The Wedding: A Lois and Clark Story

By Dominique Melaragni (

Summary: All they want is a little quality time, but family and circumstances conspire to keep Lois and Clark apart the night before their perfect country wedding.

This was written ages ago but I didn't quite have the courage to post it. I've revised it to fit in with WHALTTA and OP although I haven't actually seen the eps. I've also taken liberties and tried to guess at a scene out of Contact. This was written just when the spoilers started appearing. I know it's a bit premature considering Lois hasn't said yes yet but I don't care. I wrote it cos I had no list to keep me sane over the summer and cos after we Brits saw ATAI, I had no one to help me over my LCWS. Hope you enjoy it and any comments are gratefully received!


Lois rested her head on Clark's shoulder as the musicians played the second verse of 'Fly Me To The Moon'. She remembered the first time that they had danced to this song although it had been under very different circumstances. She knew though that this dance would hold an even more special place in her memories because this was their first dance as husband and wife. She snuggled closer to Clark's chest, enjoying his physical presence. The past few days had been so hectic that she had hardly seen him. Now they were together for better or worse and she could relax and allow her mind to drift back over the past day or so.


Compromising to keep both sets of family and friends happy, Lois and Clark had decided to get married in a country house hotel an hour or so outside Metropolis. This allowed everyone from both the city and Smallville to attend more easily. Lois, Clark and their immediate families had stayed in the hotel the night before to avoid rushing on the wedding day although Lois had admitted to herself that she had had an ulterior motive - if they weren't in the city, Clark was less likely to hear an emergency and disappear on her at the altar!

That night they had had very little time alone together. Both families had eaten together and although Clark had suggested to Lois privately that they go for an evening walk, their plan was thwarted. As she put her hand in his and they set off along the woodland path, Lucy and Lois' mom came downstairs also dressed for walking. Lucy, to her credit, had tried to suggest that she and her mom take the lakeside path but Ellie Lane, for once feeling emotional about losing her daughter, put the idea down and insisted on them all walking together. "Sometimes, "thought Lois, "it feels like the gods don't like giving Clark and me breaks!"

When they returned to the hotel, they were barely given the chance of a goodnight kiss. Ellie and Lucy went in and Lois breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to Clark and smiled when she saw him do the same.

He grinned back "I told you that we should've flown off together and eloped!"

"And I told you that everyone who knew us wanted a big wedding and would never forgive us, although eloping is sounding more and more tempting."

"Just say the word and I'll have us in Gretna Green before you can say Great Caesar's Ghost!"

"No," she said reluctantly, "I'll manage to wait until tomorrow to have you to myself although it'll be tough."

"This might help," he suggested playfully, leaning down to give her a long awaited kiss. Lois' head swam. No one had ever kissed her like Clark did. She put her arms round his neck to support herself and thought, in a confused manner, how wonderful it would be just to stay like that . But then the hotel door creaked open and they broke the kiss off and glanced up, almost guiltily.

Lucy stood there "Sorry guys but Mom wants Lois. She keeps babbling something about her last chance to tell her what a wife needs to know and how every bride needs her beauty sleep before her wedding."

Clark smiled, "Not this one!" Lois looked into his eyes and knew that although he had said in laughingly, he had meant every word.

"Nice try, Kent!" said Lucy and pulled Lois upstairs. Lois looked back down, hating to leave Clark without giving, and getting, a proper goodnight kiss so she blew him one and whispered ' I love you' knowing that he would hear it. She saw him mimic her actions and whisper "Later!"


Clark smiled as he felt Lois move closer and unconsciously he embraced her tighter. He could scarcely believe this was happening and he was concentrating hard on keeping his feet in the ground. Today had been perfect - unlike last night when it felt like everyone was conspiring to keep him and Lois apart. After their walk had been horned in on and their goodnight kiss cut short, he had whispered a promise to say goodnight properly later but once again, things had gone wrong. Ma and Pa had been waiting for him in his room and had stayed just chatting about old times and laughing over how long it had taken Lois and Clark to get to an altar. Clark hadn't been able to stop glancing towards the window and when Martha noticed, she dragged a protesting Jonathan to bed.

Clark had floated down to Lois' window without bothering to change. Lucy and her mom were still talking, giving her last minute tips and instructions. "…and you should use a needle with a big head and wool, not thread…"Clark smiled to himself - Lois darn?! Her housekeeping and culinary skills were not why he was marrying her. She saw him at the window and shrugged helplessly.

Clark mouthed through the glass "Wait a minute!" He quickly changed into the Superman suit and tapped on the window.

Lois opened it eagerly. "You don't give up, do you?" she whispered. Clark just smiled. Lucy and Ellie looked a little stunned as Superman floated serenely through the window.

"I was just passing and stopped in to say congratulations and good luck!" said Superman, "Do I get to kiss the bride?"

"If you don't think Clark will mind," and offered him her cheek while glaring at him for putting her in such a position. She was going to get her own back "Have you seen Clark? How is he?" she asked, her eyes dancing mischievously.

