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Above Alt Else - by Sunrei

The Absent-Minded Superman - by Misty Ellison

Absolute Proof - by Sue S

The Abuse of Power - by Paul-Gabriel Wiener

The Accidental Husband - by Erin Klingler

Ace Is The Place! - by Wanda Detroit

Across Time and Space - by Philip Mogul

Acrostic Argument - by Anna Botsakou

Ad Astra Per Aspera - by Becky Bain

Addicted - by Yvonne Connell

Adumbration - by Catherine Bruce

After a Door Slams - by Bob Bartholomew

After the Battle - by Genevieve Clemens

After the Storm - by Dandello

After the Thaw - by Wendy Richards

An Agony of Silence - by Sarah Luddy

The Air that We Breathe - by Leanna Bush

AKA Clark Kent - by Alicia U.

Alienation - by MrsMosley

Aliens and Strangers - by Susan Stone

All Alone - by Annie M

All for Me - by Sara

All Hallows - by Sunrei

All I Want For Christmas - by Dandello

All She Could Do - Cape Fetis h

All Weathered Out - by LaraMoon

All's Fair in Love and Arm Wrestling by Erin Klingler

Almost First Date - by Matrix

All or Nothing - by Kaylle

All Sewn Up - by Meredith Knight

All Stirred Up - by Meredith Knight

Alt Shook Up - by Georgia Walden

Always - by angelic_editor

Always Something There to Remind Me - Zoomway

Amantium Irae Amoris Integratio - by Ruth Ellison

Ambition - by Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards

And Back Again - CC Aiken

And By The Way... - by Bethy

And So It Is - by C_A

And the Truth Will Set You... - Bob Bartholomew

And Then They Kissed...And Kissed...And Kissed. - by Sarah Luddy

Angel Found - by Dandello

Angel of the Morning - by Jennifer Bullock

The Ankle Bone's Connected to ... - Zoomway

Any Time At All - by Janet Owens

Anybody's Baby - by Annie M

Arc Talk - by Jennifer L. Adkins

Are You Lonesome Tonight...? - Doc. Klein's LabRat

The Art Of Being Clark - by Missy Gallant

Assassin's Dagger - by Nan Smith

The Assignment - by Carol M

Assignment II: Incomplete Assignment - by Carol M

Assignment III: Assignment: Hawaii - by Carol M

Assignment IV: Mandatory Assignment - by Carol M

Assignment V: Optional Assignment - by Carol M

Assignment VI: Graded Assignment - by Carol M

At Last, Recompense - by Betsy R.

At The Beginning - by Sara

At Wit's End in the East End - by Wendy Richards

Atom Bomb Lane - by Jessi Mounts

Au Revoir, and Not Good-bye - by Chris Carr

Auld Acquaintance - by IRC Round Robin

Away From the Sun - Sara Kraft


Baby It's Cold Outside - by HappyGirl

Backbone - Zoomway

Backwards - by Carol M

Backwards II: Return to Metropolis - by Carol M

Backwards III: House of Lane - by Carol M

Back This Way - by C_A

The Bakery Redux - by Dandello

The Ball Is in Your Court - by LaraMoon

Barbarians in the Rain - by Alicia U.

Barnstorm - by Betsy R.

Basketball - A Lois and Clark Valentine - by Alicia U.

Basketball -- Clark's Side of the Story - by Alicia U.

Batman, Zorro, and Other Liars - by Michael

Bats in the Belfry - by LaraMoon

Battle Of The Network Printers -by Yvonne Connell & Pam Jernigan

A Battle of Wills 2: On the Other Side of the Door - by Phil Atcliffe

Be Careful What You Wish For - Alexis Waters

Be My Smallville Valentine - by SuperMom

Beauty - by Shayne Terry

Because He Can Yodel - by Chris Carr

Because It Just Couldn't End Like That - by Jennifer Baker

Beefcake - by Phil Atcliffe

Before the Beginning - by Nan Smith

Beginnings - by Barbara

Being Lois Lane - by Pam Jernigan

The Best Bargain - by Chris Carr

Best Intentions - by Wendy Richards and Kaethel

Best Intentions - by Sara

Best Laid Plans - by Nan Smith

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Supermen - by Anonpip

The Best Man - Zoomway

The Best Year Ever - by Wendy Richards

Betrayal of Justice - by Catherine Bruce

Betrayed - by Wendy Richards

Better to Have Loved... and Lost? - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Between Best Friends - by Tracey

Between Floors 7 and 8 - by Jessi Mounts

A Between Scene: From Tempus Fugitive - by Jennifer Baker

Between Time and Space - by Dandello

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt: Storm Series, Part 5

Bidding for Attention - by Wendy Richards

Big Boys Do Fly - by Wendy Richards

Big Boys Do Fly - Close Encounter - by Wendy Richards

Big Boys Do Fly: Torn Between Two Worlds - Wendy Richards

The Birthday Present - by Michael

Black Chiffon - by Catherine Bruce

Blanket Friends - by Shawn V.

Blessings from Tipperary - by Saskia a Bat - by LaraMoon

Blind Leading The Blind - Pam Jernigan

Blind Man's Bluff - Nan Smith

Blind Spots - Gerry Anklewicz

Bliss - by Rhen Brink

Bloodlines - by Azriel Roman Brock

Bolt, From Dubuque - C. Leuch

The Bombshell - by Terry Leatherwood

A Box of Swiss Chocolates - Sara Mooney

The Box - Alisha Knight

Brainpower - by Aasta

Brake Light Confessional - Sue S.

The Brassiere Incident - MrsMosley

Breakfast At Callard's... Or Not - Pam Jernigan

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - Wendy Richards

Breaking Up is Hard to Do - Anonpip

Brief Encounter - Wendy Richards and Yvonne Connell

A Brief History of Flight - by amberlea

A Broken Promise - by GG Cain

Bugs - by Gina Blank

Bungee Jumping - by C. Leuch

Burden of Conscience - Raconteur

Buried Secrets - Nan Smith

Burnout - Doc. Klein's LabRat

But I'm Stronger - by Gina Blank

The Butterfly Legacy - Lynn M.

By Firelight - by Annie M


Camera Obscura - MrsMosley

Camping With Clark - by Kathy Brown

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? - by Alicia U.

Can't Fight This Feeling - by Erin Klingler

The Cape - Carol M

Caped Fear - Doc. Klein's LabRat

Car Wash - by GG Cain

The Cat and the Trap - by Tank Wilson

Catalyst - by Sam Jackson

Catch of a Lifetime - by Wanda Detroit

Captive Audience - by Wendy Richards and Kaethel

Carbon Copy - by Wendy Richards

The Card - by Carol M

Carry Tiger to Mountain - by Debby Stark

The Case of the Disappearing Clark - by Carol M

A Cat's Life - by Melissa Dore

Counting the Ways - by Chris Carr

Cause and Effect - by ML Thompson

A Certain Kansan - by Carol M

A Certain Kryptonian - by Carol M

A Certain Point of View - by Hazel

The Challenge - by Caroline K.

Champagne Truths - by Judith Tylke

Charade - by Nan Smith

Cheese of the Month - by Susan Young

The Child Who Fell From the Sky - by Chris Mulder

Chip Off the Old Clark - by Stopquitdont

Chipped Armor - by Jocelyn Brant

The Christmas Song - by Fin Li

Christmas Traditions - by Betsy R.

