Santa Conspiracy

By bakasi <>

Rated G

Submitted June 2007

Summary: Lois is a witch. At least Becca, Clark's little daughter, thinks so. And she knows there has to be a way to save her daddy, because he surely can't get rid of her on his own. In an attempt to help, Becca makes a huge promise to Santa, but is she really prepared to deal with the results? A Christmas special, belonging to "Stony Ways."

Author's note: These were two Christmas specials, set at the end of Sunday's Gain and Seeking Heroes, respectively. It's not necessary to know the entire plot, but it helps to know Becca. She is Clark's daughter, and during Sunday's Gain she gets to know a rather impatient Lois, who isn't the nicest version of herself, to put it politely. Later, they get to know each other better. Thanks to LaraMoon for doing the beta reading.


*Sunday's Late Conspiracies*

It's Sunday night. Clark has just kissed Becca goodnight as soon as she pretended to be asleep. When he's gone, she opens one eye and blinks. Her daddy is really gone. She breathes a little sigh of relief. It's time for her plan.

Ever since Clark had left the house earlier this Sunday, she had thought about the problem. Becca had known she would need help. But it had taken her an awfully long time to think of the right person. Neither her grandparents nor her powerful dad were the right people. Her daddy was usually good to solve any occurring problem, but this time he wouldn't be able to do it. This realization had left Becca helpless at first. She didn't know anyone else who would be able to help. Of course she could try and pray, but God was busy, and, moreover, he was good, so Becca thought that he might not like her idea.

Since the most powerful being was out of question as well, she had to think of someone else. It wasn't until she and her grandparents went shopping that Becca had found the solution. She had seen him and, even though it wasn't the real him, she knew whom to address now. The rest of the day, she had thought about how she could convince him. It wouldn't be easy, so much was obvious. But she had to try, for her daddy's sake!

Becca gets out of bed and is briefly shaking like a leaf. It's cold outside her warm covers. And she is afraid. Will he say yes? Or no? She kneels down in front of her bed and joins her hands. Then she reminds herself that she isn't praying. She is going to have a conversation. So she unfolds her hands again and rests them on the pillows. Unsure where to look, Becca decides that upwards will probably do it. Then she starts whispering…

"…Dear Mr. Claus,

"Is this right? It sounds odd. But daddy said I should call adults like that. I guess he's right. Would you mind if I called you Santa? Well, maybe I'd better not do that. After all, I have a huge plea. Can't… can't you make this witch disappear? I don't like her. And I don't think daddy does either. I mean, she says things to him… Dad would get angry with me if I behaved like that. But she's an adult and so there's not much he can do. It looks like maybe he likes her. Daddy acts as if she hadn't said anything. He smiles at her and all. That's not what he really thinks. He can't like her. She's really a witch!

"Can you imagine? She made him get up early on Sunday. Daddy never gets up early on Sundays. I woke him up once; I hadn't noticed it was Sunday then. He was… no, he wasn't really angry at me, but he wasn't glad either. I mean, he didn't even play our game. You know daddy really likes the game.

"He doesn't like her and he can't get rid of her himself. And I don't think he would let me help him. Daddy is nice to everyone. Even to the witch. I bet that she has a wart. I didn't see it yet, but she must have one. She doesn't like children. She called me a crybaby! I mean, that's all proof, don't you think, Mr. Claus? Daddy said that I shouldn't accuse anyone without proof.

"You don't need to bring me something for Christmas; this is all I want. I can do without presents for three years, if you can grant me this one. Will you? Please? I'll be nice for the rest of the year. Really nice! I'll clean daddy's shoes. I'll make breakfast every morning. I'll even go to school without complaining. Really! Big promise! If you tell me that I'm not allowed to go ice skating, that's okay as well. I'll do anything. Please help me…"

Becca stops whispering. She listens to the silence of her room. Her daddy is downstairs and watching TV. The voices in a movie are the only thing she can hear. Becca keeps listening, carefully, afraid that she might miss the answer. She shivers, because her feet are getting cold as she kneels on the floor. She doesn't dare to go back to bed again. What if she falls asleep when he sends her his answer? So Becca keeps kneeling in front of her bed, trying hard to stay awake. Minutes pass and nothing happens. Her eyelids are growing heavy.

Before he goes to bed, Clark checks on Becca. She is lying on the edge of her bed, her feet and legs outside, her upper body halfway in. As he gently lifts her inside her bed again, she's mumbling. Clark listens. "Please say yes," he hears her drowsy voice say.

"Always," he replies in a soft whisper and blows a kiss on her forehead.


*Seeking Santa's Presents*

Becca blinks. It is still pitch dark in her room. She opens her eyes, excited. This is the day! She knows it. Just to be sure, Becca thinks of yesterday. Yes, they bought a Christmas tree. She decorated it with Lois. The adults had mentioned it a few times. Yesterday was Christmas Eve. This meant that today was Christmas. *Presents!* She thinks and starts to grin. Santa always left them under the tree when she was with her grandparents. Surely he knows that they hadn't made it to Smallville this year.

