The Missing Baby

By KKBG (KatherineKent’sBaby Girl) <>

Rated G

Submitted Sept 2015

Summary: My daughter’s (very short) imaginings of what happened after the Season 4 finale.

Story Size: 407 words (2Kb as text)

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Acknowledgements and Comments: I finished watching Lois and Clark with my nine year old daughter about a month ago and she immediately went … “What happened to the baby?” I explained that this was the reason for fanfiction … and so she came up with this. I have not changed a single word that she wrote, except to use it to teach her some grammar, and make the appropriate corrections.

Disclaimer: I do not claim this to be my own work. In fact it came from my nine year old daughter. She, in no way, wishes to make any money from this … please do not sue her … she couldn’t pay!


One day Lois and Clark took their baby to the Daily Planet. Jimmy and Perry were playing with the baby when Lois and her husband needed to go and get things for the baby.

So Lois asked, “Could you look after our baby, while we get some stuff for her. And while you’re at it, please give her a name, a sensible one.”

Clark said, “Honey, we can name it a different name once we get back.”

Perry said, “We won’t let her out of our sight.”

Jimmy continued, “But where is the baby?”

Lois said scared, “Oh no, my only girl.”

Lois was so scared she fainted. Clark lifted her up and took her to the hospital.

When Clark got to the hospital he made sure she was ok and went into the toilet and changed into his Superman suit. He took off and used his x-ray vision and went all over Metropolis. Jimmy and Perry searched the Daily Planet. All of them couldn’t find the baby. While Lois was in hospital, she made a name for her baby. Her name was Rosaline.

Clark came back in human form and said, “We haven’t found our baby.”

Lois replied, “By the way her name is Rosaline”

Then suddenly Jimmy ran into the hospital with the baby in his hands.

He said, “She was in the copy room in the Daily Planet.”

Lois took her out of his hands. “She was sleeping in the corner,” he continued.

Lois answered laughing, “You naughty little girl.”

Then Clark said, “At least she is safe now.”