Ups and Downs

By Round Robin

Summary: Lois and Clark's date at a carnival begins with adventure on the ferris wheel. A multiauthored story by Lynn Baldwin, Jennilyn Lazo, Katie Higgins, Leigh Raglan and Lynda (Rxiris).

(This story is a group fanfic - a story written in parts by a group of AOL fans. It was written over the span of a few months, so it doesn't really follow along with the continuity of the show - but we had fun writing it!)

Lynn Baldwin (


Lois and Clark walked hand in hand, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the carnival. The aroma of cotton candy, the merry-go-round music and the laughter of children reminded Lois of the Smallville festival she and Clark had attended last year on a story. She smiled as she thought of how their relationship had changed since then.

"Lois, do you want to try the Ferris wheel?" Clark asked, pulling her towards it.

Lois automatically started to say no, then caught herself. Since she and Clark started dating, she found herself doing all sorts of things that she normally wouldn't - and really enjoying them! When Clark had suggested coming to the carnival, it seemed like a childish way to spend a Saturday evening. But now that she was there, she was having a great time and the Ferris wheel beckoned.

They took their seats moments before the giant wheel began to spin. Lois snuggled up against Clark, delighted in the feelings of being so near to him.

"Look, Clark, you can see the Daily Planet building from up here." Lois exclaimed with the excitement of a little girl spotting an airplane. Clark peered between the spokes of the Ferris wheel in the direction that Lois indicated.

"I can't believe Perry is working on a Saturday," Clark absent- mindedly commented.

"And how do you know he is?" Lois asked.

Clark didn't want to admit that not only could he see the outline of the Planet building, he could see through the walls and into Perry White's office, where the editor sat with his feet propped up on his desk in from on an 8 x 10 of Elvis. "Well, he's not here. I mean, I thought he and Alice would be here for sure. Especially since the Elvis impersonator contest is going on."

Lois chuckled as she thought of Perry, decked out in fringe and a black toupee, participating in the Elvis contest which was taking place just a few feet away from the Ferris wheel. Strains of a very bad rendition of "Blue Suede Shoes" assaulted her ears. Too bad Perry wasn't there - he might actually have a chance of winning!

The Ferris wheel continued its rotation, presenting Lois and Clark with different views of the carnival as their car ascended and descended. Suddenly, the metal car they rode in lurched upwards with a screech, then quickly dropped. The strong arm of Clark Kent was all that prevented Lois Lane from flying up into the air. "Clark!" she screeched.

"Are you all right?" he asked, as he quickly looked around at the other riders. Everyone else seemed okay, albeit a little shaken.

"I'm fine," Lois answered, quickly regaining her composure. "How about youuuuuuuuuu?"

Her words were carried by the wind as the car suddenly shot upwards, then stopped with a jolt at the very top.


Jennilyn Lazo (

"Oh, God, we're at the top," Lois said, the fear obvious in her voice. She tugged on his shirt as she continued, "This isn't a Ferris wheel — it's a ROLLERCOASTER!!"

"Hey, you always said you like to be on top." He smiled, hoping Lois would, too. He had promised her a time to remember, but this wasn't exactly what he had planned.

But she did smile. A big, grateful one. She knew she could always depend on Clark to bring her spirits up, and she definitely needed that now. Burying her face in Clark's shirt, she clung to him for safety. Feeling his strong arms wrap around her, she wasn't afraid anymore, knowing that Clark was near.

"Shhh, it'll be alright. You'll see," he reassured her in a soothing voice. He really was worried at this point, since he couldn't use his powers or change to the blue suit. He dismissed those thoughts, though, as he felt the car slowly descend. Her eyes still closed, Lois was greatly comforted by him. She marveled at what was happening, and at what she felt. She had been in his arms a thousand times before — yet she had never felt this way. Sure, they shared many a friendly hug, though now, it just seemed — different. Now, somehow, it meant more. But her thoughts were interrupted as she felt Clark's grip ease.

