Polls (Legacy)

For a while the archive posed questions to readers and writers. Some of those polls are lost, but we managed to save some.

Text or HTML: Currently stories are formatted as text files in the archive. Would you prefer to continue reading them in text format, or would you like to read them formatted in HTML? — November 2006

Audio Fics: Do you like audio books? Do you listen to books on tape or CD? What would you think about Lois & Clark fanfic offered as MP3 files? — September 2006

'Superman Returns': Have you seen "Superman Returns"? If so, what did you think? — July 2006

Reading Spot: Where's your favorite place to read fanfic (or to read anything, for that matter)? — April 2006

Sneak Peek: Do you peek at the ending of a story before you read it? Or do you prefer to be spoiler-free and surprised along the way? — April 2006

Ready for Kerths? How ready are you for this year's Kerth Awards? — March 2006

Fanfic Resolutions: Do you have any L&C-related New Year's resolutions? Do you resolve to... — January 2006

Seasonal preference: Which season of Lois & Clark serves as the springboard for your favorite fanfics? — October 2005

Poll Frequency: How often should this poll be updated? — August 2005

Random Fun? What do you think of the random story generator? — August 2005

Fanfic's effect: How has reading Lois & Clark fanfic affected your feelings toward the show itself? — March 2004

Serial Poll Redux: How do you read serial fanfics -- whenever new pieces become available or when stories are finished? — November 2003

So many stories -- so little time: How do you decide what to read when visiting the archive? — June 2003

Fanfic writer to pro writer? Do you think writing fanfic could help prepare for a professional writing career? — May 2003

Your preferred genre: Other than fanfic, what types of books do you primarily read? — April 2003

Ready to vote? Are you ready to vote in this year's Kerth Awards? — March 2003

How old are you? Fanfic FoLC, readers and writers, how old are you? — March 2003

Kerth Breaks: What would you like to happen during Kerth ceremony breaks? — March 2003

Fanfic and PDAs: Do you read fanfic on a PDA? — January 2003

Doing Research: Which source do you find most helpful when researching details for your stories? — October 2002

A-Plot villains: What kind of A-Plot do you like to read or write? — August 2002

Secondary Characters in Fanfic: Authors, when you write a story centering on Lois & Clark, how many supporting characters do you tend to use? — June 2002

How important is the A-plot? How important is an A-plot to your enjoyment of a fanfic? — May 2002

Online Activities: Besides visiting this site, what other Internet-ish things do you do related to Lois & Clark? — March 2002

Voting for the Kerths: With voting time upon us, it's high time to consider: How will you choose your votes for the Kerths? — March 2002

Writing Habits: How many authors write originals as well as fan fiction, just fan fiction or just originals? — February 2002

Poll snafu: What should we do with the old polls? — January 2002

Supporting characters: Authors, do you write fanfics that center on a character that was just a supporting chacter in the show? — January 2002

Kerth Participation: During the Kerth process, which of the following do you take part in? — December 2001

Older polls

We've lost the responses to these polls, but we may reissue them in time.

11/18/2001 – Do *you* nominate stories for the Kerth Awards?
8/26/2001 – Are you an author? If so, how many stories have you submitted to the archives?
8/12/2001 – Do you read fanfic from other TV shows, comics, music bands, games etc. next to Lois & Clark fan fiction?
7/29/2001 – Aside from Lois & Clark fanfiction, what, if any, other types do you read?
7/15/2001 – Other than fanfic, what types of books do you primarily read?
7/1/2001 – Fanfic fans, both readers and writers, how old are you?
6/17/2001 – Which season of Lois & Clark is your all-time favorite
6/3/2001 – If you're a fanfic writer, why do you write?
5/27/2001 – Who is your favorite character in Lois & Clark fanfic?
5/13/2001 – Are you a closet fanfic writer?
4/29/2001 – What's your preference? A long story you can wallow in for hours, or a short and snappy snack?
4/16/2001 – Authors, would you like to know if someone nominated your story for a Kerth award?
3/18/2001 – How often do you send feedback on stories you've read?
3/4/2001 – What criteria will help you determine which stories will get your vote in the Kerth categories?
2/18/2001 – How does fanfic fit in with your fiction reading habits?
2/4/2001 – Do you want a warning if something seriously bad is to befall a character?
1/21/2001 – Do you send feedback?
1/7/2001 – How likely are you to read stories by new authors?
12/24/2000 – How do you decide what to read when visiting the archive?
12/12/2000 – Do you look forward to holiday-themed fanfics at this time of the year?
11/23/2000 – How directly are you involved with fanfic?
11/12/2000 – Graze or hoard: How do you read onscreen?
10/28/2000 – Past/Future: What kind of story do you prefer?
10/15/2000 – Would you prefer to continue reading stories in text format, or would you like to read them formatted in HTML?
9/24/2000 – We're just curious -- which flavor of English do you call your own?
9/10/2000 – How do you read serial fanfics -- whenever new pieces become available or when stories are finished?
8/7/2000 – How has reading Lois & Clark fanfic affected your feelings toward the show itself?
7/22/2000 – Which villain is Clark's arch-nemesis?
7/1/2000 – Who is your favorite character?
6/17/2000 – For a new fanfic writer, what genre is the place to start?
5/13/2000 – Now that Lois & Clark is off the air, what should Dean and Teri do next?
4/10/2000 – Who is the main character in the Lois and Clark saga?
3/26/2000 – Now that the 2000 Kerths are over, what should fanfic writers do next?
3/19/2000 – Will you be attending the Kerth Awards ceremony on March 25?
3/12/2000 – Closing in on the deadline: Are you ready to vote in this year's Kerth Awards?
3/5/2000 – Are you ready to vote in this year's Kerth Awards?
2/27/2000 – Can you distinguish between male and female fanfic writers by examining their writing styles?
2/13/2000 – Which Lois & Clark villain of the week best deserves a comeback in fanfic?
2/6/2000 – What's your favorite LnC theme?
1/30/2000 – How much time do you spend on Lois & Clark fanfic?
1/23/2000 – Where do FoLCs hang out online?
1/16/2000 – How would you classify LnC fanfic?
1/9/2000 – Do you think writing fanfic could help prepare for a professional writing career?
1/2/2000 – How do you read fanfic? Do you read fanfic on the screen or print the stories for more conventional reading?

Text or HTML?

Currently stories are formatted as text files in the archive. Would you prefer to continue reading them in text format, or would you like to read them formatted in HTML?


Convert the stories to HTML. (1549)


Leave the stories as text. (1055)


I have no preference. (352)


Total Votes: 2956


html, font Times New Roman would be good, easy for eyes. - 12/25/09 3:39:23 AM MST

it will be much more easy to read - 10/25/09 4:40:26 AM MST

html is better. Text is past - 08/27/09 4:20:30 PM MST

While text donument can be easy to print or dowload, reading them online is terrible. With stories dozens or hundreds of pages long, a single text document makes it difficult to read a story in segments. HTML is better. - 07/28/09 7:24:10 PM MST

what would the difference look like? - 07/11/09 8:19:20 PM MST

I often download stories to my hard drive to read later when I have time and for this purpose text files are better. They save much more quickly and rarely have formatting issues (unlike html). - 06/08/09 2:07:04 AM MST

quicker to load if brower is playing up - 05/24/09 10:17:41 AM MST

HTML would make it easier to change the text size for reading on the screen without worrying about the line breaks. - 04/16/09 4:58:19 PM MST

Text format is accessible for blind users of adaptive technology, IE screen readers that speak out the info on a PC. - 03/26/09 6:51:05 AM MST

html needs more time loading - 03/21/09 3:02:41 PM MST

I think if you read a story the format doesn't matter. - 02/13/09 8:08:15 AM MST

HTML more dynamic and easier to read - 01/26/09 5:07:31 PM MST

I've had no problem reading them in their current format. - 01/06/09 9:39:01 PM MST

well, its easier for me to read as text, so i'd like to leave it. - 12/18/08 8:17:07 PM MST

text is so easy - 12/17/08 10:36:13 AM MST

I think html is more comfortable to read and it would be great if the background could be in another,darker colour, such as blue - 12/16/08 5:06:56 PM MST

easier to enlarge for those of us with sight issues - 10/26/08 9:03:06 PM MST

I'd rather time be devoted to putting new stories into categories for easy searching. - 10/24/08 12:56:10 PM MST

please save yourselves the formatting trouble and leave the stories in text. It's easy to save and easy to archive. - 10/22/08 8:25:11 PM MST

yo peeps lnc rules - 10/11/08 8:08:10 PM MST

Uh, Isn't it kinda time for a new poll? - 10/06/08 7:14:52 PM MST

don't make any more extra work for yourself then necessary, as long as the stories are typed up and readable who cares what form there in. - 08/23/08 1:55:25 AM MST

i love it - 08/05/08 10:22:47 AM MST

Leave the stories as text. - 07/29/08 1:50:37 AM MST

"Its a little hard finding what I am looking for," - are you serious? How many ways can you index stories? I think this site has most of them covered! - 07/07/08 6:34:26 PM MST

html is just more attractive and easier on the eyes - 06/29/08 5:07:27 PM MST

no matter HTML or text, a huge thank you to all the authors!!! you´re doing a great job! - 06/18/08 1:06:25 PM MST

html is too much hard work concidering the size of the archive. Dont fiddle with what works. - 04/12/08 7:55:31 AM MST

Its a little hard finding what I am looking for, But I LOVE These stories! - 04/06/08 1:02:13 AM MST

But mantain the two formats txt AND html - 04/01/08 0:54:29 AM MST

The reason we're 'the only website left not to offer HTML' is because every time we've asked previously the answer has been 'leave it as text'. ;) - 03/24/08 12:33:56 PM MST

c mon, use text >.< - 03/22/08 6:14:40 AM MST

In HTML, without line breaks, it would be possible to enlarge the text on the screen without worrying about the lines not wrapping. - 03/01/08 5:04:39 AM MST

everybody should just zoom in on the text that makes it easier to read - 02/12/08 9:31:18 AM MST

I'm content enough with text that I'd hate to ask you to do the extra work to convert to HTML - 01/08/08 5:22:30 PM MST

HTML would make it easier to change the size of the text in the stories, so I wouldn't strain my eyes so much. - 01/03/08 9:05:06 PM MST

HTML. PLEASE!!! (1) I loathe Courier and find it very hard to read. (2) I prefer to see italics, bold etc than wonder what the author means by * and ~ around words/phrases (3) you must be about the only archive now that doesn't offer HTML format (4) can't you offer a click-button 'view as plain text' option? - 12/30/07 11:44:32 AM MST

Hi, i voted a lon time ago on this poll, but wanted to tell you how much i like the formatter. about the poll, i have no preference, do whatever is best for the storage and workings of the website. it doesn't matter since you have that wonderful formatter. i use it all the time for the Lois and Clark stories and for other fan fiction stories. i find putting them into a Word document and changing the font, and its size, makes, and using the "read" format (it puts the story into two columns like a book and you can turn the pages rather than scrolling down to read). i find this much easier for reading. just wanted to say thanks so much for the hard work you do on this site. Peggy - 12/23/07 9:03:24 AM MST

Text files are easier to save to disc and convert to various formats. - 11/09/07 12:04:10 PM MST

HTML is easier on the eyes. - 10/26/07 3:59:28 AM MST

please leave the text. it is easier to read. or copy and paste into email then read somewhere else. also I have the abilty to read on mt treo. if I want html then I visit various boards. - 10/21/07 7:04:24 PM MST

please leave the text. it is easier to read. or copy and paste into email then read somewhere else. also I have the abilty to read on mt treo. if I want html then I visit various boards. - 10/21/07 7:04:23 PM MST

The text is a wee bit hard on the yes as one finds hers;ef merrily scrolling throughgh a long fiction. I think converting to html would be a plasing endeavor for all of us lurkers and readers alike. Thanks! - 10/15/07 6:34:04 PM MST

Would be easier to read the stories - 10/06/07 4:15:27 PM MST

Text stories are more accessible to blind people who use screen readers such as Jaws or Window Eyes. - 09/29/07 10:58:55 PM MST

The text wraps in bizarre ways on my PDA. - 09/09/07 5:59:24 AM MST

In terms of being able to have italics, bold, etc., HTML would be great, but I love the fact that the current text format is incredibly straight-forward and also that the text doesn't go all the way across the window. If they were to be in HTML, my request is that it remain a very minimalist format. - 09/08/07 8:35:31 PM MST

I like it fine the way it is! - 08/27/07 4:07:55 PM MST

I like reading the courier font text is in. It's harder to read times new roman. but I don't like the line breaks - 08/10/07 9:10:51 PM MST

text saves space, stories are the same regardless of the format - 08/06/07 7:32:20 AM MST

