Of Bombs, Falls & Angel Wings

By Mary Lovee <marylovee@msn.com>

Rated: PG

Submitted: September 2002

Summary: An alternative beginning to Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: My first attempt at fan fiction writing takes place near the beginning of the "Lois and Clark" TV series. In it, Superman does not make his debut until after he and Lois were already friends and partners at the Planet for three months. I re-created how Lois first met her superhero, how he gets the name of his alter ego and changed how and who got the "Interview of the Millennium" with Superman. It tries to solve all the unanswered questions people have about our favorite superhero: his hobbies, likes and dislikes, favorite color, and much more! I also explore more in-depth about why he doesn't give specific details about himself and how he makes the people who interview him understand. In addition, I gave Jimmy Olsen more notice and credit because he was always my favorite character! Comments welcome of course privately via the email above. Happy reading!

DISCLAIMER: The principal characters in this story were taken from the "Lois & Clark" series and are therefore the rightful property of DC Comics, December 3 Productions, etc. I also used some familiar lines and concepts from the show and even adapted a line or two from the original 1978 "Superman Movie" with Christopher Reeve. See if you can find them! The minor characters, the dialogue (except what was mentioned above) and the general plot are my original work.

CONTENT: No crass language or sexual content, and only mild violence/emergency situations involving two Superman rescues.


Lois was at it again-same bomb time, different bomb channel. This "trouble with a capital T" had to take the cake, though. This time she was strapped to a metal chair complete with its own bomb on top of the Metropolis Government Building that Hank Hughes created in hopes of killing her.

She didn't understand why these guys got so angry with her. It wasn't as if she was the one who lied, cheated, stole or in this case, liquidated the company's funds! She just wrote about it. Lois loved the way no one in America seemed to take responsibility for his or her actions anymore. OK, maybe just American criminals. She wasn't that cynical yet to believe everyone incapable of responsibility. But dang it, she was crabby! This was the third time in the last six months that she had been in this type of predicament. Lois wondered if she was a top reporter in another country, like Singapore for example, that maybe the criminals would be more willing to accept the blame for their new cramped living quarters. Somehow she doubted it.

The timer on the bomb was now down to 60 seconds. Wasn't that the title of a rodeo movie with Luke Perry? No, that was "Eight Seconds." What was she thinking! The bomb was about to go off. Well, she had two options: get blown up or tilt the chair over, somehow get herself untied, but then risk falling over the side of the building. Oh why did these things involve choices! It could have been simple, but Hughes wanted her to spend her last 60-no, 45 seconds!- trying to make a decision. Aaarggghhh! She hated choices…especially while shopping. But she wasn't shopping! She was almost ready to become french fried Lois!

"HHHEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP!" Lois screamed into the air, like anyone could hear her anyway from this high up. This was nuts. She decided to take the free fall option. Maybe she would fall onto a canopy, window washing pulley or nice soft cushion that someone left out to dry like they always seem to do on the Jackie Chan and James Bond movies. (The fact that this was a government building and not an apartment complex did not enter her mind at the moment). It seemed a better alternative than being blown up. Tilting the chair on its side, and at last getting her rope-burned hands and wrists free, Lois rolled onto the roof with 15 seconds to spare. Relief poured through Lois until she remembered…the bomb!

Seeing little choice, Lois launched herself over the edge of the trade tower. There was no access to the roof or a convenient staircase that the action heroes always found! No, the mayor had decided that would have given criminals too easy of an access to the top-secret top floors of the building. So, she couldn't have exited that way. Think that stopped Hughes from using it as an execution chamber for her? Nope…she'd been helicoptered up here especially for his sick revenge.

OK, now she was falling faster and faster. Lois, with stomach churning and lungs burning for air, prayed…and prayed…and prayed!

"Our Father who art in Heaven…"

"Amazing grace how sweet the sound…"

"Hail Mary…"

"God, help me please!!!!!!!"

Bravely opening her eyes once, Lois saw the streets and traffic below suddenly becoming much larger. She immediately shut them and started praying again…"Lord, I know I shouldn't have broken in all those buildings, but if You can help me, I'll try to get my stories the legal way…like Clark suggested. Well, I don't want to lie, so at least most of the time! Help me, God…"

Something stopped Lois' fall. Oh, no, she was DEAD, the pavement had come up quicker than she thought! But at least God had made it unpainful. Fearing to open her eyes to see where her actions had led her in the afterlife, Lois felt strong arms surround her gently. They were rising up, so he must be an angel! Good! No…now they were descending! Bad!

Suddenly a deep voice said, "The Big Guy just sent me to assess the situation, Miss. I hope I'm an OK fill-in for the moment. I think He's having his weekly lunch with Dr. Dobson, the Pope and Billy Graham."

The angel had a sense of humor! Still afraid of where he was taking her, Lois kept her eyes tightly shut and put her hands over her face. The angel, with a soft laugh, slowly pulled her hands down and asked her to open her eyes.

"Miss, I'm not going to hurt you. There's nothing to be afraid of. You're safe now with me," the angel said, wrapping his arms more securely around her. Wait…if he were an angel wouldn't he know her name?

Lois' eyes shot wide open. An angel…or a man…or an ET- she didn't know!- had her pulled up against him and they were soaring above Metropolis! Lois tried to turn to get a better look at the stranger, but he held her facing outward. All she could see was the bright blue of his sleeve and a red cape flowing about them. Well, what kind of angel didn't have wings anyway?

"Who…what…are you a robot or something?! How are you doing this? A man who flies is…is…well…impossible…" Lois' words trailed off. And for the first time in her life, Lois "Mad Dog" Lane, top investigative reporter for the top news agency in the world, bringer of justice to irresponsible criminals, fainted in the arms of her "angel." The flying stranger felt his passenger go limp in his arms. Relieved to see that her vital signs were still normal, he assumed the stress from falling, almost getting killed and meeting him had caused her to faint. He smiled. So, Lois Lane was human after all…


Lois woke up from a hazy dream. A blue flying angel was trying to take her to her house, but she wanted to go to heaven, not spend eternity in an apartment that had just run out of triple-fudge-brownie delight ice cream. And why he couldn't understand that…well…the nerve of some heavenly people! But now she was in a bright white room. It was hazy, too. Somehow she was having trouble focusing. Oh, no! She must have ranted and raved about a flying man and they had stuck her into the Metropolis Asylum for the Insane! Was that padding on the walls? She felt like screaming again…

"Lois, Lois! Wake up. You're safe. You're safe. We're all here: Me, Perry, Jimmy and Cat," a gentle voice said. Was it the flying angel again? No, it was Clark. She would have recognized those big, tacky glasses anywhere. Were they all crazy, too?

