You Made Me Love You

By Zoomway (

Summary: Now that she's finally over her Superman infatuation, Lois is embarrassed to have to sing a love song to the hero at a charity ball — because the committee thought it would be "cute." To complete her humiliation after the serenade, she is invited to chat at Mayson Drake's table.

This little story really goes nowhere fast, but I had bits and pieces left over from other stories that didn't fit in anywhere else, so I decided to slap them all together into this one story. I should also give a nod to a comic book issue where Clark gives Lois his jacket in an emergency. Not to mention a similar need for a jacket donation in That Old Gang of Mine.


Lois sat backstage in her borrowed gown dreading to go on stage. She wasn't nervous, that had been overridden by the dread of having to sing to Superman. Had she been tapped to do this a couple of months ago, she would have been thrilled, and most likely would be having the same feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was experiencing now, but in a good way. Now it was just a feeling of wanting to get it over with, and survive the experience.

When the charity ball committee had asked her to sing, she had accepted and had been flattered, but then, at the last minute, Superman had agreed to put in an appearance, and the committee informed Lois that she would have to croon her song to him. The worst aspect being that Superman would not be told about this impromptu serenade, and that made the dread all the more intense. Okay, so they wanted to spring a little surprise on the man of steel, but why me, she thought. Why do I have to endure the humiliation?

Lois Lane's life had not been a bed of roses lately. She could almost mark on the calendar when it had all started to go down hill. It was another event, almost identical to this one a couple of months earlier. Same ball, different charity. She had been dancing with her best friend, Clark Kent, and everything seemed to be magical that night. Then, as if some expiration date had been activated on her good time, Mayson Drake, assistant D.A., cut in on the dance. Lois remembered her mind racing through a million thoughts in that one moment. She remembered how good it felt to be in Clark's arms as they danced. How rude it seemed for Mayson to cut in rather than to wait for the next dance, and how Lois had decided to do the polite thing and simply hand her partner over to another woman.

The whole experience had left Lois a little dazed, but she wanted to be fair with Clark. She had told him she had just wanted to be his friend, and he had said that was all he wanted too. So why had she felt so bad? Why did it seem so wrong to let him go? She felt she was doing the right thing. If she was not willing to take a farther step in their relationship, then why not let Clark have a chance at a little romance? What kind of friend would she have been to jealously hold on to him for the sake of keeping him to herself? It all became further confused when Superman showed up later that evening when Lois, still feeling she had done the right thing, was alone in her apartment dancing by herself to the old standard Fly Me to the Moon.

She clearly remembered the stunned expression on Superman's face. He had come by to thank her, and now even the memory of what that thank you entailed began to fade from Lois' mind. All she did remember was inviting Superman to dance with her, and he did. He drifted off of the floor with her in his arms, and they danced on air. She could not remember feeling anything quite as romantic. He had even used his super breath to close her window. It almost seemed as if he were finally promising something he had been afraid to promise. As it turned out, however, the closing of the window became more prophetic than promising.

As the days and weeks passed, Superman's visits became less and less frequent. They had become so rare in fact, that Lois began closing her window because she felt somewhat foolish leaving it open. The disappearance of Superman would not have hit her so hard had it not coincided with Clark's dates with Mayson Drake. Now Clark was no longer available to pal around with and Lois was beginning to feel empty. She could not account for the feeling really, but it was becoming more pronounced every day. She was becoming the person she had been before meeting Clark. A woman who lived only for her work. She began arriving earlier and earlier at the Daily Planet, and was staying later and later. Perry White had tried to get her to talk about it, but what could she tell him? That she discovered that her feelings for her best friend had begun to run a bit deeper than friendship, but that she had waited too long to tell him, and now had to watch while another woman came to escort him away.

"You really blew it this time, Lois," she whispered to herself as she drifted back to the present. She sighed and peeked out through the curtains. The house lights were up and she could see Mayson and Clark sitting ringside. Mayson, as usual, was looking adoringly at Clark, and holding his hand. Clark was smiling, but looked a bit fidgety. Lois, despite her feelings, smiled. She tried to remember how many times she had seen Clark behave that way. Almost as if he had a pressing appointment somewhere. Maybe Clark was psychic, because nine times out of ten when he got that expression, he had to leave for some strange reason or other. Suddenly, as if on cue, Clark managed to spill his drink in his lap and Lois could almost hear him explaining about having to go get cleaned up. Except, in the past, it would have been her, and not Mayson he'd be explaining to. She sighed again as she watched Clark disappear into the crowd. She did not believe she could miss him so much.

