The Best Valentine's Day Gift

By RodStewFan <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: October, 2005

Summary: Lois has a surprise gift for Clark on Valentine's Day.


14th February 1997

Lois and Clark entered their brownstone, after finishing work. They hung up their coats. Lois went through the mail. She found a large pink envelope with her name on it. She looked at Clark and she smiled, then opened the envelope and read the words. A tear rolled down her cheek as she wondered what she'd ever done to deserve him.

"Thank you." She kissed him then put the card on top of the fireplace before she looked through the rest of the mail. "Oh, here's two for you."

She handed the cards to Clark. He took them and opened them both and smiled. They were both from Lois, but one was addressed to Clark Kent and the other was addressed to Superman.

"Huh, cute, very cute." He kissed her. "So I've booked us a table at Mario's for nine and I thought we could maybe go see a bad movie; makeout in the back row."

"Clark Jerome Kent, you're incorrigible." She looked down at the mail, grinning. "Oh, you have another card." She handed it to him. He opened it. "Who's it from?" she asked.

"Err no one," Clark said, trying to hide the card.

"Come on, who's it from?" She made a grab for it, but he snatched it out the way. As he did, he fell onto the couch, taking her with him. "Clark, it's not funny, let me see!" She began thumping his chest, which Clark took as playful and so he began wrestling with her. "Clark, tell me who it's from."

"Why? It doesn't matter. It's no big deal."

"If it's no big deal then it doesn't matter if…" She grabbed it, this time getting it. "…I see it."

Lois read the card. Clark winced, waiting for her reaction. She sat up. Her chin dropped as she continued to read. "Huh. Lana."

"It doesn't mean anything, Lois. It's just a sort of a joke between us. We've been sending cards to each other for years." Lois stood up and looked at him.

"Wait. You sent her a card?"

"No, no, I haven't sent her one since we started dating."

"Uh huh. So this is what? Just a joke?"


"Well it doesn't sound like a joke. She says she misses you and that breaking up was the biggest mistake she made and she wants you back. The little…she knows you're married."

"Lois, this doesn't mean anything." He took the card and set fire to it with his heat vision and threw it into the fireplace. "See! She may want me back but I am not available because I'm yours." He kissed her. "Now, how about you go get ready so we can celebrate our Valentine's Day?"

"You're mine, huh?"

"Yep, forever and always." He kissed her. "I love you. I always have, from the moment I met you, and after three-and-a-half years I still get tingles just thinking about you. She never made me feel like that."

"Oh, Clark. You're such a romantic."

"Well, let's go get ready so I can romance you more."


Lois and Clark came out of the movie theatre. Lois was laughing and Clark didn't quite know why.

"Huh? Oh, come on, Clark, that was a good movie." She smiled.

"It was all right, but a bunch of guys taking their *kit* off just doesn't appeal to me."

"Oh, lighten up. It was funny. Who knew the Brits could make good films?"

"The Italian Job."

"Four Weddings and a Funeral."

Clark rolled his eyes. "Okay it was slightly amusing. A little hard to believe though."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, six grown men stripping just because they can't find work."

"Come on, let's go. I'm starving."

"Hum, well, I hope you don't plan on getting much sleep. You know what pasta does to me." He smiled and kissed her. "Hum, maybe I'll give you your own personal performance of The Full Monty."

"Now, that would be worth seeing."


Later, Lois and Clark returned home. Clark was kissing at her neck and ear as Lois tried to unlock the door. When she got it opened, she turned round in his arms and kissed him. They walked up the stairs, discarding their clothes on the way. By the time they got to the bedroom, they are both stripped to the waist.

They lay on the bed, kissing. Clark listened to Lois' heartbeat as he always did when they made love. But this time he could hear another, softer, quicker sound as well as the quick drumming of Lois's heart. He stopped kissing her and looked at her.

"Hum, Clark?" she protested at him stopping so abruptly and opened her eyes and looked at him. "Oh, no. Not tonight."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Clark said looking into her eyes.

"Hum, tell you what?" she asked, planting soft kisses up his jawline, hoping to encourage him to continue what they were doing.

"About the baby." Lois stopped kissing him and looked at him, confused.

"What baby?"