A Closet Encounter - by Meredith Knight

Chocolat - by SuperMom

The Choice - by Bella

Choices - by Wendy Richards

Choices and Consequences: Take One - by Terry Leatherwood

Choice and Consequences: Take Two - by Terry Leatherwood

Choices and Consequences: Resolution - by Terry Leatherwood

Christmas in Metropolis - by Nan Smith

Christmas in Metropolis - by Shayne Terry

Christmas Spirit - by Carol M

Cinder(Lois)Ella and the Prince - A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale - by Wendy Richards

The Circle Squared - by Terry Leatherwood

City by the Sea - by Stopquitdont

Clark and Lois: The Alternate Adventures - by Audrey Rempel

Clark and the Beanstalk - A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale - by Meredith Knight

Clark.doc - by SuperMom

Clark's Idea: A Plot Untwist Challenge Vignette - by Saskia

Clark Kent, This Is Your Life - Yvonne Connell

Clark Kent's Biggest Secret (But Not That One!) - by Laura S

Clark's Response by B.B. Medos

Clark Stays Over - by Melissa Dore

Clark Uncaged - by CC Aiken

A Clark Within Her Heart - by Gina Blank

Clark ... Who? - by Margaret Brignell

Clark With Children - An Elseworld Tale - Philip Mogul

Closer Contact: A Plot Untwist Challenge Story - by Doc. Klein's LabRat

Cloud Nine - by Janet Owens

Coffee at the Bakery - by Dandello

Cold and Blood - by Dandello

Cold And Blood by HappyGirl

The Cold Shoulder - by Terry Leatherwood

Coming Home - by Dandello

Coming of Age - Stopquitdont

Computer Glitch - by Shannon Berg & Lisa Stankiewicz

The Confession - by Wendy Richards

Conflict of Interest - by David Schock

A Confused Woman's Feelings - by Anna Botsakou

Connections: An Alternate Story - by Carol Malo

A Conscious Choice - by Wendy Richards

A Conscious Choice: The Morning After - by Wendy Richards

Consequences - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Consequences - by Nan Smith

Consolation Prize - by Wendy Richards

A Conversation Best Overheard - by Anonpip

Corn Festival - by Dandello

Corn Festival Consequences - by Carol M

A Cosmic Kismet - An Elseworld Tale - Philip Mogul

Couch Potatoes or Ourselves As Others See Us ... - by Phil Atcliffe

Could Not Ask For More - by Sarah Luddy

Countdown - by Nan Smith

Countdown: Clark's Story - by Carol M

Countdown: Lois' Story - by Carol M

Countdown: The Rest of the Story - by Carol M

Counter Clark-Wise - Zoomway

Courage Under Fire - Meredith Knight

Creative Writing - by Anna Botsakou

Crisis of Faith - by angelic_editor

The Croc Hunter - by Carol M

Cruise Control - Zoomway

Culinary Delights - by Melissa Dore

Cupid's Drop Box - by LaraMoon

Curiosity Killed the Reporter - by M.L. Thompson

Curiosity...The Continuing Saga - by M.L. Thompson

A Cut Above The Rest - by Matrix

Cut From the Same Cape - by LaraMoon

Cyber Link - Zoomway


Dabbling in Infinity - by Shawn V.

Dad Who Came In From the Cold: A Plot Un-Twist Challenge Vignette - by BanAnna

Daddy's Little Girl - by Nan Smith

Daddy’s Princess - by Claudia Callejas

Dagger of the Mind - by Nan Smith

Dagger's Edge - by Nan Smith

Damaged - Yvonne Connell

Damn Good Thing - by MrsMosley

The Dance of a Lifetime - by Barbara

Dance of the Seven Veils - by Erin Klingler

Dance with Me - by Tracey

Dance With A Stranger - by Meredith Knight

Dark Night - by LaraMoon

The Dark Side of Christmas - Wendy Richards

A Darker Shade of Red... - by Andorian Ice Princess

The Darkest Hour (Before the Dawn) - Erin Klingler

Darn it! - by Nan Smith

Date by Arrangement - Wendy Richards

Date With a Stranger - by Mobile Richard

A Date With Superman - by Gerry Anklewicz

Dating By Deception - by BanAnna

The Dawn of Discovery - C. Leuch

Dawning 9, Daybreak, or Call to the Mild - Debby Stark

Dawning 10, or Daybreak 2, or We Really Have a Lot to Talk About - Debby Stark

Daydreaming - by Bella

The Day Everything Changed - by Gina Blank

Day Follows Nightfall - Tank Wilson

A Day in the Life of Bobby Bigmouth - by Kermatzu

The Day Superman Died... - by Margaret Brignell

Dear Lois - by Shayne Terry

Dear Lois ... Love, Superman - Wendy Richards

Dear Superman - by Louette McInnes

Death in the City - by Dandello

De BoesBoesBand - by Saskia

A Decision For Life - by Anna Botsakou

Decisions - by Alicia U.

Definitely The Black - by Kathy Brown

Degrees of Separation - by Nan Smith

Deja Vu - by Gerry Anklewicz

Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons of Smallville - by Phil Atcliffe

Desert Island Blues - by Nicola Baker

Desperate Measures - Wendy Richards and Kaethel

Desperate Reporter - Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Desperate Times - by bakasi

Desperate Times - by M.L. Thompson

Desperately Seeking Clark - by Annie M

The Devil's Bargain - Wendy Richards

Different Directions - by LaraMoon

A Different Hero - by Angelica

Dimensions of Loving - by Chris Mulder

Dirty Bubbles - by Zoomway

Discoveries - by Barbara

Disquiet Nights (Like Dreamers Do - by Shawn V.)

Disruptions In Time - by M.L. Thompson

Distance - by Bob Bartholomew

Divinity's Ends - by Gerry Anklewicz

Don't Be a Stranger - Wendy Richards

Don't Fall - by Anonpip

Don't Say You Love Me - Wendy Richards

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Hurt - Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Doppelganger - by Nan Smith

Double Diaries: The Journals of Lois and Clark: The New - by Barb Beverly

Double Diaries 2: The Journals of Lois and Clark - by Barb Beverly

Double Entendre: An Alternate View: The Non-Wedding Arc, Part II - Debby Stark

Drastic Measures - by Jessi Mounts

Dreams - by Shayne Terry

Dreamweaver - by Betsy R.

A Dreamy Revelation - by Antonia

Duet - by Shayne Terry

Duo Infernale - by Bella



Faces - by Nan Smith

Facing the Pain - by Bethy

Fact or Ficus - by Meredith Knight

Falling and Wanting -- Having and Losing - by Akayhe83

Falling Slowly - by Carol M

Fallout - by Molly

Family - by Wendy Richards

Family Hour - by Shayne Terry

A Family Mother's Day - by Claudia Callejas

Fan Mail - by Matrix

A Fatal Mistake - by Anna Botsakou

Fate Worse Than Death - by Pam Jernigan

Fated: An Elseworld Story - by Zoomway

A Father's Wisdom: An L&C vignette - by Betsy R.

Faustian Bargain - Sue S.

Faux Pas - by Wendy Richards

Feathers - by Nan Smith

Fear of Discovery - by Yvonne Connell

Fear of Discovery II: Nowhere to Hide - Yvonne Connell

Fear of Discovery III: Coming Home - by Yvonne Connell

Fear of Discovery IV: Lois and Clark and Clark and Lois - by Yvonne Connell

Fear of Flying - by Yvonne Connell

Fear of the Unknown - by Yvonne Connell

Feeling Christmas - by BJ

Feels Like Falling in Love - by Wendy Richards and Tracey

Feels Like You're Mine: A Christmas Story - by Wendy Richards

Fidelity - by Beth Summerson

Field of Dreams - by Caroline K.

Fighting Dirty - by Anonpip

File Not Found - Zoomway

The Final Answer - by Saskia

A Final Au Revoir - by M.L. Thompson

The Final Countdown - Bellarata

A First Date by Any Other Name ... - by Rhen Brink

Forever You - by Anna Botsakou

The Forgiven -by Rhen Brink

Final Forgiveness - by Alicia U.

Final Forgiveness II: Perry's Story - by Alicia U.

