My Darling Lois

By Vikster <>

Rated: G

Submitted: November 2001

Summary: A letter from Clark describes his feelings to Lois as he departs for New Krypton.

This is a letter written by Clark to Lois just before he departed for New Krypton. There is no breach of copyright intended. The characters don't belong to me and the poem at the beginning is the chorus from Westlife's song,Queen of My Heart. It seemed very appropriate. All comments welcome.


*My Darling Lois,

I'll always look back

As I walk away

This memory will last

For eternity

And all of our tears

Will be lost in the rain

When I find my way back

To your arms again

But until that day

You know you are the

Queen of My Heart*

When you read these words, know that my heart will forever be with you. You will always be the first thing on my mind when I wake and the last when I sleep. For two long years I waited for you to say, 'I love you'. These three little words meant more to me than words can express and the day you agreed to become my wife was the happiest of my life.

Ever since I can remember, I ran away from the part of me that was different. I never let anyone come too close for fear that they would discover the truth. But the moment you walked into Perry's office and into my life I knew I could never be the same again. For the first time I stopped being afraid of my gifts and started to accept them. You helped create a part of me that I never knew existed and because of you my life turned around for the better.

You projected a hard-bitten exterior to the world but I saw a frightened, lonely woman beneath it all. I am proud and honoured you let me get close enough to see the real Lois Lane, a passionate, intelligent, wonderful woman, a woman who captured my heart and will hold it for eternity.

But for now we must each go our separate ways. Remember that in my heart you are my wife and I am your husband. I will be back, if not in this lifetime then in the next. Farewell, my dearest. I will miss you, my partner, my friend, my soul mate. I will always be with you.

Your loving husband, Clark.