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Uploaded on December 28, 2016

Our Happy Ending
3,583 words (19Kb)
Pam Jernigan
Lois has officially disappeared, and Clark is officially homeless... but Lyn and Joe have finally found a way to be together. They face the acid test: will any of her former colleagues see through Lyn's disguise?

Uploaded on December 18, 2016

Foundling -- Matchmaker Style
27,728 words (146Kb)
This is the eighth story in the Matchmaker Style series. Clark finally learns about his origins, but in the process Lex Luthor almost learns too much. In the process of looking for the missing orb, Clark finds and recovers some missing or unknown works of art.

Superman vs. The Evil Dead
7,333 words (41Kb)
Deadly Chakram
An ancient Kandarian curse threatens to destroy Metropolis, forcing the Man of Steel to seek help from the most unlikely of heroes. But will even their combined forces be enough to stop the army of the dead?

Uploaded on November 30, 2016

2,210 words (12Kb)
Susan Young
Cat has a final conversation before leaving Metropolis.

Changing Perspectives
476 words (3Kb)
A brief look at the evolution of Lois's relationship with Clark, as told from Lois' POV.

The End of an Era
3,349 words (18Kb)
Terry Leatherwood
Lex Luthor has been sentenced to be executed for his many and various crimes. What might his last thoughts be?

Ides of Metropolis: Matchmaker Style
34,692 words (186Kb)
Seventh in the Matchmaker Style series. Lois is convinced that Eugene Laderman is innocent of the murder of which he was just convicted. While trying to prove his innocence, Lois and Clark have to save the fledgling internet.

Mission on Fifth Street
4,413 words (24Kb as text
What happened when Clark showed up at the Fifth Street Mission in the episode "All Shook Up"? Who really recognized him at the Mission? Does his secret remain safe when he doesn't remember he has a secret to keep?

Muddying the Waters
886 words (5Kb)
Perry White will never know just how close he was to the scoop of the century.

A Musical Revelation
1,373 words (8Kb)
Just how does a dream and an off-key tune add up to Clark Kent being Superman?

The Rival -- Matchmaker Style
23,125 words (124Kb)
This is the ninth story in the Matchmaker Style series. Lois finds herself having to work with her old college roommate and best friend, Linda King. She doesn't have to worry about Clark because they tell Linda about their marriage; however, Linda thinks that Superman is fair game.

Vatman -- Matchmaker Style
27,915 words (149Kb)
This is the tenth story in the Matchmaker Style series. Luthor clones Superman, but Lois can easily tell the difference between her husband and the imposter.

A Week in Paris
35,473 words (196Kb)
Seven months after the events in the episode "The Phoenix," Clark is living a nomadic existence in Europe as a foreign correspondent. But when the world's art treasures start disappearing, Clark must deal with the circumstances that drove him from Metropolis.

Uploaded on October 2, 2016

299 words (2Kb)
With Kryptonite coursing through his veins, Clark needs something to give him the strength to go on.

A Farmer's Tale
56,901 words (313Kb)
Deadly Chakram
Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a simple peasant fell in love with a nobleman's daughter.

First Date
507 words (3Kb as text
It's taken them so long to get to this point, and Clark just wants everything to be perfect.

... One Step Back
533 words (3Kb)
Lois and Clark's relationship seems stuck in a holding pattern. Can they ever escape from it?

Rights and Responsibilities
578 words (3Kb)
Mayson's death leaves Clark second-guessing himself and where he fits in the world.

Uploaded on September 25, 2016

468 words (3Kb)
People rarely look below the surface.

Gotham Nights
71,927 words (394Kb)
C. Leuch
In this next installment of the "Dawn of Discovery" series, red kryptonite finds its way to Gotham City, wreaking havok with the resident superheroes, just as a big movie about the Man of Steel is released. Meanwhile, Laura Kent is confronted by growing feelings for her best friend and questions about how he might react if he knew her darkest secrets.

Krypton's Legacy
87,281 words (486Kb)
Deadly Chakram
With Krypton dying, Jor-El and his family escape to a little planet called Earth. But even with all of Jor-El's planning, he could not have anticipated what comes after.

A Permanent Solution
426 words (2Kb)
What would happen if Superman's blindness were permanent?

387 words (2Kb)
After years of daydreaming and planning, Clark Kent has finally managed to ask out Lois Lane.

Uploaded on September 18, 2016

Christmas Magic
439 words (2Kb)
In an increasingly cynical world, Clark goes out of his way to spread a little magic at Christmas.

367 words (2Kb)
The parallels between Lois' friendship with Molly and his own don't escape Clark.

Injustice For All
17,285 words (97Kb)
Deadly Chakram
After the execution of Lois Lane-Kent for a crime she didn't commit, things spiral out of control for the Man of Steel.

Life or Death
400 words (2Kb as text
You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

492 words (3Kb)
Every action has consequences.

The Real Me
12,405 words (67Kb)
C. Leuch
He's starting to realize that if he wants a real relationship with Lois Lane, then she deserves to know who he really is.