Lois felt a light touch on her shoulder. "Ms. Lane, Superman is here, and we have him sitting on a stool back stage. He doesn't have a clue about you singing to him."

Lois nodded to the cheery, bald man. "I'm ready. When do I go on?"

"Right after Superman's intro."


"Don't be nervous. You look red hot!" The man said, and then trotted off.

Lois picked up her wireless mike. She had begged the committee to let her change songs once she knew she'd be singing to Superman, but they thought her selection would be 'cute'. "Cute," Lois sneered. "That's a laugh."

The house lights dimmed, and the master of ceremonies began his spiel. "Ladies and gentlemen. We are very honored tonight by a very special surprise guest. I know it's common to say that certain celebrities need no introduction, but in this case that statement has never been more true." The curtains parted, but the stage was still dark. "Ladies and gentlemen. Superman!" The instant the name was mentioned, a spotlight illuminated the man of steel, and the audience erupted into applause and cheers. As the applause died down, the MC approached Superman and placed a hand on his shoulder. "We're very honored to have you here tonight, Superman."

Clark smiled his superhero smile. "I'm the one who's honored. This charity is for an important cause."

"I'm glad you feel that way, Superman, because we share your sentiments, but," the MC paused a moment for effect. "We want to thank you for coming in a very special way. A very beautiful young lady is going to sing you a song. If that's all right with you."

Clark shifted uncomfortably. "As long as I don't have to sing, it sounds fine."

The audience laughed and the MC patted Superman on the back. "No, she'll do all the singing, and she's certainly easy on the eyes too. Ladies, gentlemen, and Superman, I give you the lovely Lois Lane."

Clark felt his heart leap into his throat. He looked at the wings and saw her approaching. She looked breathtaking. Why did he still feel this way? Why did he always feel a fire inside whenever he looked at her, and not feel the same when he looked at Mayson? Mayson was a beautiful woman after all, and she was attracted to the Clark Kent part of him. Isn't that what he'd always wanted from a woman? It's true that he did not feel the fire with Mayson, but he did not feel the pain either. Wasn't that a fair trade off? Clark pretended to smile as he rose from the stool. Lois pasted on a smile as well. The music began, and Lois brought the mike close to her lips.

You made me love you

I didn't want to do it

I didn't want to do it

You made me love you

and all the time you knew it

I guess you always knew it

Clark lowered his eyes momentarily. The lyrics of the song almost sounded like an indictment. It was true that Lois had been instantly attracted to him as Superman, but he could have cut things off long ago and made life easier on himself and Lois by doing so, but he enjoyed her adoration, and the closeness that was his as Superman, but forbidden to Clark Kent.

You made me happy sometimes

you made me glad

but there were times when

you made me feel so bad

It was an indictment. Clark knew deep in his heart that there was a second reason that he kept coming on to Lois as Superman and kept her hoping for something more while denying it to her at the same time. He did this for one selfish reason. He knew he could keep her away from other men by playing into her Superman fantasies. He effectively had locked her out of any other social life except for that small part inhabited by Superman and Clark Kent. He now began to realize the price he had forced her to pay.

You made me sigh 'cause

I didn't want to tell you

I didn't want to tell you

I think you're grand

that's true

yes I do

'deed I do

you know I do

Give me, give me, give me, give me, what I cry for

you know you've got the kind of kisses that I'd die for…

At this slight pause in the song, before the music had time to build back to the lyrics, the young, and distinctive voice of Jimmy Olsen could be heard in the audience. "Kiss her, Superman! Kiss her!" The audience laughed and applauded Jimmy's suggestion, and the orchestra leader stopped the music in anticipation. There was no option now. Clark placed a hand on Lois' cheek and pressed his lips against hers. As the audience whooped and applauded and cameras flashed, Clark felt the fire. Did Lois feel it too? The music started up again.

I don't care what happens let the whole world stop

as far as I'm concerned you'll always be the top


you know you made me love you

Lois had barely gotten out the last word when a dozen anxious fans swarmed onto the stage with napkins and menus for Superman to autograph. Lois gratefully bowed out of the swarm and left the spotlight. She did not go backstage because she felt she would probably run into Superman again. She tried to depart through the audience, but was snagged here and there by an admirer complimenting her singing. She had almost made her way to a side exit near the stage when Mayson Drake approached her, "Lois, you have a beautiful voice. It's a shame Clark had to miss it, but he spilled a drink on his tux."

