At Last

By Ladee V (

Summary: A story that picks up slightly before where the episode "Forget Me Not" leaves off, veering off into an altogether more pleasant direction. Lois has her memory back, she and Clark are desperate to be married, and Martha in Smallville has a plan.

This story starts where FMN [Forget Me not]literally shattered my fragile heart and is dedicated to all those FoLCs whose hearts shattered as well. Just so there is no confusion, the dialogue marked with >> comes directly from FMN, written by Grant Rosenberg. (no plagiarizing intended) I'm sure all those who've seen FMN will be able to tell *immediately* where GR's story ends and mine begins.


>>"Lois, how you doing?"

>>"OK…boy for a minute there I felt like we were back covering that prison riot."

>>"The prison riot?"

>>"Sure you remember, we smuggled ourselves inside to talk to the leader and the guards panicked and opened fire…and I was wearing that blue silk blouse with the pin on the lapel…Clark! Clark I remember! All this craziness must have jogged my memory, it's like the flood gates opened and it's all coming back! Lois Lane, Clark Kent!"

>>"There you go!"

>>"We're partners at the Planet!"


>>"I like spicy Chinese food!"


>>"Oh and one more thing…"

Clark looked at her with a joy he hadn't felt in weeks. This time he could literally *see* the recognition in her eyes. "You are the man that I love…with all of my heart. I know lately, my head has had me acting a little crazy…" Clark winced as he thought of all that had happened to them this past eternity. "…but my heart…my heart knew." A tear rolled down Lois' face as she ran her hand over Clark's brow and through those now familiar again dark waves of hair.

Clark took her face in his hands and brushed her tear way. "No more tears," he whispered as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. The sensation of once again being able to kiss her overwhelmed him so that this same gentle kiss grew, and intensified to a level of passion that surprised even him. Educated, award-winning journalist, and yet he knew he would never find the words to tell her all the things he felt in that one kiss. Finally. *Finally*. Everything was right in the world again.

As Dr. Deter returned from speaking to the police, Lois and Clark were exchanging soft -spoken "I love you's" and not so soft kisses, much to his dismay. He watched them for a moment. Realizing that anything he *thought* *could* *possibly* have developed between himself and Lois was simply and quite emphatically beaten out of existence with each kiss. He knew they were engaged before Lois' memory loss, but now, now it was crushingly obvious they were completely in love with each other.

"Ex…excuse me" he stammered. "I take it we have had a major breakthrough in your recovery, Lois." The doctor managed a weak, insincere smile neither Lois or Clark noticed. They finished their kiss and stood, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes.

"Yes…yes, Dr. Deter, we have." Lois kissed Clark again and went straight to babble mode as her attention turned to the doctor. "I remember my job, my family and friends, Superman, where I live, when I was born, where I was born…blah blah blah…oh uhhmm…I remember…exactly how many fat grams are in one Double Fudge Crunch bar, one million and one *really* lame excuses for skipping out on somebody," she winked at Clark, who folded his arms in mock indignation, "…and this…wonderful man." Instantly her voice softened as her gaze shifted to Clark. "This is Clark Kent. Award winning investigative reporter for the Daily Planet, one half of that infamous investigative reporting *team* of "Lane & Kent", and my fiance. The man I never thought I would meet."

Clark couldn't keep the smile from his face as he stood there, basking in *Lois'* memory of their pre-wedding toasts to each other. Without taking an eye off of her, he quite confidently pronounced her no longer in need of medical attention. "Dr. Deter, I do believe *I* will be able to handle Miss Lane's recovery from here." ****

In what was literally a *few* minutes, Lois was packed, checked out of the Metropolis Neuroscience Center, and home in Clark's arms where she belonged. For the first time in weeks she felt complete. Perry, as expected, had given Clark the rest of the day off and as far as he was concerned, Lois was not *allowed* back to work for at least a week. As much as she wanted to get back to *her* life, she was grateful for the time off. She had no intention of taking it all, but she *was* grateful for it. She and Clark had a lot to deal with, and sort out and decide on concerning their future, but right now, all that mattered was the present.

In between kisses Clark shared the nightmare that was his life since "their wedding day". "She said she was just exhausted, but I really don't think she was very attracted to me." His face first conveying the relief he felt when he realized she was not really *his* Lois, and then the hurt he felt when he thought it was her, rejecting him on their wedding night. Lois, sensing the latter, smiled.

"She wasn't attracted to you? She wasn't attracted to you!!??" Her voice getting louder and more incredulous. "Well, was she *blind* or just galactically stupid?" Clark laughed and pulled her into a huge bear hug.