Finding Christmas Spirit - by Wendy Richards

Finding Freedom - by Wendy Richards

Finding Lois Lane - by Bluegrlfaerie

Fire At StarLabs: One Rat's Hair-rowing Tail - by Dawn & Anne D. )

The Firebird - by

Firestorm: Storm series, Part 1 - by Jenni Debbage

First Case - by Nan Smith

First Comes Marriage - by M.L. Thompson

First Date - by Nan Smith

First Flights - by Bob Bartholomew

First Night - by Carol M

First Venture - by Nan Smith

Flawed - by Matrix

Fly Away Home - by Caroline K.

Fly Hard Revisited - by Nan Smith

Flying Easy - by Bob Bartholomew

Flying in the Fast Lane for a Day - by Chrys (chaabreh) Apruzese

Flying Lessons - by Nicola Baker

Flying Lessons - by Sue S.

A FOLC Thing - by Gina Blank

For A Change - by LaraMoon

For Better Or For Worse - by Jessi Mounts

For Better or Worse - by angelic_editor

For the Greater Good - by Wendy Richards

For Old Times' Sake - by Sara

For The Sake Of The Story - by Sara

Force Majeure - by LaraMoon

Forever - by C. Leuch

Forever and All Eternity I: Fate - Laura Davies

Forever and All Eternity II: Kismet - Laura Davies

Forever Friends - by Matrix

Forever Obsessed - by Judith Tylke

Forever Young - by The German L&C Fanfiction Team

Forever Young - by Shayne Terry

Forget It ... Not! - by SuperMom

Forget Me Not, Redux - by Pam Jernigan

The Forgotten - by Jenni Debbage

Foreshadowing - by HappyGirl

Foundations - by Caroline K.

Four Days to Nightfall - by Nan Smith

Four Smile Diaper Change - by Carol M

Fractured Ego - by Jocelyn Brant

The Freebie - by HappyGirl

Freedom - by M.L. Thompson

Friend - by Sara

A Friendly Little Game Of... - by Carol M

A Friendly Little Game of One on One - by Laura S.

Friends and Lovers - by Wendy Richards

From the Ruins - by Alisha Knight

Frostbite - by Matrix

Frozen Emotions - by Beth Summerson

The Frozen North - by Erin Dawn McInnis

Fuel - by MrsMosley

Fugue - Shayne Terry

Fugue II: Fusion - Shayne Terry

Full Circle - Crystal Wimmer

Full Circle: Book 2 - Crystal Wimmer

Full Of Grace - by Sara

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - by Shawn V.

Further on Down the Road - by Terry Leatherwood

A Future for Us - Nancy V. Sont

A Future Reborn - (Lois' Story III) - A 'Futures' Story - Tank Wilson

A Future Restored - Tank Wilson

A Future Reunited - Clark's POV - by Chrys (chaabreh) Apruzese


Galactically Stupid - The Whole Story - by M.L. Thompson

Gale Force Winds: Storm series, Part 4

The Game - by Alisha Knight

Games People Play - by Nan Smith

Gateway -- Infinity Plus One - Philip Mogul

Gestation - Human and Kryptonian - by Anonpip

Get the Story! by IolantheAlias

Getting Even - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Getting It Together - by Antonia

Getting Nowhere - by Catherine Bruce

Getting To Know You - by Nan Smith

The Ghost of Christmas Past - by Wendy Richards and David

A Gift for Life - by StopQuitDont and Jenni Debbage

A Gift From Shetland - by Chris Carr

The Gift of Christmas - by Saskia

The Girl Next Door - by Janet Owens

Giving Up And Giving In - by Nicole Sullivan

Glimpses of Tomorrow - by Erin Klingler

A Goddess's Life - by Anna Botsakou

Going Her Way - by Anonpip

Gone in a Flash: An Alternate Adventure of Lois and Clark - by Betsy R.

Gone the Rainbow - by Catherine Bruce

Go Softly Into The Night - by Yvonne Connell

Good Morning, Beautiful - by Annie M

Goodnight Metropolis - by Peabody

Good Samaritan - by Aria

Goodbye to Yesterday - by Wendy Richards

Going To The Chapel - by Pam Jernigan

Gossip - by Shayne Terry

Got A Way - by Wendy Richards

Gotcha! - by Bethy

The Great Blankie Caper - by Catherine Bruce

Great Shades of Elvis - Zoomway

The Greatest Lesson - by Sammi Burleigh

Green Card - by Wendy Richards

Green, Green Glow of the Arrow - by LaraMoon

Green, Green, Glow of Revelation - by Sammi Burleigh

The Green, Green Haunting of Home - by Terry Leatherwood

Group Therapy - by Shayne Terry

Growing Up Super - by Sarah Luddy

A Guest from the Blue - by Wendy Richards

Guilt and Longing in Metropolis - Cape Fetis h

Guilty Until Proven Innocent - by M.L. Thompson


H Is For Hubris - by Pam Jernigan

Hair Today: Gone Tomorrow - Vixen

Halloween - by Nan Smith

Hand That Rocks - Christy2

Happily Ever After - by Saskia

Happy New Tears - by Wendy Richards

Happy Thoughts - by amberlea

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas ... Or Not - by Gina Blank

Have a Little Faith in Me - Nicole Sullivan

Havoc In Metropolis by Meredith Knight

He Didn't Have to Be - by Carol M


The Healing Time - by Wendy Richards

The Heart of the Matter - by LaraMoon

Heartache Tonight - by The German L&C Fanfiction Team

Heartbeat - by Jennifer Baker

Hearts and Diamonds - by Shayne Terry

Hearts Divided - by Pam Jernigan

Hearts United - by Pam Jernigan

He Said, She Said - by Wanda Detroit

Heliophobia - by Yvonne Connell

Hell Hath No Fury ... - by Shawn V.

Help Not Wanted - by Matrix

Help Superman - by Louette McInnes

Heritage - by Nan Smith

Hidden Treasures - by Lara Blasingame

Hide and Seek - by Wanda Detroit

Hide and Seek - by MrsMosley

Hiding in the Shadows: Storm series, Part 6

The High Cost of Having a Life - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

HiM: The Video - by Erin Klingler

His Body Above Her - by C_A

Home - by Nan Smith

Home 4A: A Valentine Vignette - by Nan Smith

Home II: Beginnings - by Nan Smith

Home III: Memories - by Nan Smith

Home IV: Honeymoon - by Nan Smith

Home V: Obsession - by Nan Smith

Home: A Christmas Story - by Nan Smith

Home: Circle of Fate - by Nan Smith

Home: An Evening to Remember - by Nan Smith

Home: Family Party - by Nan Smith

Home: Murder by Earthlight - by Nan Smith

Home: New Year's Wishes - by Nan Smith

Home: On the Fourth Day of Christmas - by Nan Smith

Home: Vendetta - by Nan Smith

Home for Christmas - by Wendy Richards

Home for the Holidays - by Catherine Bruce

Home is Where the Hero Is - by Bellarata

Home Is Where My Lois Is - by Gina Blank

Homecoming - by Nan Smith

The Homecoming - by Wendy Richards

Honesty - by Beth Summerson

Honey, I Spun the Baby - by Mr. D8a and Nan Smith

Honeymoon in... Vegas - Sue S.

