The Day Everything Changed

By Gina Blank (

Summary: Soon after Clark fixes his wife a sumptuous gourmet dinner, she takes ill with stomach pains. Surely it wasn't the chicken cordon bleu?

This is my *third* piece of fanfic. I had read a lot before starting to write, and when I wrote my first piece, I just loved writing all my ideas. I hope you like this one. Comments can be sent to me, Gina, at


There were two plates set at opposite sides of the table. Light blue napkins with eating utensils sat at the left of each plate. A centerpiece of white and baby-blue flowers sat in the middle of the table, with two tall, white candles on either side.

Clark lowered his glasses, and lit the wicks of the two candles as Lois came into the room. She was dressed in a velvet black dress, with long sleeves, and a flowing bottom. Clark was sporting a grey suit and white shirt—nothing out of the ordinary from what he wore to work. Both thought the other looked absolutely *gorgeous*!

"Won't you sit down, my love?" Clark gestured towards Lois' chair. Lois sat down, and Clark pushed her chair closer to the table.

"*SIGH*, I love it when we have romantic dinners," Lois breathed, as she looked dreamily at the table setting, "this is lovely, Clark."

"Ah, but you have not seen ze main menu," Clark replied, putting on his best French accent. Clark walked towards the stove, and pulled out a rather large chicken. "Chicken courdon bleu," he exclaimed, as he set it down on the hotplate on the table.

"Mmmm, we're eating *French* tonight, are we?" Lois smiled.

"Oui, but of course. A little red wine, perhaps?" Clark asked.

"That would be wonderful," Lois replied. Clark poured the wine and then went to retrieve the rest of the meal: a baguette for the couple to share, steamed vegetables, and just for fun—as an appetizer, perhaps—some Camembert cheese— straight from France.

"This is to replace all the cheese that got crushed under that big pole last fall!" Clark explained. Lois giggled. "Well, let's eat."

The couple had a lovely dinner, talking about everything and anything: Clark's parents, the weather, Clark's latest disaster—everything. As soon as the couple were finished eating and talking, Clark stood up to clear the dishes and get dessert.

"Ooh, I hope chocolate's an ingredient!" Lois said, her eyes sparkling.

Clark chuckled, "Don't worry. Here." Clark brought out two glass bowls of chocolate mousse. Lois dipped her spoon in, and put a small mound of mousse in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm…" Lois said, tossing her head back, her voice slightly over exaggerated.

"Lois, don't do that to me," Clark replied. Lois smiled a wry smile.

"That was beautiful, Clark," Lois said, once they'd finished, "but you know what? We're not finished. There's still some dessert that hasn't been served yet." Lois stood up and walked past Clark towards the bedroom, whispering sexily in his ear as she went by, "I'll meet you there, Clarkie." Clark turned to watch Lois slink off towards the bedroom, 'The dishes can wait 'till tomorrow' Clark thought to himself as he got up, and followed right behind.


"Hey, you almost done with that story? I just came out of Perry's office, and he said he needs it, like, *now*," Clark said, as he peered over Lois' right shoulder.

"Yeah, almost," Lois said wearily. Clark looked at Lois. Usually she was full of pep when typing up a story. She always wanted to get it done and in so she could see it in the paper when it came out.

"Lois, are you all right?" Clark asked, brushing her hair behind her ear to get a complete look at her face.

"No, not really," Lois said, taking a break from her keyboard to look at Clark, "I think I'm coming down with something. Or it was something I ate," she said, rubbing her stomach. Lois *looked* like she was coming down with something, too. Her face was rather pale.

"Hmm…Lois, you don't look so good," Clark told her. He put his hand on her forehead, "You're not warm," he said, slightly confused, "but tell you what. It's 3:00 now. I don't think Perry will mind if we leave a little early. We can go home, put on some soft music, I can give you one of those tummy rubs you like, and I'll make you a warm bowl of chicken soup to settle your stomach…what do you think?"

"I think—" Lois started, "I think—I think I'm going to be sick!" Lois got up and bolted for the ladies' room as fast as she could in high heels. Clark, while hoping she made it in time, sat on her desk, rather stunned.

A few minutes later, Lois returned, all colour lost from her face, and sat down, moving her keyboard aside to lay her head in her arms on her desk. She groaned.

"Lois, if you don't like my chicken soup, just *say* so!" Clark teased, hoping to get even a half smile from his wife.