"I don't know and I don't care! I'm just glad she was…whichever!" They both laughed until their eyes met.

"Me too."

The gentle kiss they shared quickly became more passionate than either of them had intended. Clark had to admit to himself that he was partly relieved to hear that urgent cry for help. He alone knew how readily he would have surrendered his "patience" if time had allowed. He had to smile as he thought to himself. "And in the middle of the afternoon, no less."

With Clark gone Lois occupied her time by going through the clothes the Clone bought. Martha had been careful to fold and store them neatly in a big box for her perusal. After coming quickly to the end of the box, she was quite surprised to find there were a *few* things she actually liked enough to keep. With that done she set her sights on the huge stack of mail forwarded to her new address by the ever efficient United States Postal Service. *Forwarding order: 344 Clinton* The place that was suppose to be her new home as Mrs. Clark Kent. Clark had not only bundled, unopened, all her mail, but anything that came addressed to 'Mr. & Mrs. Clark Kent' as well.

Lois was just about to tackle the stack of bills when a loud knock startled her into a slight gasp. "Get a grip, Lois!" she thought to herself. As she looked out the window and saw the familiar brown truck and uniformed delivery person, her heartbeat returned to a steady rhythm.

"Mr. or Mrs. Clark Kent?" The kind looking woman asked.

"Well,…" Lois stammered as she took the pen and signed her name in exchange for the large brown parcel.

"Have a nice day, mam".

Lois only half-heard the woman's cheery goodbye. She was too distracted by the return address. "Wedded Bliss Photography? It can't be." Aahh but it was, and the stinging slap of reality hit her firmly across the face.

There she was. Almost. It was her beautiful gown the woman on Clark's arm was wearing. It was her headpiece. It was even her face. For a moment, Lois was amazed at just how real it all looked. She flipped each page of the album, seeing "herself" with her parents, "herself" with the Kents, "herself" with Cindy, Jimmy…and Clark. Of course, it wasn't her. On *her* wedding day, she never even got to put her dress on. No walking down the aisle on Daddy's arm. No exchanging rings and I do's. No "I now pronounce you…". Not only did she not get to do it, but someone, or something, else did it for her. As disbelief, turned to heartache, and heartache to fury, Lois found herself quietly, methodically and quite forcefully, mutilating photo after sickening photo until there were none.

Clark returned to find her on the floor in front of his couch sobbing uncontrollably. "Lois! Lois, what happened?" When she felt his touch she threw the tattered album aside and wrapped her arms around him. Clark didn't need to ask again. He rocked her gently back and forth and listened painfully as she softly repeated the same sentence over and over. "I want…my wedding".

"She made you do what, son?" Jonathan Kent asked as if he thought he heard Clark wrong.

"Burn it, Dad. I mean, she had already destroyed it beyond any possible recognition, but…she just couldn't stop crying until she saw the charred remains with her own two eyes." Clark looked down at Lois, now sleeping peacefully in his bed. Her face so relaxed, so innocent and sweet looking. You would never suspect the tirade she had just been on.

"You can't blame her, honey. I think you both have a right to be angry, and even to blow off steam. It was suppose to be the happiest day of her life *and* the beginning of a lifetime of wedded bliss." Clark cringed at his Mom's inadvertent reference to their wedding photographers.

"I know, Mom. I want her to have that day…I want *us* to have it. I just…well, we've been through so much. I think we're both afraid to try again."

Martha's voice only slightly masked her alarm at his statement. "Clark, you two aren't considering not getting married, are you? I mean, you still *want* to be husband and wife, don't you?"

Clark was staring at Lois again. Thankfully, she had managed to change into her pajamas herself. After the crying. After trying, unsuccessfully in Clark's opinion, to get some food in her stomach. After taking two extra strength Excedrin. Before falling asleep on his lap.


Clark realized his long pause was giving his Mom an incorrect impression. "Yes…Mom, of course we do. We both…*desperately* want to be husband and wife. I guess we're just a little gun shy about the actual wedding part." Clark tried to inject some humor to lighten the mood. "You know Mom, her last two weddings…well, they weren't exactly storybook fairy tales."

"Son," Jonathan intervened, "that is all behind you now. You and Lois belong together. You belong to each other. No one would dispute that you've been through a lot, but you've been *through* it. If none of that stopped you, don't let fear do it either." A smile came to Clark's face when he realized how truly wise his parents are.

"Thank you…Dad, Mom."

Martha knew her husband's words had eased her son's worries, if only slightly. "You're welcome, honey. We love you. Both of you. And, we are determined to see you happy!"

Clark laughed at his mother's familiar "Now listen here young man" tone of voice. "Well then I guess I'm just gonna be happy!"

