A Day (Morning) in the Life of the Kents

By Jenny Becker (TBecker@soar.com)

Summary: A WAFFy morning with the Kent family as Lois prepares to go to work.

Well here is a little fanfic that I am not sure where it came from, but is nothing but warm and fuzzies. Some dreaming on my part as to what lies ahead for our favorite couple. Keep in mind I have not gone into the intricate details of Kryptonian/human children and Superman's gene pool. There is no bad guy disrupting anything or some life-threatening A-plot. In fact they don't even leave the house. It is just a short and sweet story about Lois Lane and Clark Kent, married and happy. This is not the first fanfic that I have written, but is the first fanfic that I have posted to the list so don't be too brutal please :) Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Enjoy.


The grandfather clock in the hallway struck eight, but the morning chaos at the Kent household had begun. Lois had already been running around the house in pursuit of some missing papers. Clark was going to take the day off and spend it with Benji and do some last minute Christmas shopping that the couple had managed to put off.

Lois came into the kitchen to find her husband and son both sans shirts. The only difference was the older had a pair of worn Levis on and Benji was wearing plaid flannel pajama bottoms plus his precious bunny slippers that were never to be out of his sight. Benji was sitting happily on Clark's lap munching away with a handful of cheerios. The remnants of a serving of applesauce were evident from the mess on the table, Benji's face and hands, as well as Clark's. Lois had to smile, "What am I going to do with you two?" she asked the men before her.

Clark looked up and gave her a grin and between bites of cheerios Benji managed to do the same. "Morning honey," Clark whispered to his wife, who proceeded to bend down and give him a sweet and short kiss. At this gesture Benji smiled, laughed, and threw his gooey handful of cherrios up into the air. Clark and Lois looked at each other and just shrugged their shoulders amid amused grins.

Lois went over to the sink and got a wet towel and came back to her family. She wiped off Benji's sticky hands and then with a sly smile she wiped off Clarks hands with the same towel. Clark just sat there with his hands outstretched for his lovely wife to clean. "Mommy!" Benji yelled and gave her a great big bear hug around her neck. Lois stood up and supported her son, and gave Clark a chance to get up.

He retrieved his son from his wife, "So tell Perry, that I will really miss my day at the office," and as he said this Lois gave him a knowing smile and she responded, "Sure Kent, just think of me typing away at my computer with a nice hot latte when you are changing you know who's little d-i-a-p-e-r!" Clark just smiled and set Benji down on the floor and grabbed Lois around the waist and slowly tipped his head down and gave her a smoldering kiss. The kiss threatened to turn into more if there was not a toddler running around at their feet. The two were still kissing when Benji wrapped his chubby little arms around Clark's powerful jean clad legs and yelled, "C'mon Daddy we have to go shoppin' for Mommy today, 'member?" Lois reluctantly broke off the kiss and scooped up her little boy from the kitchen floor and hauled him upside down back to the bedroom with Clark in close pursuit.

Lois had been wearing one of Clark's roomy old faded sweatshirts from his college days, striped boxers and thick wool socks but quickly slipped out of the clothes and into the shower after depositing Benji on the bed. Clark entered the room and saw Benji sitting calmly on the bed facing the opposite direction. Clark launched himself at Benji and grabbed him up in a huge hug. After a few minutes of playful wrestling Benji ended up on his Dad's bare stomach facing his father. He quickly positioned himself so that his tummy was against his dad's stomach and then quietly laid his head on Clark's chest and soon his breathing became steady and constant. Evidently his early morning breakfast had worn him out.

Clark smiled as he looked down at his son, who had come into the world just two and a half years ago. He knew that both he and Lois wanted another, and he had the feeling that Lois wanted a girl but never led on about it. Benji had been the light in their life ever since he had been born. Their marriage was fate, the two knew that and as did all of their friends and family. Their romance and love had blossomed out of a partnership turned friendship. It was then that both members of that friendship and partnership realized that they could not go on in their lives without one another, that they agreed to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Since the moment that Clark had set eyes on Lois he knew that there was something between them. It had taken Lois a little longer to figure it out than it did Clark, but her love was just as strong for him and her son. The two had carved out a loving life in a small house with a white picket fence and had laid down roots in Metropolis. Work at the Planet had become a way of life for the couple and the close proximity for them both at work and at home would threaten to cause problems in some marriages, but in the Kents it made them stronger together.

Clark's other job, saving the world and mainly Metropolis, had become slower and less demanding in the past few years. Police forces and advanced technology allowed for swifter capture of villains. Thus allowing Superman to spend more time with his family. There were still many nights when Lois would awake to an empty bed and a pillow with Clark's imprint beside her, but their love had stood the test of Superman's job. Lois wouldn't let Clark give up his alter-ego for her, though he had mentioned it once or twice it never became truth. Clark's life had become carefully juggled by both himself and his wife to maintain Superman's secrecy, but their love as well. Clark's sweet thoughts were interrupted by Lois when she stepped from the bathroom after her morning shower.

