Alone At Last

By Jana Lippe (

Summary: An alternate ending to the episode "AKA Superman" in which the guests at the surprise birthday party get more surprise than they bargained for.


"Well, that was one of my more interesting birthdays," Clark commented with a half smile as he guided Lois into in the vestibule of their brownstone.

"I'm sorry, Clark," Lois sighed. "I really tried to pull off a party for you."

Clark smiled mischievously. "Well, actually I kind of like it better this way," he said quietly.

"You sure?" Lois glanced back at him as she slowly dug through her bag, searching for her keys to unlock the door.

"Yeah…just you and me." He replied, softly caressing her arm.

"Alone at last," Lois said absentmindedly. Her words came back to her with a rush. It was the moment they had been waiting for. She jerked her head up to look into Clark's eyes. All decorum was forgotten as her need and desire to be with her husband took over. She flung down her belongings, threw her arms around Clark's neck and began to kiss him passionately. His pulse quickened as he responded eagerly to her sudden desire. It had been *so* long. His hands found their way beneath her gray coat and quickly peeled it from her shoulders, leaving it hanging from her elbows as her was unable to let go of him. Clark, realizing that they were still in the vestibule, reluctantly ripped one hand away from her body in order to retrieve his house keys from his jacket pocket. He blindly managed to insert the key into the lock as he pressed his wife up against the door as she covered his face and neck with her lips.

At the turn of the lock, the door flew open and they fell inside, Clark flinging Lois' coat aside as he pulled her on top of him to break the fall. He could not let her go. Her taste was completely and totally addicting and intoxicating to him. He rolled her over on her back and caressed her with his palm as his fingers flew, struggling to unbutton her blouse.

Lois was busily unfastening Clark's shirt. She slid her hand inside, eager for the feel of his skin and winced, forgetting that he was wearing The Suit. Her hands furiously shoved away his sports jacket, followed by his shirt which was now missing several buttons that had popped off in her haste to undress him. **Now for that suit**, she thought as her arms slid around to find the tiny hidden zipper on the back of his suit. As she began to slide the zipper down the length of his body, Clark was well on his way to removing her entire blouse, his lips engulfing her tender throat. Her fiery skin sent shivers down his spine. He heard her gasp and smiled, finding her lips and deepening their kiss.

"Oh my…" Clark froze at the sound. The words had most definitely *not* come from either him or Lois. In one fluid motion he scooped her to her feet and flipped on the living room light. "Clark! What are you…" began Lois, confused by Clark's sudden, unromantic actions. Her jaw dropped as she fixated on the sight that loomed before her. Clark grabbed up his sport jacket and swiftly wrapped it around Lois' nearly bare torso. "Oh…my god, oh my god, oh my god," she began to whimper.

There, in their living room, stood about 30 stunned party guests in front of a huge `Happy Birthday, Clark' banner. Perry stood at the front of the crowd with a shocked and embarrassed expression on his face.

"We…uh…wanted to…surprise you.." he said sheepishly, hardly able to look them in the face. Jimmy stumbled forward and looked incredulously into Clark's face.

"CK? What…wh-what…I mean…that *suit*…" he babbled. Clark looked down and sucked in his breath. In his haste to protect Lois' modesty, he had forgotten that she had undressed him as well. He was standing in front of a crowd of his friends wearing Clark Kent's pants, shoes, and tie, but Superman's shield as well. The suit hung a bit loosely from his shoulders due to the unzipping of it by Lois. By some miracle, his glasses still sat perched on his face, though they were dangerously close to slipping off his nose. A stunned Jimmy stepped forward dazedly and pulled the glasses off of Clark's face.

"Superman?" he whispered. Lois' eyes widened, her own embarrassment being at being caught in such an intimate moment with her husband already forgotten.

"Oh, Jimmy, it's just…uh…well, you know I really like the Superman suit, you know, and so…um…Clark's mom made him a suit like Superman's, and so it's just kind of a…uh…well, you know.." Lois babbled, as she reached around Clark's back and pulled the zipper up. Perry stepped forward.

"Lois!" he said simply, silencing her. "Clark…all this time…it was you." Perry couldn't stop staring at Clark's face, wondering how he had never put two and two together. Clark took a deep breath and pulled Lois even tighter to his side.

"Okay. I knew this would happen sometime. Yes, I am him. He is me. Clark Kent is who I am, but I am also…Superman"


AUTHOR'S NOTES: The idea for this story came from watching the end of "AKA Superman" with a fellow FoLC, who wondered aloud what would have happened if the Superman suit had been revealed during Lois & Clark's "reunion". I decided to explore that concept and unfortunately in the process tripped into the gutter, causing all elements of a well-written story to go flying from my grasp. I just wrote it this afternoon while at work, and have no desire to edit it and make it better_it's just as it is!! Now— did I really write this?? Don't tell anyone it was me — I'll just deny it!