Convert archive-formatted stories into generic text and get rid of line breaks. Or, convert your word-processed story into 65-character-width archive format.

Do you want to get rid of line breaks in archive stories? Do you print off stories to read but wish the short line lengths didn't waste so much paper? Do you spend lots of time reformatting stories to read or print in your word processor? Or, do you want to take a story you've written in your word processor and see what it looks like in archive text format? Use the form below. (It's beta — a work in progress.)

I want to turn archive text format into fluidly wrapped text, suitable for my word processor.
I want to turn archive text format into simple HTML.
I want to turn fluidly wrapped, word-processed text into 65-character line-length, aka archive text format.

Select and copy from another program or browser window the text you want to convert, and paste it into the box below:

Output will show up on the next screen. If you're converting from archive text to fluidly wrapped generic text, you'll probably want to copy and paste it into your word processor in order to print. Paragraphs will be marked by a carriage return and a tab.

To copy and paste text from the output screen:

Edit/Select All (or press CTRL-A for a Windows shortcut)
Edit/Copy (or press CTRL-C)
Go to your word processor
Edit/Paste (or press CTRL-V)


• Single-spacing at the top of the story in the header is ignored. I'm working on that.
• Really long stories can make it hang.
• Converting into simple HTML causes anything already between < and > symbols (like author e-mail addresses) to disappear.