The Day After TOGOM

By Lin-Suen Tan (

Summary: Lois tries to tell Clark how much he's come to mean to her. A continuation of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine."

It's set on the day after "That Old Gang Of Mine". Lois saying thank you may be a bit out of character <g> but I think it'll be nice if she did. It's probably a bit unrealistic at this stage too…but one can dream.


Lois was stuck. She stared at her terminal but she couldn't concentrate. Her mind kept wandering. She wasn't sure why until her eyes fell on Clark.

Despite his close brush with death, Lois marveled at how remarkably normal Clark seemed, as if he was never shot. As usual he was hard at work, alternatively chewing on his pencil and typing on his keyboard. He felt Lois's eyes upon him and looked up. "What?"

"Hmm…? Oh nothing" Lois blushed and quickly turned away trying to pretend that she was staring at the wall behind Clark instead of him.


Lois was surprised at the strength of her emotions when she thought Clark was dead, and particularly how she felt when he turned up alive. She had never known such joy and relief. She never thought of him ever being in any danger and how brave he's been until now. She walked over and sat on the edge of his desk.

"I never realized how brave you are, Clark" Lois said quietly.


"Ever since you came to Metropolis you've been hit by a car and lost your memory, held captive by that psycho Trask, and helped capture those terrorists. And protected me from Sebastian Finn at the risk of your own life…"

It was Clark's turn to blush. "Lois, I…"

"You even stood up to that Superman clone!"

"It was nothing Lois." Clark tried to play it down.

"Nothing!? Not even…"

"What about Superman? He's risked his life countless times for Metropolis. And he saved the world by destroying that asteroid." Clark interrupted, worried about where Lois was heading. While overjoyed that she finally noticed his efforts, he was uncomfortable with the thought of Lois putting all these events together.

"But Superman is Superman. He's invulnerable to almost everything. You are not. You almost died this time Clark! If it wasn't for Superman…" The recent events had caused her to examine her feelings towards Clark. She knew there was definitely something more than friendship between them and she couldn't bear the thought of losing him. She reached out her right hand and stroke his cheek. "Just be more careful okay Clark? I don't think I can handle another scare like the one you gave us."

"I will Lois. I promise." Clark smiled reassuringly.

Lois let her hand drop. "I guess I'm also saying thank you. Thank you for being there for me all these times. You are a really great guy Clark."

"Thanks Lois…I don't know what to say." Clark said, standing up.

"Just say you'll continue to be there for me."

"Always Lois. Always…" Clark said as they shared an all too rare hug.