"Well, thank you for the compliment. I understand about Clark. He's always doing something like that."

"Won't you join us?"

This was too much. "No, really. I don't like being a third wheel."

"Don't be silly. Clark would never forgive me if I let you go without inviting you to join us."

Lois restored her phoney smile. "Sure, why not." Why not? Lois thought to herself. Why indeed. All she needed was to see Clark and Mayson cooing warmly, and she might very well fall apart in front of hundreds of the most important people in Metropolis.

Clark was straightening his bow tie as he approached the table. His thoughts were a jumble. Should he keep trying to make things work between himself and Mayson, even though just a glimpse of Lois had taken his breath away? He wondered what was wrong with settling for Mayson, but he knew. Mayson was like a candle, lovely and romantic to gaze at, but providing little warmth. Lois, on the other hand, was like a forest fire burning out of control. Reckless, consuming, overwhelming and dangerous. She could impart burns of such intensity that the scars left behind could last a lifetime, and Clark should know, having his share of scars from battling this particular flame.

So why did he continue to desire Lois? He knew the answer to this too. He had seen Lois at times when she had controlled her passion, and on these occasions she became a firebreak, just as consuming and overwhelming, but a power for good, instead of destruction. Passion with a purpose. Heat without malice. It was this Lois Lane who held sway over Clark, and he realized that he had been foolish to try and content himself with someone else. There could be no one else.

It was best he break things off with Mayson before they both got hurt. Feeling comfortable with his decision, he approached the table, but he froze in mid-stride when he saw Lois sitting with Mayson. Knowing that he could not very well break things off with Mayson in front of Lois, Clark decided to step back and wait until Lois left. It did bother him that he was close enough to hear their conversation without even trying to do so, but he feared being spotted if he left his hiding place.

"That's an incredible gown, Lois."

"Thank you," she smiled, and looked furtively around the room. "The charity committee said it was donated temporarily for my number."

"It's a shame your young friend from the Planet had to ruin your number."

"Jimmy?" Oh, God, Lois thought. She had almost forgotten about Mayson's irrational disdain for Superman.

"Didn't it make your flesh crawl to kiss him?"

Be good, Lois. She told herself. Be good for Clark's sake. She smiled. "Well, it gave me goosebumps, if that's what you mean."

"He's not human, Lois."

"What does that have to do with anything?" She said, but was finding it increasingly difficult to remain civil.

Mayson looked stunned. "No matter how good looking he is, Lois, he's still, for lack of a better word, a creature from another planet."

The firebreak ended, and the forest fire began. "Creature! What kind of crack is that?"

"Settle down, Lois," Mayson said calmly. "I'm just trying to spare you a lot of heartbreak down the road."

"Save it, Mayson. My mother hasn't abandoned her post, so there's no vacancy there currently."

"I just hate seeing a beautiful, talented woman making a fool of herself by chasing after a fantasy instead of being realistic. He can't love you like a real man."

"Oh really?" Lois folded her arms. "So where's the down side?"

Now it was Mayson's turn to become angry. "Are you really that disenchanted with the human race, Lois?"

"The human race should have a sense of humor by now, and let me remind you of something, Mayson, Superman is a good friend to Clark Kent."

Mayson straightened in her chair. "You…you wouldn't tell Clark about our conversation."

Lois shook her head. "I could never hurt Clark that way. I have no intention of ruining his happiness, but you'd better tell him soon, Mayson. If you really love Clark, you can't expect to have an honest relationship with him if you're keeping a big secret from him," she said, and stared intently into Mayson's eyes. "The longer you keep the secret, the more it's going to hurt when the truth finally comes out."

Mayson was about to respond when a waiter handed her a note. She sighed. "It seems Clark was called away."

Lois felt relief wash over her. She would not have to face Clark and Mayson together. "Then I'd better be going." She said, and rose from her chair. "Tell him soon, Mayson. Clark doesn't deserve that kind of pain."

Mayson's eyes narrowed, "I'm getting a slightly clearer picture now. I think you're carrying a little torch for your best friend."

Lois folded her arms. "I'd hardly call it little, but don't worry, Drake," she said, no longer putting up a pretense of civility. "I was too slow acknowledging my deeper feelings for Clark, so I won't be making any last minute bid to take him away from you."

