Dad Who Came In From the Cold: A Plot Un-Twist Challenge Vignette

By BanAnna <>

Rated: G

Submitted: August 2003

Summary: A simpler (and much shorter) version of this episode, written for the Plot Un-Twist Challenge.

All characters are copyrighted by DC Comics, Warner Brothers, December 3rd Productions, and probably some other people too. David Simkins wrote some of the dialogue in this story, but the rest of the story is my own originality. No copyright infringement is intended; this is just for fun.

This story was written in response to Hazel's Plot Untwist Challenge, in which authors had to 'untwist' the plot of an episode to ensure said episode never happened.


"Was anybody hurt?" Lois came running down the front steps of her apartment building toward Clark, where *Superman* was blowing out the flames that were attacking the burning car.

"It's Bud Collins," he answered her.

"Oh, Bud, no," Lois said, leaning over him.

Clark assessed the situation. "I think it was a car bomb; I smelled C-4."

Bud spoke up, his voice raspy. "Lois, it's all there, encrypted on the hard drive. You were right about Trevanian. He's planning to take down a plane with the head of the FBI, the CIA, the secret service, and the director of the NIA on it this Saturday at noon using an electromagnetic pulse fired from a satellite. Then, using the same satellite, he's going to transmit a data-eating virus to a bunch of computers around the world, leaving him as the only game in town, the man with all the secrets."

Lois looked at Clark. "I guess we've got some phone calls to make."

"And I guess Superman should go looking for Trevanian."


After a couple of tips from some of Lane and Kent's best sources, and a long, hard, global search, Superman found Trevanian very near to one of Jimmy and Perry's favorite fishing spots. After taking him to the authorities in Washington DC, Superman flew back to the fishing spot and had a nice long talk with Jack Olsen about fatherly responsibilities.