I’d Know You Anywhere

By Mozartmaid <mozartmaid@gmail.com>

Rated: G

Submitted: September 2011

Summary: This is a bit of fluff that came to me while watching "I’ve Got You Under My Skin…"

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Lois and Clark are property of DC Comics and Warner Bros. Just borrowing for a bit of fun.


I’d know you anywhere…

Showing up in an instant,

And being steadfastly there for me.

Standing as an invulnerable tower of strength,

And not being afraid to show your kind heart.

Swiftly dealing justice,

And showing infinite patience.

Seeing through walls,

And seeing into my soul.

Flying in the endless skies,

And grounded with specific purpose.

You’re a contradiction

That always made sense to me.

Two sides of the same coin —

I know both sides so well.

At first blinded by your power,

I missed your quiet strength.

Yet now that quiet strength,

Holds for me a new power:

Love that binds us,

And sets us free.

I’d know you anywhere —

My heart knew,

before my head,

When our love began,

My beloved Clark,

my super man.