"Don't worry, it's not your soup. But I think your courdon bleu just got flushed down the toilet," Lois moaned.

"Okay, we're going home," Clark told her, "stay there. I'll go tell Perry we're leaving." Lois didn't object. She could've just stayed there all night. She didn't want to move. Unfortunately, Clark wasn't about to carry her to her jeep. Everybody would stare.

"Come on, Sweetie," Clark said, as he gently pulled Lois up by her arm, and guided her out of the office and down to the parking lot.

Once they reached Lois' jeep, Clark got her comfortable in the back seat, lying down with a neatly crocheted blanket Martha had given them. Clark then climbed into the driver's side up front, adjusted the mirror so that he could see traffic *and* Lois behind him, and started the car.

"Do you think it was last night's dinner?" Lois asked wearily at one point. "Do you think maybe it wasn't cooked quite properly?"

"I'm not sure. Could have been. I wouldn't know. That type of thing doesn't have an effect on me," Clark explained, "I mean, I could have eaten *mold* for last night's dinner, and probably nothing would happen."

"Oooohhhhhh," Lois groaned. The mere thought of eating green fuzz was revolting, and it was making *her* face turn green.

"Sorry," Clark apologized. Clark drove the rest of the way back home in silence. Clark pulled into their parking spot in the basement garage, beneath his apartment, where they lived, and guided Lois inside, where they both went to sleep.


That evening, while Lois slept, Clark had made and eaten dinner by himself, watched TV by himself, and drifted around the apartment by himself. Now he knew how Lois must have felt when he was sick at Christmas—oh, so lonely.

Clark went to sleep late that night, as he just couldn't relax. Even though Lois had been sleeping for several hours already, and would probably sleep through the night, he worried about her. He hated seeing her so helpless and weak. After a few hours of tossing and turning, Clark finally managed to get to sleep.

He woke up the next morning to a sound he didn't particularly want to wake up to often. He could hear Lois ralphing in the bathroom. 'My word, it sounds like she's coughing up a *lung*!' Clark thought to himself.

A few minutes later, he looked up to see a pasty-faced Lois leaning against the door jamb.

"Ugh. I feel like I coughed up a lung!" Lois told him, her voice raspy.

Clark chuckled slightly, "I was thinking the exact same thing. So, I guess I'll call Perry."

"Mmm…" Lois said, as she headed into the living room to flop down on the couch. Clark phoned Perry, and then joined Lois on the couch.

"Tell you what. We haven't seen any movies in a while. Why don't I have my shower, I'll zip to the video store, I can rent a couple videos we've been wanting to see, and I'll zip back so we can watch them," Clark kissed the top of Lois' head.

"Mmm…that sounds okay," Lois said, sitting up.

"Now, you'll be okay here?" Clark asked.

"Yes, Clark, I'll be fine. I've been sick plenty of times before you've been around," Lois said, managing a half-smile, "go." Clark did as she asked, and after his (quick) shower, headed out the window to the video store.

At the video store, Clark pondered the selection in front of him. After a few minutes of speed-searching, Clark settled on two romance movies and a comedy that he and Lois had wanted to see.

"Superman! I didn't know—I mean what are you doing—You watch—" The cashier at the front stuttered. He was trying so hard not to be rude.

Clark smiled, "I do have a life," he teased. Still, the cashier turned red as he scanned the videos. "Thanks!" Clark cried as he flew off.

Back at the apartment, Lois was sitting up on the couch, sipping a glass of water.

"Well, I see you're fine," Clark told her, after spinning back into Clark.

"Yeah," Lois sighed, "another lung went down the toilet, but I'm fine."

"Aww," Clark said sympathetically, as he kissed the top of her head again. He took his thumb and stroked her face as he so often did, placing his hand under her chin, and stared into her eyes.

"What? What are you looking at?" Lois asked.

"Even when you're sick, you're still *so* beautiful," Clark told her. Lois melted at the compliment, and gave Clark a gentle hug, which he returned just as gently, so's not to upset her stomach any more.

The couple sat down and started to watch the first movie. It was *very* romantic. Lois watched with her head in Clark's lap, as he stroked her hair in a steady rhythm. About halfway through the movie, however, Clark heard someone cry out for help. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"Go," she said, immediately turning up to look at him. She knew he'd heard someone even before she'd looked in his face.

