Double Misdirection

By RL <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: September, 2003

Summary: When Clark confronts Lex Luthor and Wanda Detroit, he finds that a careful choice of words can make all the difference. A plot untwist based on the episode "Double Jeopardy."

This vignette is a plot untwist taking place during the episode, "Double Jeopardy." The episode this story is derived from was written by Eugene Ross- Leming and Brad Buckner. Some dialog below is taken from that episode.


Clark entered the Ace of Clubs, ambivalent about what he would find. Jimmy was quite positive that Lois could be found here as a singer working under the name of Wanda Detroit. If Lois was indeed here, it was clear some sort of amnesia was at work, or else she would have contacted him long ago. Right at the entrance was a sign which, sure enough, advertised the name of the woman who was the central character of Lois' romance novel. Clark smiled in anticipation of seeing his fianc‚ again.

Clark walked up to the bartender, who asked him, "What can I offer today?"


"The capital of Connecticut is Hartford," said the bartender in a smart-alecky tone.

Clark rolled his eyes at the comment and pressed onwards. "I'm looking for Lo…Wanda Detroit. I'm her fianc‚."

"Fianc‚? What's your name?" asked a tough-looking man standing at the bar drinking a beer.

"Kent. Clark Kent."


"I'm not sure I can do what you said…"

"Of course you can, Wanda," said Lex. "You're a thespian."

Wanda sat back against her seat and stared ahead with an uncertain look on her face. Lex looked at her, grinned evilly, and started the engine. Pressing the accelerator down, he was surprised to find that the car wasn't going anywhere. Glancing downward, he could see that the car was properly in gear. It simply wasn't moving.

Before he could look back up, though, the door was yanked open and a hand grabbed his collar. With surprising strength, Lex was pulled out of the car and shoved against it. Staring angrily at him was Clark Kent. Prepared for any eventuality, though, Lex merely smiled pleasantly at Clark.

Clark snarled at him. "Why did I trust you even for a second?"

Lex noticed Clark looking past him and then felt the grip on his shirt relax and disappear. Lex watched as Clark ran up to Lois and gave her a great bear hug.

"Oh, Lois. Thank goodness, I found you. I can't believe it. I've missed you so much."

"Clark, we have to talk," Wanda replied. "I'm staying with Lex. I love him, and I want to be with him."

Looking perplexed Clark stammered, "Wh…what? I don't understand. We love each other."

"No, Clark. I was just fooling myself. I had doubts, but was too afraid to mention them. I think we've been saved from making a dreadful mistake. I don't want to marry you any longer. I love Lex and want to be with him."

"That can't be." Clark looked back at Luthor and demanded of him, "What did you do to her?"

"Nothing, dear boy. Lois just realizes that I'm her true love. Now if you don't mind, we have to leave. Nothing personal, but remember that I always win."

Clark angrily replied, "I WILL find out what you did to her, and I WILL find you, Luthor. That's a promise."

"If it makes you happy. If you'll excuse us, though…"

Wanda walked back around and got into the car while Clark stood looking helpless. Lex got back behind the wheel, revved the engine once, and then drove off. Clark watched, expressionless, as the car disappeared into the distance.


Just as the car disappeared out of sight, Clark felt arms surround him from behind. Clark turned into those arms, gave a great smile, and hungrily kissed the woman standing before him. They broke the kiss reluctantly after a time, but stayed within each other's arms.

"It worked like a charm, Clark."

"It sure did. Once I pick up the tracking signal from that device Jimmy got for me from Spies 'R Us that your clone has with her, I'll be able to grab Luthor and Asabi and anyone else Luthor has working for him. They'll all be back in prison before the night's out."

Lois' reply was a dazzling smile that left him breathless.

"We were lucky you didn't introduce yourself as just Clark back there in the club or else I might have run away from you. Saying you were both Clark and Kent made me very curious about you, and you know me when I get curious about something. And I am SO bu glad I told you about Mr. Wells when he brought me back from that alternate universe a couple of weeks ago," Lois said. "If you didn't know about that phrase, 'Let the memories unspool' and say it to me, I might be the one driving off with Lex as we speak. Instead, that marvelous phrase not only allowed me to remember again what we did back in 1966, but it unlocked all my other memories, too. Remind me to thank Mr. Wells if we see him again.

"And it's a good thing my clone was so cooperative," Lois continued. "It seems she likes you, Clark. She was born to act. And she'll do anything when you promise her a new wardrobe."

Clark laughed heartily. "We owe her a lot. She'll deserve every outfit we buy her." Glancing around, Clark whispered to her, "Let's get out of here and go get married right now. Your clone will keep Luthor busy for a little while, so Perry can perform the ceremony without any interruptions."

After a smile and a gentle kiss on the lips from Lois, Clark spun into the suit, picked her up, and took off into the sky.


P.S. As you might suspect by now, this story was actually written for two challenges: the plot untwist, short-circuiting the remaining episodes of the Argh! and CC Aiken's "Unspool" challenge. :) Hope you enjoyed it!