As they hung up the phone with their son, Martha already had the beginnings of a great plan hatched in her mind.

"Marrthaaa…I know that look. What are you planning and…can I play too?" Jonathan asked. Martha laughed and led him to the kitchen table. While she made a list of people to call, she had Jonathan make a list of people to see. ************

Lois woke early the next morning to the most beautiful arrangement of long stem red roses she had ever seen. The card simply said "I love you". Lois pulled a rose from the vase and gently inhaled as she left the bedroom in search of Clark. She found him on the couch reading a book.

"Thank you for the roses. They're beautiful." Clark sat up and held his hand out to her as she joined him. "You know, you didn't have to sleep on the couch last night."

Clark's mind raced back to the afternoon before. "Yes…actually, I did. And I think we need to talk about some things…just so we're still clear, where we stand." Lois agreed. She knew their playful necking had almost escalated into serious foreplay and she wasn't at all sure it would have ended there if it hadn't been for that distant S.O.S.

"Lois, yesterday…afternoon…on the floor…things between us got a little…heated." Lois smiled at the memory of it.

"I know."

"Well, I wanted to apologize if I pressured you, or rushed you in any way." Lois turned to look Clark in the face, surprised at his apology.

"Clark, believe me, nothing feels as right to me as being with you. Somehow, I knew that, even when I didn't know it. If that makes any sense. Even when I thought I was Wanda, and Lex kissed me…"

Lois noticed Clark cringe at the mention of Lex's name. Or maybe it was the realization that he had indeed kissed her. He looked away and she felt his overwhelming sadness. Holding his face in her hands, she continued. "Nothing more than a couple of kisses happened between us…no, between *Wanda* and Lex. It just…never felt right. And surprisingly, Lex was very understanding, even gentlemanly about it."

Clark smiled a warm smile that washed over Lois. Even though he knew she truly believed she was a woman named Wanda Detroit at the time and would have forgiven anything that might have happened, he was eternally grateful for that "something" that kept Wanda from giving herself to Lex.

"Lois, I need you to know…that…none of the things that we've been through, not one moment of what has happened, has changed our relationship in my eyes. Not how I feel, or…what I want. You *are* my wife…in *almost* every way that counts. In my heart, and my mind. No ceremony could make my love deeper, no rings could make my commitment stronger. But somehow, I know, those things will make our…intimate relationship special…perfect…right.

Lois wrapped her arms around Clark's neck. "I think I needed to hear that, as much as you needed to say it. Thank you." Clark smiled as he held her and soaked up the affection she bestowed upon him. They would wait until their wedding night and at some point in the near future, they would decide when that would be. ****

Lois was back at the Planet after exactly two and one half days off. Perry of course protested her rapid return to the daily grind, but both he and Clark had to admit she never missed a beat. For Lois Lane, a juicy story *was* her most beneficial therapy. She *needed* to work and it didn't hurt that there had been a steady stream of news to cover in Metropolis lately. Superman was as busy as ever, and Lois got a first hand glimpse of what life would be like as her own secret alter ego, "Mrs. Superman".

Clark was always mindful of how inconvenient it could be to have your husband literally "on call" 24 hours a day. He made it up to her as best he could in both word and deed. Lois had grown particularly fond of his peculiar new habit of "charging" her for his services. Re-heating her coffee — 4 kisses. Croissants from France — 25 kisses and a hug. Laundry — 50 kisses per load, but that included superspeed folding. Dreamily she wondered how his "prices" would increase once they were married. ***

"Lois! Clark! Can I see you two in my office?" Perry had been on the phone all day, making plans of some sort, and sending Jimmy on hundreds of errands that he seemed to enjoy running. Now it appeared it was Lois and Clark's turn to be drafted into service . Quickly Perry explained to them that an "important situation" had come up and that he would be out of the office tomorrow. He wanted to make sure that Lois and Clark would be able to put the Friday evening edition to bed for him. He knew of their plans to head to Kansas for the weekend, but Clark assured him they could take a later "flight" and still be at his parent's by 9:00. With his two prize reporters back at their desks, Perry placed a call to Smallville. "Mrs. Kent? Everything in Metropolis is on schedule." *********

Around 8:30 Friday night Martha and Jonathan Kent stepped out on to their porch with their guests. "Jonathan will walk you three down to Maisie's and I'll wait here in case they show up early." Jonathan pecked his wife on the cheek and said, "You're an amazing woman, Martha. I think we are actually going to pull this off."

Ellen Lane stepped up on the porch. "Yes she is, Jonathan. And I *know* we are going to pull this off." Martha gave Ellen a hug and watched as Jonathan led her, Sam Lane and Lucy down the road.

