The Stranger

By Elizabeth Penter <>

Rated: PG 13

Submitted November 25, 1997

Summary: Clark's phone call awakens Lois during a sexy, but suspicious dream…

This story takes place sometime before Lois realized Clark is Superman and after they start dating.


Lois could feel herself getting warmer, and him getting closer. She knew him too well, and could feel electricity in his touch. He kissed her softly, on the lips. Lois brought herself in to the fire of the kiss. His lips were soft, sweet, and warm, like pools of chocolate. He was the most caring person she had ever known, with the biggest heart. She was in awe over how he could fall for her. Though, she could not see his face, she knew it was her Clark. Clark Kent, the man she loved, the man she thought she would never meet. She thought to herself, *Don't fall for me farm boy, I do not have time for it!* With that she pulled away and began to giggle.

"What is it?" he whispered in her ear.

"Just thought of the first time we met." She replied and then kissed him more passionately. She could feel herself wanting him more. He too, felt the same way. Lois grabbed Clark's tie and loosened it. She then preceded to unbutton his shirt. Then slid her hand inside his shirt and felt something very familiar. *This feels like spandex,* she thought. She then reached up to take off his glasses, but they weren't there. She ran her hands over his face, while kissing him with more lust, and want. She worked her way down again to where she had started to unbutton his shirt. She again felt the same material she though she felt before. She then rubbed her had across something familiar, the famous "S" symbol.

"Superman???" she said.


"BAAARING BAARING," went the phone.

"UAHNNNNNNNNN," Lois moaned, as she sat straight up in bed with the scare of her ringing phone.

"I hate it when I wake up at the good part of a dream," she whined.

"HELLO?!?!" she said with an annoyance yawn.

"Lois?? Are you awake? This is Clark!"

"Clark?? It is 3 in the morning. This better be important; I was having a good dream," she huffed.

"Was it about me!?" he laughed.

"In your dreams, farm boy! What is it?"

"I have something to tell you and it can't wait any longer!!!"

"What is it?"

"Can I come over and tell you?? It would be better from me in person!"

"Sure!!!" she said with a huff. "I ONLY have to get up in 4 hours anyway."

With that, she hung up. *Funny, Clark is Superman. HA!!! Not in this life time,* Lois keep dreaming.