Situational Ethics
2Kb421 words (2Kb)NostalgiaKick
The death of Johnny Corbin leaves Clark questioning his actions.

Superman Go
10,227 words (57Kb)
Deadly Chakram
A new gaming fad has swept the world, and even Superman is powerless against it.

426 words (2Kb)
Mayson Drake disturbs Clark -- in more ways than one.

The Wrong Man
14,741 words (80Kb)
Clark has left Metropolis and Lois is engaged to Daniel Scardino. Is everything at an end for our favorite couple? Or will fate intervene?

Yes or No?
581 words (3Kb)
Lois has a momentous decision to make.

Uploaded on August 24, 2016

Dance With Me
20,656 words (117Kb)
The dance sequence in the films "Miss Potter," "Young Victoria" and "Cinderella" got me to thinking how to set these enchanting moments to an Alternative Universe Lois and Clark for sheer romance!

Hurt Before...
35,972 words, (199Kb as text
Clark Kent had met Lex Luthor during his years in college and is already onto him when he meets his new colleague Lois Lane. Together they investigate the Messenger explosion and Lois is beginning to suspect that Clark Kent has a secret...

...I Knew the Truth
63,964 words (351Kb)
In this continuation to "Hurt Before," Lois is shocked to learn that Lex Luthor is not the only one having a huge secret and exposing Clark could even be the bigger story. Should she keep the secret of the man who saved her life to find out the truth about Lex Luthor?

Life and Death in the Other Lane
81,000 words (445Kb)
Terry Leatherwood
In a very alt-world, Lois Lane disappears from the Congo while chasing a story and is presumed to be dead. But when she suddenly reappears in Clark's life, she brings a hidden past and violence with her.

4,342 words (24Kb)
Susan Young
A missing scene provides context for Lois' varying emotional states during the episode "The Green, Green Glow of Home."

Uploaded on August 5, 2016

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2,438 words (13Kb)
Susan Young
The Kryptonian attack on Smallville has repercussions.

7,078 words (37Kb)
Deadly Chakram
In a parallel universe, Clark Kent strives to find his place in the world.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent
2,345 words (12Kb)
Deadly Chakram
Alone in her jail cell, on trial for a murder she didn't commit, Lois reflects.

Merry Christmas, Darling
6,076 words (34Kb)
Deadly Chakram
With Clark away on New Krypton, Lois faces the loneliest Christmas of her life. If only a miracle could happen...

Mind's Eye
23,398 words (129Kb)
C. Leuch
Lois Lane prides herself on her ability to easily extract complex details from seemingly unimportant sources or pieces of evidence on her quest to discover the truth; however, when it comes to a certain "hack-from-Nowheresville," she avoids looking beneath his nerdy, farm boy charm, focusing her analytical skills solely on the enigmatic superhero in red and blue. However, following an accident, she gains a special power that every reporter wishes they had. What will she discover about Metropolis' resident hero, and what will that mean for Clark?

A Stark Conversation
5,911 words (33Kb)
Deadly Chakram
It was supposed to be a routine press conference...

Uploaded on June 27, 2016

Between the Pages
17,300 words (96Kb)
Lois and Clark team up to prevent a potential scandal from Lois's past from reaching her fiance's attention.

Bless You, Dr. Klein
498 words (3Kb)
Dr. Klein falls victim to Murphy's Law as he tries to repair the red Kryptonite laser.

Clearing the Record
31,064 words (173Kb)
In 1996, Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet, makes a visit to Smallville, bringing along a surprise visitor for Martha and Jonathan Kent.

Defending Myself
482 words (3Kb)
This is set during the episode "Madame Ex," before Ariana is discovered to be behind everything.

516 words (3Kb)
Euphoria makes people behave in strange ways -- even Superman.

Family Ties
360 words (2Kb as text
Being Superman doesn't just affect Clark Kent.

It's Not Easy Seeing Green
247 words (1Kb)
Lynn S. M.
Clark is given a gift via his young daughter, but things are not always as they appear.

The Purloined Paintings
955 words (5Kb)
Lynn S. M.
A month ago, Lois disappeared while chasing a lead on stolen artwork. What happened to her defies belief.

Two Steps Forward...
380 words (2Kb)
Lois and Clark's relationship is like a dance.

Uploaded on May 24, 2016

2,979 words (15Kb)
Deadly Chakram
A forbidden love. A desperate, shared yearning.

Uploaded on May 14, 2016

76,590 words (417Kb)
Ambivalence--noun 1: simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (as attraction and repulsion) toward an object, person, or action; 2: continual fluctuation (as between one thing and its opposite). What if Clark escaped from Luthor's Kryptonite cage just a few seconds earlier, and it forced both Lois and Clark to face up to how broken the events of "Barbarians at the Planet" and "House of Luthor" left them?

Election Day
1,392 words (8Kb)
That Writer Guy
It's Election Day and the people have spoken. The fate of the world has been decided, and things may never be the same again...