"W-where are we?? WHAT'S happening?" She began to grow hysterical.

"Hey, hey, calm down. It's okay. We're on the ground."

"Huh? Oh, sorry." She shook out of her daze. As the door opened, she hurriedly stepped out.

"NOW where are you off to?" he asked, although he had an idea of where she'd be going.

"Where else? To give them a piece of MY mind!!" She stomped her way to the man operating the ride. Clark tried to catch up to her, hoping that *piece* wouldn't be a huge one.


"Lois, at least he TRIED to explain."

"Really?? 'Something went wrong with the ride'. Funny, but I've heard THAT a couple of times before."

"Well, maybe if you had given him a chance, he could have made it more specific." Again, he was trying to catch up to Lois. He gently grabbed her shoulders. "Okay, so we got off to a bumpy start. Let's not let it ruin the rest of the night. Deal?" He extended his hand.

"Deal," she said with a smile, accepting his hand. As their hands parted, the handshake seemed to linger as they both held on to each other. It reminded them both of the handshake that also lingered that day in the Planet, the day of their first date — the day that changed their lives forever.

They approached a game booth, hand-in-hand. A young man beckoned them to come. "C'mon folks, give this a try. All ya gotta do is use this here baseball, and knock of all them bottles."

Lois was again growing excited. "Aw, c'mon Clark, it'll be fun!! Try it!!"

"Well…" He felt hesitant.

"Give it a shot! I'm sure this here pretty lady would like a prize. Besides, you look like you could take on Superman!"

Both Lois and Clark grinned at the compliments. "Oh, what the heck. Sure!" He handed the young man a ticket.

"Alright! Here ya go! Give it a whirl!"

Clark took the baseball. Winding up, he gave it his best shot. Clunk! The sound of broken bottles could be heard. Yes, the pitch had been good. In fact, maybe a little too good it burned a hole right though the back wall.

The young man's jaw dropped in amazement. So did Lois'. For a complete minute, no one there said a word.

"Well, well, would ya lookee at that! I ain't seen anyone pitch like that in my life!"

Lois looked to Clark for an answer. "Well, uh, I, uh, played in college. I was known for my fast balls. Didn't call it 'Clark's Crusher' for nothing!" A sigh of relief.

"That's for sure! Looks like the lil' lady won a prize. Go ahead, take your pick!"

As Lois was being fascinated with a wide array of huge teddy bears, dogs, and other stuffed animals, Clark was distracted. By the sound of screams. He knew it was coming from somewhere in the park, but where? As he scanned the park, and found its source, there was just one more question. Save the day, for once, as Clark? Or change into the familiar blue suit?


Katie Higgins (

"Clark, what's the matter? You look far away. " Lois had chosen a prize, a giant gorilla, the kind that you can only find at carnivals; now she was waving her hand in front of his face to get his attention. Clark was far away. He was listening to the screaming people, realizing that they were screaming with the sheer delight of being scared out of their minds on a haunted roller coaster ride.

"Huh? Oh! Nothing's wrong. Why? " said Clark, shaking his head to clear his thoughts.

"You just looked far away… What do ya' think of this thing! Isn't it neat?" Lois said.

"Well … it's certainly— something." replied Clark, eyeing the stuffed gorilla.

"I think he's cute! " she retorted, mocking insult.

"Does 'he' have a name?" asked Clark.

"Of course he does! His name is Clark." Lois replied sweetly.

"I'm sooooooo honored. " he said sarcastically.

"You should… Hey, look!" she yelled , pointing. "An organ grinder!" Clark rolled his eyes as Lois grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the trained simian.


Leigh Raglan (

"You're suddenly going all ape on me, huh?" Clark teased her.

"Come on, Clark," Lois said pulling him behind her over to the organ grinder.