"He…eh…eh…can't wait for tomorrow," mumbled Superman. He hated it when she put him on the spot like that and refused to help him out of it. "You look tired, Lois, perhaps you should get some sleep. After all, you've got a busy day tomorrow."* That should give Lucy and her mom a hint to go* thought Clark * although maybe they don't want to leave her alone with Superman*. So Clark decided to stay goodnight and stepped out of the window.

Lois went across to shut it and found him floating by the side of it, out of sight of the room. She turned back into the room and yawned, "I think he was right. I am pretty sleepy."

"But there's so much that I haven't told you," wailed her mom.

"Mom, my not knowing the right way to … eh… darn socks isn't going to make a difference to Clark!"

Lucy grabbed her mom's sleeve, "She's right and we need a good night's sleep too!"

Lois smiled gratefully at Lucy. She locked the door and ran back over to the window to let Clark back in. "I just thought that I should say goodnight properly seeing as we were interrupted earlier." he smiled

"So say it," she whispered as their lips met.


The guests at the reception watched the couple, alone on the floor for their first dance as husband and wife. Perry looked at Alice and beamed. He felt a bit like a successful matchmaker - after all, he had introduced them, pushed them together at work, been a confidante when they were confused and watched them overcome the obstacles in their life. It hadn't been easy to stand back at times and he had wondered if this day would ever come but watching them dance now, locked together and obviously deeply in love, he felt partly responsible and very proud.

Lucy also watched the happy couple. Lois had finally found her Mr Right even if it had taken a long time for her to discover he had been right in front of her all along. She remembered how disinterested in and untrusting of men Lois had been until she met Clark Kent. Lucy had known all along that Clark adored Lois and she had known that Lois loved him back long before Lois had realised it herself. Lucy had known when whenever she spoke to or heard from her sister, Lois kept talking about Clark and had relegated Superman to second place when she related her most recent exploits. Lucy watched a slow smile dance across Lois' lips and wondered what her sister was thinking about.


Lois was remembering the day so far. As she was getting ready that morning, memories of Clark's goodnight kiss had flitted across her mind. It reminded her of other special kisses. The kiss so long ago in the honeymoon suite - what a wasted opportunity that had been! - the kisses with Superman before she knew the truth, the first real kiss with Clark after their date, the kiss when she had admitted her true feelings, the kiss when she discovered Clark was Superman, the kiss when she had agreed to marry him and foremost in her mind, the aerial kisses Clark had bestowed upon her after she had tumbled from the helicopter and all those kisses that had got their relationship back on track after a row. She couldn't remember what any of the fights were about - just the making up.

Her mother had noticed the dreamy expression on her face and told her, laughingly, to stop dreaming about Clark and finish getting dressed to marry him or she wouldn't be ready and the wedding would remain a dream. Blushing, because her mother had guessed who she was thinking about in such vivid terms, Lois looked in the mirror and remembered the last time she had done this. This time though everything felt right.

"Time to go, Mrs Kent. Your husband awaits!" joked Lucy. Lois smiled. *Lois Lane Kent* she thought *It sounds right


Clark was indeed waiting. He had tried to get ready slowly to calm himself down but he was so nervous, that he kept speeding up involuntarily. Because of that, he had been ready for hours. He wanted to see Lois but two superstitious mothers had conspired to arrange separate breakfasts and ensure they had no opportunity to see each other before the service. Mom and Dad had also leapt on him anytime he adjusted his glasses for any reason.

"Clark Jerome Kent! Don't you dare even think about using your X-ray vision to peek in on Lois!" cried Martha and reluctantly, Clark had promised not to. Now he waited at the altar wondering when she was coming - he couldn't even peek through the doors to see that! He strained his ears instead to try to hear her footsteps and almost deafened himself as the wedding march began to play. He looked up to see her entering on Perry's arm- Sam Lane had been called into an emergency at work so Perry had volunteered his services. She looked totally beautiful and her eyes glowed with love behind her veil. The music bringing her towards him seemed to last forever.


Lois stood, waiting for the music's cue to start the walk up the aisle. Perry squeezed her arm "Ready to go?" She just smiled in answer - if she had tried to speak, the emotions inside would have overwhelmed her. She was glad he'd agreed to give her away. In some ways, he felt closer to her than her real father and she had cried on his paternal shoulder over many things, including how she felt about Clark. Then the wedding march started up and the doors swung open revealing a crowded room.

As she stepped through the doors to begin the walk to the aisle, she wasn't aware of the people watching. Her eyes sought out and met Clark's gaze. She could think of nothing but this man and how he made her feel. The aisle felt like it would never end and it seemed an eternity until she stood at his side. In contrast, the ceremony itself was a blur. She anticipated Clark's "I do" and her own response burst from her lips almost before the minister had finished speaking. She felt Clark sliding a delicate gold ring onto her finger and she reciprocated. She awaited the words 'husband and wife' with anticipation and when they came, she turned towards Clark happily. He hesitated, almost shyly and tenderly lifted the veil from her face. 'You may kiss the bride' registered vaguely in Lois' mind as Clark bent down to her and sealed their vows with a kiss. It was short, sweet and light but it meant more than any of their more passionate ones and it took Lois' breath away.