Hot Chocolate and Reading Glasses - by Nan Smith

The Hottest Team in Town - by HappyGirl and Female Hawk

The Hottest Team in Town - by Nan Smith

House of Cards - by Matrix

The House of Kent - by Kathy Brown

The House of ... Lane - by Wendy Richards

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation: An Alt-World Story - by Nan Smith

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation -- One Year Later - by Nan Smith

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - C. Leuch

How It All Started - by Janet Owens

How Not To Build A Library - by Yvonne Connell

The Huntress' Revenge - by Jenni Debbage


I Is For Illusions - Pam Jernigan

I'll Be Around - by HappyGirl

I'll Be You For Christmas - C. Leuch

I'll Be Your Shoulder When You Cry - by Claudia Callejas

I'll Knot Pronounce You ... The Non-Wedding Arc, Part I - Debby Stark

I'll Second That: The Non-Wedding Arc, Part IV - Debby Stark

I'm a Believer - by LaraMoon

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas - by Jennifer Baker

I am Superman - by Sammi Burleigh

I Can't Anymore, Clark - by Rhen Brink

I've Got a Question - A 2006 Fundraiser Story - by Saskia

I Now Announce You ... - by IRC Round Robin

I Now Pronounce You...: A Plot Un-Twist - by BanAnna

I Only Have Oz For You - by IRC Round Robin

I Will Always Love You - by M.L. Thompson

I Will Remember You - by Sammi Burleigh

The Ideal Woman - by Phil Atcliffe

Identity - by Bob Bartholomew

Identity Crisis - by Wendy Richards

If At First You Don't Succeed... - by M.L. Thompson

If the Earth Opened Up.... - by Margaret Brignell

If I Were You - by Caroline K.

If I'd Lost You... - by Wendy Richards

If Living Is Without You - by Wendy Richards and Kaethel

If Only ... - by Rhen Brink

If Tomorrow Comes - Doc. Klein's LabRat

If We Could Live Our Lives Over - by Chris Carr

If You Can't Beat 'Em (Joe's Story) - Zoomway

If You Can't Stand the Heat - Vixen

Illusions of Candour - Meredith Knight

Image - Meredith Knight

In the Beginning - by B.B. Medos

In a Better Place - CC Aiken

In a Child's Name - by Delaney

In a Dark Time - by Becky Bain

In Cat's Corner - Irene Dutch

In Dreams - by Kaylle

In His Eyes - by Wendy Richards

In Sickness and in Health - by Carol M

In the Beginning - by Sheila Harper

In the Bleak Mid-Winter - by Wendy Richards

In The Game of Love - Cape Fetis h

In the Nick of Time - Vixen

In the Still of the Night - by MrsMosley

Incompatible for Reproduction? - by Dandello

The Inconvenience of Doing Superman's Laundry - by Nan Smith

Innocence Lost - by Caroline K.

An Innocent Conversation - Zoomway

In Space, No One Can Hear You... - by Terry Leatherwood

Inspector Big Mouth - Anonpip

An Interview With Superman - by Nan Smith

Into Each Life ... - by Kathy Brown

Investigating Superman - by Nancy V. Sont

Invisible or Fly? - by Wendy Richards

Is He or Is He Not? - by Bella

Is That All I Am ? - by Tracey

It Happened On Christmas - by Nan Smith

It Happened One Dark and Stormy Night - by Anna Botsakou

It Happened One Night - by Bella

It Happened One (Super) Night - by Wendy Richards

It Only Hurts When I Breathe - by Wendy Richards

It Runs in the Family - C. Leuch

It's as Plain as the Nose - Wendy Richards

It's a Big Bed... - by Carol M

It's a Super Life - by Wendy Richards

It's a Thing He Does At Parties - by Jude Williams

It's About Time - Zoomway

It's About Time - by BJ

It's All About The Raisins - by Gerry Anklewicz

It's as Plain as the Nose ... - by Wendy Richards

It's Never Easy Being Me - by Bethy & ShivaSaavik

It's Not Easy Being Me - by Bethy & ShivaSaavik

It's The Thought That Counts - by Missy Gallant




L&C: A Christmas Story - Vixen

L&C-Files - by Jennifer Baker

A L&C Short - by Lilly M.

A Labour of Love - by Wendy Richards

Lady of the House - by MrsMosley

Landing Lessons - by Nicola Baker

Lessons of Love - by Anna Botsakou & Raquel Guimaraes

Last Call Casualty - Sue S.

The Late Great Lois Lane - CC Aiken

Late Night in the Grocery Store - by Shawn V.

Laundry Night - Sue S.

Learning Curves - Christine Carr

Learning to Love - by Carol M

Learning to Love: Lucy's Story - by Carol M

Learning the Hard Way - by Nicola Baker

Leather - by Dandello

Legacy - by Shayne Terry

Lessons - by Nan Smith

Let Downs and Love - by Jenny Buckland

Let it Keep Snowing - by Alicia U.

Let It Snow - by Alicia U.

Let It Snow Forever - by Alicia U.

Let it Snow, Man - by Alicia U.

A Letter is Worth a Thousand Words - by Sarah Luddy

Let's Go Home - by Jennifer Allen

Lex's Best Day - by Bob Bartholomew

Lex Wins! Oh No, He Doesn't! - An evil Tank and Wendy Halloween Story - by Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards

The Lies Don't Have It - by Missy Gallant

Life's Lessons I: Clark - by Chris Carr

Life's Lessons II: Lois - by Chris Carr

Lifeflight Part I - Raconteur

Lifeflight Part II - Raconteur

Lifeflight Part III - Raconteur

Like a Blizzard Through the Night - by LaraMoon

Like A Brother - by Wendy Richards

Like Father, Like Daughter - by Bob Bartholomew

Like Father, Like Son - by Louette McInnes

Like Superman for Chocolate - Zoomway

A Little Something Super - by Molly

The List - by Anonpip

A Little Bit More - by Annie M

Little Girl Lost - Laura Davies

A Little Insurance - by Janet Owens

Little Miss Honky Tonk - by Erin Dawn McInnis

Living In The Pain - by Sara

A Little Off the Top - by Sarah Luddy

An LnC Christmas Carol - by Annie M

Lois and Clark and the Early Anniversary - by Carol M

Lois and Clark and the IRS - by Carol M

Lois and Cl - Kal-El - by Dandello

Lois & Clark & Silver & Bruce - by Phil Atcliffe

Lois and Clark and Valentine's Day I - by Carol M

Lois & Clark - ATAI - A Better Ending - by Beth Abott

Lois and Clark: The Episodic Adventures of Superman - by BanAnna

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale: Loispunzel and the Prince - by Doc. Klein's LabRat

A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale from the Dark Side: The Key - by Doc. Klein's LabRat

Lois and Clark Meet The X-Files - Zoomway

Lois and Clark Sitting in a Tree - by Nancy V. Sont

A Lois & Clark Story - by Alaway

Lois and Sam - by Carol M

Lois.doc - by SuperMom

Lois Gets Fired - by Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards

Lois in Traffic Court - by Anne D.

Lois Lane and the Incredibly Bad Hair Day- by Chris Carr

Lois Lane and the Magic of Christmas- by Chris Carr

Lois Lane's Best Christmas - by Dandello

Lois Lane's Diary - by Nicole Sullivan

Lois Lane's Diary II: And They Lived... - by Nicole Sullivan

Lois Lane, Last Will and Testament - by Tank Wilson, Carol M, and Artemis

Lois Lane Meets Superman - by Bob Bartholomew

Lois' Revenge by B.B. Medos

Lois' Secret Recipe - by Catherine Bruce

Lois' Story - by Carol M

Lois Unbuttoned - by CC Aiken

Lonely is the Man... - by Jon Wolff

Lonely This Christmas? - by Wendy Richards

The Long And The Short of It Is... - by Wendy Richards

The Long, Dazed Journey From the Night: The Non-Wedding Arc, Part V - Debby Stark

