By Macy Kinler <drama_goddess365@hotmail.com>

Rated: PG

Submitted: December 2003

Summary: Clark's perfect day is ruined by an unpleasant discovery. But is everything as it seems?"


It had been the perfect day. Work had gone smoothly. It was a slow news day, so it gave Clark the opportunity to catch up on some work.

On his way home, he had picked up a bouquet of flowers for his wife, who had gone home a few hours earlier than he had.

As he strolled into the house, he could hear a woman giggling, followed by the voice of a young man. It sounded a lot like…Jimmy?!?!

Clark cautiously made his way to the bedroom and peeked in, to see Jimmy Olsen wrestling around with and kissing a slim, dark-haired woman. Lois!

Too shocked to say anything, Clark backed away and headed toward the front door. A mixture of rage and misery filled his insides. How was this possible? His faithful wife and his good friend, who was approximately eight years younger than Lois, were together, fooling around in the bed that he and Lois shared night after night.

Hurt beyond words, he opened the door to leave and was greeted by none other than Lois.

"Hi, honey," she said cheerfully, pecking him on the cheek. "I picked up some dinner. Lucy and Jimmy's flight was canceled until tomorrow, so I invited them to stay with us, since their apartment is being fumigated while they're away on their honeymoon. So, tell me, how was your day?"