Rubber Ducky

By Cuidadora <>

Rated: G

Submitted: July 2019

Summary: The morning after a bath by two young children, Martha reflects as she counts her blessings. First story in the Rubber Ducky series.

Story Size: 462 words (3Kb as text)

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Thanks to Marcelle who was GE for this story.


“Rubber duck-eee, I’m awfully fo-ond of youuuuuuuuu!”

The somewhat off-key but very enthusiastic and loud rendition of the Sesame Street classic was music to Martha’s heart, if not her ears. It reminded her how blessed they all were with the children. Lois and Clark’s three-year-old twins had recently taken to that song. Not only at bath time, but all day long. No one minded because the twins and their older brother CJ brought such joy and happiness to both the Kent and Lane families. Especially after Lois and Clark thought having one child, let alone three, was impossible. But, once again they’d proven the so-called experts wrong.

“Rubber duck-eee, I’m awfully fo-ond of youuuuuuuuu!”

As she sipped her morning tea, Martha shook her head and smiled to herself, remembering how the twins’ bath went last night. The twins were in the tub at the same time, each playing with his own rubber duck. And, of course, singing to it. Lois was bathing them while Clark was editing their latest investigation before the paper’s deadline.

As Lois finished bathing them, Jon rose first from the water to get dry. She dried him, and wrapped him in the towel while she reached for Sam. Her attention was taken from Jon, and before she knew it he was tearing down the hallway, buck naked.

“Clark! Catch Jon before he decides to flash the neighbors!”

Thank Goodness for super hearing and reflexes.

Martha heard for what seemed the hundredth time, “Rubber duck-eee, I’m awfully fo-ond of youuuuuuuuu!”

She smiled and looked over at her husband, who was engrossed in today’s Daily Planet. She happily counted her blessings, which included her family. Martha and Jonathan had grieved twice at the prospect of childlessness; once before Clark entered their lives and again before CJ. Lois, Clark, CJ, Jon and Sam were all blessings, and in some ways unexpected, so she felt doubly blessed by each one.

She also added the changes that came with age. Not everyone would appreciate those changes. Needing hearing aids might seem like anything but a blessing. But, she and Jonathan found joy in hearing clearly the children’s voices. And, when they tired of the clamor, rather than shushing their grandkids, they quietly and stealthily turned their aids down or off.

Like now. She was sure Jonathan’s concentration was aided by turning down his hearing aids. Reaching up to turn hers off, she smiled.

Ah, the blessed sound of silence.


Author’s Note: Jon and Sam were singing

Continued in “We’re All Alone.”