Becca gets up; she doesn't even feel cold, like she usually feels when she gets out of bed. Her dad was very keen on opening the windows. No, she just wants to get downstairs. Her heart beats rapidly. She's curious to find out what Santa's brought her. The staircase seems endless. But she knows that there are only a few steps left. The apartment is dark; dawn hasn't broken yet. Daddy's surely still asleep. Becca cannot really understand how he's able to sleep on such a morning. But he is and there's not much she can do about that. With every step, she can feel her heart beating faster. Becca bites her lips. No, she cannot wait any longer and she jumps down the last couple of steps. Daddy has told her not to do that, but he's asleep, isn't he?

Nothing happens… Becca doesn't hurt herself and her Daddy doesn't wake up. She looks over to the beautiful tree, admiring the result of her work for a second, before her glance wanders down to the bottom of the tree. Becca blinks. There is… *nothing*. It can't be! Maybe Santa hasn't gotten their change of address? Or she isn't looking closely enough, really. Becca steps closer to the tree, kneels down, and examines the floor. But it remains as it was… not a single, tiny present under the Christmas tree. They could be in Smallville, perhaps…

But then it hits Becca. She has asked for Lois to disappear and in return she has told Santa that she wouldn't need presents for three years. Oh, no! She has made a monumental mistake. Becca looks over to the sofa, but there is no one there. Lois is really gone. What will Daddy say? They were friends now. And honestly, Becca isn't so sure anymore that Lois was really a witch. Playing with her had been fun.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Claus," Becca whispers into the dark apartment. "I don't want her to disappear anymore. Please, Mr. Claus, it was a mistake." Becca listens to the darkness. But she doesn't get an answer. She hadn't gotten one that night, either.

She can hear her heart thundering in her ears. She knows that this was terribly wrong. And there is only one person who can help her. She has to tell him, but she knows that he will be mad at her. Becca suddenly notices that it is cold in the apartment. She shivers. She has to do it now. Daddy will find out, anyway. He will know when he sees that she hasn't gotten any presents. And he will know when he sees that Lois is gone.

Becca swallows hard and tries to gather her courage. He will probably forgive her more easily if she tells him right away. The way to him is difficult. When has it ever been that difficult, Becca wonders? But she is afraid. She doesn't want to see the disappointment in his face. He wouldn't shout, he wouldn't lash out at her, but he would meet her gaze with this utterly disappointed look. Her daddy will be sad because of her. Becca stops in her tracks, not knowing how to go on. But she has to. If she waits, it will only be worse.

When she enters the bedroom, she can see he's sleeping. She doesn't really dare wake him, but she has to. All her own disappointment, her feelings of guilt and shame well up inside her. It forms a lump in her throat and suddenly, of its own volition, it escapes her as a huge sob. Tears fall down her cheeks and she cannot hold them back. She looks at her daddy. He stirs and opens his eyes.

"Becky, honey, what's the matter?" he asks, gently but shocked. He sits up at once and turns towards her. Becca sobs again, this time even louder. "Oh, come here, honey. Tell me, please tell me," he whispers and takes her arm in his hand to draw her closer. Becca feels the comfortable warmth of his strong arms and leans against his chest as another sob shakes her. He embraces her, strong and solid as her daddy has always been.

"I'm so sorry… I'm so sorry," she mutters between sobs.

"What for, honey?" His voice is still so gentle and caring. He pulls her even closer, lifts her up on his lap, and kisses the tears away.

And slowly, she tells him. Becca tells her daddy everything about that evening on Sunday, three weeks earlier. He keeps stroking her back. When she is finished, he doesn't look disappointed.

"And that's why you think you didn't get presents?" he asks softly.

Somehow Becca gets the impression that he's trying not to laugh. But why should he want to laugh?

Her daddy gets up and sets her back down onto the floor. He takes her hand and drags her with him. "Come on, pumpkin. Let's have a closer look!"

They return into the living room, but her daddy doesn't stop at the tree. He walks over to the staircase and gives her a soft push to go upstairs. Becca obeys. Going upstairs is somehow quicker than it had been on her way downstairs. It's still dark in her room.

"Oh, pumpkin. I really thought you would have turned on the light," Clark says and switches it on.

The room looks different. It's brighter. There are pictures on the wall, of her mother, her grandparents, and her daddy. Others show flowery fields and mythical creatures. There is also a huge poster of Aladdin. Next to her bed, there is a new nightstand. A small carpet covers the floor and she sees a shelf with a few books that she doesn't recognize. A garland of flowers is hanging from the shelf. On a desk in a corner of the room, there is a little jewelry box. It is open and a small ballerina smiles at Becca. She seems to wink. Next to the ballerina, there is a set of small plastic cups, and there sits a fluffy teddy bear with a little golden crown on his head. Becca's mouth gapes open.

"Oh, daddy!" she whispers, happily, not able to recall any Christmas present that had been better than this.

"It wasn't something Santa could have placed under the tree. He didn't expect that you would be so excited that you'd forget the light. Merry Christmas, honey."