Ultra Squirrel: A Plot Un-Twist Challenge Vignette

By Anne Spear <raggedyanne7@yahoo.com>

Rated: G

Submitted: July 2003

Summary: The Newtrich sisters get more than they bargained for in this plot untwist of the episode "UltraWoman."

Notes: This vignette was written in response to Hazel's Plot Untwist Challenge Vignette; in which the author had to rewrite the start of an episode and twist events in the teaser so that the episode would never have happened.


Lois arrived at the scene of the rescue and made her way through a crowd of spectators, including firemen and police. Superman had already flown into the well and returned with a baby, crying for all he was worth. She rushed over to the Man of Steel. "Superman, is he all right?" she asked him.

"Fine," he answered, turning the "baby" to show Lois that it was really a doll with a tape recorder strapped to its torso. "But his batteries are a little run down."

"Oh, that is the sickest, most disgusting —"

Suddenly, Superman yelled, "Get down," and jumped in front of Lois, holding the doll up. A red beam hit Superman's hands and was deflected by the tape recorder into the woods surrounding the well. His gaze followed the red beam back to its source and saw two women made up to look like a reporter and cameraperson. However, the red beam was coming from the camera. As he watched, the camera shorted out with a shower of white sparks, causing the woman holding it to drop it with a shriek. Superman turned back to face Lois and the crowd to make sure no one was hurt. "Are you all right?" he asked Lois.

"Fine. What was that?"

"Somebody tried to shoot us with a red beam. Are you sure you didn't get hit?"

"Yes, I'm okay. Go get 'em."

With that, Superman took to the air and returned a few minutes later with the two women in tow. He landed and turned the sisters over to a pair of police officers. Still holding the camera/laser, he scooped Lois up and headed directly to Star Labs to have the red kryptonite locked up for safekeeping.


Two days later, the 'National Inquisitor' reported that a squirrel in Metropolis Park was terrorizing people and stealing bags of nuts. There were also a number of small trees knocked over that no one could explain.