The trained simian was dressed a little red jumpsuit and wore a tiny red felt hat on his head. He cranked the grinder. He then stopped cranking, bowed at them, and tipped his hat.

Lois giggled with pleasure and Clark, pleased at her reaction, smiled, too, and let his arm slip around her waist pulling her close against him.

It felt so right being with her like this, as a couple. Clark wished they could always be like this and not just on occasion when Lois let down her guard and relaxed. As she watched the monkey do his little act, Clark watched her, noting the way her mouth curved at the corners with pleasure, the way her soft hair blew in the gentle breeze about her face, the way her eyes were alight with pure enjoyment.

Lois, as if sensing his gaze, looked up at him and their eyes met. It was as if time stood still for an instant as they stood almost transfixed lost in each others eyes. Lois' eyes then lowered to Clark's lips and she began to lean towards him, and Clark towards her. Their lips met in a kiss, and as it grew deeper and more passionate, Lois unconsciously dropped the stuffed gorilla. Her arms wrapped around Clark's neck and his one arm tightened about her waist while his other moved up so that his hand could hold the back of her head.

The kiss seemed to go on forever and Lois felt like she was drowning in Clark's embrace. It was sheer heaven and she didn't want it to ever end. She also felt incredibly safe and secure in his arms. She let out a little moan.

Clark could hear her heart racing and her little moan of pleasure. His mouth continued to caress her lips, feeling their softness, warmth, and tasting their sweetness.

Suddenly, they were both jostled as a teenager on a pair of inline skates grabbed the stuffed gorilla and skated away.

"Clark!" Lois cried upon seeing her toy and the skater disappearing into a crowd.

Clark debated what to do. He could, of course, run after the robber and, once Lois lost sight of him in the crowd, catch him effortlessly using superspeed. The problem was Clark didn't have any great degree of fondness for this particular stuffed gorilla even if it was named after him. In fact, the thought, good riddance, flashed through his mind. Before he could give it much further thought, Lois was giving chase on her own leaving him with little choice but to follow.

"Lois! Let it go! It's not worth it."

"It's mine! He stole it and I want it back." She raced across after the skater who, impeded by the crowds of people, was compelled to swerve and brake as he wove through them. Never losing sight of the gorilla in his arms, Lois began gaining on him.

She ran like a gazelle, her hair flowing back gracefully. Clark had to admit that if he wasn't superpowered, he might have had some trouble keeping up with her. As it was he trailed behind at what, for him, was a relaxed jog. He found himself goading the skater on, wishing he would vanish like a puff of smoke so that Lois would give up the chase. At least he didn't have to feel guilty about not stopping the guy now since there was no way he could use his superspeed without raising Lois' suspicions. There would be no possible logical explanation for suddenly getting that far ahead of her and apprehending the thief.

The screams of the riders on the House of Horrors haunted roller coaster ride filled their ears as they gave chase to the skater who was headed directly towards it. They could see him with the stuffed gorilla under his arm cut through the line waiting for the ride. Some people yelled in protest. Then he ducked down and they lost sight of him.

Lois tried to cut through the line to find him, but was met with cries of outrage.

"You can't cut the line! Get back to the end of the line! Where the hell do you think you're going! Lady, get back!"

"That skater stole my gorilla," Lois yelled as she tried to surge forward to more cries of protest and a few people who shoved her back.

Clark decided the time had come to intervene before things got nasty when a large unpleasant looking man planted himself in her path and Lois looked like she might take him on. In a burst of speed he was beside her, wrapped his arms around her, and was pulling her back towards the entrance. A few people looked a bit dazed as they wondered where on earth he had come from and how he had "magically" appeared beside Lois.

"Clark! He went in there!"

"Well, we can't unless you're planning to engage in combat."

Lois allowed Clark to lead her back to the end of the line for the ride.

"Clark, look!" Lois exclaimed pointing towards the ride.

They saw the skater seated on the last seat with the stuffed gorilla strapped in beside him as the roller coaster pulled out of the station and headed up the steep track.