"Whaa…at? Where am I? How did I get here? Clark…is that you?" Lois gushed out. "The man…did you guys see him, or am I crazy?"

"Lois, we…"

"I mean there I was, having to choose between being blown up and going splat on the pavement, when…"

"Don't worry, Lois, we know all about it. He's the one who brought you here to the hospital," Clark reassured her.

"No hospitals! I am not insane! Perry…you have to believe me, you've known me the longest. He actually flew! I know what I saw!" Lois exclaimed.

"Calm down, darlin'. We know you're not crazy! What a thing to worry about after the day you've had!" Perry said.

"Lois, you're just here for observation in case of any concussions. They wanted to take care of the burns and scrapes on your hands and arms, too," added Clark.

"But Lois, do you know if he's real. I mean, a REAL man…?" Cat wanted to know.

Lois' confident sarcasm came back with a vengeance. "Yeah, Cat. I got his number and everything as I fell from the 60th floor to the bottom! We had a regular heart-to-heart. He flew, I fell, and then he decided to catch me when I said yes to a date!"

"Well…you never know…"

"Hey CK! Is Lois awake yet? Is she going to be all right?" Jimmy asked as he returned from the cafeteria.

But, before Jimmy could get an answer out of the said "CK," Lois shot up out of the hospital bed, shouting, "Omigosh! The BOMB! What happened? Are those people OK?!" Lois exclaimed.

"Lois, calm down. The man who brought you in was able to get to the bomb and stop it before it exploded. That's why he said it took him a little longer to catch you. He didn't realize there was someone up there until her heard your screams for help," Clark explained. "And don't worry, Hank Hughes is safe behind bars at the Metropolis Penitentiary. He won't be bothering you anymore."

"Thank God for that. Hughes was a no-good cheat, but I never would have pegged him as the violent type," Perry commented. "But, Clark, what in the blue blazes did he do with that bomb anyway, son? I've been so worried about Lois, I have to admit, I didn't even consider that part," Perry said.

"I'm not sure, Chief," Jimmy chimed in.

"Me either. Maybe he ate it," Cat joked, grinning at her own humor.

Clark was strangely quiet, Lois noticed. He seemed to know more about this "flying man" than the rest of them.

"What did he say, Clark?" Perry queried. "You got here before the rest of us did and seemed to be the only one he talked to besides the medical staff."

Clark looked unusually squeamish. "I think, he…um…did 'eat it,' Chief, like Cat said, or swallowed it rather," Clark said.

"What in the Sam Hill is this?! A 'man' eating a 'bomb'? Are you sure he wasn't funnin' with you, son?" Perry asked Clark, with one eyebrow raised. "Flying's one thing, but, I don't know."

"That's what he said, Chief, and, well, he did 'something' with it after all, because the building is still standing in one piece."

"Boys and girls! I know we're in a hospital, but a newspaperman…or woman (nodding at Lois and Cat)…never rests when a story like this is brewin'! We need details, people! Not guesses about eating or not eating weaponry! I want to know where he's from, what makes him tick …I mean fly! Heck…even his favorite ice cream flavor! Whoever gets this interview-and it will be a Daily Planet exclusive, or better be if you want to keep your jobs-will have the biggest story since…since Jesus walked on water! The story of the millennium! Do you understand? Now get moving everyone and get me that story!" Perry yelled out.

"No, not you, Lois. There's plenty of time for that later. Let your partner help you, honey…" Perry added, when he saw Jimmy, Cat and Clark bolt out of the hospital room, and Lois trying to follow.

"But, Chi-ef…"


As soon as Perry and the rest of the 'Planet'eers left her hospital room, Lois sprang to action. Ringing for the nurse, she was determined to leave and pursue her "flying man" exclusive. No one ever kept Lois "Mad Dog" Lane from a scoop. And, forget Clark! Partner or not, this one was hers. It wasn't Cat, Clark, Jimmy, or, good heavens, Ralph, who was rescued, it was Lois. First rescued, first served, she quipped wryly to herself.

But, the first hurtle was getting past Nurse Jones. Legally, they couldn't force her to stay overnight, but this woman was formidable nonetheless. As the 50-something, matronly-looking woman came into the room, Lois, who had just tackled a financial deviant turned amateur bomb builder and survived, found herself wary of a single nurse.

"Look, Jones, don't even argue with me," Lois announced forcefully. "I'm not staying overnight. There's someone out there who flies, cute to boot, and I am not letting anyone get my story! So what do you have to say about that?"

Surprisingly, the formidable Nurse Jones, giggled like a teenager girl. "Oh, my, I saw him in those tights. What a hunk! You go get him, Ms. Lane! I'll send Doc Brown in with the discharge papers right away. Normally, this is not standard procedure, but as I always say, you ain't goin' to catch a man sittin' around."

Lois barely got in a "Uh…thanks" before the excited nurse hurried out the door.


After leaving the hospital, the hero had soared through the city helping anyone who needed his assistance and it had felt good. Still, he was worried. His parents had tried to warn him this might happen, but the flying angel (minus the wings, but with a pretty cool cape) couldn't keep the troubled thoughts at bay, even with one of the most outstanding views of the city displayed before him. He had saved Lois, the most beautiful woman in the world, from certain death. Definitely a good thing. He had launched a media frenzy and turned all the eyes of the world upon him. Not-so-good thing.

A thousand questions careened around in his mind: What if they discovered who he really was? What if someone tried to use that information to ruin not only his life, but also that of his family and friends? Would the media attention interfere with his rescue efforts? Standing atop the Daily Planet Building (maybe not such a good in spite of the circumstances, but maybe they wouldn't think to look for him right under their noses, or above them, as the case may be), the so far nameless superhero had to make a decision: continue to use his abilities openly to help others or keep hiding and running away. All his life, he had to hide one or more of his powers from someone. First, it was his friends and neighbors in Smallville, Kansas; and then the kids in junior and senior high; then, finally, his college classmates and work colleagues. When was this all going to end?

He remembered something his dad was always telling him: "You might be able to run from problems, bad weather and even some people, but you can never run away from yourself." So what was it going to be, Kent? The inner voice taunted him. You goin' to keep running, or finally face up to who and what you are?