I prefer text because it's readable by anything, it takes the least space, and if I really want it to be HTML I can convert it myself, the way I like it. - 07/21/07 6:32:46 PM MST

html formatting is (a) changeable, and (b) inconsistent - text is easier for everyone - no portability issues! - 07/10/07 10:06:21 PM MST

I don't like Courier as a font either; HTML would allow authors to choose their favorite fonts. HTML would also allow for great use of italicizing, underlining, and bolding. I think such developments would make the stories easier to read. I do agree, however, that allowing both options (text and HTML) would be nice, although it would mean more work for the archivers (who are already busy enough, I'm sure)... - 06/18/07 9:41:30 AM MST

Please, please leave them as text - 06/18/07 4:06:36 AM MST

As an author, it would be easier not having to convert stories to text and removing all formatting. - 06/04/07 8:45:55 PM MST

It looks better - 05/31/07 5:15:08 PM MST

Plain text is better than bad HTML - 05/23/07 11:13:48 PM MST

Text lets me view them quietly at work :-) PLEASE leave them as text! - 05/10/07 9:30:33 PM MST

Have an option for both. People who are deaf like me wold like it to stay in it's currant - 05/03/07 6:43:56 PM MST

Have an option for both. People who are deaf like me wold like it to stay in it's currant - 05/03/07 6:43:05 PM MST

I access these fanfics on mobile phone i can only read fanfics that are 100kb and below but as long as i can read them im happy. - 04/28/07 11:38:04 PM MST

text files are a lot less troubling on unconventional reading setups than html files. HTML Files need browsers to be readable, text files are readable with many more programs. - 04/28/07 11:52:59 AM MST

They are just as easy to read in either format, and if I want to download them onto my Palm, I can save them in either format. - 03/10/07 7:36:28 PM MST

I don't like Courier as a font, so I typically paste stories into a word processor where I can have a more readable font. - 02/23/07 6:46:36 PM MST

There easier to read as HTML. - 02/13/07 12:36:11 PM MST

i love this formatter!!! i use it all the time. Thanks!! - 01/23/07 7:37:14 PM MST

plain text ios far more accesible and easier to read and import into any reading environment - 12/27/06 6:18:14 AM MST

I love this archive! Skylark - 12/09/06 7:16:57 PM MST

i think the layout is OK how it is now, but I don't know how it looks in html format. If it's the format that goes all the way across the page, then I don't want that because it's much harder to read. - 12/02/06 1:33:50 PM MST

I can resize HTML, can't resize text so easily - 11/30/06 10:51:42 AM MST

I read most of them in Word on my handheld. - 11/26/06 1:47:56 PM MST

Every fourth or fifth story I get asked if I want to open or download the file, rather than just being able to read it. Don't think this would happen with HTML - 11/26/06 10:36:32 AM MST

html will allow for author formatting - 11/26/06 0:08:59 AM MST

....I'm computer stupid and don't know the difference... - 11/25/06 7:34:33 PM MST

i read the other comments, and wouldn't like to make the files unsuable for the palm pilot people, i wish i could do that!! i would like to be able to copy and paste the files into a Word document and have the lines "word wrap" when i change the font and size. as it is now, i get lots of lines with one or two words in them and have to go thru the document deleting the "hard return" at the end of the lines. but its just a little irritant that i can live with. i enjoy the stories and the archive and all the hard work that goes into this site and appreciate all of it. i will take what you have to offer in any form it comes in!!! thanks so much for the audio files, i am enjoying them so much!!! - 11/22/06 10:29:07 AM MST

I will read them whatever way they come - I just enjoy them all... - 11/20/06 7:33:21 PM MST

HTML would be a little more space-consiming, but would allow the readers more flexibility in selecting font and font size. Reading the default text font is difficult for me, because I have to stare at a computer all day at work anyway and I like a slightly larger, more rounded font. It's easier on the eyes and lets me focus on the story and not on deciphering the font. - 11/19/06 10:40:45 PM MST

as long as I get to read - thanks!!!! - 11/18/06 4:12:22 PM MST

HTML is better for me to read because it looks a lot cleaner and more dignified. - 11/17/06 9:30:01 AM MST

I imort them into my Palm to read on the go. HTML won't work - 11/16/06 4:28:51 PM MST

A must-buy DVD? Do you plan to buy the Lois & Clark: Complete First Season on DVD? — March 2005

Audio Fics

Do you like audio books? Do you listen to books on tape or CD? What would you think about Lois & Clark fanfic offered as MP3 files?


I'd love it. I listen to audio books all the time. Bring it on. (163) 30%
I don't know, but I'm willing to lend my ear for a listen. (164) 30%
No, I don't like audio books. I'll just stick to reading the regular way. (222) 40%

Total Votes: 549


I love audio books. I appreciate these too. - 02/18/07 1:07:25 AM MST

I Listen to audio books when I'm working, driving and exercising. I still read my fair share books, but I've found listening to the same stories is just as rewarding. I recommend the audio book 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen to start. It is a great listen! - 11/12/06 4:51:24 PM MST

I think they're ok, but they take forever to load up on my computer, and the stories that I can just read are much quicker. - 11/04/06 3:10:25 PM MST

Paul - 11/03/06 2:15:54 AM MST

i like it. - 10/31/06 0:09:28 AM MST

i've only listened to Harry Potter on audio but still read the books i'd love to have some LnC on audio - 10/30/06 10:14:03 AM MST

I was surprised how nice it was. I load one of the stories and turned the volume on the computer up and then went about folding my laundry and other assundry housework that I hate doing and don't have time for. The story made the time fly. Thank you for that. - 10/27/06 6:49:27 PM MST

Great for blind folks too! - 10/19/06 11:22:10 AM MST

I enjoy reading the regular way, but on my way to and from work I really enjoy listening to books on tape/cd - 10/19/06 8:36:51 AM MST

The reader voice is important . Something not annoying please. ;-) - 10/17/06 8:06:28 PM MST

The reader must be able to characterize and enthrall the listerner or it just won't work. Yes, anyone can read but I hope with a little care we can have a stable of fine readersthat will give these well written stories their full beauty and resonance. - 10/16/06 5:28:19 PM MST

It's a pretty convenient idea for me, because I have a long coach journey every morning and night but nothing to do on it. This gives me a chance to catch up on my fanfiction without getting travel sick and using up huge amounts of ink and paper. =D Great idea! ~'Jackit - 10/15/06 11:34:53 PM MST

For a christmas present one year I got a audio book and it was okay but I like books that I can read myself better - 10/14/06 11:52:48 AM MST

Will allow sight impaired individual to hear L & C tales. - 10/10/06 4:42:31 AM MST

I got hooked on audio books after listening to Jim Dale's reading of the "Harry Potter" books. Jim Dale rocks! - 10/08/06 3:36:15 PM MST

I had to listen to an audio book when I was back in high school. Maybe they've gotten better over the years, but I hated it. Old-time radio kind of reading, sure! One monotone voice reading, no thank you. - 10/03/06 3:03:56 PM MST

Audio books are not for me, but to each his own. I think it's a terrific idea to offer fanfic in this format! But I'll stick to reading the old fashioned way, simply because I enjoy it more! - 09/30/06 9:45:38 PM MST

I like the idea of being able to "read" while cooking, cleaning, driving, whatever. Audio books help me multitask and get through my day more enjoyably. - 09/29/06 9:33:07 PM MST

like it - 09/29/06 6:36:32 PM MST

I feel like I can read faster than the person reading to me. I find it really frusrating, actually. - 09/28/06 7:14:01 AM MST

I've actually never listened to an audio book of sorts until Paul's experiment, but I loved it! For someone who's forced to spend a lot of time on the computer, it's a great break for my eyes.:) - 09/27/06 11:37:56 PM MST

i drive truck over-the-road and listen to an enormous number of audio books. i have always wanted these stories on audio, i don't have time to read them as much as i would like. my preference is the longer stories and i lean towards the waffy and mystery, but don't like whams and death and really sad stuff. my favorite authors are ML Thompson and Nan Smith. i would love Nan Smith's Terran Underground series on tape!!! i haven't listened to Paul's story yet, i am saving it for my trip from Wisc to Ncarolina tomorrow. thanks so much for doing this!!!!! i have a Scandisk e MP#3 player that i have transfered his file to. i download books from the library, Audible.com, and get CDs and Cassette books from the library. - 09/25/06 7:11:23 PM MST

great idea for foreign people like me! - 09/25/06 2:59:09 AM MST

I don't care if you offer stories as audio as long as you offer them in print, also. I HAVE to read. - 09/24/06 8:54:40 PM MST

I'd be willing to give it a try. - 09/24/06 6:58:45 PM MST

Great job, Paul. i love how the authors are always keeping our fandom alive - 09/24/06 4:06:51 PM MST

I'm partially deaf - I can't use audio books. - 09/24/06 5:47:55 AM MST

I'm willing to be a reader! I actually want to be an audio book narrator someday.--DSDragon - 09/23/06 10:17:01 PM MST

I'd love it! I love listening to audio books, so to have some of my favorite L&C fanfic as audio files would be fantastic! - 09/23/06 11:56:09 AM MST

Good idea. Yes yes. - 09/23/06 9:16:52 AM MST

It would be nice to have audio FFs instead of reading all the time - especially if you're addicted to L&C-FFs. I guess there's many readers who would enjoy listening to the stories. And if someone doesn't like it - he can keep on reading, noone is forced to listen! - 09/22/06 2:54:44 PM MST

I'd rather see HTML instead of text for the story files, with table of contents for the longer ones so we can find different chapters. I know, lots more work! - 09/22/06 2:25:00 PM MST

That would rock.I'm a diabetic and can't see that well anymore. Listening to fic's that i can no longer see would be excellent. - 09/21/06 7:42:14 PM MST

mabe u should get voices to act the parts pf lois and clark and all the people in the stories - 09/21/06 6:29:48 PM MST

It would depend on who reads them. It would be fun to have fanfic to listen on on the bus or train, as I get carsick if I try to read on a moving vehicle. - 09/21/06 4:37:19 AM MST

Bleh, if I wanted to listen to a story being told I'd pull out my old Teddy Ruxbin doll. - 09/20/06 11:36:47 PM MST

Yes, it would be great. In fact, I as an actor have several stories to my girlfrined over the phone (no PC) and she just loved them. Great idea... - 09/20/06 4:54:59 PM MST

i was just thinking about how convinent that would be to have!!! wierd. - 09/20/06 10:26:53 AM MST

Audio Fanfics would be a great for improving my English... - 09/20/06 2:18:49 AM MST

i think that by doing this it will help people who are learning english - 09/19/06 6:12:24 PM MST

'Superman Returns'

Have you seen "Superman Returns"? If so, what did you think?


I loved it. (789) 34%
I liked it. (350) 15%
It was OK, I guess. (187) 8%
I disliked it. (73) 3%
I hated it. (69) 3%
It made me want to read fanfic. (673) 29%
It made me want to write fanfic. (164) 7%

Total Votes: 2305


I think superman returns is cool, and L&C to so i have to say both of them is cool! 07/20/08 6:08:31 AM MST

I found the premise horrid. I prefer L&C. 02/18/07 1:07:59 AM MST

Saw it . Liked parts of it .Fanfic writers are better than anyone in Hollywood. And should be payed for it somehow. I pray that the SR returns sequil is not rumoured to be like the wrath of khan.Whomever that is. I treasure the simple majic of the lois and clark series.Always.Bene' grazia ciao! maria 09/18/06 8:54:56 PM MST

it did not make me want to read fanfic as i already had 09/18/06 7:39:58 PM MST

Brandon Routh is much hotter in clark gear that,that,that,uhhh,uuhh,rubbered brown puked on S missing from the cape suit. Hello .!!!!!!!!!!! When i watch Dean Cain in the show that suit was beautiful. He was by far the sexiest clark. We got to know the character. All sides of him. I can't wait for the movie to come out. I hope it is LOADED with extras. 09/17/06 8:24:38 PM MST

In the scene where lois drops her bag ane clark's glasses fall off he look's so frustrated that he can't tell her. The sequil should have her remembering things through a fog and finally confronting him. Will they bring back Zod. Endless possibilities. Lois shouldn't smoke in 2006.C'mon. My biggest rant about the movie lois is shacked up out or wedlock with a yuppie jerk.I liked the apartment.It was a nice place.I think it would be cool to see Jason test his powers with a sling shot. That would be cool. I cant wait for the next one . Buh Bye. 09/17/06 8:17:52 PM MST

I liked Superman Returns I didn't love it and here is why. Too long,the explanation was never made public on why he left. They shot the movie in Sydney,Austrailia. I have nothing against that country or it's people. Superman the movie was shot in New York City. Metropolis. Some rerference should have been made to September 11th. Some thing real. Clark Kent had no direction at all, Kate Bosworth was just put in the movie for eye candy. She needs to study Noel Neil,Phyllis Coates and Margot Kidder for Lois Lane 101. I would like to see Lex Luthor even more evil. Bring Zod back. Superman in the end of the movie found out he was a dad. That should have been the ending and a huge kiss. I Liked the plane crash disaster scene most. Bring back Dean and Teri please....if there is a God. A television God. 09/17/06 8:04:07 PM MST

