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Sad news about Zoomway. I heard recently that Zoomway lost her battle with cancer. Oldtimers will understand the depth of our community's loss. Newcomers...
   To explain Zoomway you need to know that in many ways she was the heart of us, besides being "The Boss of Us" — the tongue-in-cheek rank she used on her own boards. She wrote the very first Lois & Clark fanfic ("Lois and Clark Meet The X-Files"). She originated or inherited the LOISCLA mailing list, the fandom's first popular, universal gathering place. She hosted the first boards where fanfic writers could post their stories in progress, and you can revisit older stories and find new ones on her site even today. Her knowledge of Superman in all his incarnations was encyclopedic, and she was the chief architect of the Lois & Clark Concordance. She was the authority on L&C canon and characterization. She wrote the sharpest dialogue. Her comments on IRC were usually the wittiest. She encouraged new fanfic writers.
   Without Zoomway this fanfic archive would not exist. One very much like it might — but as webmaster I can definitively say that this one would not. If I had never stumbled on the gateway drug that was her "Counter Clark-Wise" back in the day, I never would have sought out more stories like it, never would have found other FoLCs, and never would have volunteered to help organize and preserve all these great fanfics. I owe her so much. I know I'm not the only one brought into the fold via her stories or the work she has done housing FoLCdom's meeting places.
   Speaking of stories, if you haven't read Zoomway's, you're missing out. Read them all! Read them on your Kindle or other ebook reader. They are treasures.
   If you'd like to share your memories of Zoomway, friends have started threads on both the Zoomway.net and the Lois & Clark Fanfic boards.
   – Lauren W. 11/22/2014

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See the latest Kerth Award winners on our Kerth 2014 page! Congratulations to Kerth winners and nominees! And thank you for providing readers with another year of stories. Want to read all the nominated and winning stories as an ebook? KenJ has compiled them for Kindle and epub e-readers. 6/2/2014

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Archive General Editors Wanted: We're in desperate need of editors who have the time and commitment to take on everything from vignettes to epics. Our GEs are not Beta Readers and so do not comment on plot or characterisation issues. GEs should have a friendly manner and be able to gently but firmly guide authors over issues of grammar and punctuation only. Abrasive editing techniques aren't what we're looking for. If you think you can help and want to volunteer, please contact LabRat for more info. 12/4/2011

Uploaded on January 15, 2015

Halloween in Metropolis -- Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1CD - 29Kb

It's Halloween again and the new superheroes, Kam-El and Ultra Woman 2, are called upon once again to help out, this time in Metropolis.

Thanksgiving in Smallville -- Matchmaker Chronicles Volume 1CE - 27Kb

It's Thanksgiving and the Kent family is gathering in Smallville for a big dinner when the celebration is interrupted by an earthquake in California. Kam-El and Ultra Woman 2 get to help out and some special people are rescued.

Uploaded on December 31, 2014

Autumn in Paris -- Part Two of the Visitor Trilogy - 27Kb

Continuing in the Visitor Universe. With the help of Jor-EL's transfer beam, he has been reunited with his son, Kal-El. But what happened to the others in the previous story, such as Abrihet Sensai and Bernie Klein? Is Lex Luthor in the Phantom Zone or does some other fate await him?

An Unexpected Visitor: Part One of the Visitor Trilogy - 101Kb

Lex Luthor had a brief flirtation with Lois, but she saw through his facade and married Clark instead. For that reason and many others, the billionaire was determined to permanently remove Clark from the landscape of his life. But there is someone from Clark's past who *clearly* has a problem with Lex's machinations....

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