All Superman, All the Time

By Stephani VanWert <>

Rated G Submitted

May 1999

Summary: Lois and Clark open their baby presents … and sense a theme!


"Lois! What in Elvis' name are you doing here? Clark! I gave you strict oreders not to let her come into work! Her due date is only a week away!"

"I know, Chief! But you know how Lois is!"

"Stop talking about me like I'm not here!" Lois winced and put a hand to her back.

Clark put his hand on her lower back and ran it in circles to take off some of the pressure.

Perry sighed and looked at her thoughtfully. "Well, if you have to be here, you might as well go through all the baby gifts in the conference room."

Lois rolled her eyes and walked awkwardly, with Clark's help, to the conference room.

They both stared wide-eyed at the stacks of presents.

"Wow … you'd think we were having twins!" Clark laughed at his own joke and Lois smacked him in the chest.

"Shut up and help me unwrap some of these."

Lois carefully sat down in a chair and Clark handed her the first set of identically wrapped presents.

Lois sighed, "The great thing about having twins … two of everything!" She opened the first two boxes and pulled out Superman bibs.

Clark groaned. "Oh no … please no!"

Lois unwrapped another set of gifts and pulled out two Superman blankets. She raised an eyebrow at Clark.

Clark lowered his glasses and scanned all the other packages.

Lois looked at him curiously. "Don't tell me … all Superman?"

Clark nodded and pushed his glasses back up. "All Superman … must be the rumors about *someone* having a Superman obsession."

Lois smirked. "Well, at least we know the twins will dress like their father!"

Clark groaned. "Lois …"


I hope you liked this…it's my second L&C Story…both very short and WAFFY…Feedback is appreciated!