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We've pruned out news items that point to pages no longer online. Also, all the references to each year's Kerth Awards: You can find all the winners on our Kerth page.

We changed our look a few years back. If you'd like more details, check out the Our Design page. 12/20/2021

Sad news about Zoomway. I heard recently that Zoomway lost her battle with cancer. Oldtimers will understand the depth of our community's loss. Newcomers... To explain Zoomway you need to know that in many ways she was the heart of us, besides being "The Boss of Us" — the tongue-in-cheek rank she used on her own boards. 11/22/2014

All the novels, stories 50,000 words or greater that we host on the archive, have been converted by a team of volunteers to epub and mobi formats for your e-reading pleasure. Did you get a new Kindle, Nook or iPad this year? Or can you clear off some space on your old faithful? There are 231 Lois & Clark novels to enjoy over on the legacy ebook archive. You can download the novels one at a time or get them all in one download: We've compressed them into zip files (one each for epub and Kindle-friendly mobi). 12/27/2012

Merry Christmas! Wish you could add some holiday fanfic to your Kindle, Nook or iOS device? We've gathered 20 short Christmas stories in ebook format for a holiday anthology. There are more than a hundred holiday fics on the archive, so we couldn't add them all — though we wanted to. The focus here is on short stories you can read in one sitting. If you're wanting more, you can find them by searching and filtering our Fanfic Database spreadsheet for "Christmas." And be sure to browse our Legacy Fanfic wiki site for hundreds more Lois & Clark stories formatted for your ebook reader! 12/25/2012

Looking for a good holiday read? We've got 108 L&C Christmas stories for your enjoyment. You just need to filter for them. :) The fanfic database spreadsheet file is updated with all stories up to December 11, 2011. As usual you can download the file in Excel and OpenOffice versions from our Fanfic Database page. You can also view the data online in Google Doc format. Please note that you'll be able to perform more precise searches by sorting and filtering the file offline in your own copy of Excel or OpenOffice, which is open source and free to install. (Got a Mac in G3, G4 or G5 flavors? Author Marcus Rowland recommends opening the OpenOffice version in LibreOffice, which is file-compatible.) 12/25/2011

We're on Twitter! If you've been wishing the archive had an RSS feed to let you know exactly when new stories are posted on the site, consider subscribing to our Twitter RSS feed. The link is available on our Twitter page. Besides update notes, we'll also be using it to send out general notices. 5/24/2010

The fanfic database is updated with all stories up to April 25, 2010. As usual you can download the spreadsheet file in Excel and OpenOffice versions from our Fanfic Database page. You can also view the files online in Yahoo and now Google Doc format. 5/23/2010

Sad news. Jeanne Pare reports that writer Philip Mogul has passed away. She edited his story "The Second Time Around" and has submitted it for him posthumously. Her editor's note tells us more about this fascinating and interesting man. He'll be much missed. 1/17/2009

Fanfic database project. We're still working on the database project, which will eventually let you zero in on just the stories you're looking for by searching on keywords and themes. In the meantime, check out the raw data. (*Updated June 28 to reflect all stories in the archive uploaded prior to June 22. The random story generator is also updated.) 6/28/2008

Reformatting archive stories. Do you want to get rid of line breaks in archive stories? Do you print off stories to read but wish the short line lengths didn't waste so much paper? Do you spend lots of time reformatting stories to read or print in your word processor? There's a trio of new options to help. Our formatting page lets you convert a story to and from archive format. LaraMoon has written a Windows utility that batch-converts a folder full of archive .txt files, removing line breaks. And Sara has prepared an illustrated tutorial to walk you through the formatting process in Microsoft Word. 11/26/2006

AudioFic underway: Authors and Readers wanted! Authors, would you like your stories added to the pool of fanfics that may eventually be read as AudioFics? Readers, would you like to contribute by narrating a favorite story? We need your help. Writer Paul-Gabriel Wiener is coordinating the project and has posted details here. (Thanks, Paul!) 10/1/2006

Listen up! :-) Writer Paul-Gabriel Wiener had an interesting idea. What would happen if you gave fanfic the audio book treatment? So awhile back he picked up a microphone and recorded himself reading one of his stories — and Lois & Clark audiofic was born. Check it out on the AudioFic page! Thanks, Paul, for sharing it and becoming the first voice of the archive. It's a great idea — and a great story! And audiofic is something we hope to offer more of in the future. 9/24/2006

Reminder. Please note that if you want your story archived you MUST use a real e-mail address on the submission form when you send it to the EIC. Please do also check that if your address is able to receive mail. Not full or blocked. Otherwise, we'll be unable to contact you regarding the submission process and your story will be deleted unread. 9/17/2006

Lois & Clark Season 4 is coming to DVD on November 14, reports The six-disc set will sell for $59.98. (Thanks to everyone who sent in e-mails about this.) 9/3/2006

Merriweather winners announced! Three of the stories listed on this Archive recently won Merriweather Awards. You'll find all the details here. Congratulations to the winners! 3/15/2005

The Alt-Kerths were held June 14, celebrating Lois & Clark Web sites, music videos and fanfic categories you won't find in the Kerth awards? Want to know who won? Find out here! 6/23/2003

Vive la fanfic! Do you have a Lois & Clark story to tell, but English is not your language of choice? Submit it for our Stories in Other Languages page. 3/17/2002

The L&C Fanfic E-mail Discussion List has moved to Yahoo Groups. If you want to join in on discussions about fanfic writing, characterization and stories in process, this is the place for you. Click here to join. 10/22/2001

Alt-Kerth results are in. We won an award! Many, many thanks to everyone who nominated or voted for us in the general fanfic site category. It's an honor to have been included with the other sites in our category: Annesplace, the Fanfic Mailing List Archive, Genevieve's Kerth Site and Zoomway's Message Boards, both old and new. 6/24/2001

The Nfic Archive has a new home and a new look! Webmaster Anne Ciotola has added lots of new features, including a site-wide search, a trivia section, the revival of Annie Lansbury's Writer's Showcase, and more PG stories. Surf over to and check it out. 12/17/2000

Text wins! In the battle of HTML vs. text, the text format won by a landslide. According to the poll, about 54% of you prefer that stories stay in text format, 30% of you would like to see stories formatted in HTML, and the rest have no preference. No need to recount the ballots, but we may visit the issue again down the road with another poll to see if sentiment changes. Until then, text rules. 12/3/2000

Plagiarist is foiled. It has come to our attention that FoLCdom has been the victim of a plagiarist. Someone took stories from L&C and other fandoms' authors and posted them elsewhere under her own name. While this kind of thing doesn't happen very often -- plagiarists are rare -- it is something you should be aware of. This particular plagiarist has been dealt with by her own fandom. 5/10/2001

Got the FAQs? They're here! So if you've been chewing on a fanfic question, check out our new, improved and greatly expanded lists of Frequently Asked Questions -- and their answers. 10/16/2000

Fanzine stories are here! In 1999 some of L&C fanfic's favorite authors helped raise money for a FoLC who was going blind. They contributed stories to a fanzine -- agreeing not to distribute them anywhere else for a full year. Now the year is up, and the stories have been released. If you missed the fanzine then, you're in for a treat now. Enjoy! 10/1/2000