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Uploaded on October 4, 2015

Editorial Discretion - 27Kb

Deadly Chakram
Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet, world-renowned newspaper, Perry White is in possession of the world's biggest story. But what is newsworthy? And what should be withheld, for both the good of the world, and the privacy of one humble man?

First Responder - 10Kb

Deadly Chakram
Often, Superman is the first one on the scene of a crime, an accident, a disaster. Clark spends some time processing that fact as he adjusts to the idea of being a hero.

Forgiveness (Clark's POV) - 22Kb

Deadly Chakram
After witnessing the death of Lex Luthor (and being unable to do anything to save him), Clark's conflicted feelings lead him to his old childhood priest.

Forgiveness (Father Paul's POV) - 32Kb

Deadly Chakram
Father Paul Thistle receives the surprise of a lifetime when Superman seeks him out to try and sort through his conflicted feelings about the death of Lex Luthor.

Incognito - 6Kb

Deadly Chakram
A chance encounter between two strangers leads to Clark's worst nightmare.

Not the Years But the Moments - 376Kb

Terry Leatherwood
When Clark is shot during the events of the episode "That Old Gang of Mine," Lois decides that loving him is too dangerous and she forces them apart. But when Clark's parents are kidnapped and Clark is ordered to trade Lois' dead body for their safety, she decides to take an active role in their rescue and changes everything between them, including their future together. Set in season two and goes forward from there.

Uploaded on September 14, 2015

Earth's Calling - 16Kb

Deadly Chakram
For Jor-El and Lara, sending their defenseless newborn son out into the universe was both the easiest and the hardest decision they'd ever made.

The Psychic's Tale - 12Kb

Annie B.
Mystique, the psychic from the episode "All Shook Up," tells her story. This story is in response to Virginia R.'s "The Canterbury Tales of Metropolis" challenge.

Regarding Clark - 557Kb

Lois and Clark finally make it to the altar. Clark learns that getting to the honeymoon requires a bit more effort and a few sacrifices. Lois proves that she will fight with everything she has if it's anything regarding Clark.

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