The Long Road - by Margaret Brignell

The Long Road Home - by Erin Klingler

Long Strange Trip - by L

The Longest Road 1: Belief and Sacrifice - by Raconteur

The Longest Road 2: The Roads They Walked Alone - by Raconteur

The Longest Road 3: The Long Road Home - by Raconteur

Longings of the Heart - by Erin Klingler

Look, But Don't Touch - by Zoomway

Lost and Found - by Jeff Brogden

Lost in Time - M.L. Thompson

Lost Without You - by Saskia

Love and Soul - by Anna Botsakou

Love Beyond All Measure - by Chris Mulder

Love, Loyalty and Luthor: Learning Curves II - by Chris Carr

Love Me Tender - by IRC Round Robin

Love, Mom - by SuperMom

A Love So Long In The Making - by Wendy Richards

Love Survives - rkn

Love Thy Neighbor - by Wanda Detroit

A Love Well Worth the Wait - Tracey

The Lover After Me - by Saskia

Lovesick - by Kathy Brown

Luck and Consequences - by Bob Bartholomew

Lucky Lunkhead - by Missy Gallant

Lucy Lane Is Coming To Town - by Nicole Sullivan

Lunkhead No More - by M.L. Thompson


Madder Than a Speeding Bullet - by Judith Tylke

Made to Be Broken - Sara

Man of Kleenex - by Louette McInnes

The Man Under The Suit - by HappyGirl

The Marriage Pact - by Erin Klingler

Marry In Haste - by Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards

Masquerade - by Nan Smith

Masques - Doc. Klein's LabRat

Master of Disguise - by BJ

The Master Race - by Jenni Debbage

A Match Made In Chicago - by Chris Carr

Mated Mishap - by LaraMoon

A Matter Of Destiny - Part One - by M.L. Thompson

A Matter Of Destiny - Part Two - by M.L. Thompson

A Matter Of Destiny - Part Three - by M.L. Thompson

A Matter of Ethics - by Nan Smith

Mayson Says the Magic Word - by CC Aiken

The Maysonry of Life - Terry Leatherwood

Meant to Be - by Linda Brown

Meanwhile... - by Alicia U.

Medical Miracles - Alicia U.

Medical Miracles II: Serendipity - by Alicia U.

Meet Me in Kansas City - by Chris Mulder

Meet Sam Wayne - C. Leuch

The Meeting - by Jason Ashton

Meeting Mister Jones

Memories - by Jennifer L. Adkins

Menage a Trois - Vixen

Mendacity - by Dandello

Merry Smoochie To You - by Missy Gallant

Merry Trystmas - by Pam Jernigan

Metropolis Blue - by IRC Round Robin

Metropollywood - by Bella

Middle School - by Nan Smith

Midnight Confessions - by Tracey & Kaethel

Midnight Gambit - by M.L. Thompson

A Midsummer Night's Dream ... - by Betsy R.

Millennium - by M.L. Thompson

The Mirror Crack'd - by Hazel

Misery - Yvonne Connell

Missed Opportunity, or Too Late To Love - by Wendy Richards, Tank Wilson, Kaethel, Meredith Knight, and CarolM

Mister December - by SuperMom

Mixed Signals - by Wanda Detroit

Moment of Proof - Sue S.

Moments - by Shayne Terry

Momentum: A Winter Holiday Tale - by Kathy Brown

Momentum 2: The Revelation - by Kathy Brown

Monday - by Rona V.

Monster Night Fright - by Catherine Bruce

Montrose's Toast - by Phil Atcliffe

Moonlight and Roses - by Jennifer Ayotte

Moonlight on the Potomac - by IRC Round Robin

More - by Candy_n_Ky

More Than Partners, Part 1: A Really Strange Visitor - by Ann McBride

More Than Partners, Part 2: A Greener Glow Of Home - by Ann McBride

Mori a Amor - by Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards

The Morning After a Door Slams - by Bob Bartholomew

Morning Chores - by M.L. Thompson

A Most Irregular Joe - by Chris Carr

Mostly Dead - by BJ

Mother's Day - by Nan Smith

Mother of the Bride - by Dandello

Much Ado About ... - by Phil Atcliffe

Murder, They Wrote - by IRC Round Robin

Mxy and Match - by Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards

Mxysplit - by Sheila Harper

Mxyunderstanding - by amberlea

My Adventures With Superman - by Kathryn Ann Kent

My Almost Perfect Life - by Molly

My Best Friend's Wedding - by Nicole Sullivan

My Big Goodbye - by Pam Jernigan

My Big Truth - by Saskia

My Date with Lyn - by Pam Jernigan

My Everything - by Anna Botsakou

My Friend Part 1 - by Wendy Richards

My Friend Part 2 - by Hazel

My Friend Part 3 - by Wendy Richards

My Heart Will Go On - Juliana Nozue

My Interview with Superman - by Pam Jernigan

My Inspiration - Stopquitdont

My Mother Made It For Me - by Chris Mulder

My Other Secret Identity - by C. Leuch

My Side, Your Side - by Catherine Bruce

My Television Debut - by Pam Jernigan

My Wife the Boss - by Jenni Debbage

Mystery - by Nan Smith


Naked Truth - by Kaethel

The Naked Truth - by Fin Li

Nature or Nurture - by Gerry Anklewicz

Navigating Denial - Zoomway

Near Wild Heaven - Half a World Away - Kaethel

The Needs of the Many - by Tank Wilson and Wendy Richards

Nemesis - Walden, Georgia

Neon - by Jennifer L. Adkins

Never Forgotten - by Jessica Ackerley

The Neverending Battle for Sanctuary The Pilot: Hope - by B.B. Medos

New Beginnings - by Matrix

New Birth - by Jenni Debbage

New Resolve: A Toast to Time and Innocence - by Sammi Burleigh

New Year's Eve - by Nan Smith

New Year's Wishes - by Tracey

New Years - by Jennifer Baker

The Newlywed Game - by Nan Smith

The Newlywed Show - by Alicia U.

Newsworthy - An Elseworld Tale - Philip Mogul

Newton's Law - by BJ

The Next Step - by IRC Round Robin

The Next Step - Sue S.

A Night at the Office - by Nan Smith

Night Errant - by Meredith Knight

Night Sky, Bright Star - by Nicole Sullivan

A Night to Remember - by Louette McInnes

Nightfall - by Dandello

Nightmare - Alicia U.

Nightmare in Metropolis - by LaraMoon

Nightmare on Clinton Street - by Wendy Richards

Nightmares - by bakasi

Nightshade - by C_A

Nine - by Wanda Detroit

No Cars Go - by Alisha Knight

No Excuse - by Anna Botsakou

No Excuse At All - by Anna Botsakou

No Greater Love - by HappyGirl

No Harm - by Catherine Bruce

No, In Any Language: A Love Story - Elisabeth

Nocturne - by Shayne Terry

A Normal Day - by Terry Leatherwood

Normal's Relative - by Molly

Northern Lights - by Gerry Anklewicz

Not Again? - by Shayne Terry

Not a Day - by stopquitdont

Not Just a Fairy Tale - by Dandello

Not-So-Split Decision - by angelic_editor

Nothing But a Luthor on the Way - Cristina

Novel Idea - by Matrix

Now, As Before - by Carol M

Now We Are Complete - by Jennifer Allen

Nowhere to Run - by M.L. Thompson

Nuclear Option - by Nan Smith


An Ode to Toy Story - by Sharon Brown

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave ... - by Jennifer Baker

On the Other Hand - by Carol M

On My Dreams - by Wendy Richards

On The Turn of a Card - by Nan Smith

The One - by Margaret Brignell

One Blinding Moment - by LaraMoon

One Defective Bulb - Sue S.