Lois and Clark arrived shortly after Jonathan returned. His parents were sitting on the porch, enjoying the unseasonably warm night. Lois and Clark sat down with them and were immediately engaged in conversation. In a matter of minutes, Lois had her future in-laws completely enthralled as she gave them the inside track on a piece they were writing about a recent string of supposed suicides in the inner city homeless shelters.

"And," Clark interjected when Lois finally came up for air, "just so you don't think we are *all* work and no play, we made some decisions about getting married. We want to tell you about them but, is there any reason we're aren't going inside?" Clark smiled as he grabbed their bags and headed for the door.

Martha tugged his arm and temporarily distracted him. "It's a beautiful night! First tell us about these marriage decisions." Clark gave his mom his best "raised eye-brow" look which she gave right back, which gave Lois more than enough time to reload.

"Well, basically, we want to give this wedding thing one more shot. Nothing fancy or crazy, in fact the words small, cozy and barely-bigger-than-a-breadbox-intimate come rushing to mind. And…we'd like to have it here in Smallville…as soon as we can get my family here — I know, can you imagine *my mother* in Smallville — well if *she* can't imagine it, she'll just miss it. In fact the whole Lane clan is only getting about two or three weeks to *find* the time to get here or…we'll just send them a picture. Although I have no idea what kind of wedding I could plan in such a short time, but, we made up our minds. We need to get on with our lives and the wedding is the first step in our plan and we-"

Clark reached over and kissed Lois square on the lips. It was a long tender kiss and when he broke from it, both seemed to blush a little as Clark smiled at his parents. "It's not the *only* way to stop her babbling, but it is my favorite."

They laughed as Clark again picked up their bags to go in. "There, now that you've heard the "Reader's Digest" version of our life-long decisions, can we go inside? I'm hungry!" Clark was beginning to think his parents didn't want them to go inside the house.

"Clark, you don't get hungry!" Martha took Lois' bag from him, put her arm around him and gently led him off the porch. Jonathan took his bag, put a protective arm around Lois and followed.

"Well what I *mean* is that I would like to eat again *Mom*! And where exactly are we going?"

Martha rolled her eyes up into her head and smiled at Lois. "He always was such an inquisitive child."

As they walked down the road toward a very dark looking "Maisie's" restaurant, Clark continued questioning his parents and they continued evading him. Clark was tempted to use his visual prowess to get his own answers but he resisted. He knew his parents were up to *something* they obviously wanted to surprise him with so he relaxed and obediently followed their lead. **********'

When they walked into Maisie's and the lights came on, neither Lois or Clark were prepared for what they saw. Maisie's was all decked out in streamers and balloons, and a giant banner across the entire length of the place read, "Congratulations, Lois and Clark!". Lois and Clark stood momentarily stunned at the number of people in the room! All friends and loved ones. All smiling warmly, genuinely glad to see them. All in Smallville, just for them.

"Mom? Dad? Oh my…what are you guys doing here? Not that I'm not glad to see you but…" Lois gave her Mom and Dad a huge hug which they enthusiastically returned. When she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder, the last face she expected to see when she turned around was her sister's.


Lois gave her baby sister a long, warm hug that clearly unveiled the joy in her heart. Lucy had been given the honor of filling the clueless couple in. With the same velocity Clark had seen in Lois thousands of times, Lucy informed them that this was indeed their official surprise engagement party/rehearsal dinner and that all the plans were in place for a small, intimate wedding tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 and basically all *they* had to do was show up, and say " I do".

Lois and Clark looked stunned as they realized the depths of love and friendship that surrounded them. Everyone they would have wanted was there. Lois' parents and Lucy. A small contingency of Lane relatives that Lois was actually fond of. Perry. Jimmy. Of course a large group of Smallville supporters who, Lois realized for the first time, were not there just for Clark. They had truly accepted this city girl that had stolen their farm boy's heart. Lois knew in that moment, she *would* become Mrs. Clark Kent tomorrow afternoon.

After greeting all their guests and spending some time mingling, Lois and Clark settled into a quiet corner with Lucy. "I can't believe you are actually here." Lois marveled, brown eyes wide and glued to Lucy's image, the party in full swing behind them.

"Would I miss my only sister's wedding?"

Lois gave her, her best shocked expression. "Well, actually, yes! In fact you did miss the first two!"

Clark, amazed that Lois was actually able to joke about it, threw a "your turn" look at Lucy.

"Those weren't the *real* weddings! They were just…practice runs! To get the kinks out. Now you can write a "how to" book on weddings, you know, who not to marry, what not to let happen…that sort of thing."