"You don't know?" he asked.

Lois had again started to kiss the other side of his jaw, losing interest in the conversation. "Hum, know what?"

"Lois, you're pregnant."

"What!?" Lois sat up rather too quickly and bumped heads with Clark. "OW!" She grabbed her forehead and lay back down on the pillow. Before she realised he had gone, Clark had fetched an icepack and placed it on her forehead.

"You all right?" he asked, holding the pack to the bump on her head.

"How do you know?"

"Err, I erm, I was listening to your heartbeat and I could hear another one." He looked at her. "So, either you've grown another heart or…"

"I'm pregnant," she said softly, not quite knowing what to do with the information.

"Yeah." Clark smiled. "You all right?"

"Huh? I don't know. Five minutes ago, we were about to make love. I had no idea we had already made a baby. My head's cold."

"That's the ice," Clark explained. He wasn't too sure what to do. He wanted to scream that his wife was going to have his baby. But he didn't know how she felt about it. They'd talked about children and that she did want children when the time was right. But was the timing right? They'd only been married four months.

"That would explain it, " she said, staring at him and removing the icepack a she sat up. "We should be sure. Maybe you didn't hear right or…"

"You want me to take a look? You know…" He pointed at his eyes.

"Err, no, no, I mean…well could it hurt it?" she asked. "You know, like pregnant woman aren't supposed to have x-rays, are they? I think I read that somewhere. Would that have the same effect?"

"Hum. Good point."

"Well, we'll have to do one of those home tests." She looked at Clark. "Well?"


"Go get one no, two, just to be sure."


"I can't wait 'til tomorrow."

"Where am I going to find a drugstore open at this time of night?"

"I don't know. Where in the world is a drugstore open?"

"You want me to go as Superman?"

"Well, don't go into the store as Superman, that might rouse suspicion as to why Superman is buying a pregnancy test." Clark sighed. He knew she wouldn't be able to sleep until she knew for sure.

"Okay." He nodded.

"Thank you." She smiled and kissed his cheek. He stood up and spun into his suit then flew out of the window. Lois stood up and started to pace. <What if Clark was right? What if she was pregnant? They would be parents. Clark would be a daddy. She was going to have his baby. > A huge smile spread across her face at her last thought. She hadn't thought she wanted children, until she fell in love with Clark. But the thought of having his baby made her feel so happy she wanted to scream out that she was having Clark Kent's baby.


Ten minutes later, Clark came back in the window and landed softly by the bed. He spun into a pair of black silk sleep shorts. Lois was now wearing the matching nightshirt to go with it.

"Where have you been?" she asked, taking the bag Clark handed her. She looked in it.

"I had to go to London, " he explained.

"Oh, well, I should go, err, do this." She went into the bathroom. Clark stood outside and began to pace, running his hands through his hair.

"If I'm like this waiting for the results, what am I going to be like in the delivery room?" he mumbled.

"What?" Lois said through the door.

"I was just thinking how useless I'm going to be."

"You'll be a great dad. Haven't we been through this before?"

"That's not what I meant. I mean in the delivery room. What is there for me to do?"

"Take my abuse?" Lois teased. Clark smiled.

"I do that anyway, don't I?"

"Watch it, Flyboy."

"So what does it say?" he called through the door.

"It's not done yet." Lois called back. There had been two test devices in each box, so she'd done all four. She figured if three of them were the same then she would take that as the answer. She just hoped that it wasn't two and two.

"Well? Anything yet?" Clark said impatiently, but there was no answer. "Lois?"

The door opened and Lois walked out, tears in her eyes. Clark wasn't sure if it was because she was upset because she was or because she wasn't. "Lois?" He whispered.

A grin spread across her face and she wiped a tear from her cheek. "We're going to have a baby." She laughed, then kissed him. "We're going to have a baby, baby!"

"You're not upset?" Clark asked, stunned that she wasn't a little worried. He'd expected her to be freaked out a little.

"Why should I be upset> I'm having a baby with the man I love." She kissed him, a big grin on her face. "Mmm. I love you, Clark Kent."

"Mmm, I love you too, Lois Lane-Kent." They fell onto the bed. "This is the best Valentine's Day gift." He kissed her and they made love.