One Last time, I love you - by Missy Gallant

One Man Can Change The World - by Gerry Anklewicz

One Slip - by Janet Owens

One Super Child Can Change a World - Charlotte Fisler

The One That Got Away - by Kathy Brown

The One Where Lois and Clark Make Some New Friends: A Birthday Fic for Annette - by Carol M and Missy Gallant

Only A Fairy Tale - by Dandello

The Only One - by Tracey

Only Superman - by Wendy Richards

Only When I Sleep - by Wendy Richards

Only You Part 1: If Only - by Margaret Brignell

Only You Part 2: Promise - by Margaret Brignell

Only You Part 3: Recall - by Margaret Brignell

Only You Part 4: Reality - Margaret Brignell

Only You Part 5: Fantasy - Margaret Brignell

Oolong Tea - Vixen

Oops: The Destruction of Utopia - by ML Thompson

Oops, Did I Forget To Mention...? - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Operation: Magical Place - by Eboni Briscoe

Ordinary Like This: An L&C vignette - by Betsy R.

Ordinary Lovers - by Kaylle

An Ordinary Man - by Wendy Richards

The Ordinary Man - by Michael

Orphan Dreams - by Shayne Terry

The Other Lois - Nicole Wolke

The Other Shoe - Sue S.

The Other Woman - by M.L. Thompson

Our Little Dilemma - by Pam Jernigan

Out of Control - by Gina Blank

Out of Her Element - by Anonpip

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Out of Time - M.L. Thompson


A Pain in the Side - by Jennifer L. Adkins

Partners - by Nan Smith

Partners, Friends, And... - Nicole Wolke

Pas de Deux - Vixen

Passing the Torch - by Nicole Sullivan

Path to the Congo - by Sarah Luddy

Paybacks - Kermtzu

The Penfriend - by Wendy Richards

The Penfriend: The History - by Wendy Richards

The People v. Clark Kent - by M.L. Thompson

Perceptions - by Anonpip

Perfectly Not Normal - by Molly

The Perfect Match - by Wendy Richards

The Perils of Clark Kent - by IRC Round Robin

The Persistence of Memory - by Zoomway

Personal Loyalties - by C. Leuch

The Pet Bet - by Erin Klingler

Pheromone - by Nan Smith

Pheromone, More Likely - by Nan Smith

The Phone Call - by Jennifer Baker

Photo Shoot - by Carol M

Picture Perfect Wedding...What?!? - by Laura S.

Pie Isn't All That Easy - by IolantheAlias

Pillow Revelation - by Saskia

A Pint of Guinness - by Shayne Terry

Pizza, Movie and a Globe - by Saskia & Jose Antonio Chamorro

Plane Storm - by Dandello

Planet! - by Terry Leatherwood

Planet Carnival - by Kermatzu

Platonic - by Sue S.

Play Some Mountain Music - by Terry Leatherwood

Playing by Heart - by Annie M

Playing for Keeps - by Annie M

Playing the Part - by Annie M

Playing to Win - by Annie M

Plenty To Be Thankful For - by IRC Round Robin

PML,Oh Boy...! - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Pocket Lint - by Wendy Richards

Point System - by Carol M

Poison - Wendy Richards

Poisoned Legacy - by Jenni Debbage

The Portrait - by Jude Williams

A Pound of Flesh - by angelic_editor

The Power of Shazam - by Craig Byrne

The Prankster's Revenge - by Tank Wilson

Pre-Emptive Strike - by Bethy

Prelude to a Kiss - by Jennifer Ayotte

Prelude To A Kiss: Part 2 - by Jennifer Ayotte

President Kent I - President Kent - Pam Jernigan

President Kent II - All The President's Men - Pam Jernigan

President Kent III - Presidential Party - Pam Jernigan

The Press Conference - by Female Hawk

Pretty, Pretty Clark - by Laura S.

Priorities - by Nan Smith

The Prisoner - by Wendy Richards and Kaethel

Professional Loyalties - by C. Leuch

Promise - by Sammi Burleigh

Proof - Sue S.

Proof and Consequences - Sue S.

Proof or Dare - Sue S.

Proven with a Kiss - by Tracey

Puddle Adventures - by Bethy

Puppy-Dog Eyes - by Wendy Richards

Purgatory - by Stopquitdont

Purity - by Yvonne Connell

Purple Haze - by Shawn V.

The Pursuit of Pleasure - by Beth Summerson

Puzzle Pieces - by Amy Rupp



Rage - Lynn M.

Rain - by Shayne Terry

Rapture - by Shayne Terry

Rapture in Metropolis - by Wendy Richards and Kaethel

Reader, I Married Him - by Wendy Richards

The "Real" Honeymoon - by Erin Klingler

A Real Short Christmas Story - Zoomway

Reality Check - by M.L. Thompson

A Reason to Love - by Summer Bagwell

Rebirth - by Catherine Bruce

Rebuilding Superman - by Terry Leatherwood

Recognition 1 (Truth) - Carol Malo

Recognition 2 (Justice) - Carol Malo

Recognition 3: The Only Way - Carol Malo

Red Sky - by Jenni Debbage

Red Tape - by Shayne Terry

Redemption - by Irene Dutch

Reluctantly Engaged - by Bethy

Reluctantly Engaged II: Readily Engaged - by Bethy

Remember Me - by Matrix

Requiem for a Father - by Catherine Bruce

Reserved For You - by Erin Klingler

Rest and Reproduction - Meredith Knight

The Return - by Nan Smith

The Return of Ultrawoman - by Jennifer Baker

The Return of Ultra Woman - by Bob Bartholomew

The Return to Clark's Apartment - by Tracey

Revelation, Anyone? A Smashing Discovery - by Jude Williams

Revelations -- Clark's Story - by Anonpip

Revelation – Lois’ Story - by Anonpip

Revelations in Captivity - by tvnerdgirl

Revelation Reaction - by Chris Carr

Revelation Story - by Rhen Brink

Revenge - by Saskia

Reversal of Fortune - LaraMoon

Revisionist History - Sue S.

Revisiting the House of Luthor - by Lara Blasingame

Rhapsody in a Blue Sky - by C. Leuch

Ricochet - Sue S.

Right Off the Bat - by LaraMoon

A Ring On His Finger - by Wendy Richards

R.I.P. Lois Lane - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Risorgimento - Sue S.

Rival Derailed - by Wendy Richards

Roadtrekking - Gerry Anklewicz and ML Thompson

Rocks, Rings and Hammers - by M.L. Thompson

Road I: The Road Taken - by Terry Leatherwood

Road II: Further On Down The Road - by Terry Leatherwood

Roadkill Reconcilliations - by Catherine Bruce

Role Reversal - by Shayne Terry

The Rules - by Margaret Brignell

Rules of War - by amberlea

Run for Your Life, Superman - by Rhen Brink


The Samson Complex - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Santa Baby - by Wanda Detroit

Santa Conspiracy - by bakasi

Santa's Helper - by Caroline K.

Santa Surprise - by Bob Bartholomew

Saving Efforts - by bakasi

Say Nothing At All - by Wendy Richards

Saying Goodbye - by Wendy Richards

Scrabble - by Sam Jackson

The Scrabble Game - by Anna Botsakou

The Scrabble Game II: Lois's Revenge - by Anna Botsakou

Seasons's Greedings To One And All - by Wendy Richards

Seasons's Regrets - by Wendy Richards

Second Chance - by Female Hawk

Second Choice - by Nan Smith

The Second Stage of Grief - by M.L. Thompson

Second Thoughts - Wendy Richards

Seconds - by angelic_editor

Seconds Helping: The Non-Wedding Arc, Part III - by Debby Stark

Secret - by Jennifer L. Adkins

Secret Affairs - by Bethy

Secret Revelations - by Laura S.

Secrets - Jude Williams

Secrets, Lies, and Friendship - by Wendy Richards

Security - Sue S.