The seemingly invincible superman held his hands in his face and for one of the first times in his adult life, tears fell.


"Has anyone seen Clark?" Lois demanded as soon as she sauntered into the Planet newsroom, bandages, scrapes and all.

"I think CK's out covering Mayor McHenry's re-election speech," Jimmy offered from across the office.

"That farmboy is never here when I need him," Lois muttered to herself.

"Uh…Lois, do you think it's wise for you to be here right now? I mean, the Chief told ya to take it easy, remember?" Jimmy suggested tentatively, daring for the first time to offer the star reporter advice. It seemed to him and the entire office that Clark had softened Lois up a bit, but she would never admit it. Now, the "Mad Dog" Lane routine only surfaced about once a week, instead of once a day.

"Look, Jimmy. Do you really expect me to lay in a hospital bed while the story of the millennium is practically at my feet? Nice try, Jimbo," Lois said, rolling her eyes. Hope the Chief buys this reasoning, she thought a little nervously.

Just then a loud "LOIIIISSSSSSS!" roar was heard throughout the Planet from the general direction of Perry's office.

"Coming, Chief!" Lois yelled back.

"Close that door, Lois! You'd better have a good explanation as to why the Sam Hill you're at work the same day you report into the hospital!" Perry demanded.

"It's the biggest story of the…" Lois began.

"Millennium…yeah, yeah, I know. That's the last time I give a story pep talk in a hospital room, especially yours! Did you conveniently forget I told you to let you partner take it for a day or two? In case, you did, I'll reiterate: Get yourself home for the rest of the day, and if I see you here in this office before 9 a.m. tomorrow morning I will personally deliver you to the unemployment office on Third! Do I MAKE myself clear, Lane?!"

"Crystal, Chief, crystal," Lois barely got out. She'd never seen Perry this irate before, so she decided not to push it. Sighing, Lois gathered up the belongings she had only set down a few moments earlier. Jimmy, Cat and the rest of the staff gave her quizzical looks as she made her way to the elevator. They'd never seen Lois leave in the middle of the afternoon before unless it was in pursuit of a breaking story, and, of course, they couldn't help but hear Perry bellowing at her for coming in.

"Lois, for Pete's sake, go and get some beauty sleep. You look a wreck," Cat smirked, as she grabbed Lois' arm. "Seriously, take care of yourself, and call if you need anything OK?"

"All right, Cat! Drop the concerned act. What is going on?" Lois demanded.

"Geez, can't I ever be anything but the sarcastic society editor? It's not everyday you get blown up, Lois. I mean, sure, you get plenty of threats from homicidal maniacs, but how many actually get as far as Hughes did? And then you look at…"

"OK, Cat! I appreciate the concern. I'll be fine, really, and yes, I will call," Lois answered, as the she stepped into the elevator. As she descended, Lois felt a headache coming on and her stomach lurching. Maybe going home to rest was a good idea after all. Her flying man would have to wait. And, from what she was able to gather in the newsroom and experiencing Perry's short fuse, it seemed nobody was getting the scoop on the superhero anyway.

As soon as the elevator binged open, Lois ran smack dab into a solid chest. "Sorry, mister," she mumbled as she pushed her way towards the street, not even bothering to glance up.

"Wait, Lois! What do you think you're doing here!"

"Oh, Clark, now you show up, when I'm given a military dictate to go home for the day."

"You shouldn't be here anyway Lois. You just got checked into the hospital for crying out loud!"

"Save it, Clark. I've heard the same song and dance from Perry, Jimmy, Cat of all people, and now you! Why can't everyone just leave me alone? I'm obviously leaving, farmboy, aren't I?"

"Let me escort you home, Lois, you still don't look too well…"

"Look, I've already been rescued once today. I don't need another bodyguard, thank you very much. I've been on my own in this city for three long years without a hero, and as soon as one turns up, everyone's treating me with kid gloves. And I won't stand for it. So just go away!"

Clark had seen Lois' "Mad Dog" Lane routine too many times before not to recognize what was really going on: her stubborn pride. He tried another tactic.

"Sorry, Lois. I 'am' getting you home. I don't need to be doing double work on this reporting team because some said 'senior' journalist doesn't know how to take care of herself. So are you coming, or not?"

"Have it your way, Smallville. Just don't be forgetting that 'senior' part, when I land the interview of the millennium with you-know-who." The said "Smallville" took her arm in his as they headed towards her car.

As soon as they arrived at Lois' apartment, Lois turned around to face Clark. "Sometimes, Kent, you really don't think, do you? While the whole country courtin' thing is nice and all, how the heck are you supposed to get home? You don't even own a car as I recall!"

"It's called two legs, Lois. Something you city people stopped using what…about 40 years ago? Or, I could always 'fly,' home."

"Ha-ha. There's only one person who does that, Kent, and it certainly isn't you."

"Oh, really? And, you think you know everything about me, huh? I may not fly, Lois, but you never know."

"Yeah, right. If you had such a secret, you'd have already told me. I am your partner after all."

"Something I think you'd rather not have on this story," Clark muttered, bitterly.

"What was that, Kent?"

"You heard me, 'Lane.' You think you already have the exclusive on this guy, don't you? Yeah, he rescued you, but as I recall hearing on the radio, he's also rescued 10 other people including a LNN TV anchor from a mugging. Maybe this guy'll give the scoop to that reporter."

"Not on your life, Kent. I will get that story. Don't think I won't."

"So it definitely isn't a 'we' story, huh? Well, if that's how you want to play it, fine. You can go partner-less on this assignment. I don't need this!"

"Fine!" Lois exclaimed pounding the steering wheel.

"Fine!" Clark bellowed back, slamming the passenger door, the vibrations nearly unseating Lois.


Clark went home that night angrier than he had been in a long time. First the media frenzy, and now this! He couldn't believe Lois had dumped their partnership like that. Yeah, they'd only been partners for about three months, but that meant something didn't it? What's more, he thought they were becoming friends. You're the one who suggested you go solo on this one, Kent, the nagging inner voice told him. Great, even his mind was calling him Kent! But he was just picking up on her "exclusive" vibe. Her voice came back to him taunting: "Just don't be forgetting that senior part, when I land the interview of the millennium with you-know-who." It wasn't when "we" land the interview, it was "I."

