be alone tonight. Just guessing of course.

LL:SHUTUP, Lucy. I'll talk to him now. Clark, please be a sweetheart and tell me what assignment you're on. Please my darling farmboy.

Lois was getting that sweet voice she got when she wanted to know something really bad and she would stop at nothing to get it.

J:Lois, he not going to tell you and, Clark, you owe me five bucks.

CK(interrupts) Jimmy, shutup.

LL:what five bucks?

LO:yeah, Jimmy.

JO:Huh, ok I bet Clark couldn't go the whole night without me helping him out of explaining our story, because we said…


JO: It's Okay, CK, they don't care. We said he was "whipped" and little boy scout got offended so I bet him.

LO: Jimmy, what you're telling us is that you and Clark are whipped

JO: Yes, darlin. WHIPPED worse than a dog on a expedition in Alaska.

LL: Clark, is that what you think?

CK: No, no, Lois. I knew you would take this the wrong way. Why are you being irrational.

LL: Okay, now I'm irrational and I have you whipped. Who am I going to marry, "SAM-I-AM"?

CK:No, Lois, why don't you tell me?

LL: I'm leaving.

Lois walks out madder than a fat man at a meatless barBque. Lucy gets up and goes with Lois but just before she leaves she says …

LO:You guys are some heartless baboons. Huff.

After Lucy leaves Clark gets up and goes to bed angry that the conversation had gotten that far. He didn't even acknowledge Jimmy. That morning, which came too soon, woke Clark with a start.

JO:Hey, Clark feeling better? Look man. sorry about last night.

CK:It's Okay, Jimmy, I just think Lois will never want to marry me now.

JO:Oh pish posh. She was just angry as usual.

CK:Don't start, Jimmy. Look, I'm going to call Lois and see how she is doing and to say I'm sorry.

JO: Hey man don't do that. Okay look, we leave in three hours for the airport; why don't we stop by and see how she's doin'?

CK:But Perry told us … oh I get ya', sneak in with our disguises. I get you. Let's go.

They arrive at the Daily Planet just an hour before they are to leave. Lois is sitting at her desk, looking at a picture of Clark and herself. <Lois' thoughts> < man, is he fine; how did things get so out of hand last night? I already miss him, the big lunkhead. >

LL:My farmboy

CK:Lois Lane

LL:Yes and you are?

CK:Charles Kennedy at your service

LL: Not to be rude, but I don't know you and could you please leave me alone?

CK: any time, Ms. Lane. But you do know me.

LL: You do seem familiar and who is your friend, Jamison Ollie?

JO:Nice to meet you, Miss Lane. I have a feeling we'll be seeing you again soon. But we really must get going. Bye, mate.

Clark and Jimmy or Charles and Jamison left the Planet, leaving a dumbfounded Lois Lane just sitting there amazed. Lois sat there until 7:30, then Perry called her in:

PW: Lois, I need you on assignment in Florida. You leave at 8:30. Go pack your things and if you want some company bring Lucy. Got it?

LL: Sure, chief.

PW: No questions? Now go!

LL: Okay

Lois walks out of Perry's office, a little struck, then Lucy walked in.

LL: Lucy pack your bags. You and me are headed to Florida.

LO: OK, LET'S GO. Just to get my mind off Jimmy, sure.

As the girls left, Perry knew the plan was in motion all Perry could say was

PW: Good luck, Kent and Olsen. Operation Magical Place is on.

Meanwhile in Florida and the airplane, there were only thoughts of a husband, wife and two fiances.

Finally settled in at the hotel, Lois goes down to get any messages left by Perry. There was one but Lois couldn't demand.

LL: Lucy, Perry is making us meet two so-called cute guys … Magical Palace in five minutes. Oh no we better hurry.

Meanwhile Clark and Jimmy stand by waiting for the loves of their life. Then all of a sudden they hear two women yelling. Clark says:



LL: HI, sorry we're late. You are the right guys, oh no.

CK: Ms. Lane, we are the right guys. Shall we?

LO: Shall we what?? We don't even know your names.

JO: Jamison, Jamison Ollie.

LL: Hold up, I know that name.

CK: Maybe you should, Charles Kennedy at your service.

LL: You, you were the guys at the Planet this afternoon. Did Perry set this up?

JO: We are only here to please you, my dears. The plan is dinner tonight and the whole day tomorrow. Deal?

LO: Fine by me.

CK: Fantastic, let's eat.

Dinner was relatively quiet. As the men walked the ladies back to their room, Lois was ready to end the scheme and spend time with Clark. As Clark bent to kiss Lois, she stopped him and said:

LL: Look I don't know you, so please leave.

CK: (kissed her anyway) But thy love runs deeper.

LO: OK, guys, who are you ?

J: You'll find out soon enough. Tomorrow night, we will give you all of our love. Goodnight,


The girls go in their room. A puzzled Lois misses Clark deeply and now wishes he was there to hug her and kiss her. She fell asleep that night crying for Clark. Lois didn't wake till one that next day, too exhausted to get up. Lucy woke her telling her that the whole park was throwing a bash for her wedding present, so Lois now missed Clark then she remebered she had a date with Charles. Just to get herself and Lucy primed up it took three hours. As the girls came to the top of the palace after bring escorted by Goofy and Mickey. They saw Charles and Jamison waiting and watching.

CK: I didn't think you would make it, darling. Nice to see you did.

LL: Look, who are you to call me darling?

CK: Yes, honey, I did.

LL: Oh, my god, Clark, it's you. Oh, my, this is great.

Lois ran to Clark and gave him the most passionate kiss he ever felt.


LL: Well, I aim to please.

CK: It's okay, Lois, it was my fault too. Forgive me?

LL: Sure, farmboy.

Then they again engage in a soul shattering kiss with Operation Magical Place completed.