To all the lcficsters out there watch Through a glass darkly and Big girls don't fly. So good. I loved Superman Returns i just wanted a different ending. Every one wanted to see a kiss. A big one. I also want the sequil to have a relationship clark/lois and move on with it. Richard is a dead end character. Period. I wish Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain and the remaining cast could reunite and put a close to the series. Superman forever. 09/17/06 7:44:54 PM MST

The new superman is not handsome not like Dean Cainis not exciting i hate it,. 09/15/06 4:20:54 AM MST

Why the special effects is not exciting i hate it,. 09/15/06 4:18:37 AM MST

Love anything to do with Superman!! 09/14/06 9:01:29 PM MST

the romance part is not as good as L&C 09/10/06 8:21:40 AM MST

Brandon Routh looked very hot and that was the only thing that got me trough the movie without screaming in frustration. My fring would not stop stop wispering to me about the dog who ate a human, afterwards I explained to her that the dog ate another dog, not a human being. 09/06/06 5:15:11 AM MST

It was the most beautifully shot Superhero movie I have ever seen, and Brandon Routh is *hot* - but only as Superman. I liked the new costume. I also liked the plot...the first time I saw it, I was genuinely scared and worried. It made me feel how lonely Superman must be. Lois & Clark was fun but ultimately unbelievable. I don't think Superman did anything morally wrong in this picture - he did the best with what he had for the people he loved the most, and the rest of humanity. I saw this movie five times in the theater and each time walked out wanting more. I will have the DVD the day it comes out. I'm also desperately awaiting the sequel (I hope it gets made!) 09/04/06 10:23:32 AM MST

It made me rent Lois & Clark on Netflix. Oh God, I forgot how addicted to this show I was- and still am!!! Now the trick is to not go out and buy all of the seasons on DVD tomorrow... 09/03/06 0:52:26 AM MST

supi 4ever! 08/29/06 4:24:56 AM MST

I hope the sequil to S.R.2 will involve a lois remembering bits and peices. Remember she lightly kissed him in the hospital. Hmmm. Quick somebody do a fanfic. I loved the movie.I really didn't mind the costume but mortification at the crimson/brown coloring.Ewwww. My six year old could dye Easter Eggs better than that. 08/28/06 7:54:37 PM MST

Lois in SR kicks butt, the Clark & Superman, rather lame 08/26/06 1:18:45 AM MST

I would rather die than have anyone force me to suffer through that movie ever again. what a joke, and what a fricken waste of my short on supply money. The costume was wrong, the symbol was wrong, the plot was predictable and not even any good, and kate bosworth is the worst lois lane ever. My god, she was completely wrong for that part. I was so excited that there was going to be another Superman movie, and that was the biggest disappointment ever. A hint that it sucked should have been when a friend of mine who has never shown any interest in any Superman film or show of any kind came back from the theatre gushing to me about how good it was. how in the hell could she have known? That movie made me want to read a fanfic so I could get the awful taste of it out of my mouth, and write one so that I could redo the damn thing properly. 08/24/06 0:38:17 AM MST

He deflected a fricking bullet with his eyeball how cool is that???? 08/23/06 2:44:15 PM MST

good movie 08/21/06 10:38:57 PM MST

For all of the fans who only know lois and clark from the show please go rent Superman 2 with the super villans in it. Then you will understand superman returns. Its really sad that movies today have no tact. Its all sex,baised,blinged-out too perfect plastic surgery altered cutouts. All action no substance. I loved it. 08/21/06 8:31:26 PM MST

The ending of the movie is terrible, though the opener was cool with John Williams' Superman theme and the blue credits...Lois and Superman looked too young, and the kid was too smart (trespassing?) and looked too old. Lex had some funny lines, though his bit at the beginning was creepy. Two of the dog scenes were terrible; Bryan Singer must secretly hate canines. The bullet in the eye scene, complete with smirk, was cool. Jimmy is either funny or annoying; I can't decide which...Clark was hardly in the movie; it was always Superman this, and Superman that, which was really disappointing. Superman doesn't really seem morally upright; he's a stalker who abandons people who count on him to search for a dead planet. Lois Lane wasn't really feisty at all, which was definitely disappointing. Perry was too calm--he should be shouting orders, it's better that way...As for Richard, I think he should have either died, turned out to be evil, or said to Lois "If you love him, go with him." The kid was a bit of a disappointment; I kept expecting him to try to help save Superman rather than just sit by like a lump on a log. The girl with Lex should have tried to save Superman; it was disappointing when she didn't. The suit was too magenta-y, the texture of the S shield was bizarre, and the red bottoms weren't very attractive either. In short, it's a good movie for the casual movie-goer, but for diehard L&C fans it probably won't be completely enjoyed. Though I could be wrong. 08/17/06 6:43:26 PM MST

Fantastic! 08/17/06 2:54:42 PM MST

It was absolutely *amazing*. Although Terri Hatcher is my favorite Lois, Reeve is and always will be my favorite Superman. The guy they got to play him in this movie looked and sounded so like Reeve, it was eerie. 08/16/06 0:53:45 AM MST

The guy who played superman kept getting hotter as the movie went on. 08/15/06 9:45:10 PM MST

I'm a LnC fine i like that Lois eventually falls for Clark it's the way it should be 08/13/06 10:31:48 AM MST

So Clark slept with Lois and just left here without a word? And then he discovers he has a son and still says nothing? Boo! 08/10/06 6:35:46 PM MST

i hated it so much i almost cried bc i wasted my money.... 08/03/06 11:42:32 PM MST

It was an okay movie, but I grew up madly in love with Lois and Clark, so watching the new movie just kind of made me long for new L&C eps. 08/03/06 9:11:41 PM MST

Was disappointed. Storyline was predictable, even though special effects were impressive. 08/03/06 12:44:49 PM MST

well i like the special effects and the actor is so handsome 08/02/06 8:56:46 AM MST

I saw it at the London IMAX and it was even more amazing on the big screen and having some scenes in 3D! 07/31/06 11:43:44 AM MST

Although I didn't really liked Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane I still loved the film. 07/30/06 1:06:16 PM MST

superman is the greatest icon of american culture. i hope people (**stupid philosophers come into mind**) don't go making him out to be an evil icon that takes the place of god. the movie was great though some parts did drag out to long. the new superman did excellent, he was almost like christophers big brother. superman is the greatest!!! 07/30/06 11:17:33 AM MST

there was that one part when superman is falling through the sky and he looks like jesus on the cross and i was a little skeptical at that. i still liked the movie though expect lois lane, she did a krappy job, but the guy who played luthor i thought did a great performence even though everyone else thinks otherwise. i mean no offense to hoffman but he was to happy go lucky for a bad guy. the new luthor put more darkness into the character but still had the witty edge. also the new guy who plays superman was a great substitute for christopher reeves. i mean christopher was great but the new guy was just as good. 07/30/06 11:13:15 AM MST

i wrote about when luthor is beating up superman from his veiw 07/30/06 11:07:34 AM MST

perhaps I should see it then? 07/30/06 1:30:06 AM MST

I love SR fan fiction (after the movie) 07/28/06 7:22:03 AM MST

How could anyone love it 07/24/06 12:34:16 PM MST

It put Superman in being a morally wrong position. A position, albeit, unintentional but having no resolution in him as a character. Maybe "IF" there is a second movie, they can wrap his character up neater. This movie left me unmoved and flat from a character driven script perspective. 07/24/06 9:50:21 AM MST

The movie was ok and the special effects and everything was really cool, but I think it lacked the closeness, strength, feelings and the friendship that make Lois and Clark who and what they are. I still feel that they didn't really know the plot of these two famous and special people and in turn just messed up the Clark Kent/Superman/Lois Lane story, cause Clark would never leave Lois without telling her where he is going and what he is doing, cause he always wanted to belong and fit in since he found out that he was different and here she is and she accepts him (all of him) and makes him feel complete and like he belongs. She is also so very important to him, his best friend as both Clark Kent and Superman and most of all the love of his life and I can't believe that he would leave her all alone to go chasing after some long dead planet that blew up a long time ago and I don't think that he would leave the people of Earth hanging, twisting in the wind, wonding and worrying about their hero either. The cast was ok, but would have being SUPER with Teri and Dean and I still believe that Dean Cain should have been Clark Kent/Superman again and Teri Hatcher should still have been Lois Lane, cause there is noone better to bring Lois and Clark to life then those two and I think that it was an injustice to have not consided them in the first place, cause they are the HOTTEST TEAM around, just ask Perry at the Daily Planet and he'll tell you and if that doesn't help you get it then take a look at the posters and you'll see what I mean. :) !! 07/24/06 4:59:29 AM MST

I enjoyed the second and third viewing much more than the first. 07/23/06 8:24:43 PM MST

Clark would never have had sex with Lois and then left without telling her that he was Superman. Clark was raised better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 07/22/06 8:37:53 PM MST

i love superman 07/22/06 7:21:20 PM MST

Dean Cain is Superman. Was tough to accept another actor playing him 07/19/06 6:34:40 PM MST

First of all, Superman had practically no personality. Second, his excuse for leaving for five years was flimsy...he left a planet, and a woman, who needed him to look for a rock in space? please! Also, what, he and Lois slept together, and had a child, and she still didn't know who he was? Gimme a break! Not to mention Kevin Spacey was the worst Lex Luthor I've ever seen. The guy who played Superman was very cute, and Lex's plot was somewhat interesting...but it was basically a huge disappointment 07/17/06 4:31:30 PM MST

Lois and Clark has completely spoiled the Superman mythos for me. I can no longer watch anything where Clark is treated like a nonexistent bufoon. 07/16/06 6:49:08 PM MST

Treatment of Clark worse than ever. Who would want to buy Luthor's real estate when it was just so ugly? Supposed to take place after Superman 2, so Supes sucked Lois' memory out but didn't check to see if he left anything else behind? Lois ignoring CK, ticked off at Supes, Supes a deadbeat dad for at least 5 years...what was DC thinking when they gave the goahead on this franchise? 07/16/06 4:06:49 PM MST

If a small fist sized piece of kryptonite could keep him a pool, how in heavens name did he shoulder an entire island? he could have covered himself in lead dust first or used his super interlect to solve the problem. Loved Lex! 07/15/06 10:47:09 PM MST

How many words does Clark/Superman speak in the movie? And what about the "good man"? 07/14/06 9:19:24 PM MST

I didn't like it when they said that Superman's secret identity was Clark Kent it should be Superman. I hope they do a sequel, the best movie I have ever seen in a very long time. Brandon Routh did a excellent job of portraying Superman and Clark Kent, Kevin Spacey played an excellent Lex Luthor and Kate Bosworth played Lois Lane very well. It was good to see Noel Neill and Jack Larson from the original series The Adventures of Superman making cameo appearance's. All round great casting. 07/14/06 1:03:16 PM MST

i fell in love with superman again and i bought dvd of dean cain...reminded me how beautifeul lois n clark the series...the lois lane in superman return is not that agreesive..but she's pretty though 07/13/06 10:05:23 PM MST

I'm used to seeing romance. This had hardly any. However, it was great to see a lot of action. Also, I thought it was too much Superman and not enough Clark. Clark was only in a few scenes while Superman dominated the whole movie. I didn't like it when they said that Superman's secret identity was Clark Kent. It should be the other way around. 07/12/06 8:05:09 PM MST

Loved it! The sequils will be more luthor.super villians and lois' revelation. That will be worth 10.50 movie ticket price. "Returns" was bittersweet. One thing stumped me , the Addis Abbaba Meteor wasn't that done in Superman 78. Saw movie five times with my boys.mgmg. 07/12/06 7:15:51 PM MST

I LOVED it to pieces, want to see it again and again and again!!! 07/12/06 2:38:53 PM MST

Brandon Routh looks like a cartoon cut-out. There are scenes that he looks sooo fake.. 07/12/06 4:38:07 AM MST

didn't care for the casting of this Lois Lane though - just didn't have the fire that Lois is supposed to have the fire and vunerability and there wasn't much firey tension between her and Clark/Superman even with their obvious personal "twist" to the story. Great casting with Brandon Routh as Clark/Superman though. He's a great actor for the part with a super look! :) 07/11/06 3:59:13 PM MST

cool..!!! 07/10/06 4:54:39 AM MST

Have seen it three times already and want to go back for more. I also hope they do a sequel as there are some issues that need to be resolved. 07/08/06 9:48:39 PM MST

The movie was beautifully done, Brandon Routh IS Superman. 07/08/06 8:23:10 AM MST

I wanted Superman in Superman returns to have MORE romance!!! 07/07/06 8:30:47 PM MST