There was no way he was giving her that story! If he was forced to give a quote during a rescue scene, fine, but no exclusives. Maybe, he should write the story himself. He'd created this flying sensation, maybe he should be the one to reap the benefits. It sure would boost his journalism career. Still, his conscience bothered him on that idea. He just wasn't in the right frame of mind to make such a decision right now. He wasn't sure he wanted to tell anyone, anything at this point. Maybe he'd get lucky and the media would forget about their nameless hero in another month or two, and turn their attention to next public sensation or scandal.

Yeah, right, only if Jesus returned again and walked on water, remembering Perry's speech from earlier. Still, maybe praying that prayer wouldn't hurt…


On the other side of the city, Lois wasn't faring much better. What had gotten into Clark, anyway? They bantered like that all the time. He knew how she got, so why'd he pick now to develop such a thin skin? She just got out of the hospital for cripes sake, so of course she was going to be irritable! Geez…Well, maybe she shouldn't have rubbed in the senior journalist comment so much, and she knew he hated it went she called him Kent. Did he really think she wanted to go solo on this story? You've been saying it more or less all day Lois, her own nagging voice added. Great, now she was talking to herself again. Maybe they should have committed her after all.

Well, maybe she wanted her name first on the byline, but that didn't mean she didn't want Clark's help. She still had seniority, anyway. Kent never had a problem with that in the months since Perry had paired them together. She was just starting to get used to him being around anyway. Maybe she got annoyed when he constantly tried to correct her stories, or told her to be more cautious, but that didn't mean she didn't value his help. Have you ever told him that Lane? the voice nagged back. But he still had no right to go off on her like that, partner or no partner. Forget it! If Clark wanted to be alone so much, let him. He wouldn't be getting her expertise on 'this' story.

Lois frowned in frustration. The rope burns were starting to throb again on her hands and arms and it was time to reapply the medicine and put on new bandages. Tears gathered in her eyes as she stood in front of her dressing table mirror. She suddenly wanted her hero back again. She had never felt so safe as she did when he held her in his arms. This is crazy! Get a hold of yourself, Lane. You never needed anyone before, much less some guy. She quickly dabbed her face with one of her newly bandaged hands.

But, in spite of the pain and her argument with Clark, Lois was still awestruck by her hero. Never in her life would she have imagined such a thing was possible. A flying man?! It was like something out of a fairy tale or a Disney movie. Her grandma had told her about angels when she was a little girl, but she never expected to meet one as an adult. Questions rolled around in her mind. Was he truly real? The reports of the people at the hospital, the others he had rescued and even Clark seemed to think he was.

Was he an angel sent to help them? Or, was he a normal person who had found out a way to fly? How did he know that she and the others were in trouble? Why did he show up now, at this particular time and in this city? Did he have a family, a job, a favorite baseball team? Where did he get that cool outfit? Did he even know her name? And how in the world did he "eat" a bomb? Lois sighed. She guessed she'd just have to wait. She wasn't going to get any answers tonight.


"Lane! Kent! In my office, NOW!"

Sitting at their desks, the two star reporters looked in the general direction of Perry's office, glanced warily at each other, and replied nervously, "Coming, Chief!"

"Get in here, you two," Perry laid into them as soon as they were seated on the couch cattycorner to his large editor's desk. "What's this I hear about you two going solo on this story?! Last time I recall, I am still your boss. No one makes decisions like that around here, except me, not even my two star reporters. Now…"

"Perry, how did you…"

"I did not become editor-in-chief because I could darn socks, Kent! Now where was I…"

"Or yodel, Chief…" Lois offered helpfully.

"That's enough out of you, Lane! If I have to call you in here again this week like a kindergarten principal, you 'will' get a lengthy time out. Catch my drift?"

"Yes, Chief," Lois answered, momentarily humbled. And against her better judgment, she added, "But you know, Clark and I could use a break on this one and…"

"Lo-is. When I said this story was an exclusive, I meant a Planet exclusive, not a Kent exclusive, and certainly not a 'Mad Dog' Lane exclusive. DAILY PLANET. With me so far? To be honest, while I gave the challenge to everyone, I don't expect the story, at least not the front-page edition, to come from anyone but Lane and Kent. It's going to take all the investigative journalism skills you both possess to land this one. This is not your typical interview, as you both well know. This man, alien, machine or whatever the Sam Hill he is, definitely does not have a number in the phone book…"

Perry paused when Clark looked like he had something to say.

"You have something you want to share, Clark?"

"Uh, never mind, sir."

"Anyway, since our mystery man seems to appear whenever there's danger, I want at least one of you two on every medical emergency, natural disaster and crime story this side of Heaven! Understood? If one or both of you can't handle it, you'll be writing obits and covering the Metropolis Craft Festivals for the next five years! I'll see to it personally. Now, scat!"

"At least obits is one step up from unemployment," Lois pointed out.

"I heard that one, Lane!" Perry shouted as they retreated out of his office, properly chastised he hoped. "I bet the King never had this problem with Lisa Marie, he muttered to himself.

As soon as they had reached their desks, Clark sighed. "Guess we're stuck together on this one."

"Yep, let's get to work, Kansas."

"What? No 'Kent'?"

"It was getting stale. I'm trying to be more inventive. Look, Clark…"

"Lois, I…" Clark said at the same time as they looked at each other uncomfortably. He held up his hand and offered, "Let me explain first, Lois. I may have um…overreacted last night. You just got out of the hospital and I had no…"

"Clark, look, I was probably more obnoxious than usual yesterday," Lois interrupted a very surprised Clark. "I may have been here at the Planet longer than you, but that doesn't mean I really want to go solo on this assignment either. Truth is, I'm kinda getting used to having you around. And, if this is the 'story of the century,' I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather work with."

"Wow, Lois, uh…thanks. That means a lot coming from you. I really don't know what to say except that I feel the same way."

"Just don't forget my name goes first on the byline, Smallville."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, 'Metropolis.'"

"Cute, Kent, cute."

For the rest of the day, Lois and Clark were back in their usual reporting groove, as a very thankful Chief observed from his office window. After requesting Jimmy's usual excellent research help, the two reporters collaborated everything they knew about the mysterious superhero: eyewitness testimonies, how exactly the stranger had used his superhuman abilities to help, locations, physical description, etc. In the end, Lois and Clark believed they had enough to run a preliminary article in tomorrow's morning edition, at least on his introductory rescue of the attempted bombing by Hughes. But, they both decided an in- depth interview was definitely needed for the front page.

"How in the blue blazes are we supposed to manage that by tomorrow morning?" Lois groaned.