"As if you could." Mayson laughed sourly. "I just realized that there's no reason for me to ever reveal my true feelings about Superman to Clark. Working in the D.A.'s office gives one a flair for the melodramatic. I'll simply pretend to be courteous to the alien when my path crosses his."

"That's even worse!"

"I think given enough time, I can turn Clark around to my way of thinking, and when that happens, the truth won't matter." Mayson rose from her chair and faced Lois. "Unless you intend to go behind my back and tell him yourself."

"That won't be necessary."

Mayson and Lois turned to see Clark approaching the table. Ever since childhood Lois had desired the power of invisibility, but this was the first time as an adult that she would have paid any price if she could secure that power. Mayson walked up to Clark and began fiddling with his lapels nervously. "The note said you were called away."

"Is it true, Mayson?" He asked, ignoring her question. "Do you hate Superman?"

"My God, Clark! What possible difference could my feelings for Superman make? What does he have to do with us?"

"Is it true?"

Mayson sighed. "If I'd told you that I had an aversion to snakes or spiders, would that have mattered to you?"

"No," Clark said softly. "But the fact that you'd lump Superman in with other 'creatures' that make your flesh crawl does matter."

"You were eavesdropping!"

"Not intentionally, Mayson. I had something personal to discuss with you, but when I saw Lois, I ducked into the shadows."

The word 'personal' seemed to have struck a chord in Mayson. She placed her hands on Clark's lapels again, but this time with a bit of desperation. "We can work this out, Clark. We can get past this Superman thing."

Lois chewed her lip. The word personal had struck a chord with her too. She had a feeling that Clark may have intended to propose to Mayson, and feared Clark would buy into her desperate plea bargain, but to Lois' surprise, Clark simply pulled Mayson's hands away from his lapels. "To be honest with you, Mayson, your feelings one way or the other regarding Superman would have made no difference in what I needed to discuss with you."

"Then why did you put me through the third degree over Superman?"

"Because someone had accused me of being blind, and wrapped around your little finger."

Lois felt her blood freeze. She had been that 'someone'. "I'd better leave," she said, and turned to go.

Clark grabbed her arm. "Please stay, Lois."

Mayson, infuriated over how sweet and tenderly Clark had addressed Lois, exploded. "What kind of fool are you, Clark? You might have eavesdropped long enough to hear Lois say she had deeper feelings for you, but I've seen the news footage and the press clippings of Lois with Superman!"

Lois set her jaw. "You wouldn't mind telling me what that proves, would you?"

Mayson ignored Lois and focused on Clark. "Don't you see what's happening? Your best friend, Lois Lane, is having an affair with that alien you admire so much!"

That was more than Lois could take. She surged forward with her arms outstretched, and had Clark not intervened, the Assistant District Attorney most probably would have found herself unconscious on the floor amid discarded napkins and stale bread sticks. Lois struggled angrily in Clark's arms. "She's lying!"

"Shh," Clark whispered. "I know she is, Lois."

Lois stopped struggling and looked into her partner's eyes. There was no reproach or even a hint of disbelief in them. Lois smiled and hugged him, and was rewarded by the feel of his arms wrapping around her. "Thanks, Clark."

"Ms. Drake!" A woman's voice called. "We need to talk."

Mayson turned around and faced the mayor. Mayson also noticed that several of the occupants of the tables nearest the exit had been thoroughly enjoying the jealousy vignette as it had unfolded. She looked back at Clark one last time, but lowered her head when she saw him still locked in Lois Lane's embrace. She would not forget this. Clark Kent and Lois Lane had made a powerful enemy. She walked off silently with the mayor. "Clark," Lois whispered. "Can we go outside? I'm not feeling too good." "Of course," he said, and placed a supportive arm around her waist.

Once outside, Lois took a deep breath of the night air. "I guess I haven't been taking very good care of myself lately, Clark."

Clark sighed, "I knew something was wrong. You look a bit thin and a little tired."

"Not eating or sleeping regularly can do that to a person."

"I'm sorry, Lois. Especially if I had anything to do with—"

"Ms. Lane!" A whiny voice interrupted. A plump, red haired woman stood next to the exit. "I certainly hope you're not trying to slip off with that gown!"

"Slip off!" Lois shouted. "Are you insinuating that I'd actually swipe this safety pinned, sequined, museum-quality nightmare?"

