Run for Your Life, Superman

By Rhen Brink (

Summary: Lois' predatory behavior scares Superman out of his wits. :-)


Superman's feet gently came to rest on Lois' bedroom carpet. "I'm sorry I had to come in through the bedroom window but Clark said it was urgent and this was the only one open …"

Lois was draped over her bed. She was wearing a flimsy white negligee split open at the side to reveal her leg and part of her thigh …

Superman gulped … "Do you … do you want to … get a robe or something?" He stammered self-consciously.

Lois smiled sensuously and replied in a husky voice, "My lead lined robe is at the cleaners …" She sucked on the tip of her finger for a second and then ran it seductively down from her shoulder … down the outside of one breast … down past her waist and ended the trail on her hip. She slowly swung her legs down off of the bed and placed both of her hands on either side of her body … she pushed up gently, leisurely straightening herself up to her full glory. Fluidly she slinked across the room till her face was mere inches from his. She began to slowly rub her palms up and down his chest. "Superman, I want you … you must know how much …"

He involuntarily took a step backward. Somewhere in the recesses of his brain, he became unconsciously aware of a rise in his body temperature and if he had been aware of it, it would have astounded him. He stuttered, "But … but … what about Clark?"

She laughed a throaty laugh and said in a whisper as her eyes flashed with desire, "Clark who? He means nothing to me … when I can have you …" She lunged at him like a predator after her prey!

Superman turned with sheer terror painted across his face and leapt out of the window!

Lois walked to her night stand and picked up her alarm clock to check the time. She moved to the bed and sat on it while picking up a magazine that had been lying on the floor. She flipped through it for a few minutes, periodically checking the time … When enough had elapsed, she picked up the phone and dialed a number that she knew by heart.

It rang three times before a familiar voice breathlessly answered, Hello?"

Lois smiled a sassy little evil smile and said, "Clark Kent! You get your butt right back here! I'm not done with you yet!"

Certainly not …