Clark felt uncomfortable. As great as it felt to be working with Lois on this, he was still puzzled on how to handle the interview part of it. True, Clark felt more in control being a part of his alter ego's supposed media debut. But, event covering was one thing, a face-to-face encounter with a reporter was another. So far, during the rescues yesterday and the one he snuck in just a few hours ago at lunch, he was able to avoid the TV and print media altogether, leaving them to continue to speculate about the miracles they were seeing. But, somehow, between last night and today, he had accepted the inevitable. He couldn't keep hiding. Not from the media, and not from himself, just like his Dad had said.

"Lois, I think we should file this story with Perry and then call it a day. I'm sure he doesn't expect an exclusive interview by tomorrow. Something will come up. Between the both of us, we'll be able to get the scoop on this guy. Chief was right. Together, we'll get the story."

"Clark, how can you be so confidant? I know you talked to the guy when he brought me to the hospital, and he rescued me, but how do we get a hold of him? Will he even be willing to talk to us? Does he even know my name, or yours for that matter?"

"Well, he definitely knew yours. He said 'Miss Lane' to the medical staff and he knew I worked with you at least."

"He knows my name?" Lois asked, delighted.

Clark loved the way Lois looked when her eyes lighted up like they were now. He couldn't imagine that he was the cause of such joy. "Yes, Lois, he does," Clark grinned.

"I guess we can call it a night, Clark. Do you mind finishing up here? I have some dream…I mean cleaning to do at my place."

"Sure thing, city girl, sure thing."



Clark stared in amazement at the headline that was posted on the front page of the Daily Planet the next morning. He couldn't believe he was news. Throughout his years of traveling around the world, Clark had used his unusual abilities to help others whenever he could, but they had never been made public. No one associated the mysterious rescues with anyone, least of all some "hack from No- wheres-ville," as Lois had dubbed him during his first week at the Planet.

When his mom and dad had helped him create the costume last week so he could openly use his powers, he hadn't counted on all this attention. Martha and Jonathon had tried to warn him to be careful, but he couldn't figure out why something that came so natural to him would cause such a media circus. Except now that the Planet had gotten on board, and he'd been practically browbeaten by Perry into accepting this assignment, it seemed he had little choice but to go along with the interview.

He had to decide how much to reveal about his past. If Lois was the interviewer, and he the interviewee (since when had he decided to give the exclusive to her? Well, who else but the best investigative reporter in the world? There really was no other option) he had to keep the upper hand. Should he be open with the fact that he was from another planet? How much detail should he give about his abilities and his limitations? And what was he going to call himself anyway?! He couldn't exactly tell her the truth, could he? How would she feel when she learned that her partner was really the hero everyone was so crazy about? And who'd believe it anyway?

"Hello, Earth to Clark!" Lois said as she waved her hand in front of her partner's eyes. "Where were you just now? Gotham City? We've got to move! There's a fire on at the Residential Care Center on Cedar you know we have to cover! Let's move, Kent!"

"You go on ahead Lois, I have to… uh… get my notepad. I'll catch up!

"Urgh! Hurry up, Clark!" Sometimes that farmboy, Lois thought to herself, as she ran to the elevator.

Clark dashed quickly to the supply closet where he hid the suit his mother had made for him. Making sure no one was watching, he ducked inside and changed clothes and identities at super speed. He definitely needed to find a better method than this otherwise he might risk the chance of being caught someday by an errant office boy or cleaning lady.

Rushing out the nearest window so fast as to appear invisible, Clark soared into the blue city skyline above. He could already hear the cries of an elderly couple trapped on the fifth floor as he rushed towards the care center.

"Hold on, Mary. I'm sure they'll be able to get up to us soon. Keep on praying, sweetheart," Kevin said as he held his wife of 50 years close on the tiny porch overlooking the anxious witnesses below. "I'll add some prayers of my own," he added softly.

"Help is here, folks. Just hang on tight," a deep voice said above them, as the flying stranger took hold of them.

"Kevin…Kevin…it really is an angel," Mary said reverently. "God must have sent him to us…"

Embarrassed, Clark was quick to correct her, "No, ma'am, just someone here to help."

"Mary, it's the man we've seen on TV, the 'Metropolis Mystery Man!' Hey, thanks, young man. We'd be goners for sure if it wasn't for you!" Kevin exclaimed.

"I still think he's an angel, Kev, I don't care what he says. He's just being modest," Mary whispered to her husband, unaware the hero could hear every word.

"My pleasure, sir, ma'am," Clark answered as he gently lowered the couple to the ground. Turning to the fire chief he asked, "Do you know if there are any more survivors up there?"

"I…I…don't think so… I asked the residential director and they all seem to be accounted for except for the Anderson couple you just rescued. Wait, hey, you really are real!" the chief exclaimed.

"Appears so…" Clark said shyly. "I'll take a look around just in case we missed someone."

"Wait…you can't go in there…you'll get burned! Hey, mister!"

But the costumed man was gone in a rush of wind.

"Hey, what's going on here?" a very shocked Lois Lane demanded of the fireman. "You can't just let him go in there like that! I know he flies… but… but…that doesn't mean he's invulner-…"

"Hey, Lane, you think I could stop him? He just…he…"

Suddenly the crowd grew completely quiet as the superhero emerged unscathed from the flames and the smoke carrying a small bundle in his cape. A murmur of awe emerged as Clark revealed a blonde-haired toddler with second degree burns covering her tiny body.

"Get the medics over here! This girl is injured! Everyone else stand back!" Clark ordered.

"Jenni! Jenni! My daughter…you saved my little girl!" a woman burst from the crowd with the EMTs in tow.

"Fire Chief Black, get everyone as far away from the building as possible. I'm going to put out the flames, but I need to make sure everyone is out of the way first! I don't want to risk anyone suffering from additional smoke inhalation."

"Sure thing! C'mon everyone, do as he says!"

"How in the world does he think he's going to be able to do that? Blow it out?" a doubting Thomas Jones called out.

"Hey, he got out of the fire OK, didn't he? And saved the lives of three people! I'd like to see anyone else do that!" another spectator challenged.

"Give the angel some room!" Mary Anderson called out from the ambulance in favor of her heavenly hero.