Clark turned his head and smiled. Lois would be Lois even on a death bed. The woman, taken aback by Lois' verbal assault, tried to retrench. "Ms. Lane, I wasn't trying to imply—"

"You know, Mrs Walcek, 'slip off' is a good choice of words, because I'm going to slip off this over priced potato sack right now!"

Clark raised his eyebrows as Lois began to disrobe right there in the alleyway. He hastily slipped off his tuxedo jacket and held it in front of Lois. She stripped off the gown in record time. "There you go, Mrs. Walcek," she said, as she tossed the dress to the startled woman. "Put it back on the mannequin you borrowed it from. Only a woman made out of plastic could wear it with any comfort! You know the type."

Mrs. Walcek opened her mouth, but wisely decided to cut her loses. She slipped back into the theater. Clark offered his jacket to Lois. "This might be a little more comfortable, Lois."

She wrapped herself in Clark's jacket. He smiled at her. She looked almost like a little girl in the oversized jacket. This illusion was dispelled as he slowly wrapped his cummerbund around her waist. He lingered a moment in her arms, enjoying the feel of her body pressed against his. This was no little girl. He moved his head back, sliding his cheek against hers, and then stopped, with just inches separating his face from hers, "How about pizza and movies at my apartment?"

"Sounds like heaven," she whispered, her voice nearly as breathless as his. "But I can't guarantee I won't fall asleep right in the middle of it, like last time."

He smiled. "You know you're always welcome to sleep over, Lois."

"Am I?' She asked, and then moved her face forward meeting Clark's half way. They began to kiss, and Lois was not only surprised at how much she was enjoying his kiss, but she was also pleased at Clark's obvious enjoyment. His kiss was deep and warm, but unlike most men she'd kissed in a romantic way, Clark was not using the kiss as a means to an end. He was not trying to elicit an ever increasing feeling of passion. He seemed to merely be enjoying the kiss for its own sake, and was not trying to hint at a deeper, out of control desire. Lois found this so unusual and refreshing, that as soon as their lips parted, she hugged him. "I love you, Clark," she said, and was shocked that she had said the words aloud.

She felt Clark sigh heavily. Was it a sigh of relief? Was it the type of sigh that comes just before a lecture on misreading another person's intentions? Clark put his hand on the back of her head pulling her in closer. "I love you too, Lois." His voice broke slightly. "I love you so very much." Relief.


Lois was sleeping soundly in Clark's bed, while Clark slept, perhaps not as soundly, on the sofa. He and Lois had talked through one entire video tape that night, and had made out through most of a second. As things had begun to heat up between them, Lois seemed uncomfortable. Clark assured her that he wasn't some high school kid who was trying to pressure her into something she wasn't ready for. "I'm in love with you, Lois." He had told her. "I'm not looking for one night of hot passion that I can brag about tomorrow morning at the Daily Planet."

Lois had seemed genuinely touched by this. How many men had she met in her life who could never get past the surface of a woman? How many never outgrew that high school imbecility of 'If you don't, I'll just find somebody who will' ? Lois, due to her self defense skills, had sent more than one man crawling home.

Just as Lois shifted in the bed, the phone began to ring. She reached out reflexively and answered it. "Yes?" She said, her voice groggy.


"Who is this?" Lois yawned.

"Mayson Drake."

Lois' heart began to pound. Oh, God. How would Mayson react to Lois answering Clark's phone at four in the morning? She didn't have long to wait for her answer.

"Tell your lover that I'm holding a press conference tomorrow morning at ten on the steps of the court house."

"Wait a minute! Clark and I—"

"Tell him the conference will be held to discuss the future of a vigilante crime fighter known as Superman."

Clark walked into the bedroom. Lois covered the mouth piece. "It's Mayson, she says she's holding some kind of press conference tomorrow to discuss the future of Superman. She's calling him a vigilante."

Clark angrily grabbed the phone. "Why are you doing this, Mayson? To get back at me because I'm in love with Lois, and not you?"

"Don't flatter yourself, Mr. Kent. I made a serious mistake getting involved with you. It clouded my better judgment where Superman was concerned."

Clark began to feel nervous. "How do you mean?" He asked and sat next to Lois on the bed with the phone winged out so that Lois could hear what Mayson was saying.

"I delayed any moves on Superman because I knew he was a friend of yours and that it might hurt anything we had going, but now," she sighed. "I realize I was jeopardizing Metropolis with my personal life, and have decided to take a stand regarding the alien."