Lois is supposed to be a little bit more bumbling, and come on, just one almost kissing scene? I've been waiting for a scene like that for 21 years here! Other than that it was AWESOME! 07/06/06 10:10:57 AM MST

I thought it was pretty good but not wuite enough action, it needs more fight scenes besides that I thought it was alright. Anybody think they'll make a sequel to this? 07/05/06 6:28:29 PM MST

hands down, the best movie I have ever seen - PERIOD! :) 07/05/06 2:27:58 PM MST

It was the best movie ever!!! 07/05/06 3:22:43 AM MST

it made me want the ending to continue 07/04/06 7:08:36 PM MST

The story line was lacking, the acting was not the greatest 07/04/06 1:51:16 PM MST

The Lois in this new movie was certainly not as fiesty as I would have imagined... 07/04/06 1:50:28 PM MST

After having an entire series that was mostly dedicated to Clark, it was great to see a little more Superman for a change. Kevin Spacey played an excellent villain for me, and Kate Bosworth surprised me (in a good way). I'm looking forward to any sequels, and I love having more Superman in the media. 07/03/06 11:58:13 PM MST

Can't wait for the next one.... 07/03/06 10:04:00 PM MST

The movie had hardly a plot, not enough character development, and made the characters unlikeable. 07/03/06 9:13:58 PM MST

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Anywhere 07/27/08 10:10:53 PM MST

Elsewhere. (at work) 10/25/07 2:48:53 PM MST

On the Swing set..in the rain too :) 09/09/07 10:28:23 AM MST

My huge fatboy 02/22/07 3:50:07 AM MST

camp chair... no other place, sadly! 07/02/06 5:52:41 PM MST

Computer 07/02/06 1:21:31 PM MST

my secret lair 06/28/06 7:58:32 PM MST

computer 06/26/06 9:30:41 AM MST

Computer 06/21/06 8:25:30 AM MST

everywhere 06/20/06 7:01:40 PM MST

In office 06/04/06 2:28:28 PM MST

Under the kitchen counter next to the radiator 06/04/06 11:21:25 AM MST

Wherever the book or fic is. (g) 06/02/06 12:39:43 PM MST

In the bath 06/01/06 5:20:43 PM MST

my computer 05/30/06 10:42:33 PM MST

Computer 05/27/06 9:29:01 PM MST

bath tub 05/26/06 1:32:16 PM MST

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I want to be surprised! If I knew the ending ahead of time, what would be the point? (295) 68%

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I want to be surprized, but I still peek. Just one or two sentences, I can't help myself! - 02/22/07 3:49:38 AM MST

death/luthor /unhappy endings, I dont read - 05/14/06 6:34:02 PM MST

I hate spoliers or any sort of warning, eg. whams. - 04/27/06 8:26:31 PM MST

I get very invested in L&C stories, and sad endings make me upset. - 04/18/06 8:00:25 PM MST

LnC DVDs are sooo great! - 04/17/06 3:41:13 AM MST

i only peek like 2 out of 10 times but if the story is really long a wait till the end to know what happens:) - 04/16/06 3:42:45 PM MST

Peeking is cheating - 04/16/06 2:32:49 AM MST

I usually read from beginning to end, but I have peeked on occasion. I don't agree that knowing the ending beforehand makes reading pointless. The journey can still be savored. - 04/14/06 8:14:18 AM MST

I usually read from beginning to end, but I have peeked on occasion. I don - 04/14/06 8:13:37 AM MST

I don't want to know what actually happens in terms of plot, but it's nice to know if there's a happy or sad ending sometimes. - 04/13/06 11:26:52 PM MST

I want happy endings only! - 04/12/06 4:25:12 PM MST

I HAVE to know if it will be a happy ending or not! - 04/11/06 6:44:24 AM MST

Sure I peek! I don't want to feel devastated when I'm going to bed, do I? - 04/10/06 3:36:31 AM MST

only if the stories beginning is not catching enough - 04/08/06 9:38:25 PM MST

i like to be surprised, but if i don't like the way the story is starting out i may read the end to see if its worth reading!! - 04/08/06 6:08:50 PM MST

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Can't Wait Dude - 04/07/06 7:00:28 AM MST

I am so not ready!!! - 03/11/06 2:58:33 AM MST

way to go! - 03/05/06 2:36:02 PM MST

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Offer to beta-read for authors needing help? (14) 7%
Something else (22) 12%

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Where's *my* kryptonite. Darn. Left out again. - 06/30/06 7:18:27 PM MST

this site is TOTALLY AWESOME... needless to say that i'm very happy that there are a lot of people who writes their fanfic.. i'm soooo thrill.. i spent hours each day to read at least 15 stories per day if i had time.. way to go guys.. keep kickin.. God Bless!!! - 03/04/06 2:29:39 AM MST

something else - get back on irc - I miss my chat - 01/07/06 2:10:56 PM MST

something else - read all fanfic available - 01/03/06 2:40:09 PM MST

Keep reading all the new stories! - 01/02/06 10:35:20 AM MST

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I like stories based on Season 1 the best. (111) 17%
I prefer stories set during Season 2. (235) 36%
Stories taking place during Season 3 are my favorites. (98) 15%
Stories based on Season 4 get my vote. (90) 14%
I don't have a preference. (124) 19%

Total Votes: 658


lois & clark is my favourite telefilm...i would it continues - 12/10/05 3:17:43 PM MST

i love season 4! - 11/24/05 6:48:00 AM MST

season 3 is totally the best. - 11/23/05 7:24:11 PM MST

it truly was a toss up for me between season 1 & 2. But overall there are more opportunities for stories to go when we first start relationships. The boundaries don't exist. We tend to limit ourselves as we develop our relationships and struggle against our own fears and everyone's expectations. As the French say, - 11/13/05 5:42:20 PM MST

loved the whole show so can't pick - 11/13/05 0:36:33 AM MST

Anything with a Revelation in it works for me. - 11/12/05 10:50:10 AM MST

I prefer the first because I haven't seen 3 and 4 and I prefer the first season - 11/09/05 5:02:03 AM MST

i love season 4 when our favorite couple are married - 11/06/05 5:33:42 PM MST

I like the rewrites of the eposides when Lois and Clark get together - 11/06/05 12:52:41 PM MST

They are all great... - 11/05/05 6:35:37 PM MST

I like revelation stories. Sick of TOGOM, hate the clones. - 11/03/05 8:37:34 PM MST

I love the drammatic ones - 11/03/05 11:51:40 AM MST

There is something about S2 that just continues to intrigue me, long after the show has ended. I love watching L&C grow closer, walking that fine line between best friends and more than best friends. I love watching Lois realize - albeit slowly! - that Clark is the only one for her... not Superman, not anyone else... just Clark. It's sometimes a frustrating journey for those of us watching, but it's a journey that I love seeing her take again and again. - 10/25/05 9:32:55 PM MST

actually, seasons 3 and 4 are pretty equal, anything post superman-lois-clark-love-triangle-angst makes me happy - 10/23/05 10:47:22 PM MST

Th epoll can't include EVERY possible option. That's what the comments are for - so you can register that you enjoyed S1 *&* S2 - or any other combination the poll doesn't cover! - 10/23/05 4:31:24 AM MST

I love them all! - 10/22/05 12:31:51 PM MST

Stories involving their young children, or future children are the best! - 10/20/05 7:50:16 PM MST

I like the stories more than I like the shows now. - 10/19/05 8:01:41 PM MST

I think seasons 2-4 should get the most springboard for the fanfics, but I'm a huge of L&C, so it really dosen't matter, cause all the season's were the best. :) !! - 10/19/05 3:33:11 AM MST

I started watching the show in the middle of season 2, which is what got me hooked in the first place. - 10/18/05 4:43:55 PM MST

I like S1 AND S2 - but I can't say so in this poll. - 10/16/05 7:14:28 PM MST

to me, it doesn't matter what season, as long as it is a story where Lois and Clark either get together or are already in love. - 10/16/05 11:03:02 AM MST

And my vote brings Season 1 to... 100% - har! - 10/15/05 3:40:06 AM MST

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Actually,I wanne thnk all you people who are making this wonderful site! - 08/22/05 4:47:07 AM MST

Your items are categorized by theme,title.author,etc. I would love to see a best crossover/hero team up section. mara wayne.smile - 08/19/05 8:10:49 PM MST

Well, if people would submit polls... - 08/17/05 10:40:19 AM MST

But stay current! I've had the LNC DVD S1 collection since the day it hit the stores! - 08/16/05 1:26:55 AM MST

Whenever someone thinks to send in a poll? - 08/10/05 6:49:09 AM MST

Cool!!! - 08/09/05 5:58:16 PM MST

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It's pretty good. I click on it occasionally and now and then I find a story I really like. (83) 25%
Not bad - I might use it now and then when there's nothing new to read. (44) 13%
It's okay, I guess - I played with it for a while but then got bored. (16) 5%
There's a random story generator??? (68) 20%

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Great idea!!! - 10/13/05 3:04:56 PM MST

maybe because some of us like to re-read and it's fun to get stories we might never have remembered? - 10/08/05 10:02:43 PM MST

Why is there no "I don't need the Random Story Generator because I've already read all the archive stories I was interested in" option? - 10/04/05 11:40:07 PM MST

Anyway, that´s great! - 09/21/05 10:14:36 AM MST

Er...yes...LOL. Alphabetically seems rather to defeat the entire purpose! - 09/19/05 2:59:01 AM MST

If it;s done alphabetically, then it wouldn't be random, would it? If I wanted to go through the archive alphabetically, I'd start with A and work my way through. This is MUCH better. - 09/18/05 10:29:58 AM MST

If You Can, Try Doing It It Alphabetically.-PhilM - 09/17/05 2:56:52 AM MST

I always get the drabbles not the long stories. I usually have to go through 10-20 stories before I get one with any length to it. - 09/11/05 12:40:01 PM MST

heh...it was my idea! ;-) - 08/31/05 5:22:54 PM MST

I think the random story finder is great! Skylark - 08/30/05 8:58:33 PM MST

Its Great! I Click on it all the time, and i always find a great story!:) - 08/30/05 7:27:50 AM MST

if you could care less, that means you do care about it, right?? The expression is couldN'T care less! - 08/28/05 1:59:48 PM MST

It's great! - 08/27/05 5:14:52 PM MST

Great new addition - 08/27/05 10:33:41 AM MST

Why is there no "I know about it, but could care less" option? - 08/27/05 8:38:54 AM MST

It's keeping my interest, and I'm being exposed to authors I hadn't read yet. - 08/26/05 6:40:27 PM MST

cool - 08/25/05 5:47:43 PM MST

i was going to send you an email about it. i really like it! i have my favorite authors, but this is a good way to find new and interesting stories. Great idea! keep up the good work. i use this page as my homepage. i love this site. i don't get involved as much with the message boards, i don't have time, i would rather get the stories as a finished product, i hate waiting for the next installment. But i love that you have them and that they inspire the authors to write!!!! Please thank all the authors and other contributers to the site! thanks everyone for many enjoyable hours of reading pleasure. now if you guys would start a book-on-tape program........ thanks so much, Peggy - 08/25/05 1:51:37 PM MST

What a neat idea! I find myself rereading old favorite and coming across new stories that I might not have read if not for the generator. It's quick, it's easy, and always a suprise! :) - 08/24/05 6:28:35 PM MST

help, i'm addicted to it! - 08/24/05 12:05:04 PM MST

I get the same stories all the time! ;( - 08/24/05 11:32:14 AM MST

A must-buy DVD?

Do you plan to buy the Lois & Clark: Complete First Season on DVD?