Clark ignored the speculation coming from below. The important thing was to get this fire stopped before it spread any further. Rising slightly above the building, the hero drew in a deep breath and released it into a powerful, ice-cold stream of energy. As soon as it came into contact with the incinerating structure, the flames hissed out immediately. Then, he began to fly in circles faster and faster until he had gathered all the smoke into a funnel of whirling air. Taking one last super breath, Clark directed the toxic air into space.

Seeing that his work was done, the mystery man was ready to dash off, until he heard the authoritative voice of the Daily Planet's star reporter calling out to him.

"Don't even think about moving, mister, without talking to me!"

The man who had braved smoke, flames and ungodly heat was now stayed by the command of one tiny woman a 100 feet below him. As he gently lowered himself down, he stayed hovering above Lois a good 10 feet in the air, with his arms folded across his chest.

"Yes? Can I help you with something, Ms. Lane?"

"You…you…do know my name…" Lois murmured.

"Excuse, me?"

"I need a quote for the Daily Planet. I didn't mean to yell at you. I just didn't want you to fly away."

"OK, I'd be glad to help."

"Why did you risk your life like that to save those people?"

"It's simple, Ms. Lane, they needed my help. That's why I'm here, to help whenever, wherever I can."

"Who are you?"

"A friend," he said simply. "Now if you'll excuse me…"

"Wait! One more thing? May I interview you…I mean may my partner Clark and I interview you? Exclusive, page one Daily Planet. The world needs to know, and we'll give you a chance to tell your side of it all in your own words. Guaranteed."

"I'll think about it, Ms. Lane, now I really must go. Look behind you."

The media had just spotted Lois and the superhero chatting one-on-one and they wanted to get in on the action. Before a mob started, Clark had to get out of there.

"Wait! But how do we contact you?" Lois called out desperately to the departing stranger.

"I'll be around." Wish a whoosh! he disappeared into a streak of blue and red above her.






"Now look boys and girls, these are great stories. But no one except Lois has been able to get two words out of this guy since his arrival over two weeks ago. And yes, we've scooped the Star and some of the broadcast media on these stories, but this is not the tell-it-all revelation story I'm demanding. Clark, Cat, Jon, good stories, but no quotes from the star player. And Jimmy, those were some great pictures, son. But, folks, I want more! Double your efforts and see who can't bring me a Pulitzer!"

As grown men and women scattered from beneath their editor's gaze like chastised children, Perry grinned. "Boy, I love the smell of fear in the newsroom."

Lois, Clark and Jimmy were the last ones to leave the conference room.

"Hold up, you three! I need to speak with you," Perry called out.

Simultaneously, Lois, CK and Jimmy froze, stared at each other warily and did an about-face back into the conference room.

Perry suppressed another smile, as he cleared his throat and began, "OK, kids, I need that interview! I bet my best Elvis album that one of you is on the right track, but are you working together? This is a team effort, you know. I won't accept anything less."

Surprised, Jimmy, asked shyly, "Me, Chief? I thought I was just a research assistant."

"Son, you are much more than that. If that's all I thought you had the potential to be, I wouldn't have even hired you. I think we all agree you have the makings of a real newspaperman. You just lack some experience and I believe Clark and Lois here can help you with that. Besides, those pictures you've taken of the rescues are first-rate."

"Thanks, Chief, I don't know what to say."

"He's right, Jimmy. There's no one besides Lois, here, I'd rather be working with."

"That goes for me, too, kid, but don't let the others in the office know. I can't let the 'Mad Dog' reputation go down the drain just yet," Lois smiled.

"Wow. I mean, that means a lot you guys."

Perry laughed whole-heartedly this time. "Now, let's get back down to business. This is how I want to plan this. Lois, you said our hero would get in touch with you, right?"

"Well…his exact words were 'I'll think about it.' And, when I asked how I could contact him, all he said was, 'I'll be around.' I really thought he'd have contacted us by now," Lois confessed, not being able to keep the disappointment out of her voice.

Clark shifted uncomfortably. He didn't know why he was stalling. He'd already decided to give the interview days ago. He just was a little scared. What if they recognize me? Clark thought to himself. But, if they did, wouldn't they have figured it out already? He'd been seen by Lois, Jimmy and even Perry at close-enough range and, well, nothing so far. Clark also didn't like the idea of Lois and Jimmy looking like they couldn't do their jobs. He needed to act, and needed to act fast.

"Well, Lois, I need you to keep hounding him at each opportunity. Clark, I want you to be fast on track with all the emergencies that come up. Jimmy, you're right behind him as the main photographer."

"Thanks, Chief! Isn't this cool, CK?" said Jimmy, obviously thrilled.

Clark smiled in response.

"Now, go get 'em kids!"


That evening at his Clinton Avenue apartment, Clark decided just to get it over with. Otherwise, he was going to have to come up with some fancy excuses why he wasn't on the scene with Jimmy during all the emergency stories. He knew Lois and Jimmy were working late and decided to visit them at the Planet office.

Removing his glasses and adorning his suit from the secret compartment hidden in his closet at super speed, the hero sped out into the cool, starry night. As the buildings, parks, schools, churches and other structures that dotted the Metropolis skyline sped by, he quickly noticed the silver-colored dome shining brilliantly on the Daily Planet building. As he descended to the street below, a young photographer whirled out of the revolving door smack dab into the hero's solid chest.

"Woah, there! I'm not a revolving door, too!" the stranger smiled at the young man.

"It's…it's you! I can't believe I just ran smack dab into… you…I mean…" Jimmy stuttered.

"It's James Olsen, right? I recognize you from covering the rescue scenes with Ms. Lane and Mr. Kent."

"You…you…know who I am? Wow! I mean I can't believe it! It's just so good to meet you in person! Wow!" said a very stunned Jimmy.

"Are you busy, right now? I've heard that the people of the world have some questions about me and I did promise your partners that I'd give them an exclusive. Care to join in?"

"Would I! I can't believe this is happening! But, I have to be honest, man. I'm not exactly a partner with Lois and Clark, more like their photographer and assistant reporter."

"Hey, Jimmy! I wouldn't say that at all. You're as much a partner to me on this assignment as Clark is!" Lois called out, exiting the lobby excitedly.

"Evening, Ms. Lane. Is this a convenient time for you for the interview?"

"I…I…can't believe you're finally here! I mean…this is such an honor! I've got to call my partner, Clark Kent. He should be here, too!"

"Well, actually, Ms. Lane, I already ran into Mr. Kent on his way home from the office. His folks are coming into town tonight, so I talked to him earlier. I gave his some quotes regarding the rescue missions I've helped at since coming to Metropolis. He wanted me to leave the personality questions to you and James here," he explained.