Clark couldn't help but interject as he threw an arm around his now apparently in the even nearer future, sister-in- law. "Well then I guess it would have to be a "how *not* to" book!" The sisters laughed and Lois gave Clark a nudge in the ribs that he pretended to feel pain from. **********

As the party came to a close, the actual rehearsing began. Minister Hawkins from the First Church of Smallville spoke to Lois and Clark about their ceremony. Much to their relief he counseled them with scriptural wisdom and a heartfelt belief in the sanctity of marriage. The conversation soothed their spirits, enlightened their minds, and prepared their hearts for their life together. Beyond the "I do's" and the first dance. This, the couple who thought they had seen everything, were reminded of the little things that make or break a marriage.

For Lois, the wedding she had only recently realized she wanted was unfolding before her eyes. Amazingly enough, she had absolutely nothing to do with it. Lois was about to go off on a perfectly wonderful daydream when she realized the Minister was looking at her, anticipating an answer. "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

Minister Hawkins smiled at her, realizing where her mind had probably just been. "This is going to be a double- ring ceremony, right?"

Lois looked at Clark who looked at Lois who looked like she had just been handed a blindfold and a cigarette.

"We…don't…have rings." Clark stammered. It was the truth after all. He couldn't exactly say, "well we *had* rings, but I crushed mine and hurled it into space when I found out I wasn't *really* married to the *real* Lois, and her ring is under about a ton of concrete from a section of subway that collapsed and buried the clone that was wearing it at the time, because I married her by mistake on our last wedding day."

Lois was about to frown for the first time all day when Martha and Jonathan stepped forward. "Lois, Clark…these may not be the fanciest, or the most expensive…"

Clark tried to interrupt as he watched his parents remove their wedding rings for the first time he could ever remember in his life. Martha silenced him with one soft look. "…but they are real. They've been a enduring symbol of our love and commitment to each other for 35 years."

She placed her ring in Clark's hand and Jonathan placed his in Lois'. "I'm sure you'll eventually end up buying each other something real special when you get back to the city but…we'd be honored…if you wore these."

Lois looked at Martha and Jonathan and was instantly overwhelmed by the significance of their gift. "I don't think there are rings more special than these…they're beautiful." Lois looked at Clark and smiled. "*We* would be honored."

Just to be sure, Lois tried Jonathan's ring on Clark and Clark tried Martha's ring on Lois. Lois smiled at the gleaming bands of gold on their fingers. "Perfect fit!"

Jimmy grabbed Lois' left hand and held it up as he bowed in front of her. "I do believe I'm the *best man* to safely guard this. He kissed her hand as he slid the ring off her finger, stopping just below her knuckle and glancing up at Clark. "I am…still the best man…right, CK?"

Clark laughed at Jimmy's sudden uncertainty. "Yes Jimmy, you are!" Lucy slid her arm around Clark's and cleared her throat. Getting the message, he held up his left hand. "I guess you'll be relieving me of this?"

"Only until tomorrow, Mr. Kent." ******

With the party over, the men folk, Clark, Jonathan, Sam, Perry, and Jimmy, went off to Wayne Irig's for the night. They laughed and talked sports, and farm equipment. City life and country life. And of course, Lois.

Lois, Martha, Ellen and Lucy went upstairs to Maisie's for the night. They all took turns filling Lois in on the plans they made. Practically all of Smallville had done their part to make sure Lois and Clark had a beautiful wedding. From food, to decorations, to music and flowers. Every question Lois could think of was answered and much to her surprise, to her complete satisfaction.

The ceremony would be outside at the church's gazebo. The reception would be on the church grounds as well, down by the stream and the giant oak tree. A large open tent had been set up complete with a small parquet floor for dancing. Lois was enchanted listening to her mother and Martha finishing each other's sentences like they were using the same brain. They had gotten together to give their children a wedding to remember, the friends they had become in the process was the best of fringe benefits. ******

After everyone had settled down for the night, Lois found herself unable to sleep. Restless, she picked up a pair of binoculars she found hanging in Maisie's hall closet and climbed out the bedroom window to the roof.

"Clark! Clark!" She whispered as loud as she could without anyone inside hearing. "Clark I don't want to have to throw myself of this roof to get your attention…but I will! If you can hear me, come to the window."

Clark heard her quite clearly before she even called him. He had been tuned in to the sound of her heartbeat, trying to lull himself to sleep. He wasn't nervous. Just anxious. He remembered being a little boy and getting so excited the night before a fishing trip or some other special day with his folks, that he just could not go to sleep. Martha would sit with him on her lap and rock him. He would listen to her heart beat slow and steady and she would always say, "If you don't go to sleep, tomorrow can't come."

