Fanfic from 1994

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These stories were made available to readers in 1994, before we started noting publication dates.

Counter Clark-Wise
A dejected Clark Kent, who despairs of ever getting Lois Lane to notice him, wakes up one morning in bed beside her. Supposedly, he's been married to her for years. He's in heaven. Meanwhile, a much-married Clark is sent mysteriously five years into his past. He wants back, really bad.

Dawning 01: Cooking With Clark
Stark, Debby
After a slime monster attacks Metropolis, Lois discovers a secret -- and only Martha knows the secret is out.

Just Another New Year's Eve
Lois with the flu and the boy in blue as midnight, December 31, approaches.

Kissing a Fool
To get the goods on Mayson Drake, who is suspected of still having ties to Intergang, Clark starts dating her. One problem -- he "forgot" to tell Lois.

L&C: A Christmas Story
Lois and Clark are at odds at Christmas, each with collapsed Christmas plans.

Menage a Trois
Claude, the louse, returns to Metropolis and wangles a dinner date with a stunned Lois.

Pas de Deux
Following the fanfic "Menage a Trois," Lois and Clark go out for a tentative date of dinner and dancing, unaware they are being watched.

Tara's Kissing Scene
O'Shea, Tara
Hot in pursuit of a story, Lois and Clark hide in a closet -- with romantic results.

Our Best Guesses

We think these stories were written in 1994 — but we're just guessing here. If you're a fanfic oldtimer and know when any of these stories below were originally distributed, through the LOISCLA mailing list or Rhen's FTP archive or some other venue, please let us know. Thanks. (If you're curious when episodes aired originally, check our cheat sheet.)

The Aftermath
Schulak, Laura
Clark has just spilled his big secret to Lois, and she is not amused. Their irritation with each other notwithstanding, she could sure use some help when faced with a ticking bomb.

Savage, Michele
A humorous continuation of the episode "I'm Looking Through You," picking up after Lois says to Clark: "It seems we have something in common. You want to fly like Superman, and I want to fly with him."

Because It Just Can't End Like That (TOGOM)
Baker, Jennifer
A short but WAFFy continuation of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine." What if Clark hadn't dozed off?

Culinary Delights
Dore, Melissa
A truly delightful story that explains how Lois, legendary for her lack of talent in the kitchen, came to prepare the holiday feast seen at the end of the episode "Season's Greedings."

The Day After TOGOM
Tan, Lin-Suen
Lois tries to tell Clark how much he's come to mean to her. A continuation of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine."

Explaining the Recant
Rich, Melinda
A story written to justify Clark's reasons for taking back his vow of love for Lois at the end of the episode "The House of Luthor."

Flight Risk
Merckle, Nancy
Lois and Clark are stuck in a plane with a terrorist, two bombs, and no way for Superman to show up!

Just Another Fortune Cookie
Schwartz, Susan
Picking up after the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Clark presses Lois to continue with what she was talking about when he so conveniently fell asleep in her car.

Lois & Clark/Quantum Leap Crossover
Chary, Michael
A crossover story in which Sam Beckett leaps into Superman's body while Superman is trapped in Luthor's kryptonite cage.

May the Best (Super) Man Win
Prince, Kendra
Lois is forced by a seemingly harmless bet to confront her growing feelings for her partner as she and Clark work to save the Beckworth School (featured in the episode "Smart Kids") from closing. Meanwhile, Perry sends them on an A&E assignment to interview singer Kathy Troccoli -- whose video director wants to cast them in a video for the song "If I'm Not in Love..."

Phone Call
Baker, Jennifer
Clark calls home to explain to his parents why he's late arriving in Smallville for Christmas Eve. A vignette following the episode "Season's Greedings."

Revelation (After Churches ... )
Brink, Rhen
Lois jumps to conclusions when she sees a not-completely-dressed Mayson Drake leaving Clark's apartment early in the morning.

The Source - Inbetweenie
Garfield, Pam
An "in between" scene from the episode "The Source" that explains why Clark might have chosen to appear as Superman when he went to deliver his pep talk to Lois.

A Super New Year's Eve
Baldwin, Lynn
Lois and Clark are invited to Lexcorp's New Years' Eve Ball, the theme of which is "A Super Costume Party: Dress Up as a Superhero." Lois, who's planning to go as Wonder Woman, threatens to ferret out Clark's secret using her Lasso of Truth.

Wheels of Justice
Mayson Drake calls a press conference trying to condemn Superman as a vigilante, but she's unprepared for the response she receives from Metropolis. Before the conference, Lois and Clark spend a few hours reveling in their new relationship. A continuation of the fanfic "You Made Me Love You" that paints a clearer picture of Mayson Drake and her motivations.

You Made Me Love You
Now that she's finally over her Superman infatuation, Lois is embarrassed to have to sing a love song to the hero at a charity ball -- because the committee thought it would be "cute." To complete her humiliation after the serenade, she is invited to chat at Mayson Drake's table.