Who I Am

By Caroline <carolinefolc@myself.com>

Rated G

Submitted July 2000

Summary: A poem that Clark wrote for Lois.

This is my first fanfic. Well, not really my first, but the first one I finished :)

It's a poem from Clark to Lois. Dated somewhere at the end of the third season or the fourth.

Lois & Clark belong to DC Comics, Warner Brothers, ABC etc.

I'd appreciate your honest opinion,


Dear Lois

Who I am

Couldn't you see it, couldn't you see it in my eyes That I'm not the one you think I am There was a voice, a voice that told me You'd love me just the same if I were just an ordinary man

So close to you, I was with you all the time Though we weren't thinking the same I gave you everything, everything but the truth We were playing a silly game

But with everything I did Everything I held right here in my hands Shining gold changed into only sand The dreams I dreamt of telling you Afraid that you wouldn't understand

Let me free to fly now, let me fly through the rain I open the windows and fly as far as I can I want you to know who I am

If only I could tell you…

But years got lost, and time took us On its journey to the unknown Secrets and lies revealed We'll never be alone

Now I hold you here in my arms The sand changed into gold again More shining as ever And I love you even more as you smile when

I take you to fly with me now, let's fly to the sun We open the windows and fly as far as we can Because I can finally be who I am…

Your love