Seeing the Best of You - by Sarah Luddy and Kaylle

Seeing Clearly At Last - by Bren Ren

Seeing Red - by Missy Gallant

Seeking Asylum - by Shayne Terry

Send in the Clones - by T Ackerman

September 11 - by C. Leuch

Sequel to TOGOM - by Catherine Bruce

Serial Vengeance - Tank Wilson

Seven Seconds - by bakasi

Sex, Lies, and Photographs - by Wendy Richards

Shades of Gray - by C. Leuch

The Shadow - by Melissa Dore

Shadow and Sun - by IRC Round Robin

Shadows of the Mind - by Tracey

Shaken Not Stirred - by Carol M

Shaken Not Stirred - by Irene Dutch

Shape Of My Heart - by Doc. Klein's LabRat

Shattered - by LaraMoon

Shattered Illusions - by Wendy Richards

Shear Terror - by Carol M and Missy Gallant

She's - by Terry Leatherwood

A Short Revelation - by Lilly M.

Short Short Fanfic - by Jennifer L. Adkins

A Shot in the Dark - by Sheila Harper

Show Off - by Kermatzu

Showing Chaos - by Bethy

Showing Off - by Kermatzu

Sick Day - by Matrix

Side Effects - by Janet Owens

Side Effects, Take No. 2 - by Janet Owens

Silence In The Heart - by Wendy Richards and Kaethel

Silent Agreements - by bakasi

Simply Because - by bakasi

Single Petal of a Rose - Raconteur

A Single Valentine's Day - by Sarah Luddy

Single White Kryptonian - by Shayne Terry

Sins of the Past - by IRC Round Robin

Sister Switch - by Carol M

A Sister Would Know - by LaraMoon

Slippery Snake! - by Catherine Bruce

Smack Dab in the Middle of Things - by SuperMom

Smallville 39 - by Kaethel

The Smallville Connection - by Dandello

Smallville Players - Barb Pillsbury

Smallville Players II: The Next Steps - Barb Pillsbury

Smallville Players III: The Final Curtain - Barbara Pillsbury

A Smallville Revelation - by Pam Jernigan

Smallville Style - rkn

A Smallville Valentine - by SuperMom

Smart Teens - by Susan Young

Smile - by Ann Nonymous

So Strong a Foundation - Wendy Richards

So... That's What You've Been Hiding - by Chris Carr

Solar Eclipse: Storm series, Part 3 - by Irene Dutch

Sold! - by Erin Dawn McInnis

Some Kind Of Angel - by Chris Carr

Some Kind of Fantasy - by angelic_editor

Some Like It Hot - by Wanda Detroit

Someone's Watching (Over) Me - by IRC Round Robin

Something the Cat Dragged In - by CC Aiken

Something in Common - by Barbara

Something to Talk About - by Laura S.

Something Unexpected - by Anna Botsakou

Sometimes It's Alt Too Easy - Wendy Richards

Somewhere... - by Poussin

Soul...Mates? - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Soul Mates 2 -- The Hand of Fate - by Phil Atcliffe

SoulMates Chronicles: The Falcon - by IRC Round Robin

SoulMates Chronicles: The Lone Rider - The Beginning - by IRC Round Robin

The SoulMates Chronicles: The Sea Hawk - by IRC Round Robin

The SoulMates Chronicles: The Tai - by IRC Round Robin

Soundless - by LaraMoon

Spandex - by Alisha Knight

Spandex II - by Alisha Knight

Spandex III - by Alisha Knight

A Special Relationship - by Poussin

Speed - by Alicia U.

Speeding Bullets - Zoomway

A Spinning Revelation - by Sarah Luddy

The Spirit of... - by Phil Atcliffe

The Spying Game by Irene Dutch

Stalked - by IRC Round Robin

Standing at the Edge - by Annie M

Star Player, Star Reporter - by Stopquitdont

Stardust - by Caroline K.

Starfire and Sunstorm: Storm series, Part 2

Stay Away From Amber Waves of Grain - by Jocelyn Brant

Step Into My Parlor - by Janet Owens

The Sting - by Nan Smith

Stony Ways - Bakasi

The Story of Kal-El and His Concubines - by Saskia

Story Time - by Chris Carr

Strange Bedfellows - by Lilly M.

Strange Relationships - by Nan Smith

Strange Visitor From the Congo - by Wendy Richards

Strange Visitor: The EVIL Vignette - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Strange Visitor Revisited - by Irene Dutch and Wendy Richards

Strange Visitors - by Carol Malo

The Stranger - by Angel

Strangers - by Missy Gallant

Strangers II: Becoming Partners - by Missy Gallant

Strangers III: When Two Hearts Collide - Missy Gallant

Strangers IV: Tender Mercies - Missy Gallant

Strangers V: Kissing Friends - Missy Gallant

Strangers and Friends - by Lote & Jon Wolff (The Hawk and The Wolf)

Strategic Retreat - by B.B. Medos

Strawberry Fields Forever - by Shawn V.

Strength - by Beth Summerson

Stressful Researches - by bakasi

Stressmas at the Planet - by Melissa Dore

Strong - by Shayne Terry

The Strongest Magic - by M.L. Thompson

Stuck With You - by Chris Mulder & Pam Jernigan

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of... - by Melissa Dore

Suffer the Little Children - by Jenni Debbage

Sugar & Spice - by Doc. Klein's LabRat

Sugarplums for Lois - by Sarah Luddy

Suicidal Despair? - by bakasi

Summer's Comin' - by Erin Dawn McInnis

Summer Dreaming - by Wendy Richards

Super...Bamm!: A Plot Untwist Challenge Vignette- by Doc. Klein's LabRat

Super Beta Readers - by M.L. Thompson

A Super Life - by Dandello

A Super Santa - by Bethy

Super Smashed! - by Sam Jackson

Super Stud - by M.L. Thompson

Super...Who? - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Supercop - by Nan Smith

Supercop II: The Black Knight - by Nan Smith

Superheroes-R-Us - by Erin Klingler

Superiority - Nicole Wolke

Superman Divided - by Matrix

Superman Forever - by Erin Dawn McInnis

Superman's Laundry - by Bakasi

Superman Meets Larry Boy: A Veggie Tales Crossover - by Carol M

Superman Pajamas - by Cain Mann

Superman Undone - by CC Aiken

Superman's Shower - by Carol M

Supermen United - by Matrix

Superman v. The In-laws - by IRC Round Robin

Superman's Wife - by Poussin

A Surprise For Lois - by Anna Botsakou

Sure as One and One Is Two - by Jenni Debbage

Suspicions - by Nan Smith

SwapMeet: Burbank - Debby Stark

SwapMeet: Metropolis - by Margaret Brignell

Swear to God, This Time We're Eloping - by Alicia U.

Sweet Dreams - by Fin Li

Sweet Dreams - by Saskia


Tacit Implications - by Bev

Tacit Implications Part 2 - by Bev

Taking Down a God - by Dandello

Taking Down a God -- The Rest of the Story - by Dandello

Taking Responsibility by Irene Dutch

Tales Out Of Church by Irene Dutch

The Talk - by Carol M

Taste - by Bob Bartholomew

A Tasteful Lesson - by Nan Smith

Tea Totaled - by Annie M and Kathy Brown

Teamwork - by Nan Smith

Teaching Indecency - Laura S.

Tears in Heaven - by Shannon Berg & Lisa Stankiewicz

The Tears of a Clone - by Jenni Debbage

Tell Clark... That I Love Him... - by Wendy Richards

Temporary Insanity (The Children's Version) - by M.L. Thompson

Tempus: Four Play - by Female Hawk

Tempus Fugitive Revisited - by Kaz from Oz

Ten Years in the Making - Anonpip

Ten Years Later - by Chrys (chaabreh) Apruzese

Terms of Endearment - by angelic_editor

Terms of Estrangement - by angelic_editor

Testing Grounds - by Matrix

That Charming Smallville Hospitality - by Laura S.

