By Rhen Brink (

Summary: Lois and son wait for Daddy to come home. Surprise!

Please forgive me. It's been years since I've written anything in script form. I just wanted to see if I could still come up with something that looked vaguely right.



LOIS, early 30's, is lying on her back on the lawn, bouncing her one year old son, JOSH, on her stomach. She is a natural at being a mom, something that surprises her to no end. He is a bouncy, beautiful child with a mass of dark curly hair and a ready smile.

LOIS (tickling Josh and speaking in a childish voice) Your daddy is coming home soon and your mommy hasn't started dinner yet. What do you think your daddy's going to have to say about that, huh, Joshey?

JOSH (coos and giggles)

DAN SCARDINO, mid 30's, dark curly hair, too old to be wearing Hawaiian Shirts, but still is, walks up from the driveway.

LOIS (looking up at Dan) You're early!

DAN (smiling) Something smells wonderful! What's for dinner?

LOIS (smiling back, she gets up holding Josh) I don't know. What did you bring with you?

DAN (ignoring Lois and tickling Josh) Hello there, my little man. How are you doing?

LOIS (thrusting Josh into Dan's arms) Your little man needs changing. Why don't you do that while I start dinner?



Lois is preparing pasta and a salad, moving around her kitchen.

DAN (OS) (laughing) You're killing me! You're killing me! I'm too old to give piggy back rides! HA!

Dan and Josh come riding into the kitchen. Josh is beating on Dan's head with his pudgy little fists and enjoying every minute.

DAN You've been teaching your son well, I see! I can recall a time when you spent, what felt like many long minutes, beating me over the head with a plunger! (beat) OUCH!

LOIS (Smiling and pushing him towards the door) And you loved every minute of it! Now, get out of here so that I can finish what I'm doing. Scat!

DAN (grimacing) Josh, have you noticed yet how pushy your mommy is? Dan and Josh head out of the room.

Lois begins to chop up a tomato. She doesn't hear or see the back door opening slowly. CLARK KENT enters. He walks up behind her, hugs her tight and kisses the top of her head.

LOIS (whispers) Being impervious to knives comes in handy when you startle your wife while she's holding one.

Clark lets go of her and she spins around to plant a quick kiss on his lips.

LOIS I'm glad you're home. Dan, your poker buddy and the god father of our only offspring, is already here. He's playing with Josh in the living room. (smiles warmly) I'm glad you're home, sweetheart!



Happy April Fool's day, everyone! <G>