Summer's Comin'

By Erin Dawn McInnis (

Summary: Metropolis is hit by a heat wave, and Lois and Clark take to the beach.

A Lois & Clark short story based upon last summer's heat waves in the States and the song Summer's Comin' by Clint Black.


Nothin' on Earth that'll get me hummin' Like a heat wave comin' and I'll come runnin' (Clint Black "Summer's Comin'")

Lois lay on her sofa, with a container of melting chocolate ice cream pressed against her sweltering forehead. Even with the curtains closed, the heat poured into her apartment. This heat wave was the worst to hit Metropolis in years.

The knocking on her door brought Lois out of her rather imaginative daydream. Pushing all thoughts of a certain dark- haired, brown-eyed, glasses wearing guy (wearing nothing but chocolate syrup and a smile) out of her mind, Lois stood up and opened the door.

Clark stood there, looking extremely gorgeous in a pair of cut- off denim shorts and a white t-shirt. "Sorry I'm late, Lois. Something came up."

"Really? Cheese-of-the-Month, or did your neighbor's sister's cousin's dog need a flea dip?" Lois asked, only half joking.

"No, I was on the phone with my father. Mom's been posing nude in art class again, and he needed to be reassured."

"Well, are you ready to go now?"


Lois threw the ice cream back into the freezer, grabbed her beach bag, and walked out of the apartment, with Clark right behind her.


Metropolis Beach was crowded with everyone trying to make the best of the heat wave. Clark led Lois to a more secluded spot, where they laid out their beach blanket.

"Shall we eat or swim first?" Clark asked.

"Swim. Let's work up an appetite." Lois removed the oversized t-shirt she was wearing, revealing her tiny, black bikini. Clark swallowed, and peeled off his own t-shirt and denim shorts, until he was just wearing his navy blue swimming trunks. Lois admired his tanned body, smooth chest, and muscular arms and legs. Realizing where her thoughts were heading (back to that daydream) Lois yelled, "Last one in the water is a rotten egg!" and took off. Clark smiled at the sight of Lois running and splashing into the water, and then jogged down to join her.

Clark snuck up behind Lois, who was still getting used to the temperature of the water. Without making a sound, Clark swiftly splashed Lois, soaking her hair.

"That's it, farm-boy!" Lois sputtered. "You're goin' get it now!" Lois tried to splash Clark, but he was too fast for her. He ducked under the water, and swam around until he was behind her. He surfaced and dunked Lois. She came up from the water with a start, wiping the water from her eyes.

"Looking for me, Lois?" Clark laughed. Then Lois retaliated, and they splashed and dunked each other for quite a while. When they had both had enough and called a truce, Lois and Clark swam to shore.

They both dried off, and then settled down onto the blanket to eat the lunch of fried-chicken and potato salad. "Mmmm, my compliments to the chef." Lois said, when she had finished.

"More iced tea?" asked Clark.

"No thanks, I'm stuffed. I think it's time for a nap." Lois stretched out on the blanket.

"Put on some sun lotion first. You don't want to get burned." Clark tossed Lois the tube of lotion.

Lois applied the lotion to her arms, but was unable to reach her back. She grumbled a little, straining to reach her lower back.

"Would you like some help?" Clark offered.

"I can manage." Lois replied, and tried moving her arms into a different position, but to no avail.

"Lois, you're going to hurt yourself. Let me." Somewhat reluctantly, Lois handed over the tube.

Clark squirted some lotion into his hand, and started spreading it onto her shoulders. He kneaded the lotion into the skin, and then massaged it down to the small of her back. Lois closed her eyes, suddenly breathless. Clark picked up on the quickening of her heartbeat.

Feeling bolder, Clark moved his hands back up her spine, over her shoulders, and caressed her neck. Lois brought up one hand, and placed it over his, stopping his movements. She turned, and looked into his eyes.

She ran her other hand up his chest, across his neck, and over his cheek, and all of Clark's conscious thought flew out the proverbial window as Lois brought her face just millimetres from his. Suddenly, screams pierced the tender moment. Lois and Clark both turned to see a small child floundering in the water.

Without time to change into the suit, Clark took off toward the water. With hard, swift strokes, Clark swam out to the drowning boy, who was on the verge of going under. Clark wrapped his arm around the boy and started swimming for shore. Clark carried him out of the water, and set him on the ground. The boy wasn't breathing, and his pulse was weak. Clark cleared the water out of his mouth, and began mouth-to- mouth resuscitation. The child started breathing again, and Clark sighed with relief. The boy's mother came running up to him, and gathered her son in her arms. She smiled a thank-you at Clark before turning her attention back to her son.

The crowd that had gathered broke out in applause. Lois pushed her way through the swarm of people. "I called for an ambulance. It should be here soon to make sure he's okay."

Then Lois turned to Clark. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and whispered, "Clark Kent, you're my hero." Lois pulled his head towards hers, and as their lips met, the crowd again applauded, along with assorted catcalls and a few wolf- whistles.