After checking to make sure Jimmy was indeed sleep in the bed across from him, he floated quietly to the window and climbed out onto the roof. Seeing her with the binoculars, and confident she could see him, he blew her a kiss.

"I just wanted to see you…and say goodnight. I love you."

Not wanting to be heard, Clark mouthed the words "I love you more."

"What? Did you say you love me *more*?

Clark shook his head fervently.

"More than I love you?" She watched as Clark shook his head again. "Well, I don't think so."

Clark just kept smiling and shaking his head "yes".

"Really? Well if you're so sure why don't you come-"

Before she could say "over here and prove it," Clark was on the roof in front of her. Slowly, she lowered the binoculars from her face. Clark wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. He wanted to send her a message. He wanted her to *feel* just how much he loved her and wanted her. He wanted her to feel that he would love her this strongly forever, and that by this time tomorrow, they *would* be husband and wife in *every* sense of the word.

When Clark felt his message was clear, he gently ended the kiss. Lois was literally too weak in the knees to stand on her own, and he was quite amused to see the "moony- eyed cheerleader" had made a special guest appearance. Lois was speechless as Clark steadied her and gently guided her back through the window.

"Good night, Lois".

As he flew back across the field to Wayne Irig's his eyes never left her, nor her's him. When she could see him no longer, she lowered herself gently down on the bed and sighed. "Wow…" **********

Saturday was a beautiful day. Warm and sunny, Lois woke up half expecting it all to be a dream. The smell of the fresh-brewed coffee and the feel of the warm down comforter brought a smile to her face. "This is too good to be a dream."

Once she got up and started the day she was pampered from head to toe. She soaked in a luxurious bath and washed her hair. Lucy set it for her as they tested make-up colors on their hands and cheekbones. Shelby, the local beautician, worked on manicures, pedicures and facials. The whole experience was like something out of a Beverly Hills health spa. This was the wedding day Lois imagined having. Her sister, her mom, Martha, all around her chatting and laughing as they got all dressed for the big day.

As time rolled on the excitement grew. Ellen looked elegant in a cream colored suit, and Martha was radiant in a pale pink. Kristen Hall, a senior Daily Planet photographer, had been commissioned by Perry to be the official photographer of the blessed event. Lois liked Kristen because she reminded her so much of herself. After snapping some "getting ready" shots of Clark and the guys, she turned her attention to Lois and the ladies. She snapped serious, proper, portrait pictures as well as zany, candid, "Lois-in-her-gown- and-fuzzy-slippers" pictures.

At precisely 2:45, two horse-drawn carriages showed up in front of Maisie's house to pick up Ellen, Martha, Lois and Lucy. The horses were beautiful camel colored mares draped in ivory blankets with a delicate emerald green trim. Kristen snapped away as Lucy stepped out of the doorway into the brilliant sunlight. Her figure hugging emerald gown and long ivory gloves made her feel every bit the movie star.

Lois stood in front of the mirror trying to calm the flurry of nerves that gentle knock on the door had caused. Maisie softly called to her, "Lois…are you ready?"

"Just one more minute." In her mind she ran over her wedding day checklist.

Something old. Her grandmother's pearl drop earrings. Her mom had actually shed a tear when she presented them to her this morning. "I don't know why I didn't give them to you before. I guess, this time is definitely the right time. I just wish she were here to see you in them."

Something new. Lucy had done a fabulous job with that. Lois' wedding dress was absolutely stunning. It was long and lean and embraced her curves. The train was full and swept gently across the floor when she walked. Lois definitely felt like the belle of the ball and Lucy knew she had done her part well.

Something borrowed. Maisie had provided that. Her great-grandmother's pearl and diamond dinner ring. "For your right hand." This morning as Lois sat under her revitalizing mud mask, Maisie relayed the story of how her great grandmother Helen was so nervous on her wedding day that she held out her right hand instead of her left during the ring exchange. On her daughter's wedding day, she gave her that pearl and diamond dinner ring to wear on right hand, just in case. It had been a tradition handed down through the generations ever since. "In fact, the only woman to not wear that ring on her wedding day was my Aunt Leona and what do you think happened?" Lois finished her story with her, "She held out the wrong hand!"

Something blue. Bright, electric, unmistakable blue. A blue that Lois recognized instantly. Martha had of course, hand-made a beautiful, blue garter with just a hint of red around it's delicate edges. Lois smiled as Martha explained. "This one is for waaay up here on the thigh…for Clark to find…later." She winked at Lois as she pulled another white garter, this one with the green wedding color trim, out of the box. "This one is for tossing to the hungry bachelors!"

