How to read ebooks

Reading one of these stories on your e-reader device requires: 1) downloading the story to your hard drive and 2) connecting your e-reader device to your computer in order to copy the story over.

Reading on a dedicated ereader device

Please refer to your e-reader's documentation for instructions on how to copy or import a file into it.

Reading ebooks on an iOS device

Got an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and want to read epub files? Try the iBooks or Stanza apps. When you're browsing in Safari and click a link to an epub file, it'll open it automatically in one of these apps.

To read mobi files on your iOS device, install the Kindle app. If you're browsing in Safari and click a link to a mobi story, it'll open automatically in the Kindle app.

Reading ebooks on a PC

If you want to read ebook files on your computer, use the free program Calibre. It's available in Windows, Macintosh and Linux formats.

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