"But, Lois—" Clark started. Lois placed two fingers over his lips.

"I'll be okay. Don't worry," she told him.

"All right, but if anything happens, and you need me, just scream," Clark almost ordered. Lois nodded, and Clark was off.


Lois laid herself back down in the position she had been in, except Clark was not under her. She stared for what seemed like an eternity at the paused screen in front of her, thinking. Was it really the chicken? Clark must feel so bad. I'm *so* weak! Why am I so sick; I've never been this sick before. Will I be better by tomorrow? My word, Clark and I have a *huge* story to finish!

Lois was in the midst of worrying about her and Clark's story when a gust of wind came in through the window. Lois knew exactly where the source of the wind was from, and stood up slowly to greet her husband.

"Hi," she croaked.

"Hi," Clark echoed. He spun himself back into his Clark-clothes, and stopped to see Lois smiling—a first in a while. "I see you're okay."

"Yeah, I told you so," she couldn't help but saying, "I was fine. I was absolutely— *OWWW*!" Lois clutched her stomach, and bent forwards slightly.

"What? What is it?" Clark asked, his expression changing from calm to potential worry.

"OWWW!" Was all Lois could cry out. Lois collapsed on the couch and doubled over in pain.

"Are you okay?" Clark asked, sitting down with her, and placing his hands on her shoulders.

"Does it *look* like I'm okay?!" Lois yelled, "OOOOWWWW!!"

"Okay, Lois, okay. We're going to the hospital. Give me a minute," Clark told her. He sped around the apartment as fast as possible, grabbing their jackets and other things, and spinning into his suit at the same time.

Lois looked up at Clark, who was standing again before her. "No, no flying—*please*," she gasped. Clark stood stunned. Lois must *really* be in pain if she didn't want to fly. She usually jumped at the opportunity.

"Okay, no flying," he whispered, "do you think you can walk to the jeep?" Lois nodded. Clark spun (once again) into his Clark-clothes. "All right then," he said, gently lifting her into a standing position, "let's go."

Lois whimpered as she stood—the pain was almost unbearable—but she managed, somehow, to walk out of the apartment and down to the jeep. She climbed into the back as she had done just yesterday, and lay there, curled up in a little ball to keep the pain from overwhelming her.

Clark felt so bad. He could imagine that what she was feeling was similar to his reaction to kryptonite, but somehow, he couldn't do anything. He couldn't even hug her for fear he'd bring more pain.

The ride to the hospital was a quiet one, except for the occasional cry of pain from Lois. Clark winced every time she moaned, and was thankful that she was still in one piece when they got to the hospital. Clark led Lois inside the emergency doors, and sat her down on a soft chair while he went up to the front desk. When he came back, Lois was in a sitting position—for the first time since they'd left the apartment.

Clark filled out some papers with one hand, and as gently as possible rubbed Lois' back with the other.

"I see the pains have subsided," Clark said softly.

"Yeah," Lois breathed, "at least to a manageable level." She patted her stomach to point out that the pain was still there.

"Mrs. Lane-Kent?" a nurse was standing over them now.

"Uh, yeah," Lois answered. She stood up, almost automatically, when the nurse called her name. Clark stood up beside her, and the nurse motioned them to follow her.

The nurse led them into a typical hospital room—light blue walls with light-blue curtains, medical equipment on hooks on the wall—and closed the door. "Now, what seems to be the problem?" the nurse asked.

"It HURTS!" Lois yelled to the nurse, sitting on the tissue-covered bed.

"Lois…" Clark warned. He was sat behind Lois, and put his arm gently around her waist. He rubbed her stomach gently in an up-and-down-side-to-side pattern.

"Okay, Ms. Lane, I understand *that*. Could you give me some details? Like when it started, where it hurts…things like that?" the nurse asked.

"Well," Lois started, her voice calm again, "it only started today. Yesterday, I picked up a virus, I think, so I've been sick to my stomach, but I've never had these cramps in my life when I've been sick. It feels like my abdomen is going to *explode!*"

The nurse was taking down notes. "But it seems to have subsided?"

"Yeah, to a manageable level. I just hope it doesn't— OWWW!" Lois clutched her stomach again at the same time Clark removed his hand from it.

"Did I rub too hard?" he asked, his voice going panicky.

"No. I just spoke to soon, that's all. OWWWW!" Lois brought her knees up close to her chest.