The House of Horrors ride began outside with the usual first extremely steep hill typical of most roller coaster rides. Then it plunged down inside a house filled with things which would leap out at you as it rocketed around through the dark recesses of the house.

"We probably should find the exit, Lois. Then we can nab him when he comes out."

"Good idea."

They found the exit and waited at least twenty minutes.

"I don't believe it, Clark. He's somehow given us the slip."

Despite himself, Clark found himself smiling to himself. He wasn't really all that sorry to see the last of that gorilla. "Looks like it. So, what do you want to do now?"

"Oh, since we're here, let's go on the House of Horrors ride."

"You're sure? I hear it's pretty scary."

"Don't tell me you're afraid, Clark."

"Not me. I love rollercoaster rides."

"Me, too. This will be fun."

They waited in the line for about twenty minutes before they reached the platform and were climbing into the first car. Lois had babbled away the entire time about everything under the sun. As the harness was lowered down over each of their heads to hold them into place, she fell silent. Clark could now hear the thumping of her heart. The ride jerked forward and they started up the steep slope. Clark noticed that Lois' knuckles were white as she clutched the railing in front of her.

"Lois, you're not scared, are you?"

"Scared? Me? How absurd." She fell silent at they continued up the slope. Clark could hear Lois' heart beating even faster than before. "Isn't the view just wonderful," she continued in a tense voice. "You can see everything from up here. What a beautiful day. This was a great idea. Look how h-high up we are…"

They were just coming over the top. Clark turned his head and looked at her. Lois' face was as white as a sheet and her eyes were as wide as saucers. Her mouth was open wide as if to begin a scream. Then he looked back forward. His own eyes widened and his jaw dropped.


Lynda (

The hill was even larger than Clark imagined, the drop even longer. As the car started down, he allowed himself to go with the moment. This was how it felt sometimes when he would go flying and sometimes allow himself to free fall, as if he were parachuting. Although he liked to fly, free falling was also enjoyable because of the acrobatics he could do—and he never had to worry about parachute malfunctions. Beside him, Lois was trying to scream, but only a loud squeak came out. The car hit bottom and started up the next hill.

"Yeah!" Clark exclaimed with a glance over at Lois, whose eyes were still wide, her hands still wrapped tightly around the railing. The car went down the next hill into a tunnel. Suddenly everyone on the ride screamed, Lois included. The screams echoed through the tunnel as the car surged forward around a steep turn and up onto another hill. And so the ride continued, down more hills and around steep curves. Lois barely glanced at the scary figures lining the tunnels, her eyes transfixed on the car ahead of her.

At last the car slowed down near the end of the ride. Clark glanced over at Lois. She was panting, but a big grin was slowly spreading across her face. "That was fun, huh?" he offered.

"Yeah," she squeaked. Clark laughed and placed one hand over her tightly clenched knuckles. The car arrived at the end of the ride, the safety bars released with a thud, and the pair stepped out.

"So were you scared?" he teased.

"Not in the slightest!" she retorted with a laugh. "But I was glad you were there with me." She flashed one of those smiles that made him melt. As they walked down the stairs leading back to the carnival, Lois slipped her hand around Clark's waist. Reflexively, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He looked down at her. He really did want to take her flying—and soon. It was something he wanted to share with her, not as Superman, but as Clark, with her knowing his secret, and all the ramifications that came with it.

Lois looked up at him. "Why are you always so warm?" she asked absentmindedly. His eyebrows shot up in response. "Uh, I don't know…I just am."

"Hmm…" she sighed and snuggled closer to him as they walked. She was grateful for his warmth as the cool evening breeze picked up.

Lois glanced ahead and noticed the carousel.

"Let's go ride the carousel!" she exclaimed, pulling him forward.