That One Great Love - by Terry Leatherwood

That Honeymoon Feeling - by Meredith Knight

That Little Sister of Mine - by Alisha Knight

That Old Obsession Of Mine - by Wendy Richards

That Ol' Revelation of Mine - by Bren Ren

That One Great Love - by B.B. Medos

That's All It Takes - by Anna Botsakou

That Shocking First Kiss - by Tracey

That Super Man Of Mine - by Wendy Richards

That Towel - by Chrys (chaabreh) Apruzese

There and Back Again - Philip Mogul

There's Always Something - Xanabee

There's No Place Like Home - by M.L. Thompson

Think Before You Speak - by Jennifer Allen

This Kiss - by Alicia U.

This Kiss - by Sarah Luddy

This Means War... - by Barbara

This Old Heart of Mine - by Shayne Terry

This Woman and this (Super)Man - by Erin Dawn McInnis

Those Darn Space Rats... - by Bellarata

A Thousand Little Deaths - by Fin Li

Three Capes to the Wind - by IRC Round Robin

The Three Rules - by Scarlett Burns

Through the Window - by CC Aiken

Tie Story - by Chris Carr

Ties That Bind - by Chris Carr

Till Death Do Us Part - by Carol M

Time and Again - by Shayne Terry

Time Doesn't Hea - by Dandellol

Time Enough To Heal - by Dandellol

A Time to Adjust - by Lara Blasingame

Time to Find Lois Lane - by Barb Beverly

Time To Love 1 - Weekend in Smallville - Female Hawk

A Time To Rebuild - by Wendy Richards

Time To Tell - by Anonpip

Timeless - by Becky Bain

Timestorm: Storm series, Part 7

Tiny Pieces - by BanAnna

To Be Like Him - by LaraMoon

To Be Like Me - by LaraMoon

To Do Lists - by Carol M

TOGOM Drabble - by Dandello

To My Love - by Jessi Mounts

To Protect and Serve - by Tank Wilson

To Protect and Serve II -- The Return of a Superman - by Tank Wilson

Too Hot to Handle - by Nan Smith

Top Six Ways A Superman Can Steal the Blankets - by Anna Botsakou

Torn, Dirty Shirt - by Carol M

Touch - by Chris Carr

The Tower Fell - by C_A

Trading Places by Irene Dutch

Travel Plans - by Matrix

Trial by Empress - by Phil Atcliffe

Trials of the Heart - Alicia U.

Triangle 1 - A Triangle Built For Two - by Ann McBride

Triangle 2 - Growing Pains - by Ann McBride

Triangle 3 - Aftermath - by Ann McBride

A Triangle With Three Sides - by Anonpip

Trick or Treat - by Doc. Klein's LabRat

Tricks of the Mind - by Anna Botsakou

Trouble in Paradise - by BanAnna and Carol M

True Partners - by C. Leuch

A True Partnership - by Kathy Brown

Truffles and Tribulations - by LaraMoon

Trust Me, I'm A Reporter - by Yvonne Connell

Truth Is Born of Arguments - by C_A

Truth or Dare - by Wanda Detroit

Truth or Dare - by Nancy V. Sont

Tryst - by Pam Jernigan

Tsunami - by Nan Smith

Turning Point - Coming of Age in Kansas - by Louette McInnes

Tuesday - by Rona V.

Twins - by Nan Smith

A Twist of Fates - by Wendy Richards

Two Faces of Clark - Gerry Anklewicz

Two From Beyond: An Elseworld Tale - by Philip Mogul and Carolyn Schnall

Two Terse Tales - by Chris Carr




The Waiting - by C_A

Waiting For Superman - by Yvonne Connell

To Wake From Dreams - by Nicole Sullivan

Waking a Miracle - by Aria

Wanna Neck? - by BJ

War of the Heroes - by Laura S.

Wasted Revelations - by BJ

A Walk in the Dark - by Nan Smith

The Way It Should Have Been - by Nan Smith

The Way That We Belong - by Wendy Richards

The Way You Look Tonight - by Nicole Sullivan

Wedding Accomplished - by Nan Smith

Wedding Aftermath - by Nan Smith

Wedding Consequences - by Nan Smith

The Wedding Crashers - by Michael

Wedding Day - by Nan Smith

Wedding Rearrangement - by Nan Smith

We're Having a Baby, My Baby and Me - by IRC Round Robin

Weekends - by Lilly M.

Weird Life - by Saskia

The Welcome Wagon - by AlonzoMosleyFBI

Well I'll Be A Kryptonian's Uncle - by Paul-Gabriel Wiener

The Wet White Shirt - by Carol M

What Clark Really Meant to Say - by BanAnna

What A Difference A Day Makes - by Chris Carr

What Dreams May Come - by Pam Jernigan

What A Fish Knows - by Anna Botsakou

What A Fish Sees - by Anna Botsakou

What Friends Are For - by Wendy Richards

What Happens in Metropolis... - by Dandello

What He Gave Up - by Catherine Bruce

What If? - by Betsy R.

What's in a Name? - by Bethy

What It Means To Love You - by Erin Klingler

What The Lex Is Going On? - by Wendy Richards

What Lois Really Meant to Say - by BanAnna

What Not to Wear to a Pop-Tart Bonfire - by Catherine Bruce

What Tangled Webs We Weave - by Kermatzu

What You're Asking of Me - Raconteur

What's Another Year? - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

What is Lost in the Mists of Time - by Dandello

Wheels of Justice - by Zoomway

When Friends Become Lovers - Kathy Brown and Demi

When Galaxies Divide - by Stopquitdont

When It Rains - by Caroline K.

When Larry Met Charlie - by Wendy Richards

When Lightning Strikes Twice - by Wendy Richards

When Lovers Become More - by Kathy Brown

When Muses Go Bad - by Terry Leatherwood

When the Sky Falls - by Bob Bartholomew

When the World Finds Out - by CC Aiken

When The Wrong One Loves You Right - by Sara

When You're Sleeping - by Anna Botsakou

When You Can't See The Wood... - by Doc. Klein's LabRat

When You Can't Tell Night From Day

When You Need My Love - by Bethy

When You Needed Me Most - by Erin Klingler

When You Say You Love Me - by Wendy Richards

When You Wish Upon A... - by LaraMoon

Where Does Superman Go (When Rescues Go Wrong)? - by Carol M

Where, Oh Where, Do Supes' Clothes Go? - by Erin Klingler

Wherever You Will Go - Sara Kraft

Whisper From The Dying - by Wendy Richards

Whispers in the Key of Love (An L&C Fic in Three Acts) - by LaraMoon

Whisper Of A Thrill - by Sara

Who Is That Masked Bandit? - by Gerry Anklewicz

Who Says It's Never Too Late? - by Wendy Richards and Tank Wilson

Who, What, Why Am I? - by Bella

A Whole New World - by IRC Round Robin

Why? - by Bob Bartholomew

Why Lois Stays Out of the Kitchen - by Anne D.

The Wild-Goose Chase - by Michael

The Wild Rose - Lote

Will You Be There? - by Gina Blank

The Window - by Mark Stone

Wine and Circumstance - by Mozartmaid

Wine, Wine, Wine - by Kathy Brown

Without Checking the Water Level - by M.L. Thompson

Without A Superman (Superman's Quest) - by M.L. Thompson

Without A Superman (Clark Kent's Quest) - by M.L. Thompson

Without a Superman (Lois Lane's Quest) - by M.L. Thompson

Witnessed - by Matrix

World Enough, and Time - by C_A

World Turned Upside Down - by Dandello

A World Without a Superman - by IRC Round Robin

A World Without Superman - by Dandello

Wounded Angels - By Lote

Wrapping Up Loose Ends - by Janet Owens

Wrestle Me That - by LaraMoon

Wrestle Me This - by LaraMoon

The Write Stuff - Terry Leatherwood



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