"Superman has never—"

"You know, Clark, I'm not stupid. I find it very funny that you and I dated for weeks, but never managed to get past a kissing stage, and now you confess your undying love for Lois Lane, and then on the same night you end up in the sack together. I had my eyes opened. You and Lois have been lovers all along, and I was your 'in' at the court house for as long as you thought I could be useful."

"That's a lie, Mayson!"

"Is it?" She asked calmly. "You may have played me for a fool, Clark, but Lois is doing the same thing to you with Superman."

"Wait a minute!" Lois shouted into the phone.

Clark gently took the receiver from Lois and laid it back in the cradle. "She hung up…rather loudly in fact."

Lois looked at Clark pointedly. "It's not true, Clark. I admit that I've always had feelings for Superman," she shook her head in frustration. "But as time passed I began to realize that he was functioning in my life like…a kind of teaser stud."

Clark's eyebrows shot up. "A teaser stud?"

Lois laughed weakly. "I had to do a story on an Arabian horse ranch once. I remember them leading this beautiful stallion into a barn filled with mares who were ready to mate. This stallion was the handsomest, strongest, fastest, etc. and all the mares reacted positively to him."

Clark propped his chin on his fist. "Go on."

"Anyway, the breeders were really getting the mares ready to mate with other stallions they felt had better qualities in the long run; good hearts, gentleness, unbreakable spirits—" Lois sighed, "I'm not sure where I'm going with this."

Clark pulled her close and laughed. "So Superman is the teaser stud, and I'm the stallion of better qualities."

"For lack of a better metaphor." She laid her head against his chest, and wrapped an arm around his waist. "But I do worry about Superman, Clark. It's not just what Mayson may have cooked up for him tomorrow, but I wonder if he's lonely, if he has friends—well, besides you and me. Does he have someone special to stand by him when he hurts, because I have a feeling he'll need that someone tomorrow."

Clark laid his cheek against Lois', and she felt the tears on his face. "He does now, Lois."

Lois pulled back slowly and stared at Clark for a moment. There was uncertainty in his sad eyes. She gently pulled the glasses from his face and placed them on the night table. "Well…this sure answers a lot of questions," she said tenderly. "Especially the cheese of the month club."

He laughed, causing more tears to roll down his cheeks. He buried his face in the hair that draped her neck. "I'm sorry, Lois," he whispered. "I should have told you a long time ago."

"I think I suspected subconsciously, Clark. You left me enough clues. I don't know why I never wanted to admit it out loud, but I'd always catch myself, and feel a little crazy for even suspecting." She said, and began to rhythmically draw her fingers through his hair. "I don't think I'd have been ready for this any earlier, Clark. I had quite a fantasy built up around Superman. If you told me this a few months ago, I'd have had a genuine fit." She pulled back again and looked at him. "You really do look different without your glasses. I guess this is the real you. Clark's hair, but no glasses like Superman."

"Pretty much," he laughed. "But I do wear my glasses a lot. Even at home in Smallville. The lenses are mostly flint glass. It helped me when I was younger to remember to use my power judiciously."

"Ah, lead Crystal," she smiled. "Kept you from peeking into the girl's gym."

Clark kissed her. "You probably won't believe this, but I was never tempted to peek until I met you."

Lois tipped her head to one side suspiciously. "Did you?"

"Of course not."

"The straight-laced boy from Kansas?"

"Not exactly, I was just afraid my scream would knock down the Lexor Hotel."

"Cute, farm boy," she said, and hit Clark with a pillow. "The best thing about loving Clark instead of Superman, is that I won't have to hear one more bad guy call me Superman's 'girl'."

"That reminds me." Clark said, and dashed around the bedroom at super speed. When he finally stopped, he was dressed as Superman. "Come here."

Lois stepped away from the bed, and approached Clark. "Okay, what's the big idea?"

He lifted her into his arms and smiled. "It's about five hours till that press conference."


Clark levitated from the floor, and drifted toward the window. "I want to show off for my 'girl' while I still have the chance."

"Don't underestimate your partner, Clark. After Mayson's tirade tomorrow, I'll write an editorial that will have the villagers boiling tar and plucking chickens."

"Okay," he said, as they ducked through the window. "I'll show off for you this morning, and you can show off for me in the late edition."

"Sounds fair, and then what?"

"I'll think of something."

"Will it involve screaming?"

Clark laughed and flew with Lois to meet the sunrise.