"Okay," he responded, caught up in her mood. He grinned as he followed her to the carousel. There was no wait for the carousel so the pair hopped aboard the platform and made their way among the painted horses. Lois walked between the horses, surveying each one. Clark dropped back as she forged ahead. He wasn't sure what exactly she was looking for. Finally she chose a formidable looking horse. Its neck was arched, head bent down, mouth open and nostrils flared. She climbed on its back. Then she turned to Clark and motioned for him to climb on the horse beside her own.

"What was that all about?" he asked.

Her eyes widened. "What do you mean? You've never ridden on a carousel before?" she asked incredulously.

"Of course…"

"I was just looking for the right horse."


"Yeah, you don't want a horse that doesn't move—like the one next to you. And you want a horse that looks good, preferably something like this one. And since you're with me, I wanted the horse next to mine to look appropriately festive too," she finished, rubbing her hands across the wooden horse's glossy paint.

"Ah, I didn't know there was a science to picking carousel horses," Clark responded with a twinkle in his eye. He was really enjoying this discussion.

"Yup, there sure is, and now you know." She flashed him a huge smile, which he returned.

Lois reached out and grabbed his hand as the carousel began to move. As the speed picked up and the horses moved rhythmically up and down, she let go of his hand and grabbed the pole in front of her. Gripping the pole with both hands, she laid her head back, her hair swinging in the slight breeze. She swung slowly back and forth in time to the motion of the horse, her hair circling around, smiling as she moved. Then she sat up straight and looked about, studying the carousel.

"I love carousels," she commented.

"I see…"

Lois turned quickly, as if suddenly remembering she wasn't alone. "Mmm…Yes, there's something pure and magical about them," she said, leaning back again.

"Like something simple, yet complex," Clark added.

"Yes!" she answered and turned to him. Their eyes met, infused with a new seriousness. Lois lowered her head slightly, highlighting her large dark eyes. She reached out for Clark's hand. Clark reached out and touched her fingers, slowly slipping his hand over hers, marveling at the softness of her skin. The carousel slowed down, but neither of them noticed. The announcement reminding them to wait until the carousel came to a complete stop broke their reverie.

Clark leaped lightly from his horse and held his hand out to Lois. Normally he would expect her to refuse his assistance, but this time she took his hand as she slid to the platform. They walked, arm in arm out into the happy cacophony of the carnival.

"That was fun," she said.

"The best part was watching you." Clark replied softly.

She turned and quickly glanced at him. "Thank you," she demurred. "Come on," she said and led him to a nearby park bench. They sat down, then Lois turned to Clark. "I've really enjoyed tonight. I decided I don't even mind losing that gorilla!" she laughed.

Clark smiled. "Me too—about tonight, and the gorilla."

Lois tried mock anger, "You didn't like my gorilla?"

"Not really."

"That's okay," she said, her demeanor softening, "I'd rather have you."

Clark's eyebrows shot up, "Me?" he asked, somewhat timidly.

"Yes, there's something about you that brings out so many things in me. Good things. And I like that. I like it a lot."

"Me too," he replied and slipped his arm around her shoulder. The two sat quietly, comfortably, while watching the activity around them.


Jennilyn Lazo (

The moment seemed perfect. Lois and Clark, together, as they should be. They gazed into each other's eyes, and spoke no words. The loving looks they gave one another said more than enough. But Clark noticed Lois's eyes wander off…

…to a familiar fuzzy figure that seemed to be rollerblading. "Hey, you over there — come back with MY gorilla!" She was suddenly up on her feet, trying to catch up to her relentless thief.

"Hey, Lois, I thought you didn't mind anymore," Clark called to her. But as he realized what he was asking, who he was asking, and as Lois turned around to answer him, both said, "When pigs fly." He shook his head, and started to get up…

When an elderly man touched his shoulder. "Isn't that *the* Lois Lane?" he asked, pointing to the running woman.

Clark flashed a big smile. "Yes, that's *the* Lois." But to himself, he whispered, "That's *my* Lois."