Yes! Yes! Yes! (1460) 92%
No, I'll just keep watching my tapes. (61) 4%
No, I'm no longer interested in watching the show. (66) 4%

Total Votes: 1587


Why buy them when they are still on tv? 07/30/05 4:17:06 PM MST

i love the relationship between dean cain and teri hatcher in tv lois and clark they made a cute television couple 07/27/05 12:56:08 PM MST

Isn't it about time to change polls, since the DVDs have been out about a month, now. 07/25/05 6:19:38 PM MST

Lois & Clark rule! 07/25/05 5:07:50 PM MST

I just need to figure out how i'm going to pay for it! 07/24/05 4:17:23 PM MST

I love this show and always will. I can't wait till the next season comes out... I definetly gonna buy it! 07/22/05 9:05:31 AM MST

the first season was the best one, by far 07/21/05 10:32:54 AM MST

i can't wait! 07/15/05 8:24:07 AM MST

YES! 07/11/05 5:02:22 AM MST

I'm already hoping the second season will be out soon! 07/10/05 8:52:04 AM MST

already bought it 07/07/05 9:28:27 PM MST

Got it for my husband's birthday. He was very surprised. Also, he is a big superman fan! 07/06/05 8:14:32 PM MST

Bought it the first day it came out and waiting for the rest! 07/05/05 10:05:19 PM MST

When i get money, yes 07/01/05 7:51:37 AM MST

bought it and can't wait for season two! 06/30/05 7:53:46 PM MST

i want all the seasons now!!!!! 06/29/05 7:51:11 PM MST

i absolutly love this show 06/29/05 7:50:00 PM MST

Already bought it, Bring on Season 2! 06/24/05 6:09:37 PM MST

i'm surprised there are 46 ppl looking at this site who are no longer interested in watching l&c. 06/22/05 6:51:58 PM MST

Got it. Just have to find uninterrupted time to watch it. 06/22/05 1:59:23 PM MST

already bout it/ waiting for season2 06/21/05 6:48:07 PM MST

When are the other season going to be available? 06/21/05 11:42:27 AM MST

Lois and Clark are awesome!! 06/19/05 2:03:18 PM MST

Got mine!! Loved the commentary with Dean Cain and Deborah Joy Levine. Wish there were more episodes than just the pilot with commentary. I hope they get Season 2 out quick! 06/15/05 6:21:14 PM MST

when does it come out 06/12/05 7:43:21 PM MST

i have a serious/grave illness . God and this dvd is my lifeline.god bless.mcg 06/12/05 0:24:08 AM MST

I just got it! It's Awesome! 06/11/05 9:12:19 PM MST

I waited at walmart Monday night and bought the set at 12:03 AM Tues. Morning. I HAD to have it. 06/11/05 12:59:05 PM MST

of course 06/10/05 8:05:22 AM MST

to all fanfic authors: u r the best! 06/07/05 11:25:44 AM MST

can't wait 06/07/05 2:09:23 AM MST

finally!!!!!!!!!!! 06/04/05 12:26:17 PM MST

great tv show i cant wait to own all of them 06/03/05 4:01:47 PM MST

I'd love the DVD but it is too expensive since I already made the tapes. 06/02/05 8:54:43 PM MST

Saw an ad in Entertainment Weekly on Monday. Went IMMEDIATELY to amazon.com to purchase. Been jumping for joy ever since. 06/02/05 5:38:53 PM MST

L&C is always my favorite TV series 06/01/05 9:46:36 PM MST

I am glad the first season is coming! 05/30/05 11:59:37 AM MST

I wanted another series :( at least... 05/30/05 8:32:59 AM MST

What about us Canadians? 05/28/05 10:51:54 AM MST

i cannot wait and am counting all the seconds till it's on sales!! p.s lois and clark rocks!! ^^ 05/27/05 4:01:27 AM MST

one word: dah! 05/27/05 3:59:07 AM MST

too bad it's not in widescreen format 05/26/05 6:28:02 PM MST

I want all 4 seasons 05/22/05 5:59:42 AM MST

such a pity there's not a french/zone 2 DVD 05/21/05 1:01:12 PM MST

lois and clark rule!!!! 05/20/05 6:07:41 PM MST

Hello! 8% of you pollers out there voted to still watch your ragggeeedyyy taped reruns. Not. Live a little. Treat yourself. Fly. Fly to Block buster and buy it. 05/17/05 6:53:40 PM MST

I hope this will get Dean Cain back on the "Hottie" map. I cannot wait. Old VCR taped lois and clark rerun bashing night June 7th.!!!!!!! Bring on the first season. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! 05/17/05 6:47:34 PM MST

Countdown is on!!!!!!!!! 05/17/05 6:42:44 PM MST

With the success of Teri Hatcher maybe all of the dvd's will soon be out. I think sales of the dvd will be very strong. It would be great if a lois and clark reunion could take place. Teri has a huge amount of pull. luv xoxo L.L. 05/17/05 6:39:57 PM MST

Cannot wait!!!!!!!!! 05/17/05 6:32:17 PM MST

Are you kidding? I want all 4 seasons! 05/17/05 2:32:41 PM MST

It is too expensive for this gal 05/11/05 4:05:59 PM MST

YEEESSSS! 05/10/05 11:21:59 AM MST

I believe it to be a really great television show. 05/09/05 4:38:55 PM MST

r u kidding?!! 05/09/05 11:48:54 AM MST

OMG! I must have! 05/09/05 7:03:28 AM MST

I especially bought two years back an DVD-player for the Lois and Clark;new Adventures of Superman.When I went to a warehouse to buy it was then that I discoverd that It was not yet in store.How bizarre I thought to myself.Strange cause its a tv-show from years back.Now Im so happy that It finally comes out on DVD.And hopefully all 4 !!! 05/06/05 5:46:44 AM MST

My thanks are for you all 05/06/05 5:19:23 AM MST

I love Lois and Clark! Thank GOD that it's finally on DVD! I shall save up every bit of allowance until I can afford it! i SHALL GO WITHOUT NEW SHOES! (It is SO worth it.) 0_o 05/06/05 1:54:53 AM MST

The tapes will be going bye-bye! and the space I will be recovering will be great! 05/05/05 7:32:43 PM MST

I've only got a few episodes taped... because I wasn't that interested in the show when it was on -- but the fanfic has made me more interested. So here's one example of the "ka-ching!" for the makers as a direct result of fanfic! So there! 05/02/05 3:48:44 AM MST

It is SO SO SO about time that they are putting the show on DVD. I don't know how many things I have signed in hopes that the powers that be would and now... YAY!! 04/23/05 6:20:09 PM MST

all ready pre purchased it 04/23/05 9:17:57 AM MST

Hope they do all 4 series and not stop half like they did the videos 04/23/05 6:13:46 AM MST

I miss this show! 04/20/05 7:19:50 PM MST

I can't wait until the other seasons come out on dvd 04/20/05 10:52:01 AM MST

Why can't they just produce the entire 4 seasons at one time? 04/19/05 1:32:55 PM MST

Thank goodness - It's about time. My tapes are seriously wearing out. Will also be nice to see uncut versions. Here in the UK, they were censored quite heavily due to a 5pm transmission time! 04/18/05 9:21:26 AM MST

European fans - it's easy to chip your DVD player so you can play US disks. Just search the net for inscructions! 04/18/05 9:11:08 AM MST

I've wait along time for this show to come to DVD and i cant wait untill june 7 04/14/05 6:46:39 AM MST

why did it take them so damn long to put it on dvd? where's the rest?? 04/13/05 6:31:09 PM MST

just did! just did! just did!!! 04/13/05 5:22:46 PM MST

That's my favorite TV show, even if it is just in syndication, or on Video, or DVD!! 04/13/05 10:12:44 AM MST

That's my favorite TV show, even if it is just in syndication, or on Video, or DVD!! 04/13/05 10:11:02 AM MST

F***! can't order the DVDs. I'm from Austria/Europe... 04/13/05 5:32:18 AM MST

to all the fanfic authors: u r GREAT!! 04/13/05 5:30:54 AM MST

Smallville's pretty cool too, actually 04/12/05 9:46:06 PM MST

I can't! Its US and Canada compatible only! Im in England! It sucks!!!! 04/12/05 2:47:37 PM MST

i hope that the other seasons would also be on DVD soon 04/12/05 2:44:59 PM MST

The dvds at madnessdvds.com are bootleg dvds. They are illegal and are only tv quality. 04/10/05 11:58:41 AM MST

About time! 04/09/05 9:14:50 PM MST

Geronimo!! 04/09/05 3:07:45 PM MST

They now sell collection set of 88 eps at madnessdvds.com for $199! Cool deal! 04/09/05 2:04:08 AM MST

Too expensive - oh how I wish! 04/06/05 10:37:30 PM MST

I can't *wait* for the DVDs to come out. I keep telling my husband that I need the entire series for research... 04/04/05 8:34:00 AM MST

Finally! 04/03/05 8:48:00 PM MST

As long as I can get it in Australia! 04/03/05 7:35:48 PM MST

preordered - just hope that my dvd player is multiregioned and it doesn't take TOO long to ship out to me 04/03/05 4:32:16 AM MST

Already pre-ordered it and am ready for Seasons 2-4! 04/02/05 2:29:36 PM MST

I want all four seasons on DVD 04/02/05 5:13:50 AM MST

I have been waiting for so long now to buy these. I CAN watch my tapes from when it was on TBS, but I didn't get the last season taped before they stopped the run, so as you can tell, I have waited long enough to get my fill of dean in tights. YUM 03/29/05 11:36:35 PM MST

Yes yes yes! 03/29/05 10:51:20 AM MST

This is the best tv series on earth, second to none 03/29/05 3:09:59 AM MST

We are moving out from our apartment with cabel tv. so... 03/28/05 5:43:17 AM MST

*doing my happy dance as we speak!!* 03/27/05 8:12:45 PM MST

I just pre-ordered mine. Can't wait now! 03/26/05 8:51:01 PM MST

Cant wait!!! 03/26/05 6:54:52 AM MST

I would buy the First Season through the Fourth Season!!!! 03/25/05 11:01:18 PM MST

have only been waiting for this for 10 years!!!! 03/25/05 4:34:43 PM MST

lois and clark is the best tv show in history 03/24/05 1:35:45 PM MST

that is a must have 03/24/05 12:35:26 PM MST

god, I can't tell how happy I'm now! FINALLY on DVD! 03/24/05 11:47:38 AM MST

I just bought the tapes a month ago, and I can't afford a DVD set right now... 03/23/05 10:53:53 PM MST

I have little to no tapes left so of course I'm gonna buy it 03/23/05 3:54:04 AM MST

Hope they do the whole series this time , the stopped half way on tapes and mine are wearing out 03/22/05 1:20:43 PM MST

Already ordered it! ;) 03/22/05 11:11:03 AM MST

I have the tapes- somewhere, But C=DVD's have better features and last longer 03/21/05 0:34:17 AM MST

Bit disappointed in the features - been spoiled by what other shows give you. But will probably buy when I save up enough cash! 03/19/05 7:58:31 AM MST

woo hoo, about time 03/19/05 7:15:06 AM MST

Like Tempus would say: "Duh!!!" 03/19/05 4:50:45 AM MST

Fanfic's effect

How has reading Lois & Clark fanfic affected your feelings toward the show itself?

This is a reissue of the August 2000 poll.


No change. (184) 15%
I like the show more than ever. (959) 79%
I like the show less. (74) 6%

Total Votes: 1217


Lois & Clark is the greatest TV-Show I've ever seen. I really enjoy watching it vor the 3452369509456th time - 01/03/08 1:36:10 PM MST

Reading L&C fanfic makes me watch the tv-show with very nice,hard working,beautiful writers in mind,and thats just great! - 05/06/05 5:27:18 AM MST

I love you all, folcs! - 03/07/05 11:03:35 AM MST

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has trouble letting go of an amazing love story. Thanks for the continuing adventures. - 02/22/05 9:57:11 AM MST

what channel is it on now. I love this show. - 02/22/05 7:26:56 AM MST

This is my favorite show - 02/22/05 7:25:56 AM MST

I love this show and wished they would make a lovey dovey action pack movie for us die hards out there - 02/12/05 4:05:31 PM MST

wow - 01/26/05 10:35:52 AM MST

would you please do a movie of lois and clark and the role of clark will be played by dean cane please.............. please................please ..................please..........please........please........please.................. - 01/25/05 10:33:05 PM MST

should get paid for promoting the show :-) - 01/24/05 10:22:08 AM MST

I understand the characters better. - 01/15/05 2:50:12 PM MST

LOVE THE STORIES!!!!!!!!!! - 01/11/05 6:06:12 PM MST

I was really young when the show first aired, so now reading the fanfic has helped me understand what was going on more. That and it's helped rekindle my love for Dean Cain. - 01/08/05 10:49:42 PM MST

The quality of L&C fiction is excellent. I've yet to find a badly written one. - 12/30/04 7:06:50 PM MST

I feel that in reading some fanfics I understand the Clark and Lois from the show much better. There are a few authors on here that are particularly skilled at inserting you into the characters' minds, and it has provided great enjoyment for me. - 12/23/04 3:34:05 PM MST

I love the stories - 12/21/04 10:21:46 PM MST

good stories - 12/18/04 11:02:19 PM MST

way to go ! - 11/13/04 11:03:56 PM MST

I suddenly started craving for chocolate ice cream and coffee. Also, I wanted to get a hair style like Lois . She can sometimes be pretty pigheaded and I can't see a reason that Clark loves her but it's quite romantic - 11/10/04 11:31:12 PM MST

i need help writting mine need idea's Subzerolady97@yahoo.com - 11/10/04 7:28:32 PM MST

It is fun to see/read how different people perceive Lois and Clark. Also, I love all the many angles of the show used to make the stories. - 11/10/04 3:22:10 PM MST

I have to be honest.. i loved the show but the fanfic is a whole lot better.. - 11/05/04 2:24:49 PM MST

hi - 11/03/04 12:48:58 PM MST

omg i love these stories...gotta give props to all of the writers...ill always love the show...i heard its coming out on DVD in 05'( from the wishes of Dean Cain) cant wait!:) - 11/02/04 8:36:05 AM MST