"Actually, it's just Jimmy," he explained shyly.

"Well, how about we all go upstairs to the conference room?"

"That sounds great, Ms. Lane. And 'Jimmy.'"

Jimmy grinned.

"And please, call me Lois."


"There's a large window in the conference, room, right?" the hero asked.

"Yes… yes… but why…?" Lois stammered.

"Let's just say, we won't be needing the stairs."

Before they realized it, he took a firm, yet gentle hold of Lois and Jimmy.

"What in heaven's name are you do…! We're flying!"

"This is totally cool!"

"Technically, its called floating," he explained as the two reporters felt the confines of gravity melting away. They went slow at first, the wind ruffling their hair only slightly. Lois grabbed hold of the strong arm that had supported her once before as she slowly opened her eyes to take in the beauty of the city around her.

"This is amazing!"

"You take it for granted after awhile, though. See, to me, it's as natural as taking a walk in the park."

"Some park!" Jimmy said, letting out a large whoop! that echoed all around them.

"Ready to go faster? Hang on tight!"

With a rush of air, the three "floaters" became flyers until they arrived at the conference room floor. With a breath, the super hero blew the window open and settled his stunned passengers easily on the floor. Lois' legs were unsteady after such an amazing trip and she couldn't quite keep her mouth from gaping open at him.

"I still can't believe this! This is utterly fantastic!" Lois managed to get out.

"My pleasure, Ms. La…Lois. Should we get on with the interview?"

"Uh, sure… um, would you like to sit…down."

"It's OK, Lois, you don't have to be nervous."

"N-nervous…what makes you say that?" Lois asked, running her hand through her shoulder-length brown hair.

"Well, your pulse is above normal, you're sweating and you're stuttering. Just relax and think of me as any normal person," the superhero tried to put her at ease.

"You could tell all that by just looking at me could you?"

"Well, yes. Besides being able to fly and being invulnerable to most things, I also have hearing and visual abilities that are way above normal, Lois."

Grabbing her pen and paper, Lois started jotting all these things down. Jimmy snapped a couple of pictures right off the bat, especially when the man being interviewed took a small jump into the air and landed in an Indian-style pose about three feet off the ground.

"I guess he didn't need a chair after all, Lois," Jimmy pointed out, giving a thumbs-up to the floating hero, which was returned.

"Guess, not. Anyway, before we go any further, what is your name by the way?"

"You mean like Ralph or something?"

"Is that your name, then?"

"No. You can just say that I'm a friend."

"Listen, mister, that's not going to cut it. The public is going to want something to call you besides 'Metropolis Mystery Man.'"

"Well, what do you think they should call me?"

"How about your real name?!" Lois exclaimed getting agitated.

"It's not quite that easy, Lois. That would take some explanation. As you could probably tell, I'm not really from around here."

"No, kidding."

Jimmy stood besides the two in question, utterly shocked. He couldn't believe Lois was pulling out the "Mad Dog" Lane routine with a man who was flying, or floating around the newsroom; she was either really brave or really crazy. Jimmy decided she was a little bit of both.

"All right, then. This is an interview, but we'll tackle your name question later. And here I thought that would be the easiest one to answer," Lois muttered. "Where do you come from, then?" she asked.


"Excuse, me?"

"Krypton. K-R-Y-P-T-O-N. It's a planet from several galaxies away that exploded when the sun died out. As far as I know, I'm the last surviving person from my home. It seems I was the only one who was able to escape the destruction."

"I-I had no idea. I'm so sorry."

"Lois, Jimmy. I'd better say this right now. While I want to answer questions for the interview, I'll warn you, I won't go into too much detail. As you may know, I'm already a high-profile figure and who knows what personal information could be used against anyone and me even remotely associated with me. Do you understand?"

"But, you're invulnerable and probably the strongest man alive! Don't you think you could handle any situation?" Jimmy asked stunned.

"No, Jimmy. I think he's right. Even though he's strong, fast and has amazing abilities, he's only one person…and…

"One person can't be everywhere at once," the hero added, appreciative of Lois' understanding. She nodded in agreement.

"Let me just tell you what I can. I'm sure it will be enough for your interview. As you know, I can fly. Just how fast, I'm not sure because I never timed myself. I seem to be able to hear when people are in danger from even hundreds of miles away. I can see through almost any solid object and can see things both in tiny detail and from a very far distance. As you've witnessed from some of the rescues, I can freeze fires with my breath or blow objects out of harm's way. I also have…well…let me show you. It's kind of hard to explain. Do you have a piece of paper that you're not needing?"

"Yes, here you go," offered a very fascinated Jimmy, as he handed the mystery man an old issue of the Daily Planet.

"OK, let me warn you to step back, but don't be alarmed. It's just easier to show you than explain." With that, he concentrated his powerful gaze on the paper in front of him. Lois and Jimmy watched transfixed as his eyes began to glow red and two thin red beams came shooting out of them. The paper then began to smoke and smolder as the beams came in contact with it. Soon, it was on fire. Before anyone could panic, he blew his cold breath in even streams onto the paper to douse the flames.

"I guess you could call that my heat vision," the hero shyly offered to the two amazed reporters.

"I guess so. That…was…remarkable," Lois said.

"Woah," was all Jimmy could get out.

"I hope I didn't alarm you. I'm not used to 'showing off' as it were. I only use these abilities when needed, and never to harm anything or anyone. I promise," he explained.

"I believe you. Somehow, even though I don't really know you, I know just from watching you help people, and the way you rescued me, that you'd never use your powers for anything but good," Lois said.

"You don't know how much that means to me, Lois. I guess you could say that's one reason I avoided an interview with the press for so long. I didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression."

"Don't worry. We'll do everything in our power to present you in the best light, because that's the truth. And I think that's why you're here, right?" Lois said.

"Yes. I just want to help. I don't know why I have these powers, Lois, Jimmy. But I know there are things in the world I can change for the better, just like any normal person. I just happen to do it in a 'slightly' different way," he said.

"I guess now we realize why you don't want to give your real name, but what should we call you? You kind of remind me of all those superheroes I read in the comic books when I was a kid, except you actually exist," Jimmy said.

"Well, I'm no 'super' hero, I'm just a man. Well, a space man actually," he grinned at his lame joke.