Filtering Out
716 words (4Kb)
Susan Young
The brain is a remarkable biological machine.

Uploaded on April 21, 2016

An Incredible Movie Experience
5,133 words (29Kb)
Deadly Chakram
Going to the movies with your family is supposed to be relaxing, but for Clark Kent, things can be a little different.

Oh, Baby
839 words (5Kb)
Mary Potts
"Clark Kent," Cat Grant announced, causing all of their colleagues to look up, "I'm pregnant. And you're the father."

Uploaded on April 3, 2016

In Case You Were Wondering
1,116 words (6Kb)
Mary Potts
This little vignette fits in with the Lasso of the Truth challenge on the Fanfic Message Boards...somewhat. I hope you enjoy.

Veni, Vidi, Vici
2,104 words (9Kb)
Deadly Chakram
With Superman trapped in a deadly Kryptonite cage, Lex Luthor reflects before his impending marriage to Lois Lane.

Uploaded on March 28, 2016

Illusions of Grandeur -- Matchmaker Style
22,716 words (121Kb)
Sixth in the Matchmaker Style series. Lois and Clark are married and working as a team to discover who is kidnapping the youngsters of wealthy people.

Karaoke at the Red K Corral
13,461 words (74Kb)
You thought Superman on red Kryptonite was bad, now Ultra Woman has been exposed to the stuff... Mayhem ensues in this dark, yet romantic, comedy.

Uploaded on March 21, 2016

Just Another Day...
954 words (5Kb)
Mary Potts aka Queen of the Capes
It's an ordinary day for Clark Kent. He and his wife are on their way to go interview Superman and ... wait. What?

Witness -- Matchmaker Style
24,845 words (132Kb)
This is the fifth in the Matchmaker Style series. In the aftermath of "All Shook Up -- Matchmaker Style," Lois gets a call with an offer for an interview with a notorious womanizer. Clark had planned to go with her, but at the last second remembered a scheduled engagement, leaving her to fend for herself.

Uploaded on March 13, 2016

Christmas 2015: Matchmaker Chronicles Vol 1 CG2
10,018 words (53Kb)
This is the second part of the prologue for a longer NextGen story and follows up on the events of Thanksgiving and deals with events around Christmas 2015.

Of Elves and Men
1,134 words (6Kb)
Mary Potts
A response to the "Lois Elfs Herself Challenge" on the Fanfic Message Boards.

Origins, or, How Jar-Jar Binks Saved Superman
2,057 words (12Kb)
Annie B.
Jar-Jar Binks, the most hated character in "Star Wars," comes to Earth to team up with Lex Luthor in an attempt to fix his shattered galaxy, but Lex has his own agenda. Inspired by Lynn S.M.'s Star Wars/LnC Crossover challenge, and by a comment by Suggs_With_a_Box.

A Quiet Night in Metropolis
4,465 words (25Kb)
This vignette is the final story in my "Visitor" series, which follows *A Wedding in Paris*. Lois has some exciting news to tell Clark, but she wants to do it in a special way.

Thanksgiving 2015 -- Matchmaker Chronicles Vol 1 CG1
8,095 words (43Kb)
This is the first part of a prologue to a longer NextGen story to be written in this series and deals with the events around Thanksgiving 2015.

Thoughts on Facebook
182 words (1Kb)
Lynn S. M.
What would the main characters of "Lois & Clark" think of Facebook? A super short written for the 2014 fund-raiser for the Lois & Clark message board.

What Is That and Why Do You Have It?
913 words (5Kb)
Mary Potts
This is just a little self-imposed challenge/writing exercise that I decided to do one night. The idea was basically to start with a single opening line and see what I could spin out of it. The result is these three little snippets.

Uploaded on February 28, 2016

131,144 words (717Kb)
The story that never should have been told is told, and Lois and Clark, along with the world, are left shattered in its wake.

Rising Star
343 words (2Kb)
Lynn S. M.
Barry's thoughts on first learning about Superman. A super-short fic written for the 2014 fund-raiser for the Lois & Clark message board.

Uploaded on January 31, 2016

The Ghost of Christmas Future
6,285 words (35Kb)
Susan Young
Tempus travels through time as he teaches himself a Dickens-inspired tale.

Uploaded on January 26, 2016

A Dirty Story
306 words (17Kb)
Lynn S. M.
Why does my muse keep giving me dirty stories?

Once Upon a Time
109 words (1Kb)
Lynn S. M.
A super-short ficlet in response to the "Kiss Me Quick" first line challenge on the Lois & Clark message board.

Quick vs. Quickly
2,016 words (12Kb)
Susan Young
A grammar lesson turns into an active demonstration.

13,585 words (73Kb)
Deadly Chakram
Clark has always taken solace in that space between Earth and the stars, and not just during the most difficult times of his life. Sometimes, he chooses to seek out that perfect isolation to reflect back on all the wonderful things in his life. A companion/flip-side piece to "Alone."