The great thing about L&C is, it is such an inspiration. The ammount of fanfics that can flow from just one episode! - 10/29/04 1:14:11 PM MST

You should have a click box for "I miss the show more than ever!" - 10/23/04 8:10:19 PM MST

i love this show and these stories are great :) .2 bad the show doesnt air anymore! - 10/21/04 5:57:36 PM MST

amazing stories:) - 10/19/04 12:23:39 PM MST

God I miss this show...anyone know if it's gonna go on DVD? *sigh* - 10/12/04 7:47:27 PM MST

keep writing - 09/27/04 3:39:44 PM MST

The show is good, but I NEVER enjoyed the show as much as I have reading the stories posted here! - 09/25/04 8:09:25 AM MST

keep writing - 09/11/04 6:10:57 PM MST

Fanfic helps by keeping the dream alive! The romance and relationship between Clark and Lois! - 09/10/04 7:37:25 AM MST

HELP Superman! I´m addicted to lcfanfic!!! HELP!!! - 09/05/04 6:52:22 AM MST

I hope I`ll find a Clark of my own once! - 08/25/04 6:48:40 AM MST

can't wait for the DVDs to come out - 08/23/04 3:24:40 PM MST

I love reading L&C. I thought I wouldn't like Smallville, but I just think of it as an alternate dimension from our L&C world. - 08/04/04 1:01:20 AM MST

lois e clark - 08/03/04 9:19:02 AM MST

Fanfic keeps LnC alive, that's what I love so much fanfic! - 07/29/04 12:27:13 PM MST

What's true love? Read Lois & Clark fanfics and you'll know. Congratulations to all the authors for their success. - 07/25/04 2:43:31 AM MST

Lois & Clark is a lovely show which teaches us to believe in true love and makes us understand that whatever happens love will find a way. Fanfics make us imagine what would have happened if Lois & Clark would have been a little different. Fanfics also give us a picture of what's going to happen next. - 07/20/04 4:30:04 AM MST

lois and clark will always be a great show - 07/18/04 4:56:05 AM MST

lois e clark - 07/15/04 9:41:50 AM MST

These guys are really creative! - 07/09/04 10:18:50 PM MST

Help Superman! I' m addicted! I can/t stop reading those fanfic stories! congratulations to all the authors! you're great! - 06/30/04 8:37:31 AM MST

Lois and Clark - FOREVER! - 06/28/04 11:02:40 AM MST

Can't get enough, Its All I ever watch, Gutted about the cancellation of the 5th Series - 06/17/04 2:01:20 PM MST

It's a great show and the fanfics are lovely to read. They make you think about what would have happened if some other changes had come in the life of Lois and Clark. They make you believe in love and make you see that whatever happens, the people who are destined to meet will meet. Neither death nor hatred can stop them. These fanfics also make us see what is really going to happen in the future and keeps our blood pressure in control( joking). In simple words I love all the fanfics and congratulate the authors for their success. - 06/05/04 1:06:10 PM MST

they shouldn't have canceled it. - 06/02/04 9:34:38 PM MST

I hope that the show comes out on DVD. My tapes are very worn and I am missing two of the episodes. - 05/26/04 4:48:26 PM MST

NicepeopleLois/Teri&Clark/Dean. - 05/25/04 10:31:47 AM MST

I love Lois & Clark! I was very upset when it was cancelled. Now I am waiting ofr it to be released on DVD so that I can enjoy it whenever I want! - 05/19/04 11:54:48 PM MST

i love the show - 05/18/04 7:47:49 PM MST

i wish that dean cain and teri hatcher make this stories a tv show - 05/15/04 2:07:08 PM MST

that was a piece of junk - 05/13/04 2:43:26 PM MST

I think to fanfics have deepened the show's characters. - 05/09/04 4:10:28 PM MST

is a sheet - 05/07/04 8:57:56 AM MST

is very cool - 05/07/04 8:55:52 AM MST

lois is hot - 05/06/04 4:06:31 AM MST

Keeps the interest alive and kicking! - 05/03/04 7:00:05 PM MST

i love the show - 05/02/04 6:35:25 PM MST

they should put it back on 9 or back on video or dvd - 04/30/04 11:46:04 PM MST

I haven't cared about watching any episode for years, but I love reading the wonderful fanfic our wonderful, talented authors give us. It keeps me interested in a show I would have long since forgotten! - 04/21/04 10:58:24 PM MST

i love the stories on this site, and i just hope no one ever gets bored of running it and shuts it down - 04/12/04 11:15:20 PM MST

If only the show had had some of fanfic's finest writing for them. . .what could have been! - 04/11/04 5:26:27 PM MST

love it, love it, love it!! - 04/08/04 12:00:07 PM MST

love it - 04/02/04 10:57:03 AM MST

I just found season 2 on bit torrent! Hurray! - 03/20/04 9:08:55 PM MST

I actually enjoy reading fan fiction more than I do watching the show. But reading the fan fiction still keeps me as interested as ever in the show. - 03/13/04 11:50:17 PM MST

I still love the show, but sometimes I feel cheated emotionally because of all the wonderful fanfic I've read. - 03/11/04 3:55:47 PM MST

lc is an awesome show; should never left the air!!! - 03/08/04 9:54:20 PM MST

I think fanfic's better than the programme! - 03/03/04 6:02:24 PM MST

Serial Poll Redux

How do you read serial fanfics -- whenever new pieces become available or when stories are finished?

This is a reissue of a 2000 poll inspired by mr_d8a.


I read new bits as fast as I can get them. (199) 50%
I wait until stories are finished. (198) 50%

Total Votes: 397


Muahahaha! I mad the difference between 197 and 196. - 02/06/06 8:33:13 AM MST

I find it frustrating when stories are only half finished. - 02/22/04 2:54:24 PM MST

I hate it when stories aren't finished, and I like reading them all at once, so it's better to not read a story at all, than be tormented with an unfinished one. Because you never know if a story will be finished until it is ACTUALLY finished. - 02/12/04 3:53:30 AM MST

I try to wait...but sometimes I get sucked in early ;) - 01/05/04 8:14:14 PM MST

I will read one or two stories as they are posted, but more than thet it gets comfussing, especially if the author doesn't post freguently. - 12/14/03 11:27:35 AM MST

I don't have the patience to wait- but I have to admit i prefer finding new sites with backlogged complete stories. - 12/07/03 2:45:18 AM MST

I sometimes read pieces by more known authors, but its hard losing a good story when an author doesn't finish - 12/05/03 10:22:17 AM MST

to be honest, though, I haven't read as many in the last year or so. I'm starting to get more into Smallville - 12/02/03 1:19:46 PM MST

But it drives me crazy when they take a long time to post updates!!! The suspense kills me! - 12/01/03 1:08:45 PM MST

As a general rule, I wait, though if I have some time and trust that the author won't go AWOL (or know that the story won't have too many angsty cliffhangers that will torment me while I wait for the next part!) I just might go ahead and read in parts occasionally. - 11/23/03 2:54:27 PM MST

It depends. If I see part 1 right away, I start there and read each new installation. If the first thing I see is part 7, I'll wait till the story is done! -Wanda Detroit. - 11/21/03 8:50:43 PM MST

It depends on the fanfic, the author and my current mood. - 11/19/03 7:35:53 AM MST

usually I'll read in segments, but sometimes I'll wait 'til it hits the archive. depends on my available time, nature of story, etc - 11/18/03 2:56:35 PM MST

My fanfic reading style with L&C fanfics is different then other series' fanfics; Thanks to this archive, I wait until serial stories are finished since they usually wind up here by the time its done. Most series don't have archives like this one. - 11/16/03 8:27:07 PM MST

So many stories -- so little time

How do you decide what to read when visiting the archive?

Based on Elisabeth's poll from 2000


I read everything as it's newly released. (79) 15%
I have favorite authors that I never miss. (48) 9%
I glance over the description and read as it strikes my fancy. (326) 63%
I only read stories as they're nominated for Kerths. (4) 1%
My motivation varies with my mood and the weather. Who knows. (60) 12%

Total Votes: 517


Story description is the most important thing I think. A interesting description just makes you read the story. - 01/03/08 1:38:57 PM MST

I combine the first three option. I always check out the new releases on a weekly basis. Certain authors I read without question. For others, I give a page to see whether I like them or not. If an author has consistently turned me off, I boycot reading their work. - 08/23/03 9:15:08 AM MST

I avoid Mary Sue stories and most crossovers. - 08/17/03 10:20:28 AM MST


I LOVE THIS WEBSITE - 07/07/03 2:31:55 AM MST

I also have favorites who I never miss - 06/29/03 2:06:19 PM MST

i would like to pass on my thanks to all the authors. i have been lurking at this site for a couple of years, enjoying all the stories enormously. please pass on my thanks. peggy - 06/28/03 3:42:27 PM MST

A favourite author might rate a second glance, but story summaries are most important to get me to open the file. :) - 06/22/03 2:24:31 AM MST

I do this because I've always been a sucker for stories on Lois and Clark's relationship - 06/19/03 0:36:23 AM MST

Usually, I get around to reading them all! Thanks to all the great writers! - 06/18/03 8:46:53 AM MST

I'll read whatever sounds good to me at the time. I also take into consideration how much time it will take me to finish a story. I'm an obsessive reader and will rarely finish a story in more than one sitting. I usually always check out anything by Wendy Richards, but sometimes it takes me a while to get to hers because her stories are usually so long. But that's a good thing! - 06/16/03 9:38:34 PM MST

This was a question with more than one possible answer! - 06/16/03 4:50:14 PM MST

When it comes to new stories, it's all about the description. I don't care who wrote it or how long it is. As long as it sounds cool, I'm there! I've read basically the whole Archive, so it depends. I have my favorites that I read often, but sometimes on rainy days, I just browse through by Title and pick out random ones. - 06/16/03 0:41:30 AM MST

I usually read the description of the newly released and the choose what to read. - 06/15/03 3:39:02 PM MST

I usually pick stories according to the descriptions, but there are a few authors whose stories I would not miss because they usually write about themes I like to read about. - 06/15/03 11:56:27 AM MST

When I find a story I like, I check out any other stories by that author. If they mention beta-readers, I'll check to see if they've written stories, too. - 06/15/03 9:02:53 AM MST

I have read the whole archive a few times and always read new posts, but often come back in search of a particular author, story, theme or just for a random browse. - 06/15/03 8:22:24 AM MST

Fanfic writer to pro writer?

Do you think writing fanfic could help prepare for a professional writing career?


Yes (197) 84%
No (38) 16%

Total Votes: 235


Because every story you write can prepare for a professional career. Every little piece makes you a little better - 01/03/08 1:39:56 PM MST

why take lois and clark off tbs superstation in 2003 - 09/01/03 8:27:28 AM MST

I think our standards as a fandom are very high! I spend a lot less at the bookstore now. I am glad our authors are such good writers. If they go pro, I'll buy their stuff. - 06/08/03 6:40:26 PM MST

All types of writing help you to prepare for a career involving writing. - 06/08/03 11:51:43 AM MST

There are at least two professional, popular authors out there who started as fanfic writers. And let's face it, any practice helps! :) - 06/07/03 5:24:42 PM MST

Don't think I'd use it on a resume, but any practice is helpful - 06/02/03 2:30:01 AM MST

It's not the only thing you need to know -- but you can learn a lot about pacing, POV, plotting, etc. - 06/01/03 6:25:27 AM MST

The problem is, the angsty/introspective mood of most fanfic is unsutible for the professional writer. It's my major, believe me, i know. - 05/31/03 7:09:20 PM MST

there are some who should seriously consider publishing - 05/31/03 11:34:26 AM MST

I think it helps. The more you write using the same characters and settings over and over, the more ideas and originiality your stories have, and that goes a long way towards creating an original story, in my opinion.:) - 05/27/03 5:27:13 PM MST

Of course writing fanfic is good for a possible writing career! You write, you get a beta, you get *feedback* - that is something many people lack of. It's a great experience! - 05/27/03 10:15:55 AM MST

I LOVE LOIS AND CLARK! - 05/27/03 8:06:35 AM MST

Any writing exercise that helps an author develop a sense of how to tell a story is helpful to anyone wishing to pursue a professional writing career. - 05/26/03 8:50:06 PM MST

Your preferred genre

Other than fanfic, what types of books do you primarily read?

This is based on Irene's poll from 2001.