As they turned to walk up the aisle, she saw that there was scarcely a dry eye in the house. Jonathan and Martha had tears in their eyes as did her mother and Lucy. Perry, Jimmy and the rest of the Planet crew looked a little emotional too, even Cat Grant! In the moment before they were surrounded by well-wishers, Lois turned and looked up at Clark.

"How do you feel, Mrs Kent?" he said, smiling. Then it truly sank in, she and Clark had finally managed to tie the knot. They were together forever - the thought brought tears to her eyes. As he tenderly wiped away a tear, she replied, "I feel …super!" Then they were suddenly surrounded by well-wishers.


Clark and Lois were no longer alone on the dance floor as the guests moved onto the floor. Lois grinned up at Clark when they overheard Lucy and Jimmy's conversation - "And when Superman appeared after dinner, Smooth!!"

They had known that since Superman was supposed to be a great friend, he would have to make at least a brief appearance and had planned it carefully. Jonathan would come over to speak to the couple after the meal and accidentally spill his champagne on Clark. This would give him a window to appear as Superman.

He had planned to just offer congratulations but Lois had decided to ad lib and tease him as he had done the previous night. "Aren't you going to offer the bride a kiss?"

"Well,…eh…"Superman had muttered.

"I don't think Clark would mind," smiled Lois and with everyone looking on, Clark had no choice but to give her a chaste kiss although she had whispered something in his ear along the lines of "You'd better kiss me properly later on, buster!".

Then, pretending to hear an emergency, Superman had made his excuses, expressing his regret at missing Clark and promising to drop in to see the couple soon. The ruse had been incredibly successful.

Later as they recovered from a dance, Lucy had a chance to talk to Lois and commented on Superman's brief stay. "You must've broken his heart, sis, when you married Clark".

Lois grinned, "I doubt that!".

"I still think that he has some feelings for you".

"You might be right but I'm a married woman now!" Lois laughed, flashing her ring to Lucy.

Lucy grabbed her hand to have a closer look at the ring, "It's unusual but really lovely," she commented. It was two fine, golden bands, so closely intertwined that they looked like a single circle of gold.

Lois just smiled - Clark had told her that it was to signify that in a strange way she had married two men and it only seemed right that she have a ring from each of them.


It was getting late. After saying goodbye to everyone, Lois and Clark made their way to the main stairway leading to their room. "So, where *are* we going on honeymoon? You know that you really shouldn't keep things secret from your wife!"

"Somewhere wonderful," Clark smiled as they entered the room, "but flights only arrive there at midday so we can't arrive till then either!"

"I'm sure I can think of something to do in the meantime," said Lois, sliding her hands up under his tuxedo jacket and kissing him.

"Mmm, but not here," he said, picking her up, "Hold on tight!".

Her arms tightened around him as he opened the window and flew out. "Where are we going?".

"Wait and see but it *was* your idea".

"everyone will wonder where we are in the morning".

"No, Mom and Dad have promised to cover and the luggage has already been sent on." "That's just swell seeing as how I'm still in this dress and we can hardly go out in the morning like this!"

She settled herself more comfortably in his arms and looked at him, wondering what he had planned. She could see him returning her gaze. His eyes gleamed with mischief but the dark pools were also filled with love. She thought again about how lucky she was to have married such a super guy as she played with the newest ring on her finger.

The lights of Metropolis became visible on the horizon and a glimmer of Clark's intentions came to her. They flew over the city and then suddenly landed in a dark, deserted alley.

Rounding the corner, Lois caught her breath. They were standing in front of the Lexor hotel. Clark scooped her up in his arms before she could say anything and carried her to the desk. "Sign in, Mrs Kent, everything else is organised." She obeyed, realising where they were going.

The porter led them upstairs to the honeymoon suite. Clark had picked Lois up again and she rested her head on his shoulder, utterly contented. They entered the room and the porter went to check all the luggage was safely put away. Lois turned to Clark, "This was *my* idea?".

"Yes, last time, I never got to use the bedroom and you said. 'It'll give you something to look forward to when you meet the right woman'", she repeated along with him. He continued, "I guess I've found her".

"You *guess*!!??".

He closed her mouth with his lips. Finally he could kiss her as he had dreamt of doing all day. She grabbed his shoulders and tilted her head back. His hand moved to the back of her head and he deepened the kiss.

The porter came out of the bedroom and seeing how engrossed the couple were, he decided to collect a tip in the morning and quietly left.

The click of the door closing brought Lois and Clark out of the kiss. "We always get interrupted," muttered Lois.

"I know somewhere we won't be," said Clark, kissing her and floating them gently over to the bedroom doors.

Lois grinned, remembering the first time they'd stayed there. "It's our first night here, alone, together. Shouldn't we toss for the bed?" she said. Clark looked at her and then relaxed, realising what she was doing.

He replied on cue "How about I lend you a pillow?".

"How about we alternate nights?"

"How about we don't?"

Lois smiled as she finished, "Well, it's a big bed. How about we share?" and pulled him towards her. As their lips met in an incendiary kiss, the bedroom door closed. This time, there would be no interruptions.


In the hallway, a woman got out of the elevator, humming a German folksong and clutching a bundle of extra towels.