I Can't Anymore, Clark

By Rhen Brink (renate@mcs.com)

Summary: Lois' bags are packed and waiting at the front door — as she makes a declaration to her husband, Clark.


Her bag was packed and waiting for her by the front door. Lois quietly walked into the dining room. Clark, her husband of almost two years, sat at the table his back toward her, his nose buried in a file. She watched him silently for a moment. "Do it, Lois, you have to tell him how you feel …" She thought to herself frowning, holding back her tears. "Clark?" she said aloud.

"Hmmm?" he answered not looking up from his work, his attention still focused on the mounds of paper in front of him.

"Clark," she bit at her lip then started again slowly, "I can't … do this … anymore." She tried to hold back a sob. "I thought it would all be so much different - I thought *we'd* be different …" She trailed off, disappointment and disgust mingling on her face.

Clark looked up startled. He had had a feeling something like this was coming but he had no idea it would be this soon. "Lois, honey …" He began with a smile, his attention shifting to his wife.

"Don't!" she shouted, "Don't be condescending, you're just insulting me!" I just want this over so that we can both get on with our lives. Is it so hard to accept that I've changed my mind, that I want out? I've thought about this a lot lately and …" Her hands fluttered in front of her as if they had a life of their own.

Clark rose up from his chair and moved to hug her, to make some offer of his love, but she would have none from him. "Lois, Sweetheart … I know things have been difficult for you these past few months but I also know that if you calm down, you'll realize, you can't turn back now …"

Lois looked down at her swollen belly, "All I see is … I'm not ready to be a mom … and I still have a month more to go … Oh, Clark," she whimpered.

"There, there," He cooed as his wife and his unborn child both fell into his strong, capable arms. "It's just the hormones talking. You'll be fine, *we'll* be fine. You wait and see …" He finished with a soft kiss that threatened to become more if she was interested.

Happy April Fool's day, everyone! <G>