Romance (103) 34%
Mystery/Suspense (46) 15%
Action/Adventure (12) 4%
Science Fiction/Fantasy (112) 37%
Non-fiction (32) 10%

Total Votes: 305


Would've been easier if people could've selected multiple choices. - 05/24/03 5:25:11 PM MST

but my favorite is sci/fantasy/romance... that hybrid is exactly what L&C is which is why I love it so much! - 05/19/03 6:09:57 AM MST

I love clark..he's soo hot..and i so miss the show! - 05/15/03 5:06:37 AM MST

I also read a lot of fantasy, young adult novels, some science fiction, some mainstream fiction... - 04/21/03 12:20:05 PM MST

How about a "most of the above"? Seriously, I'll read almost anything that floats my way....sci-fi, action, comedy, supense, mystery, non-fiction...anything except romance novels. But I've been on a John Grisham kick lately, so I voted for Suspense. - 04/21/03 0:57:35 AM MST

I love smallville and lois and Clark! - 04/20/03 9:10:21 PM MST

I would actually choose 'Other,' if it were an option. I read a lot of historical fiction, that doesn't necesarily fit into the 'Romance' category. I also read a lot contemporary fiction. - 04/20/03 6:13:10 PM MST

How about an 'all of the above' - 04/20/03 3:48:55 AM MST

All I have time for to read are my study books - 04/20/03 3:16:35 AM MST

Ready to vote?

Are you ready to vote in this year's Kerth Awards?


I'm not voting. (36) 26%
I've read all the stories, and I'm ready. (35) 25%
I've got a lot of reading to do. (34) 24%
I've got so much reading to do, I shouldn't be spending time on this poll! (34) 24%

Total Votes: 139


Hey, I actually finished last night! I'm so proud of myself! :D - 03/16/03 7:20:05 PM MST

But you don't have to vote in every category - just vote in a few, if that's all you can! - 03/09/03 5:49:11 AM MST

I can't vote because I don't have time to read much anymore. I use to read all the time, but now I just don't have the time. That's why I'm not voting. - 03/03/03 6:26:42 PM MST

I'd like to know why people aren't voting. How about some of you telling us why not? - 03/03/03 7:37:34 AM MST

I have to make my mind up :) - 03/03/03 2:31:34 AM MST

It's sad to see so many non-voters. :( - 03/02/03 1:23:16 PM MST

How old are you?

Fanfic FoLC, readers and writers, how old are you?

This is based on YvonneC's poll from 2001.


Less than 20 years old (210) 30%
20 - 30 (306) 43%
30 - 40 (81) 11%
40 - 50 (71) 10%
50 - 60 (29) 4%
Over 60 (10) 1%

Total Votes: 707


Wow, many guys like me - under 20. (I'm 16) - 01/03/08 1:44:44 PM MST

funny, I always imagined people being older!! - 08/06/05 4:06:49 PM MST

14 - 01/15/05 2:47:06 PM MST

20-30 - 11/24/04 2:02:59 PM MST

i love the show - 05/18/04 7:49:06 PM MST

I would like to know why ABC promised to make a FIFTH SEASON TO LOIS & CLARK THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN but they never did it? - 04/16/03 6:35:02 PM MST

I was 6 or 7 when Lois and Clark began and ever since I've been a BIG fan. Now 8 more yrs. have past and I still enjoy watching L&C on TNT. I'm grateful to TNT for picking up L&C and refreshing my memory of each episode. - 04/04/03 4:58:45 PM MST

I love this site! More categories pleas! - 04/02/03 2:46:39 PM MST

WOW it seems like its a generation thing LOL - 04/01/03 8:16:43 AM MST

great stories - 03/30/03 1:34:52 AM MST

just one word. Wow! - 03/27/03 1:47:31 PM MST

Wow, I'm in my age group. - 03/27/03 1:23:06 PM MST

Lois and Clark are the most loved couples on TV. It is get to see so much love and adventure. - 03/27/03 7:15:12 AM MST

Gee. Not too many old fogies here - 03/23/03 10:59:28 PM MST

Would be curious to know at exactly what age the poster considers one should quit reading? - 03/23/03 5:11:31 AM MST

Puzzling. Reading is reading - fanfic or mainstream. Why wouldn't someone continue to enjoy reading all their lives? - 03/23/03 5:10:06 AM MST

Ridiculous? Depends on whether reading (and writing) fanfic is a part of your real life, or in place of your real life. I've got a husband, kids, house, etc -- but this is my break-time fun :) You never outgrow fun. - 03/22/03 5:47:26 AM MST

I've been reading L&C fanfic since I was about 14 and I'm 17 now and still loving reading it. I love superman!! - 03/21/03 9:20:57 PM MST

Considering that a LOT of our best authors fit into the "over 30" category, you should be glad they're reading fanfics! ;-) - 03/20/03 11:45:26 PM MST

remember what HG Wells once said... "its timeless. its why parents never grow tired of telling their children & why they never outgrow the stories!!!!!! or something like that.... - 03/20/03 9:42:14 PM MST

I think its riduclous that 30 actually reads fanfics, I mean I get enough from my mom and dad telling me to get a life and not read fanfics - 03/20/03 5:38:55 PM MST

I must be one of the youngest LC readers! I'm only 15 :) - 03/20/03 6:00:56 AM MST

Age doesn't matter. It's just interesting to find out something about fanfic fans. And it goes to show the truly universal appeal of Lois & Clark. - 03/19/03 1:10:18 PM MST

now i feel old, thanks :) - 03/18/03 3:08:14 PM MST

Dang. I'm 19. There are a lot more of the "under-20" crowd than I thought. Very cool. - 03/18/03 11:31:45 AM MST

L & C is ageless! - 03/18/03 7:51:01 AM MST

iam a verry big fan of superman - 03/18/03 7:20:32 AM MST

iam a verry big fan of superman - 03/18/03 7:20:30 AM MST

Does age matter? - 03/18/03 2:16:30 AM MST

Dang, I feel lonely. I know there is more than just me over 60 reading and writing fanfic. - 03/17/03 3:39:59 PM MST

I'm 19, read my first fanfic when I was 15 and still busy :) - 03/17/03 3:09:42 PM MST

Kerth Breaks

What would you like to happen during Kerth ceremony breaks?

This poll is courtesy of Paul-Gabriel Wiener. Thanks!


Humorous "commercials" like the ones archived under the title "commercial break" (15) 23%
FoLC-related announcements (FoLC fests, other FoLC award ceremonies, archive fundraisers, etc) (7) 11%
Silence in the #kerthawards channel while people go to the bathroom, get something to eat, chat, or whatever else they need to do (2) 3%
"Guess the fic" and/or similar games, like we had this year (18) 27%
Whatever Kcomm comes up with is good with me! (6) 9%
Random themed snippets sent in by folcs (like 2002's "You might be a Kryptonian if...") (10) 15%
Break? Who needs a break? On with the next category! (6) 9%
Another idea (2) 3%

Total Votes: 66

Fanfic and PDAs

Do you read fanfic on a PDA?


Yes, I read fanfic on a Palm device. (44) 13%
Yes, I read fanfic on a Pocket PC (or other Microsoft OS device). (14) 4%
No, I do my reading on my regular computer. (268) 82%

Total Votes: 326


I have hundreds of fanfics on my palm - 07/05/03 7:02:45 PM MST

I also read on the main computer, but being able to carry my Jornada elsewhere is a real bonus. - 02/22/03 4:11:28 PM MST

my PDA can't download fic. it's one of the older models. it doesn't have all the cool tricks of the new ones, but at least i don't have to worry about data loss. well, unless the ink fades or the pages get torn... - 02/20/03 1:48:02 AM MST

Wish I had a pocket PC! - 02/19/03 8:50:25 PM MST

I also print the fic - 02/17/03 12:57:08 PM MST

I would use my PDA if it wasn't way too old to be connected with a computer - 02/04/03 4:48:22 AM MST

None of the above. I read on my laptop. - 02/01/03 8:18:04 AM MST

I use my laptop but I'd like to get PPC as well for the times I'm not home - 01/28/03 12:11:30 PM MST

Laptop - 01/27/03 6:59:34 PM MST

It's all about the comp. for me. I just love lying in bed at night reading a good fanfic on my laptop. :) - 01/25/03 10:30:14 PM MST

My Palm Pilot is the best gift I've ever gotten!!! - 01/23/03 7:21:00 PM MST

I do have a very small laptop that I take with me with all my L&C Fanfics - 01/21/03 8:29:46 PM MST

I read fanfics on a Palm, a Psion S7 (another kind of handheld), and on desktops (Win and Mac both) - 01/20/03 1:46:46 AM MST

I have a Palm and I can read fanfic on it, but it's more convenient for me to read at my desk - 01/19/03 6:05:34 AM MST

I love reading fanfic - 01/17/03 9:47:10 AM MST

fan fic is such a joy - 01/15/03 11:08:47 PM MST

Doing Research

Which source do you find most helpful when researching details for your stories?

This poll is courtesy of LabRat. Thanks!


The Fanfic Mailing List (33) 14%
FoLC messageboards (33) 14%
Other FoLC websites (14) 6%
The Internet (73) 31%
Local library (6) 3%
Other (21) 9%
I don't research, I just make it up. (54) 23%

Total Votes: 234


If you want to know for sure, try testing out your story on Zoomway's mbs before submitting it to the Archive. No comments is rarely an option there! - 12/09/02 1:19:00 PM MST

Many readers lurk, although we do encourage them to provide authors with comments. - 12/09/02 1:18:14 PM MST

Do other fanfic really read these stories? I like to know. If No one ccomments on your stories, does that mean that no one ever reads it? - 12/08/02 2:12:42 PM MST

Ep transcripts fall into the same category as videos. See previous comments!! The question relates to the type of info you CAN'T find in the eps. Non-LNC facts. - 10/20/02 9:49:06 AM MST

one of the most basic: episode transcripts and the episodes themselves - 10/13/02 8:57:48 PM MST

Videos aren't included because the question is about other research. Hawaiian restaurants, volcanoes, locations, whatever... - 10/13/02 8:42:56 AM MST

Yes, the question relates to non-LNC research, such as the examples given below. - 10/13/02 8:39:39 AM MST

I was assuming this was research about matters *other* than the show itself -- techie stuff or the weight of Siberian tigers or something like that. - 10/13/02 6:53:22 AM MST

Mmm, what about IRC? Or the episodes.... And I can't believe people who don't do any research... - 10/11/02 4:51:45 AM MST

The videos of the shows! Word by word. I can't believe you don't have videos as a resource!!!!! klair El - 10/07/02 0:20:04 AM MST

LCFanficLive is a good site. People have always been able to answer my questions. - 10/05/02 6:46:26 PM MST

Well, unless you want people to go 'huh??' at some inaccuracy when they're reading your story, you do research! - 10/03/02 4:41:35 PM MST

Reserch? What reserch? - 10/01/02 3:54:40 PM MST

Watching episodes - 10/01/02 3:00:37 AM MST

A-Plot villains

What kind of A-Plot do you like to read or write?

This poll is courtesy of Mr_D8A. Thanks!


Established Villain - Lex, Tempus, Trask, InterGang (184) 47%
Minor Villain - Mxyzptlk, Prankster, (there are so many to choose from!) (55) 14%
Original Villain - One designed by the Author (86) 22%
Natural Villain - Man of Steel vs. Nature (36) 9%
Other (31) 8%

Total Votes: 392


tempus is the best - 09/23/02 4:52:23 PM MST

I like the original villains. - 09/16/02 9:43:42 PM MST

Big villians arn't funny, I think Superman Fanfic writers should take example from Angel, where even the baddies make you laugh and feel sympathetic for them. I'm not suggesting total comedy though. - 09/14/02 2:34:27 PM MST

A-Plot...what's that? ;) - 09/01/02 0:22:13 AM MST

It doesn't really matter who the villain is, as long as s/he's dealt with quickly so that Lois and Clark can have smoochies :). J/K, I love Lex because he is a crminal mastermind, and I love the Prankster because he was different to a conventional villain. I also love Nightfall as a bad guy because it made a change from a living villain. Basically I like imaginative bad guys, rather than your typical bank robber. :) - 08/12/02 10:15:43 AM MST

When Superman needs to recharge with solar energy, he can reach the surface of the Sun in 48 hours at one gravity acceleration. That's about 22 mph per second. At 10 gravities(220 mph), he can make it to the Sun in 15 hours. At 100 gravs, 4.8 hours. Or he can stop off at Barstow, CA and charge up at the solar energy plant there. Tom Roberts. - 08/12/02 9:42:10 AM MST

destroying a meteor endangers Earth by showering us with jillions of meteorites. Supes needs to push the big space rock out away from Earth. Tom Roberts. - 08/12/02 9:18:03 AM MST

Lex is just the guy you love to hate - 08/09/02 5:16:25 PM MST

the best stories are the ones with Lex in them... because after all he is the altimate Superman enemy! He almost stole Lois without any voilence at all... that takes talent - 08/09/02 5:02:51 PM MST

Alt Universe - 08/06/02 0:08:43 AM MST

I like them all - 08/04/02 7:12:33 PM MST

any author that sucsessfully can come up with an original vilain in a newmaking story, gets a big star in my book. - 08/04/02 8:46:15 AM MST

Other meaning all of the above... - 08/03/02 6:48:59 PM MST

It's not how well-known the villain is, it's how well-*written* he or she is... - 08/03/02 7:40:55 AM MST

Secondary Characters in Fanfic

Authors, when you write a story centering on Lois & Clark, how many supporting characters do you tend to use?