"Look, you two. We are not calling him 'Spaceman.' It just won't work. People will expect him to turn green at any minute and that is definitely not good public relations. Jimmy you think he's super…and our hero here thinks he's just another man, except from space. So…give me a minute…"

Nudging their floating guest, Jimmy said, "Lois is good at this type of stuff. She comes up with cool headlines all the time!"

The two men stared as Lois's mind ticked.

"Superhero, man, spaceman, super alien man…"

"Uh… Jimmy, I don't think so…"

"Just give her a chance you'll see."

"…Super spaceman, Super…man…Superman!"

"Superman? I don't know if I…"

"It's perfect 'Superman'! You're a superhero, whether you like it or not. You've been saving people all the time since you came here. And you want to be thought of as an ordinary man, so there you go!" Jimmy said excitedly.

"So, you think it will work?" the hero questioned.

"Definitely. Superman just feels right," Lois offered. "But it's you're call…"

"No, you're right. It does feel right somehow. Thanks for the help!"

"Well, Superman, now that we have your name figured out, do you mind if we ask you some other questions?"

"Shoot, Lois."

"Do you live in Metropolis or do you just happen to travel from city to city?"

"I would call the whole city my home, Lois. Metropolis is definitely where I hang my cape you could say. But, I try to help anyone who's in trouble no matter where they are."

"You said you could hear when people are in danger, before. How exactly?"

"I can't really explain it. Amplified sound, maybe, but it's part instinct, too. It's just part of who I am, as normal as breathing is to most people."

As the reporter and the newly dubbed superhero talked to each other, two things struck Lois: his humility and his humanity. Despite being the strongest person on the planet, and perhaps the galaxy, Superman wasn't arrogant, boastful or rude. In fact, he seemed to downplay his abilities rather than show them off. And even when he had showed them his heat vision, he was very shy afterwards. After Lois was done with her questions, Jimmy asked Superman about his hobbies, likes and dislikes.

"So, Superman, what's your favorite color?"

"Blue, like the sky in the early morning."

"Favorite holiday?"

"I'd say Christmas, definitely. It's great to see families and loved ones come together."

"Sports teams?"

Laughing, "I'd better not say. I don't want to start out with a lot of bad fan mail. But, I always root for Metropolis U.: all their teams, naturally."


"Star Wars, the first one. Gotta love the light saber duels and all those aliens. Makes me hope I'm not alone out there," Superman joked.

"TV show?

"On-air or off-air?"

"Either, Superman."

"OK, it'd have to be a tossup between 'I Love Lucy' and the 'Star Trek' series."

"Aliens again?"

"You got it."

"And, Lucy definitely could act like an alien," Lois added.


"Do you believe in a higher power, Superman? Like a religion or something?"

"Well, Jimmy, the one thing I do know is that with all the wonder I'm privileged to see around the world, it only makes sense that God exists, and that He cares for us. The good I see in humanity proves that much."

"Wow. I guess I'd think with all the bad you see fighting crime and natural disasters that you'd be more…well, cynical. Heck, I probably would!" Jimmy commented.

"Well, I may not be 'human' technically, Jimmy, but I do have my bad days. I guess with all the darkness out there, the good becomes more apparent, more brilliant. It helps me out whenever I feel down or depressed about the suffering and crime in the world."

"Superman, that is wonderful. Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to talk to us. We really appreciate it. The Daily Planet thanks you, and the city thanks you," Lois said.

"I'm just doing my job, Lois, like anyone else. The work you, Jimmy and the rest of the Planet staff do every day is an asset to the city. I've been reading your work…and…"

"Y-you read my work?" asked an amazed Lois.

"Of, course. Now, I'd better be going, I still have the city to patrol. But can I offer one or both of you a lift home? It is getting late," Superman offered.

"No thanks, Superman. I mean flying's great and all, but I've had enough excitement for one evening," Jimmy answered.

"I-I would love, too, Superman, I mean, if it's not too much trouble. I'm sure you have more important things to do and you probably don't have time to drop off every journalist in the city at home. I mean if you did, people would be calling on you at all hours of the day to be their own personal taxi cab and…"

"It's all right, Lois," the hero cut in. "I wouldn't have offered otherwise."

"Well, OK then. Bye, Jimmy, see you tomorrow."

"Bye, Lois. Bye, Superman, thanks a lot!"

"No problem, Jimmy. Get home safe now, OK?"

"Sure thing."

Once Jimmy had left the Planet conference room, Lois shifted uncomfortably now that she was alone with Superman. Breathe, Lois, breathe, she chanted to herself in an effort to calm down. His kind gaze was fully upon her now with one hand extended.

"Are you ready, Lois?"

"Um…um…let me just get my p-purse…"

Smiling softly, Superman asked, "Are you nervous again? We've just spent two hours getting to know each other and your pulse is still going a mile a minute. Or is it just flying?"

"I guess it is silly, huh? But…but can I be honest with you?"

"Please do."

"I guess its just you're simply amazing. The idea that someone who flies is real, not just a Hollywood movie or a fairytale, is totally incredible. I'm not usually like this at interviews. I've talked to sports stars, movie celebrities and top politicians. I've been in front of criminals too many times to count, as you know, but I've never felt off-center. You-you seem to do that to me. You're not what I expected at all. I would think someone with your abilities would be more… aloof… and…"

"Gee, thanks."

"No, it's just some of the other people I've met who are smart, accomplished, famous or 'super' have an attitude. You don't. Besides the powers-thing, you're, well, normal, an everyday guy who just happens to be gravity-free. I think that's pretty wonderful. I mean, you treat flying like it's walking. To me…well…it's a dream. I never thought I'd be soaring without an airplane or parachute. And now twice in one day is…well…it's a bit amazing- even to someone like me."

"Wow. I guess I never thought of it from another person's point of view before. I guess it does seem a little strange. But, Lois, without these powers, and even with them, I am like a normal guy. I just…I guess I have to keep my private life more private considering all this attention I've been getting. I didn't expect it honestly. Thank you, though, for recognizing whom I really am. And I'm honored if I'm able to fulfill anyone's hopes or dreams. That's amazing, too."

"Well, I guess we're both pretty amazing, then. I'm ready now, Superman."

As he took her gently in his strong embrace, they soared into the beautiful night's sky. In the arms of her angel, Lois Lane lived her dream. With his dream-lady in his arms, Clark "Superman" Kent beheld his angel.


"We are each of us angels with only one wing, to fly we need only embrace each other." ~ Source Unknown

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." ~ Walt Disney