As Lois drifted back from the memories of this morning, she gave herself a final look. "Lois Lane…Kent." With the words barely out of her mouth she felt an overwhelming sense of calm and headed for the door. **********

At the altar, Clark was struck by the sheer beauty of her. It never ceased to amaze him how easily she could take his breath away. Now as she made her way down the aisle on her father's arm, all he saw was her, all he heard was her heart beating. A strong, steady rhythm, perfectly synchronized with his own.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony." As birds chirped softly, Minister Hawkins began to expound briefly on the sacredness of their union. "Who gives this woman, to be so joined with this man?" "Her mother and I." Sam Lane replied. Softly he kissed his daughter's cheek, placed her hand in Clark's, and took his seat next to her mother, who was already crying silently.

Time seemed to stand still for Lois and Clark as they recited their vows and inched closer and closer to being lawfully wedded. There was no fear. No nervousness. No mishaps. Just a beautiful day, a gorgeous couple, and a wedding.

"By the power vested in me by God and the State of Kansas, I now pronounce you…husband and wife. You may kiss your bride."

Clark took Lois in his arms and placed the gentlest, most passionate kiss on her that Smallville had ever seen. A full 15 seconds later when they still had not emerged from each other's embrace, light-hearted whistles erupted from the teary- eyed onlookers. Clark blushed as he reluctantly pulled back from Lois' lips. "I guess I lost myself in you." **********

While Lois and Clark were receiving their guests, Lois began to notice how truly beautiful everything was, and how much work everyone had put into their day. She made it a point to hug and kiss everyone there and must have said a very sincere "I can't thank you enough" a million times. To which she always got an equally sincere version of the same response. "They were glad to do it."

Lois and Clark took what would be their last trip around the dance floor to Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love".

Treated me kind Sweet Destiny Carried me through desperation To the one that was waiting for me

Lois looked up into Clark's brown eyes and wondered how she got so lucky. She had all but written him off the first time she met him and now here she was. More in love with him than she could have ever imagined.

It took so long Still I believed Somehow the one that I needed Would find me eventually

As Clark gazed back at her, he knew almost every thought she had. He could almost see the memories of their lives together unfold in her eyes. Her initial resistance to him and adoration of his alter ego paled in comparison to the love she was now expressing just by looking at him. Unable to tear himself from her gaze, he mouthed the next few lines of the song.

I had a vision of love And it was all that you've given to me.

Martha, Ellen and Lucy watched in silence as the pair floated across the floor. Lucy silently hoping she would find a "super guy" someday soon. Ellen was quietly debating whether or not to ask Sam to dance.

Prayed through the nights Felt so alone Suffered from alienation Carried the weight on my own

Martha listened intently to the music and focused on Clark. She knew from the first mention of her name that Clark was smitten with "Lois Lane" like no other woman before her. Not wanting to take he eyes off the happy couple, she gently tapped Jonathan on the shoulder and whispered to him to call the carriage over. By the time Mariah hit her last note, Lois and Clark would definitely be ready for the next phase of the plan.

I realized a dream And I visualized the love that came to be Feels so alive I'm so thankful that I received The answer that heaven had sent down to me

You treated me kind Sweet destiny And I'll be eternally grateful Holding you so close to me

By this time Lois and Clark were more wrapped in each other's arms than actually dancing. Lois had begun to cry softly. Tears of absolute happiness and gratitude that Clark was more than happy to kiss away.

I had a vision of love And it was all that you turned out to be

It took a few moments for them to realize the music had stopped and that almost all eyes were upon them. Clark smiled as he led Lois off the dance floor.

"Time for you two to get going, dontcha think?" Perry announced in his unmistakable Memphis drawl. After seeing Clark's slightly confused look, he pointed to the edge of the grounds where one of the horse-drawn carriages waited to whisk them away. Clark smiled and admitted to himself he was quite happy and more than ready to be *alone* with Lois as her husband.

Lois laughed as she and Clark said their good-bye's and once again thanked everyone for their contributions. "We don't look like we're in too much of a hurry to leave now do we?" she whispered to Clark. Clark flashed his brown eyes at her and whispered back, "I really don't care if we do, Mrs. Kent!"

As Clark helped Lois into the carriage she turned her back to the crowd and tossed her bouquet high into the air and straight into the arms of her baby sister. Lucy let out a playful scream and waived at her sister. Clark looked back as they pulled away from the reception and saw Lucy and Jimmy, hand in hand, heading to the dance floor.

"I don't know, Lois, Jimmy caught the garter…Lucy caught the bouquet…" Both laughed at Clark's inference, as they snuggled together in the back of the carriage. The horse trotted down the road as Lois and Clark gazed up into the night sky. It was a chilly evening, but neither noticed.