I focus almost exclusively on L&C (20) 15%
I use supporting characters from the show when the plot requires them, but I don't spend much time on them (38) 29%
I think supporting characters deserve a little time and development (30) 23%
I work hard on my villains, but the good guys are all from the show (5) 4%
I like to give L&C solidly developed friends and foes (either original characters or well-rounded versions of familiar faces) (30) 23%
I prefer a large cast of characters -- the more, the merrier! (9) 7%

Total Votes: 132


Actually, it's impossible to generalise like this, personally. The only certainty in my stories that L&C will get more attention than anyone else. Other characters range from almost no attention, to fairly well-developed characters who may or may not be original. - 07/28/02 9:05:27 AM MST

I think supporting characters are important in a long story. And they need and deserve to be well defined. - 07/17/02 4:00:33 PM MST

I think it depends on the story's premise... short things can focus just on L&C and be awesome, but longer ones almost require other characters - 06/25/02 7:17:1

How important is the A-plot?

How important is an A-plot to your enjoyment of a fanfic?

This poll is courtesy of Shadowfax. Thanks!


A well-developed A-plot is essential to a good story. (84) 29%
A-plots aren't necessary, but if a story has one, there should not be any plot holes. (162) 57%
A-plots aren't necessary and if a story has one, I don't care if it has plot holes. (21) 7%
I prefer stories that don't have A-plots. (19) 7%

Total Votes: 286


I never discover any plot holes because I am stupid. - 02/06/06 8:38:33 AM MST

Batman's daughter?? Don't you know that this site is for **Lois and Clark** fanfic? - 06/23/02 11:41:28 AM MST

keep a ey for Birds Of Prey it deals with BAtman's Daugther - 06/19/02 4:42:12 AM MST

are you crazy ploit make the show what it is - 06/19/02 4:41:03 AM MST

are you crazy - 06/19/02 4:40:31 AM MST

ummmm...clark... - 06/14/02 6:41:16 PM MST

plot is what keeps the story moving - 06/09/02 7:15:39 PM MST

A good story needs conflict, whether internal or external. There's only so much internal conflict I can take before I write off both Lois and Clark as too stupid to live ;) - 06/01/02 8:36:56 PM MST

Besides, shared adversity is a good kicker *for* (character) development - 05/30/02 8:12:49 AM MST

An A-plot provides balance to a longer story (and if you're doing it, do it right!) Besides, shared adversity is a good kicker (character) development - 05/30/02 8:11:21 AM MST

I really don't need an A-plot, but if there is one, it better be interesting. - 05/29/02 3:52:09 PM MST

Actually I think that all long stories must have A-plots. It's the A-plots that give rise to possible development of B-plots. - 05/29/02 2:43:19 AM MST

I'd always had the impression a-plots weren't of interest - nice to see such a healthy percentage prove me wrong! Encouraging! - 05/26/02 5:32:55 AM MST

i love lois and clark - 05/22/02 8:17:19 PM MST

what the hell is an A-plot? - 05/22/02 8:16:26 PM MST

I don't *need* an A-plot, even in a longer story, to hold my interest. Just look at LabRat's Are You Lonesome Tonight, or Kathy and Demi's When Friends Become Lovers. But badly-worked A-plots irritate, because they take me out of the story. - 05/22/02 3:18:46 PM MST

If the story is a vignette or a super short, an A-plot really isn't necessary in my opinion. But longer stories definitely need an A-plot to sustain my interest. - 05/19/02 8:46:13 AM MST

Online Activities

Besides visiting this site, what other Internet-ish things do you do related to Lois & Clark?


Visit other Lois & Clark fanfic Web sites (255) 23%
Visit general-interest Lois & Clark sites (200) 18%
Subscribe to LnC fanfic mailing lists (134) 12%
Subscribe to general LnC mailing lists (73) 6%
Chat on the IRC or in other chatrooms (70) 6%
Participate in LnC fanfic message board discussions (101) 9%
Participate in general LnC message board discussions (95) 8%
Correspond with other FoLCs via e-mail (87) 8%
I rarely do any of the above (41) 4%
I never do any of the above (30) 3%
Please enter other activities view suggestions (38) 3%

Total Votes: 1124


the show is good - 05/22/02 8:18:05 PM MST


Am totally devoted to LnC! - 04/15/02 4:46:27 PM MST

I agree. Chatting to friends on irc and brainstorming on irc are not the same thing. Likewise editing is different than general corresponding by email. - 03/31/02 1:26:52 PM MST

I don't agree. Working with other authors on fanfic, brainstorming, posting fanfic, commenting on fanfic etc is another specific activity which should have been included - for many people, it is their main L&C activity. It's not the same as just chatting on IRC or just exchanging friendly emails. - 03/31/02 7:22:55 AM MST

If you're editing over email, that's "correspond". If you're brainstorming online, that's "IRC", posting stories is "mb discussion" ... it's all included, really. - 03/28/02 3:51:56 PM MST

I LOVE LOIS & CLARK - 03/25/02 5:17:52 PM MST

You'd be surprised at how much writing is done online! And editing and brainstorming, over IRC. So they definitely count. And anyway, where do we post our stories? - 03/24/02 6:57:42 AM MST

Granted. But take out the internet equation and far fewer of us would be editing/br I suspect. So legitimate in that sense imo. - 03/24/02 6:53:30 AM MST

I think writing & editing are a little outside the scope of this poll, since they're mostly done offline :) - 03/23/02 8:53:37 PM MST

I'm very surprised that writing and editing wasn't included in the list! - 03/23/02 7:54:04 PM MST

Other online LnC-related activities the poller neglected to include. - 03/23/02 12:13:26 PM MST

Voting for the Kerths

With voting time upon us, it's high time to consider: How will you choose your votes for the Kerths?

This poll is courtesy of Hazel. Thanks!


I will vote for the story that best qualifies in that category. (48) 44%
I will vote for my favorite story in each category, regardless of qualification. (28) 26%
I will spread my votes around in order to give a vote to as many favorite stories as possible. (16) 15%
I will vote for whichever story I've actually read in each category. (10) 9%
It's time to close my eyes and jab a pin at the screen! (7) 6%

Total Votes: 109


dean cain's character is good - 05/22/02 8:18:53 PM MST

Grrr... ties make me sooo angry! - 03/19/02 3:29:13 PM MST

You expect me to choose just *one* story out of all the choices?? Yeah, RIGHT!!! - 03/17/02 8:59:53 PM MST

Actually, for me it's a combination of 1, 2 and 3. I will vote for what I consider best in a category; BUT will also try to spread my votes so that as many different stories/writers as possible get votes. - 03/13/02 7:24:04 AM MST

I guess it's a matter of the story with the best revelation, and not necessarily your favorite story in the category that includes a revelation... - 03/12/02 2:16:24 AM MST

I'm assuming each story already meets a category's qualifications, or why would it be included in the first place? I'll vote for my favorite story in each category ... once I figure that out. It's so hard to choose! :) - 03/10/02 4:37:09 PM MST

Writing Habits

How many authors write originals as well as fan fiction, just fan fiction or just originals? And how many of you don't write, but love to read? (For the purpose of this poll, let's define an original as a story completely using your own invented (or real-life people, since stories can also be non-fiction) characters.


I only write fan fiction. (39) 14%
I write fan fiction and original stories. (42) 15%
I write fan fiction and original poetry. (5) 2%
I write whatever I feel like writing. (39) 14%
I just write originals, not fan fiction. (9) 3%
I don't write at all, but I love to read! (139) 51%

Total Votes: 273


Lois and Clark rule!! - 06/29/02 11:40:02 AM MST

the show is cool - 05/22/02 8:19:20 PM MST

blahhh - 03/03/02 11:44:52 AM MST

i really enjoy this site. please keep up the good work all you wonderful authors!!!! thanks so much!!! - 02/24/02 1:27:29 PM MST

I just want to thank everybody for giving me such enjoyable stuff to read. - 02/23/02 10:21:56 PM MST

It was the reaction to my fanfics that gave me the courage to explore other writing. FoLCs have been very helpful to me - 02/23/02 6:31:51 AM MST

I write, but don't publish, a lurker I guess - 02/19/02 8:51:04 PM MST

Poll snafu

The Webmaster was sleeping on the job and forgot to salvage old poll results when the FreePoll folks changed their rules. What should we do with the old polls?


Reissue them for new votes and comments. (85) 38%
Forget them and move forward with new polls. (140) 62%

Total Votes: 225


Of course it's complicated using the old storys too but some readers didn't have a chance to vote for the old storys and they maybe should get a chance too. - 01/03/08 1:42:34 PM MST

i am a big fan of the show - 05/22/02 8:19:57 PM MST

We don't have new polls very often, so we may as well re-run some of the more interesting old ones - 02/18/02 12:40:50 PM MST

I think you're just a little poll-obsessed to ask this. - 02/17/02 9:53:31 PM MST

Look to the future polls the possibilities. - 02/10/02 2:21:20 PM MST

I think the FoLC community has changed enough overtime that if we were to re-issue the old polls, the results won't be the same anyway. - 02/07/02 2:07:39 AM MST

I often referred back to the polls for info. on FOLCs. - 02/03/02 8:53:32 AM MST

The polls are fun, but not worth trying to recreate - 02/03/02 6:00:06 AM MST

is this true? - 02/02/02 4:53:29 PM MST

It could be interesting to re-visit old questions, but maybe only when there aren't any new ones ;) - 01/29/02 5:13:27 PM MST

There are some new people here who never saw the old polls. Myself included. The results might be diffrent now. - 01/29/02 1:21:53 PM MST

Supporting characters

Authors, do you write fanfics that center on a character that was just a supporting chacter in the show?


What? You gotta be kidding! The show's called LOIS and CLARK! No other central chacters for me! (39) 28%
I love exploring character's personalities, espically when it wasn't done much on the show. (11) 8%
Not much ... but once in a while I'll decide to do something crazy and focus on a supporting character. (29) 21%
It's my norm to write fics that center around supporting chacters, but sometimes I'll write one that focuses on Lois and Clark. (3) 2%
I find an even balence. About half of my stories center on Lois and Clark, and the other half on supporting characters. (7) 5%
Only supporting character I center on is Perry White. (0) 0%
Only supporting character I center on is Jimmy Olsen. (4) 3%
Only supporting character I center on is Cat Grant. (2) 1%
Do villains count as supporting characters? I've got a boltload of villian stories! (3) 2%
This is the stupidest poll I've ever seen. (40) 29%

Total Votes: 138


the characters have good roles - 05/22/02 8:20:46 PM MST

Shame on those who said this was stupid! Though the choices may have been poorly phrased... - 01/23/02 10:11:46 AM MST

Martha is a favorite of mine, so if I focus on anyone else, it will usually be her. - 01/21/02 6:42:50 AM MST

i love reading supporting character fics, but for some reason, i'm not much on writing them. - 01/20/02 11:10:35 PM MST

No idea where to vote. Haven't written other than LNC focus, but wouldn't discount it if the right story came along. - 01/20/02 9:23:38 AM MST

Supporting characters can often tell us more about LNC than anyone else. - 01/20/02 9:22:02 AM MST

Those discounting supporting characters out of hand are missing out. - 01/20/02 9:21:30 AM MST

Sad to see most responses on first and last choice. :( - 01/20/02 9:20:51 AM MST

Kerth Participation

During the Kerth process, which of the following do you take part in? (click as many as apply)


I nominate stories (72) 16%
I enjoy the quizzes (whether I answer or not) (101) 23%
I vote for my favorites (137) 31%
I try to attend the Kerth Awards ceremony on IRC (62) 14%
I help out in one way or another (33) 7%
I don't pay much attention (39) 9%

Total Votes: 444


i wish lois had a few more seasons - 05/22/02 8:21:24 PM MST

Based on the number of people who say they don't read all the stories in a particular category, I'd say the Kerths are meaningless. - 01/21/02 6:31:09 PM MST

Thanks for doing the Kerths, its a GREAT idea! - 01/15/02 12:23:15 PM MST

What are the Kerth Awards, & how can I get involved? - 01/15/02 11:56:03 AM MST

Only 202 of us, sad. - 12/23/01 7:26:12 AM MST

I ticked 'I vote for my favorites', but really, I vote for the stories I think are the best within a category. That might mean they're also my favourites, but not necessarily. - 12/22/01 11:09:46 AM MST

For some reason or other I usually miss attending the ceremony on IRC, so I am very grateful to whoever prepares the chat logs! - 12/19/01 8:40:40 AM MST