Didn't Take You Long

By Rachel M. <LnCSwing@AOL.COM>

Rated G

Submitted June 1999

Summary: A rewrite of the events following Lois's refusal of Clark's proposal in the episode "We Have a Lot to Talk About."


Lois's eyes matched the hovering thunderheads almost to perfection. With her still slightly damp hair swinging violently through the humid atmosphere, she stormed up the stairs and was about to kick the door in when she remembered the reprimand she had gotten when she had last shattered Max's good glass door. She would rather not reach into her rather shallow pockets to pay for the glass her landlord insisted on putting in the front entrance.

She could not have been more furious. She had put a few rusted cans out of their misery on the way home, not to mention passing a large rock to an alley cat, much to his dismay. He had not cooperated, but just yowled vehemently at her and leapt into a garbage can, leaving a few painful-looking scratches behind. Good thing the garbage can never felt a thing. Garbage cans never do.

She pulled the door open forcefully, but not so much as to break it, and marched up the stairs, clomping down her feet as she fumed to herself all the way up. She couldn't believe the nerve of that man! He had lied to her about his true identity, and had even asked her to marry him before he even told her! When was he going to tell her, huh? When the kids started flying around the house? On their Golden Anniversary? How could he be…so…stupid… Okay, so it wasn't stupid. It was very sensible, and thoughtful…but it still made her furious…! But then again, he was only trying to think about what was best for her…but it was *so* annoying!

As Lois reached her door and started fumbling for the right key, she meditated on the fact that Clark had lied to her and had made her so mad she couldn't even discern her apartment key from her car key, the latter being about twice the size of the former (not to mention a different color). She pushed the door open and marched inside, the fish in the tank scattering at the loud thump of the door slamming. Not even bothering to change, she flopped into bed and hugged her pillow close for comfort. She needed time to think.

Clark was her best friend, she granted that. He was a sweet, thoughtful, and caring man. He was strong, in a modest way, intelligent, and funny. But was he qualified for her husband? Hmmm… Lois decided to leave that question for last. She turned her thoughts to Superman. He was the same as Clark in every way…well, they *were* the same person. Except he was hard and stern… He was still caring, of course, but there didn't seem to be a warm character under all that glory. But there was. There was Clark. He was the warm character. And she could be the wife of Superman! But wait, the lie…the *big* lie… What was she going to do about that? She was still furious: at Clark, for lying; and herself, for her own shortcomings. She thought back to all the times she had hurt Clark while practically worshiping Superman. Ouch.

She needed to call him. That's what she needed, to talk to him and sort all of this out. So she called him. Twice. There was no answer.

Gosh, she didn't know what to think. She loved Clark, she truly did. But how could she love someone without trust? She did trust him…but what about that huge lie? With everything flying at her all at once, Lois collapsed into sleep from exhaustion.


Lois woke up the next morning refreshed…part of the way. In her conscience, she could still hear all the questions she had battled with the night before. They were tearing her heart apart, and her common sense was in shambles. What was she going to do? How could she face Clark this morning at the Planet? Sigh.

She sat up against the frame of her bed and pulled Clark close. Wait. Strike that. She pulled Clark, the teddy bear, close, not the real Clark. She watched the sun rise through the window across the room, and wondered once again how stupid *was* she? But as the sun's light washed across her face she got the strangest feeling of serenity. All of her doubts vanished in those split seconds, and she didn't know why. She didn't have a clue as to how it happened, but she now knew exactly what she was going to do.

She had the opportunity to marry Clark, not Superman. She had the chance to be Clark's wife, and that was what many women all over Metropolis wanted. But he had asked *Lois* to marry him. Lois, the woman who shunned and criticized him…but he still loved her. That was unconditional love. And Lois wanted to love like that. She wanted to love Clark unconditionally, Superman or no Superman.

Was Clark qualified for her husband? Yes. No one else was.


Lois exited the elevator nervously. She knew what she needed to do…and she was ready to do it. There was no reason to be nervous. She'd conquered her emotions, and she was ready to talk to Clark. She strolled down the ramp without a care in the world and walked straight over to Clark's desk.

He wasn't there. Stupid, Lois, just stupid. He's never in before you are. What were you thinking?

Lois traveled back over to her own desk and sat down. She would just have to wait now. ***

Ah, ha. So there you are, Clark Kent. Lois had noticed Clark walk by without saying anything, something very unlike him. She guessed she would have to take this into her own hands. Standing up, she slowly walked over to him and attempted a greeting and a kiss. The "hi" got through okay, but the kiss didn't.

"Hi," he replied, at arm's length.

"Hi," Lois said again with a professional air and held out her hand.

He shook it.

"So I um, called you last night…a couple times."

"Yeah, I was, uh…" Clark made a flying motion with his hand and looked at Lois like she was supposed to know what it meant.

Lois simply smiled crookedly and looked away. "Anything happen?"

"No, it was pretty quiet. I wanted to keep an eye on that Church group…you know, there sure are a lot of those guys." Clark smiled, attempting to break the ice with a little humor. But Lois didn't respond.

"Yeah…I was doing some research on them…" Lois walked over to her desk and picked up a thin file. Clark adjusted his glasses as she brought it back to him. "Here."

"Oh, thanks."

He responded appropriately, she guessed. She decided to try again at starting a non-work related conversation.

"Look, um…last night we both got pretty emotional, and it's understandable, I guess…it's just, I feel a lot clearer today - " While she talked, Clark studied the papers in the file with intensity she never knew he had.

"Great…me too." Clark sat down at his desk.

Lois wasn't sure he really meant it.

"Oh, look at this…completely legitimate, huh?"


"Funded entirely by Church. Look at this board he's assembled."

"*Clark.*" "A former governor, vice-president, a general…"

Lois couldn't believe it. He was completely entranced by some stupid board Bill Church had assembled. "Clark!"

He finally looked up. "What?"

It was time. Lois bent over, grabbed Clark by his tie, yanked him up out of his chair, and gave him a kiss so hard it sent his lips to Miami and back. Almost immediately a crowd formed, and they cheered Lois on as Clark's face became redder and redder.

When Lois finally pulled away, Clark was practically purple. Lois decided to get him while he was already shocked.

"Yes, Clark."

It took a moment for Clark to actually realize where the heck he was, and even longer to comprehend Lois's words.

"Yes to what?"

Lois sighed. How romantic.

"Yes, I will marry you, Clark."

One of the employees in the crowd took the pause in conversation as an opportunity to hoot. It was rather Lois's glare that silenced him than the elbow in the stomach that was inflicted by a nearby colleague.

Clark's bewildered look transformed. "But I thought you needed time to think."

Where was his brain today?

"I thought about it. And it didn't take Lois Lane's brilliant mind long to figure out that Clark Kent was the only guy for me…accessories included." She grinned.

He grinned right back. "You're right. It definitely didn't take you long."


(and you know how it goes from there <g>)