Sweet Wine

By Bhavi Rao (Bhavi11@aol.com)

Summary: Alone on New Year's Eve, Lois goes over to Clark's apartment to surprise him with dinner.


Clark on New Year's Eve

"What a day!"

Clark changed out of his suit and into shorts . It was New Year's Eve and not a thing had gone right. Lois and he had gotten into a fight in the morning. Perry was still cranky over losing Alice. And the wide world of crime went into overtime on the holidays. His parents had gone on a cruise for New Year's and he was home alone.

He made himself a sandwich, but could barely take two bites out of it "This is a great way to start the year," he said as he closed his eyes for a nap.


Lois on New Year's Eve.

Lois sat at home, mad as ever. Clark was the only man she let beyond her stone forts of emotions she had built over the years. So, when the slightest thing went wrong, she would get mad. When he pointed this out to her, she got mad and they fought. She wished they hadn't fought, not over that anyway.

The day went from bad to worse. Her sister ran off to some party with Jimmy. Her mother was spending the day with her new boyfriend. Her father was still lost in the world of science.

She sat and watched the 10 o'clock news. Clark was all over the place today. She noticed he looked so stressed and tired. "Maybe I do drive him a little crazy."

She decided that the only place she wanted to be that night was in his arms. Grabbing her keys, she ran out of the house.


The Apartment

She unlocked the door to find the place was a mess. She noticed the food he had taken to eat. "Poor baby," she thought.

She went into the bedroom to see the man she loved asleep. She ran her fingers through his hair and down his bare back. He was so tired he didn't even notice it. She looked up at the clock. 11:35. "Huh, time enough to really surprise him!"

She ran around the kitchen making a pasta dinner. He had some wine from the last time he took her to France for a day.

11:55 …The smell of the food ( but mostly Lois's perfume) woke him up. Lois was watching TV and having some wine when he called out her name. "Lois?" He hoped his senses were not tricking him.

"Hi." She walked into the room in one of his shirts.

"Hi. God, am I glad to see you! Lois, I'm sorry if…"

"Look, Clark, let's forget about it. Dinner?"

"Smells good …"


She turned to get some for him when he pulled her back to kiss her.

"1973? The stuff we bought together in France."

"Mmmm, you remembered."

(TV):"7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy 1996!"

"Happy New Year, Clark …" She jumped into his arms.

"Happy New Year, Lois …" He led her into the bedroom. And dinner became breakfast.