Like Superman for Chocolate

By Zoomway (

Summary: Lois' feelings for Clark and Superman manifest themselves in her dreams as an ultimate chocolate fantasy.

A steamy and sticky revelation story (um, not to be taken seriously…like you would?)


Lois tossed and moaned in her sleep. Her confusion over new- found feelings for her friend Clark Kent, and latent fantasies about Superman had begun to manifest themselves in some rather strange dreams.

Superman staggered from a steaming hot vat of liquid chocolate. Lois gazed in horror as the gooey confection dripped from his hair, cape and fingertips. "Lois," he said, his voice weak. "There's something in the chocolate draining my powers. You'll have to lick it off before it hardens."

Lois' eyes widened with horror as her hero collapsed to the floor. She laid herself upon his sticky body and began licking his neck. "Yes," his voice barely a whisper. "It's working!" Encouraged, Lois moved upward and licked his chin and jaw. As her tongue moved across his lips, she felt his body shudder beneath her. She continued on. Cleaning the chocolate from his cheeks, the bridge of his nose, and forehead. She dipped her tongue into his ear, and Superman moaned. He moaned again as she cleaned his other ear. As she reached for one of his chocolate covered hands, he stopped her. "I don't think you got it all out of my ears yet."

Lois, after cleaning Superman's ears for a fourth time, was finally sucking the chocolate off the last finger that was coated. After she slowly withdrew the finger from her mouth, she made a startling realization. "You know what, Superman?"

"What?" He asked. A glazed film of satisfaction coated his eyes.

"You taste just like Clark Kent."