By Ultracape@aol.com

Rated G

Uploaded January 2000

Summary: What could worry a super-hero?

This is what happens when I stay up way too late.

Copyright: November 1999 Ultracape


'Superheros don't pace,' Clark remonstrated himself as he continued to pace nervously in the small office. But what was he to do? He was nervous. 'Superheros aren't supposed to be nervous either.' "Yeah, sure!" he said back to himself and threw his large blue clad body into the nearest chair.

He didn't want to be here, he shouldn't have to be here. But after the third accident, Lois had insisted, no demanded that he make the appointment.

"Clark," she had said, "If this condition isn't corrected you'll be a danger to everyone, including yourself."

Finally, the good doctor came back into the office holding the newly calibrated device.

"Dr. Klein, are you sure?

"All the tests are positive. I'm sorry, I know it's a shock."

"I never expected it. I don't know what I'm going to do."

"Well, Superman, you are getting on in years."

"Dr. Klein, I'm only forty years old."

"Yes, well, these things happen to the best of us."

That night, as Lois was watching the end of the news roundup, Superman whooshed into the living room.

"Clark, honey, how did the exam go? Ohmygod." She stood up in shock as she saw the device Superman wore on his head. Never before had she been less happy to be right. "So it's true."

"Yes Lois, it's true. I need glasses."