She was wrapped in a newly washed, fluffy white towel and was rubbing her dripping hair with another. She looked up when Clark let out a low whistle, as to not disturb the sleeping boy on his chest but to get his wife's attention, it did. Clark was lying on the bed with his hands folded behind his head resting on one of huge navy pillows and Benji was still sleeping on his mid-section.

Lois smiled a motherly smile to Benji and whispered to Clark as she crawled up on the other side of the king sized bed, "I love you so much". Clark smiled back and whispered, "I love you more," Lois leaned up on one elbow so that she was propped up and facing her husband and son with a shocked expression on her face and whispered back very indignantly, "Do not, I love you more," then it was Clark's turn. He had a smile that was a mile long and could light up the Christmas tree that was currently in their living room. He replied, "Do not, do not, do not, I love you more," and as he said this he reached over and caressed the side of Lois cheek with the inside of his hand, a movement that she knew he saved only for her, and kissed the tip of her nose, "Love you more!" Lois sat up so that her knees were folded underneath her and was about to return Clark's comment and kiss but a whimper that escaped from Benji brought the couple's game to a halt as they both gave him their full attention.

Benji's little eyes lids began to open and the chocolate brown eyes that peered out from under were a carbon copy from those of his dad's. Benji very slowly, as if using all of his concentration sat up so that he was straddling his dad and rubbed his eyes, Lois leaned over and gave him a big wet sloppy kiss on his stomach. She received a genuine grin for this and glanced at the clock, "Oh no, look what time it is, honey, could you grab me my red heels and pick out some jewelry?" Clark nodded his head and moved his son off of him, "Sorry buddy, but we gotta get your mom ready for work and then we can have some quality time together and get her present!" Benji bounded off the bed and went straight into Lois and Clark's walk-in closet calling after him, "Don't worry Mommy, I will get you your nice red shoes."

Clark smiled at his wife as she slipped into her red skirt and white tank top to go under the red jacket. Clark strolled over to the other side of the master bedroom where Lois was standing and looked her over once, "Honey, I don't know if I like you to wear these incredibly short skirts to the office, I mean some of the guys over there might get the wrong idea and … " but Lois silenced him with a look and then strutted over to him swinging her hips, "Why, Clark, whatever do you mean?" she asked in a sugar sweet voice, "I only have eyes for you." Clark had to smile but he replied, "Your eyes aren't the ones that I'm worried about, you know."

Lois looked at her husband for a minute, "You really are serious, aren't you?" Clark looked down at the ground for a minute and drew circles with his bare toe in the thick carpet, "Well yeah, I guess I am kinda concerned, just a little bit, some microscopic piece of me buried incredibly deep," Lois smiled, but turned serious and said to continue, "that some other guy will come along, while I am not at work, or while I am at work and you are not, and sweep you off of your feet with tons of charm. Instead of me, just hanging around the house in a pair of old jeans looking … oh, I don't know … boring or something."

Lois took a few steps to close the gap that stood between them and with a concerned look on her face she placed her hands on Clark's warm inviting chest and looked directly into his eyes and said, "Well for starters you are the only man that I have ever met that can actually truly sweep me off my feet. And you are not boring in the least." But then her smile turned serious, "Clark, I can't believe that you think that some other man could ever come close to taking me away from you or taking your place for that matter. You know that I love you, and I will always love, and there is nothing in this whole world that could ever change that love. Don't you ever think of something like that again, do you hear me? You are the only one for me, you have no idea how lucky I am to be able to share my life with you. All that we have been through and all that we are going to go through — we have done it and we will do it together. The two of us, just you and me. There will never ever be anyone else. You trust me, don't you? Clark, I don't know where that idea came from but I want you to forget it and look at me — you have absolutely nothing to worry about, OK?" Tears had started to well up in Clark's deep brown eyes and threatened to spill over the edge, he looked at the woman before him and marveled at the fact that they were together. "OK," Clark whispered, and it came out as a choked sob and that was all Lois needed to give him a huge hug.

Clark's warm strong arms encircled his wife as Lois arms went up around his neck and the two stood still caught in a tide of emotions that could have lasted for eternity.

Benji emerged from the closet with one of Lois red high heeled shoes in each of his hands to find his parents in the middle of the room in a powerful hug and felt that he should be included too. He ran over to Clark's leg and tugged on the jeans and said, "Let me hug too, huh … lemme lemme hug too!" Lois and Clark broke away for a moment and looked at each other and Clark smiled to let his wife know that everything was all right and picked up his son and placed Benji in between his parents and they once again came together in a close hug and Clark whispered quietly, "I love you two so much!" Lois smiled and whispered, "I love you more." Benji chimed in with, "I love you, Mommy and Daddy, the most!"