Lois felt Clark's gaze shift to her neck and she tipped her head back to allow maximum exposure. Unable to resist, and realizing he no longer had to, Clark began placing gentle kisses along her graceful neckline. Lois responded by running her fingers through his hair at the back of his neck and pulling him closer, harder into her .

Lois let out a soft moan as Clark's hands began to wander intently over the bodice of her lovely gown. Neither noticed that the carriage had come to a stop and the polite carriage driver had cleared his throat for the second time.

The driver peeked over his shoulder at the couple and decided he would try once more to get their attention discreetly. As loud as he possibly could, he cleared his throat again and stepped down from his seat. It worked. By the time he had lowered the step, both Lois and Clark had composed themselves and stood ready to exit the carriage. He smiled at Lois as he took her hand and helped her down. Clark stepped out behind her.

"Good evening," the driver said as he replaced the step and hurried on his way. "Thank you!" Lois called after him. Clark looked up and realized that they were back at his parent's farmhouse.

"I think I'm beginning to understand why they didn't want us in the house yesterday." Clark wrapped his arms around Lois and lifted her off the ground. "I know this is not exactly *our* place but, do you mind if I carry you?"

Once inside, Clark gently deposited Lois on the couch. After starting a fire in the fireplace he sat down next to Lois. "You look so beautiful. Your hair, your dress. I almost don't want you to take it off."

Lois giggled at the thought. "Oh *really*??"

"I said I *almost* don't want you to take it off!! *Almost*, being the key word!" Clark began to laugh as he reiterated his point.

Lois slid her arms around his neck and kissed him. "I guess our bags are in your room. I didn't bring anything even remotely special enough for *this* evening with me. When we left Metropolis last night, I had no idea we would be husband and wife tonight." She didn't really care. She hadn't planned on wearing anything much longer anyway.

"Lois, I don't care if you're wearing a Smallville U tee-shirt, I just…really…want…you."

Lois smiled and took Clark's hand. As they came to his bedroom door Clark notice a small note taped to it. "What's it say?"

Clark looked at her inquisitively, "It says, 'Hope you like what we've done to your room. Love Mom & Dad". Clark turned the knob and pushed the door open. Practically before his eyes the once sparsely decorated "room he slept in" had turned into a bedroom. A room that he could share with the woman he loved. A room that he would never again be lonely in.

There was a fresh paint job, and new carpet. Clark was amazed to see that Jonathan had actually knocked down a wall, pushed it back a few feet and in that space, added a full bath and enlarged his closet. A small oak writing desk sat in one corner with a picture of Lois and Clark at the Kerth Awards ceremony on it. Then there was the bed. A big bed. A bed more than big enough to share. It was perfectly made up and extremely inviting. Two hand embroidered throw pillows, one with each of their names on it, rested at the head.

Of course there was still a few shelves with memorabilia from Clark's high school and college days. Yet somehow, Martha and Jonathan had managed to take what was once completely Clark's and make it "theirs".

One of them, his father Clark guessed, had refinished his old dresser. It looked like new and Lois noticed what looked like a gift wrapped shoe box sitting on top of it.

"What do you suppose is in here?" Lois lifted the box off the dresser and took it to Clark. He was still standing in the center of "their" room mesmerized by it's appearance.

"I don't know…open it"

Lois took the lid off the box and a puzzled look crossed her face.

"What? What is it?"

"Looks like…Christmas tree lights…"

Lois could only watch as Clark's faced burst into a smile. He took the box from her and plugged them into an outlet next to the bed. As expected, every bulb in what had to be at least 5 strings of lights lit up and began twinkling in a slow, wave pattern. Clark stretched the lights out across the floor and turned the lamp next to the bed off.

The soft glow of the white lights more than intensified the electricity in the room. Lois had found a CD already in the CD player that sat on the desk and pushed play. Etta James began to croon softly in the background.

At last My love has come along My lonely days are over And life is like a song

Oh yeah, yeah, at last The skies above are blue My heart was wrapped up in clover The night I looked at you

"Would you mind telling me what the Christmas tree lights are all about?" Lois had begun undressing him as she asked the question. He smiled and initiated a long, probing kiss during which Lois' gown managed to fall to the floor. It was met quickly with Clark's shirt and pants.

I found a dream that I could speak to A dream that I can call my own I found a thrill to press my cheek to A thrill that I have never known

Lois moaned as Clark picked her up and carried her to their bed. He had waited long enough to surrender his patience. "How about if I just show you?"

You smiled, you smiled, oh and then the spell was cast And here we are in heaven For you are mine…At last.