"Okay, I'm going to give you a painkiller, Ms. Lane," the nurse said, noticing Lois' pain.

"No!" Lois cried.

"What? You don't want pain killers?" the nurse asked, flabbergasted.

"No, not that," Lois croaked, "there aren't any side effects, like an upset stomach, are there? I've got enough of that already."

The nurse laughed, "this stuff couldn't harm a baby. It just gets rid of pain, that's all. Here." The nurse handed her a couple pills and a styrofoam cup of water, and Lois swallowed the painkillers gratefully.

"How long does it take to work?" Clark asked, looking at Lois folded in half on the edge of the bed.

"You'll see," the nurse said, smiling slightly. It was only a couple minutes before Lois sat upright again.

"That stuff works *fast*. Mind if I take home a bottle?" Lois breathed, leaning back against Clark's chest. Both Clark and the nurse laughed.

"Soon enough. I want to keep you in the hospital and do a couple tests, though. That pain looked pretty strong. I don't think it's just a virus," the nurse told her.

"Then what could it be?" Lois asked.

"Oh, many things. Clogged up intestine, ulcer, all sorts of things. I just want to do a couple tests to make sure it's not something major."

"Oh. Well, all right," Lois said slowly.

"Lois, do you want me to stay with you?" Clark asked.

"No, that's okay. You look wiped. You've been like a chaperone to and from places since yesterday. Take a break," Lois almost ordered him to take that break. And Clark agreed.

"Okay. I'll be back when the tests are over. Tonight?" Clark looked at the nurse.

"That'll be fine," the nurse said.

Lois and Clark stood up and said good-bye. They hugged very gently, and Clark whispered in her ear, "and if you need me—"

"—just scream," Lois whispered back, "bye."



Clark arrived back at the hospital at 7:00. "I'm here to see Ms. Lois Lane. Can you tell me what room she's in?" he inquired at the front desk. The secretary there looked at her computer, and then at a list on her clipboard, and gave him directions to Lois' room.

Clark approached the door to Lois' room, and peeked in. It was pink, with a TV hanging from the ceiling, a window with the curtains open to let the sunshine in, and on the hospital bed in the center of the room, the most beautiful creature he had ever seen—his wife. She was sleeping.

"Lois?" Clark whispered, as he stepped inside. He held some flowers—tulips, from Holland—in his hand, and Lois' teddy-bear that he had won for her from the carnival.

"Mmm?" Lois rolled over, and slowly opened her eyes, "Clark," she whispered, "hi."

"Hi. I brought your teddy bear," Clark told her.

"Mmm…I know," Lois replied, as she gently tugged at Clark's tie to bring him closer to her.

"No, this one," Clark smiled as he held the teddy-bear in front of him.

"Oh, but I'd much rather have *this* one," she said, closing her mouth around his and kissing him with a kiss that made up for the last two days.

When she let go, he replied, "Well, I see you're feeling better." Lois smiled, and went in for round two. As they were kissing, Clark put his arm under her legs, and lifted her off the bed, placing her down again so they could kiss in a standing position. They were beginning to make up for more than just those two days when a doctor came into the room.

"Ahem," he said, pretending to clear his throat. Lois and Clark both turned red as they looked to see the doctor. "Well, I have the results from the test here. And judging by your current appearance," he said, referring to the kiss he'd walked in on, "they're not that surprising. Well, the cause of your cramps is still somewhat unexplained, but Ms. Lane, I know why you've been feeling sick. Congratulations, you're pregnant!"

Both Lois and Clark's jaws dropped to the floor. "Speechless, I see!" the doctor said, "don't worry. While you guys take in the news, I'll go get those painkillers for your stomach." With that the doctor left.

"Pregnant!" Lois gasped, looking back at Clark, "Oh, this explains *everything*!"

"Pardon?" Clark asked, confused.

"Don't you see! This baby's what's causing my cramps! It must be a *super* child!"

"You mean you're going to have these cramps for *nine more months*?!" Clark asked, exaggerated.

Lois couldn't help but laugh, "Not with *those* painkillers. Oh, Clark! We're going to be *parents*!" Lois wrapped her arms around her husband's neck, squeezing him tightly. Suddenly, Lois pulled back, a look of concern and worry sweeping over her face. "Clark," she gasped, "We're going to be *parents*…"